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  1. Isn’t it prophecy that everything will get more Chaotic generation after generation? It seems this would create a division of all societies into Two main divisions: 1. The people that understands that their society is becoming more and more hopeless and in time a giant ball of Chaotic confusion trying to fix the problems the sad thing is that it will still be called a society. These people will leave society with what ever rights they have left by this time. Where will they go? how will the live? where ever it is they will be sought after as dropouts, who the hell knows. 2. Society still stands propped up by hope’s of fixing the problems it eventually becomes a cess pool a living hell but still called a society and the peoples in it are trapped living in the hell that they created out of greed, fear, pride and the rest of the seven deadly sins. What happened to society? Where did it go?

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