Why Do You Keep Supporting Democrats?


by Guardian 3                  

Dateline: July 20, 2022                Land Down Under

All compassionate and intelligent people vote for Democrats don’t they? Unfortunately the Democrat party image that you and your parents have held and voted for habitually for decades, is based on a series of lies. Today this is clearer than ever as the party has been overtaken by the radical left – a healthy and thriving element that has always had a welcome home there – unknown to you. This note will highlight several facts that you should properly research on your own so you will know the truth for yourself. Please stop outsourcing your critical thinking to the so called “fact checkers” like Snopes and Politifact etc. These sites are funded by far-left political activists who are manipulating you to serve their destructive political agenda. The mainstream media also fits well in that category.

Which political party abolished slavery in the United States (13th Amendment)? Which political party gave former slaves the right of Citizenship (14th Amendment)? Which political party gave African American men the right to vote (15th Amendment)? Which political party gave women the right to vote (19th Amendment)? If you said the Democrat party, you’re wrong. If you think the Democrat party has changed since then, you’re wrong. The Democrat party always were the real racists and sexists, and they remain so today. One only has to take an honest look at the plight of African Americans in long term Democrat run cities like Chicago and Baltimore to know that Democrat politicians have done nothing but abuse the trust of African Americans for decades, and many of us have supported them as they did it.

Here’s a quick summary of the congressional voting record on the above mentioned key amendments –  you can verify this online:
13th 1865: Supported by 100% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats.
14th 1866: Supported by 94% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats.
15th 1869: Supported by 100% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats.
19th 1919: Supported by 94% of Republicans and 47% of Democrats.

Overwhelmingly, all of the above key amendments and state ratifications were led by Republicans. The Democrat party was never the champion of African American or women’s rights. Clever strategy and the abuse of the media over the years has misled us, breeding generations of ‘useful idiots’ that today comprise the Democrat party voter base. Learn to see the ‘double speak’ the Democrat politicians use. Here’s a quick example: every time you hear the term “progress” or “progressive agenda” etc. the good person in you wants to think that they are talking about positive steps… they are actually talking about a plan to make progress toward communism. This is how we are manipulated with double speak.

That leads us to Obama and Hillary who were both disciples of Saul Alinsky, author of the socialist bible – Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s biography is quite interesting and includes a close affiliation with Al Capone and his head assassin in the Chicago mob scene. Hillary based her college thesis on his teachings, and Obama wrote about him in his books. Today in the U.S.A. his methods outlined in Rules for Radicals have become mainstream political strategy as socialist and communist ideas flourish and America slowly but surely destroys itself from within.

We only have one page here, so the following is a highly condensed summary review of the status of America today, as governed by President Joe Biden and Democrat majorities in Congress. If you supported Democrat politicians in the 2020 election, your ignorance is to blame for all of it:

  • Out of control government spending leading to 40-year high inflation of 9.1% (July 2022) p.a. (destroyed value of the US dollar). Democrat Jimmy Carter and strong Democrat congressional majorities presided over the last period of record inflation.
  • Open borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants including the drug cartels, murderers, terrorists, rapists, and human traffickers, to flood across our southern border unchecked. Children are being drugged, raped, and smuggled over the border before being sold to the highest bidder for prostitution, organ harvesting, adrenochrome harvesting, or whatever the highest bidder wants to do with them. Have you seen images of the “rape trees” just south of the border draped in children’s underwear? No, your corrupt media doesn’t show you that. They prefer to tell you lies about border patrol agents using whips. The deadly drug Fentanyl is flooding over the border causing the mass murder of tens of thousands of our children every year.
  • Our military is being destroyed by gross mismanagement (we armed terrorists by leaving billions worth of military equipment behind in Afghanistan, not to mention the 13 deaths and the hundreds of allies left to die at the hands of the Taliban) and woke leftist ideology driving out strong men.
  • Rising violent crime – “defund the Police” – great idea folks. BLM organized crime funded by leftists, burning our cities, stirring up race wars to get out the vote before the election.
  • Pedophile sympathizer justices being appointed to the Supreme Court (KBJ).
  • Mass sexual grooming and gender dysphoria of our children via the “Pride” movement (Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, remember those?) and related insanity such as drag queen story time and the prescription of puberty blockers and “gender affirming surgery” to young children.
  • The teaching of critical race theory (blatantly an agenda to perpetuate racist hate) in our schools and universities, confusing our children who otherwise don’t see race.
  • The FBI and DOJ have been corrupted and now persecute conservatives with impunity, abusing their power to completely tip the scales of justice in favor of the corrupt Democrats.
  • High gas prices and shortages – if you believe the “Putin price hike” line you’re a fool. Sorry. Prices were on the rise well before the Ukraine war caused by Biden’s weakness. Biden campaigned on shutting down Oil & Gas and he is following through on it – you voted for this.

As an aside on the green new deal agenda, communists have been trying to convince us to shrink our lives to save the planet since the 1960’s. They can’t control you if you have energy independence, which is why they want you driving electric cars inconveniently charged by a grid they control (chances are you have a coal powered car if you have an electric car, not exactly green is it? Do you realize that if we all had electric cars the current energy grid does not have the capacity to charge them all?). The earth has been supposed to end a handful of times now based on propaganda global warming (or is it climate change?) predictions. It never does, of course, because the earth is a self-regulating closed system and the paid “scientists” are lying to you. The communists have resorted to mass deployment of weather modification technology to create temporary climate change to make you think you are destroying the planet by simply living your life. What’s the ultimate solution? Stop living! De-population! Will you volunteer? Then stop supporting this nonsense. Lookup “cloud seeding” which is one of the oldest and most innocuous sounding of all weather modification technologies. Much more sophisticated methods are being deployed today.

If anything should cause you to question the trustworthiness of the media and the establishment, it’s the covid plandemic. They lied about the origin of the virus, they lied about transmission, they lied about the risks of infection, they lied about the treatment options, and they lied about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, all while making billions. “Trust the science” means: “Do what we say and don’t ask questions”. Not very democratic. Research the “World Economic Forum Great Reset”, and get the book “Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital”. You’ll be shocked.

Back to the case in point – Democrat politicians are destroying our nation rapidly. Stop supporting them and stop voting for them, and wake up to the real enemy on your doorstep: Democrat sponsored Communism.


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