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Look Back – Two Years Ago — Thank goodness for POTUS 45

May 16th, 2018  Originally published May 14th 2016

The Swamp

The Obama Presidency has been a wrecking ball for world stability and peace. America’s worst fears have come true as it relates to Obama’s foreign policy. The JV team he incorrectly tagged ISIS with is really the National Security Council staff he assembled with the likes of Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes among others not properly schooled or seasoned for their positions. They view the world through their personal prism of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence; the trifecta of personal qualities that place them both in the category of not fit to serve. Politics trumps experience every time with this president. This President is more interested in an adoring, gloating staff instead of a highly experienced national security team of experts. The United States is left with Obama’s Foreign Policy Tour of Disasters which has left the world in shambles.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Tour of Disasters

  • Iran. Iranian Nuclear Agreement Built on Fabricated Lies to the American public. Ultimately, it makes the US less secure and is having rival states pursuing their own nuclear capability (2013 thru present day)
  • Iran. The Iranian Green Movement seeking democracy and secularism was a missed opportunity for the Obama Administration to back the democratic movement that was nationwide. Instead, he backed the hardline Iranian regime by doing nothing while innocents were rounded up and killed. Obama did not even give voice to their cause (2009)
  • Syria. Syrian Civil War and US failure to lead a coalition resulting in empowering ISIS and Russia (2011 thru present day)
  • Iraq. The complete withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq, destabilizing it, serving as a propellant for ISIS to generate (December 2011 thru present day)
  • ISIS. The establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Caliphate (2012 – present day)
  • Persecution. Christian persecution throughout Middle East brought on by ISIS and the US has done nothing to save these innocent lives (2011 thru present day)
  • Libya. Obama – Clinton invasion of Libya, resulting in a failed state and loss of four Americans in Benghazi to include our Ambassador. And who authored the infamous Talking Points about a phony video causing it? Ben Rhodes! (2011 – present day)
  • Yemen. The destabilization of Yemen, a US ally in the war on terror, and now a new proxy war between Sunni, Shiite and ISIS
  • Ukraine. Russian invasion of Ukraine and annexing parts of Ukraine and Crimea (2014 – present day)
  • Spratly Islands. Chinese build up on armed islands upon reefs in the South China Sea to strengthen their position of claiming the Spratly Islands
  • Israel. Throwing longtime ally Israel under the bus at every opportunity while backing the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO over Israel
  • Egypt. Throwing longtime ally Egypt under the bus during the Arab Spring and backing the Muslim Brotherhood over the stable government of Egypt

Back to Iran. Ben Rhodes, in a recent New York Times magazine featured article bragged to NYT reporter David Samuels that he manipulated the public and press through the use of 27 year old reporters parading “legions of arms control experts at think tanks and social media and became sources for the clueless reporters, … like ventriloquist dummies” helping the Obama Administration make their case on ratifying the Iranian Nuke deal. How sick is this? Lying to the American public and manipulating the public to believe this was in the best interest of US national security, and bragging about it. Is this not an impeachable offense? A President that used his staff to lie to us. Disgusting! Wrecking Ball — the Obama way, enabling our enemies and screwing our Allies. Does he feel a commitment to protecting our country? Does he? What rational American president behaves this way? It is clear, the greatest threat to the United States of America is from within, with a president that puts Iranian interests over our own. God help us!

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  1. BO is a radical. These are calculated moves he has made. He does not love his country rather his goal is to create a global society where everyone shares the wealth. Except of course himself. He’s a king. Next year at this time he’ll be making six figure speeches criticizing America while he lives in splendor. Indeed God help us!

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