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The 53rd Endorses Gillespie for Governor

Dateline November 6th, 2017

The Swamp

After careful consideration to include an examination of both candidates records, the 53rd Regiment endorses Ed Gillespie for Governor of Virginia. After four years of a stagnant McAuliffe economy where Virginians have endured economic decline and stagnation, it’s time to get Virginia growing again with Gillespie’s economic reforms that include tax cuts for middle class families, regulation reform, education focused on a strong STEM curriculum, improved roads, and being strong on public safety countering the growing gang problem. Gillespie’s vision for Virginia to create jobs, raise take-home pay and help people lift themselves up is right for Virginia.

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam  lacks vision, has not thought through detailed economic plans and would represent four more years of Terry McAuliffe’s failed economy. Democratic nominee for governor Ralph Northam continues to stand behind the add that The Washington Post’s editorial board called “vile” and “despicable,” inferring that all people who drive pick-up trucks and are conservative minded are racists. Virginia is much better than this hateful message by Northam and his surrogates.

Ed Gillespie is right for all Virginians and his 21 plans offer hope and prosperity. It is time for all of Virginia to start winning again! It is time to Make Virginia Great Again! #MVGA!!! It is time for Ed Gillespie. 




Kings & Queens of Congress

Dateline  July 16th, 2016, 1747 hours

by Guardian 6

Ever wonder why it seems Washington never changes? Much of it likely has to do with Old Guard legislators protecting their accumulated authority and power through their formal and informal networks with media, lobbyist, Hollywood, fundraisers and millionaires. They maintain a stranglehold on their Senate or House seat through this network and the financial war chests they’ve built over the decades they have served (themselves).

Take Senator Leahy for example from Vermont, he has now been in the US Senate since 1975. That is 42 years! Now expecting productivity, creativity, or problem solving from anyone in any job for 42 years is kind of nuts. If you didn’t get it done in the first few terms, what makes you think you’ll get it done 5 or 6 or 7 terms later? Like Albert Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Term limits, if they’re good enough for the president, governors and public & private boards across the land, why are they not good enough for the Kings & Queens of Congress? Well, perhaps it is because they make the law and their networks and financial war chests continue to stack the deck in their favor against the little guy, the forgotten. After all, not everyone like Senator Leahy can queue up the Grateful Dead to host a fundraising concert for him to support his re-election campaign.

Let’s get to the point, the longer these folks remain in Congress, the less gets done, the more partisan they become and the more out of touch they are with the needs of the American people. We deserve better. We need less kings and queens and more “serfs” (average Joe’s & Jane’s) elected. Imagine what would be possible if we could start with a clean slate … oh, it would be beautiful. Build a team of teams.




Break-up the Beltway

The 53rd Regiment News Reports

Dateline: Undisclosed location, April 6, 2017, 1935 Hours

A handful of new Senators and Representatives change with each election cycle as incumbents build financial war chests for their next election and we expect change, civility and better outcomes. One party wins, the other party loses and the incumbents maintain the status quo. Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” Well here we are folks, largely the same group of players in the House and Senate, a new President, and the status quo incumbent crowd fights to obstruct and do nothing. Meanwhile, back on the farm and a hometown near you, many Americans continue to struggle.

Where is the mainstream media in all this? Well, they’re are doing what they do best; picking sides on the left, obstructing and chasing fake stories or covering up real stories through under reporting or no reporting at all. Hence, American culture has a new term, “Fake News.” These days it seems we have a plethora of Fake News Outlets (FNO), take your pick. It’s somewhat funny watching one FNO accuse another FNO of putting out Fake News. What to do? Read and think for yourself.

Break-up the Beltway! Why is it that every federal agency and intelligence agency has to be physically located in and around Washington DC? Why? With all federal agencies being co-located in the Kabul of the Beltway, power is concentrated, colluded and often contrived (Fake News). Listening to the politicians is often sickening. I digress but did anyone watch democratic senators attack Judge Gorsuch? Wow, if that guy gets beaten the way he did for being simply a good fair man, there is no hope for any of us running through the Fake Hearings Gauntlet.

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Federal Election Bureau (FEB) need new headquarters buildings to modernize and house their staff. Where are they looking? Within DC and the ever expanding Beltway of course! Break-up the Beltway! Time for real change. How about we put federal agencies throughout the country to better represent America; eliminate the concentration of power and all the ills that come with it; add geographic and cultural diversity to the federal workforce; and enhance survivability and force protection of our government.

I recommend that we move the FBI to Detroit, MI. The FEB, my candidate state and city is Gary, IN. It’s time for change and to disperse the federal work force so they look more like America and the rest of America benefits from proximity to the federal government. Cities and States should of course compete for the opportunity to bring a federal agency to a hometown near you. The cultural rot of the Senate and House with elected officials that have been there for over 30 or 40 years will fight this, but ladies and gentlemen, this is a battle worth fighting. Time to Break-up the Beltway!

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Fake News

Dateline February 2, 2017

Is that what it is called, “Fake news?” I’ve been wondering for all these years what the appropriate term was for mainstream news  reporting. Whether CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, ecetra. There seems to be less hard investigating and reporting and more opinion journalism shaping news and public opinion than seeking the news. Even President Obama’s Daily News Press Conference seemed to be more of a collegial gathering of friends than news services’s asking tough questions to honestly report on news, policies and serve as an objective source of information to serve the greater public interest.

I guess all those polls having Secretary Clinton winning the election handily fit the category of “fake news.” How can they get it so wrong unless they are reporting untruths or trying to depress the vote for the opposition? And doing opinion journalism instead of finding and reporting news, but yet representing it as news and not opinion? I never had heard of this term until the mainstream media outlets starting using it. It’s ironic that the Fake News labeling began with the progressive left mainstream media and they became the biggest proponents of it openly favoring Secretary Clinton. By backing and manufacturing stories to prop up their candidate, they became the drivers of fake news. In socialist and communist countries fake news is known as propaganda.

But we are a democracy, how can we have fake, propaganda news? Is this possible? Well, we now know it is. When the self proclaimed elite journalists of the mainstream mass media conspire along with Hollywood and late night TV news comedians (“Fake-Medians,”) to back the left and vote 90%+  for the democratic candidate year after year, you get … drum roll please … Fake News! Walla!!! We have Fake News!!!



This is What Disruption Looks Like

Dateline: 2115 Hours, January 29th, 2017

By Jack Black Pershing (from “Fly-over Country”)

I’ve been getting in trouble my whole life and I really don’t care what anybody thinks of what I do on stage as a comic.” Andrew Dice Clay

Remember the Diceman? It was the late 80’s when he hit the comedy scene and it went crazy.   His act was a series of R rated send-ups of popular nursery rhymes not to be repeated here. They went as viral as something could at the time. A friend of mine sent me a VHS tape of his show when I was stationed in Germany. That tape got passed around to dozens of other lieutenants and some of their wives threatened to do me bodily harm as I was the known source.

The Diceman disrupted comedy at the time – like it or not.

Enter the Diceman 2.0 known as Donald J. Trump, now POTUS.   DJT is disrupting the tired and ossified political structures in place since the post WW2 period. DJT’s social similarities to the vulgar Diceman are well documented – so no need to elaborate on the details – but let’s start there.

DJT is direct, sometimes bombastic and decidedly coarse. Ironically those he offends most and are most likely to scream about his offenses, also routinely defend the worst content Hollywood culture has to offer in terms of glorification of drugs, smoking (pot), sex of any kind, extreme gun violence and on and on.   “Yes I have dreamed of bombing the Whitehouse” says a certain woman known for extreme vulgarity and mocking the Catholic church regularly.

What do disruptors really do? The acronym VUCA was born and popularized by the Army War College shortly after 9/11; it stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Into VUCA environments come disruptors and it is there that they thrive. We certainly exist in a VUCA environment today. Technology, social norms, major religions, large institutions of all kinds – almost everything is up for grabs in terms of where it might go and how it might evolve – or not survive.

DJT is incorrectly called a populist. This is wrong. Or as DJT might write: ‘WRONG!’. The stale ‘old media’ mistook the large rallies, fun and entertaining rhetoric, potshots, accusations of bias and the tagline ‘Make America Great Again’ as old school populism. Nope. That is Diceman 2.0 breaking through media noise. Newt Gingrinch wrote a perfect analysis of it months ago.

Here are a few of the disruptions:

  • Calling out the fallacy of free trade that elitists do not get and seemingly can’t. Trade is free when all of us are playing by the same rules. We can enforce that in our own country. However – many countries have governments and businesses that collude. Many countries have nothing called free trade or the laws and civil society to support it. Those who enabled them to compete against us under easier constraints were naïve at best and grossly negligent at worst. Meaning every president since and including Nixon and their teams.
  • Overwhelmingly liberal bias in the old media. (I won’t call them ‘Main Stream’). It took running for president in my estimation for DJT to finally see how bad it was. After all he had thrived in the industry that now calls him Satan for decades. Once he declared his positions they spit him out like a watermelon seed.   What did he do? He called them out with the kind of ferocity they hadn’t ever seen – and continues to. They are so far beyond self-awareness that they are incapable of any course correction. We now have a president that talks back and is NEVER passive. Disruptive.
  • Speed: last 7 days are self evident. This 70 year old outworks everyone around him and definitely the tired drag asses in congress. Impressive and even Jeb must be thinking DJT was right in calling him ‘low energy’
  • The Forgotten Man/Forgotten Women: I know them. I’ve known factory workers my entire career and been on staff in a factory that was closed and been part of closing several. I do not believe there has ever been a president –with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt – that connected with blue collar America (and disrupted/outsourced/offshored America) like DJT. In his career he knew them. He led them. He managed them. He employed them. He understood them. All the elites could do is speak down to them from both major parties because they didn’t get them and didn’t much care. As jobs left us en masse, the republican offered tough love: ‘get retrained’ and the democrats offered food stamps and platitudes: ‘you’ve been screwed by the rich’. No. They were screwed by jackass politicians that gave away the store.
  • Tweets and social media: he used social sites better than anyone in the media, any other politician, maybe better than anyone period. Political class were caught flatfooted and still are.
  • Disregard for convention: as a business person, DJT is the ultimate get it done guy – that one employee or soldier you know can piss everyone off but usually gets results. He doesn’t care about how it was done before. The Whitehouse correspondants are learning this now.

Those are just a few. More to come. Where does this all go? For us conservatives, as Guardian 6 has said, ‘Its like Christmas…each morning: tweets in our stockings and battles with big libs for our presents!’ Indeed G-6. Indeed. Sometimes disruptors get tiresome.   Diceman faded for a while but I am happy to see he’s back playing Vegas and has a reality show. Will DJT tweet himself into trouble? Will he deeply offend an ally of the US? Will he simmer down once his major programs are in place? Will he get so much done that he hands the reigns over the VP after the first term?   Its just hard to say with a disruptor. I will say this: for the first time since Reagan, a guy I can say gets me and I get him is running the show. He’s in a vastly different package – a major NYC wise guy. And he’s disrupting all the right disruptees.


I do whatever I do. I go to the club. I work on material. While other people are sleeping, I’m awake. I always liked that.

                  – Andrew Dice Clay


Top 10 List: Why 50+ Democratic Congressman are not attending the Presidential Inauguration

10. They’d rather attend a protest rally then help the country unite behind our new President

9. They don’t believe in celebrating our democracy and a peaceful transfer of power

8. They’ve been too depressed to go outside since the election

7. They haven’t showered since November 8th, 2016

6. Setting the right example has never really been their thing

5. They are scared of tweets and tweedy bird

4. It’s not a safe space

3. Their feelings got hurt so they took their “Respect the Office & Constitution Ball” and went home crying to Mommy

2. They didn’t get the memo that Secretary Clinton is attending

  1. They don’t respect American voters and their decision


A 13 Year Old Assesses the 2016 Presidential Election

Dateline November 5th, 2016

By Eagle1 


Donald Trump may have his flaws, but we have to disregard that if we want our country to come back to where it used to be. Donald Trump is a businessman, our country is failing economically. Failing. Look at Trump’s business, a very successful business. Donald Trump was given a ‘small loan’ of a million dollars to make a business. Look what he is made out of that. And if you didn’t know he’s made a business that makes a billion dollars or more a year. I think he knows how to benefit our economy. (Unlike another candidate). Donald Trump also says what is on his mind, he’s not a normal politician who just lies and lies (unlike another candidate). While Trump I’m sure has lied before, he doesn’t do it consistently like the democrat that is running. Trump also brings fierceness to the table, he won’t let China and ISIS push us around, he will change the deal, he will push THEM around. Trump doesn’t care what others think of him. Trumps tells the people what’s going on he doesn’t hide it and then say “Oh no no that didn’t happen” like Mr. Obama. I think the point is made, Trump is who you should vote for. And that is that, no questions asked.


She’s a liar. The biggest liar America has EVER seen. EVER! She lies and you know what she has no problem doing it, is something wrong there? And she continually does it, over and over and over again. And again. And really do you want to have the president of the United States of America , the best nation in the world, have a criminal as its president. The founding fathers would be disgusted that we even dare nominate someone like Clinton. She will do anything to be the president of the United States, I bet she would throw anyone under the bus to protect herself. Heck she’d throw us, the people, under the bus to get her way. She already insulted American citizens. You really want someone who insults their own country’s people just because they don’t vote for her. I really find it shocking she’s not in jail, where she should be, and should have been put in many years ago. For anyone who’s voting for Clinton let me ask you this, you want a criminal to be your president? And yes she is a criminal. It’s been proven. Everyone focuses on all the bad things Trump has done, what about Clinton? She’s done worse! Way worse, committing a serious crime, then lying about it! You want her as your president?


The Clinton Criminality Index (CCI)

Washington DC: Octaober 28th, 2016 (10:05PM)

Breaking News: FBI Director found his Spine; Truth Lives 

In the 1980 presidential race Reagan vs. Carter, Reagan confronted President Carter on a phrase he invented called the “The Misery Index” which combined the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate. After four years of President Carter, The Misery Index exceeded 20% capturing the poor state of the US economy. We have a new index in the Trump vs. Clinton presidential race, the Clinton Criminality Index.

The elements of the Clinton Criminality Index (CCI) includes the establishment of a private server to conduct government business (Unauthorized Server) and 33,000 missing government emails; compromise of countless amounts of classified information on her personal server (Failure to Protect Classified Information); using her position as Secretary of State for personal profit and gain selling access to several US government officials for massive donations to the Clinton Foundation (Pay for Play); failure to secure US embassies and facilities overseas and lying to families about a low-grade video being the cause of death for an attack in Libya that resulted in the death of four Americans including our Ambassador (Benghazi); and last but not least, condescension & deceit directed toward the American public as her normal course of holding office and executing her duties as a public servant (Condescension & Deceit).

CCI = Unauthorized Server + Failure to Protect Classified Information + Pay for Play + Benghazi + Condescension & Deceit

CCI = Not Fit To Serve!!!


The 53rd Regiment Endorses

American leadership in the world has been diminished. Our foreign policy is incoherent. Our enemies don’t fear us; our friends have lost respect for the United States not knowing if we will be there when they need us. Our economy is in shambles where millions of Americans have given up hope finding employment whereby they can provide for their families and live the American dream. Millions more Americans, estimates are as high as 47% of American adults, are receiving some type of government assistance.

Politicians in Washington DC have grown distant from their responsibilities to truly represent the people that elected them. Once elected, they govern with elitism, arrogance and condescension toward the public. Our government regularly manipulates facts, blames others never taking responsibility, make excuses and lies to the American public with impunity. Our government is aligned with the globalist agenda compromising what is in the best interest for Americans.

The 53rd Regiment is endorsing the candidate that supports the following principles:

  1. Protecting innocent life and eliminating public funding for abortions.
  2. Nominating and electing Supreme Court justices that believe in the US Constitution as originally constructed. It is not a document to be manipulated by whim but respected for the pillars of freedom and liberty set forth by our Founders and interpreted in the form of original intent.
  3. The US military should be re-built following the Reagan model “Peace through Strength” with significant investment in manpower, technology and readiness. After 15 years of war and 8 years of feckless presidential leadership, the Military Service Departments must receive the maximum commitment to reinvigorate morale always ensuring our troops have the best equipment, support and financial resources to ensure victory at home and abroad.
  4. All trade deals, current and future, will put American workers first. If NAFTA and other deals continue to disadvantage American workers, they will be renegotiated or canceled.
  5. Secure the border to eliminate illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and gang & terrorist infiltration into US cities and our country.
  6. Seek a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on US Senate seats and US House seats.
  7. Approve the Keystone Pipeline from Canada and establish a 10-year goal to eliminate 100% of Middle East oil imports.
  8. Take the Internet back! It was not Obama’s to give away to another UN commission.
  9. Reclaim America’s leadership role in the world by leading through strength, moral authority and dealing with dictators, ayatollahs and criminals based on past US precedent. Iran will never capture our sailors, citizens or shoot at our ships without severe, often lethal, consequences.
  10. Reduce US Corporate tax rate from second highest in the world at 35 % to 17% in order to bring American factories home, incentivize increased economic investments in the private sector and create an economic renaissance in American cities.

It is for these reasons that the 53rd Regiment and its members endorse Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

 Be Heard!





Dateline: October 13th, 2016 

by Patriot 6

There may have been more written and said about this election than any in our history. Many of us believe that the stakes have never been higher for determining the direction, and ultimate definition, of what America will be in the future. While there are many extremely important issues on the line, i.e. Supreme Court nominations; terrorism/national security; jobs and the economy; health care, etc., there is one issue that is exponentially more important to determining if America continues to be the “beacon of freedom” and “land of opportunity” that we have always been or if America is to be transformed into a European styled, socialist-lite, shell of what our Founders created. We must use this election to take back our country and government from America’s elitist, ruling class: Career Politicians.

America has NEVER needed or wanted an aristocracy. George Washington refusing a lifetime appointment as President perfectly exemplifies that point. Our Founders rebelled and fought a war for American independence against an oppressive aristocracy. Our Founders created our form of government with the idea that being elected as a representative or a senator was a PART-TIME job. They were to return home at the end of session and rejoin the communities from which they were elected. They were expected to listen to the values, needs and concerns of the citizens they were chosen to represent. More importantly, they were expected to carry those back to Washington, DC and actually STAND UP FOR same citizens and the issues they hold as important. Somewhere in the last 240 years that process has gone terribly awry.

Today we have an elite political class of career politicians that do not listen to, believe that they are smarter than and, thereby, know what’s best for the everyday Americans that elected them. This ruling class, which is composed of BOTH parties, like every other aristocracy, does not fear, or worse, does not respect the common person they “rule.” They routinely betray their core values and those of those they represent in favor of committee chairmanships, donations (re: money), etc. Our “ruling class” sees our Constitution as an antiquated hindrance to America becoming what THEY feel it should be. These people are attempting to remove the most precious freedom that we have in America: the ability for each of us to CHOOSE what is best for US.

In full disclosure, Donald Trump was not my first choice. He is absolutely NOT a perfect candidate, not a “true conservative”, etc. I know all of the adjectives associated with demeaning and criticize him; however, if you agree with most, much or any of what I have stated, there is no other choice. If you understand my point, and are as tired of being maligned, ignored, placated and, frankly, lied to as a “regular” American as I am, you have no other choice. This election is NOT about Donald Trump, it is BIGGER than him. He has become the focal point and standard bearer of the ire of millions of Americans who are fed up being controlled and dictated to by a ruling class that we should never have.

I have purported for over 25 years that the day would come where we are so fed up with career politicians that a candidate would emerge that would truly resonate with Americans of both political parties. I described that person this way: not a member or either party; right of center because as a country we align more towards conservative principles; independently wealthy because they will receive no support from either party; and, most importantly, this person will be perceived truly loving this country and as giving straight, honest answers, like it or hate it, to straight questions. Hillary Clinton is none of, other than wealthy, nor is she perceived to be any of, what I described. She is the epitome of the elite, ruling class career politician who will continue to take America towards where it was never founded to be.

It comes down to this: we have an opportunity to wrest control from these elite, arrogant career politicians, upend the status quo, insert fresh, untainted political blood into our system and take back our government and country from our unwanted political aristocracy. Donald Trump is not without faults; however, in my lifetime he is the closest to the candidate I described. Like him or hate him, he represents, quite possibly, the last opportunity for “regular” Americans to exert control over and take back our government to put America back on the path set by our Founders. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to remove our elitist political aristocracy and take back control of our own destiny.