It’s time for Scorched Earth


by @BlackJackPershing on Truth Social, @BlakjakPershing on GETTR, similar on other platforms.

I don’t want any messages saying ‘I’m holding my position.’ We’re not holding a goddamned thing. We’re advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding anything except the enemy’s balls. We’re going to hold him by his balls and we’re going to kick him in the ass; twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all the time. Our plan of operation is to advance and keep on advancing. We’re going to go through the enemy like shit through a tinhorn.

                                  General George S. Patton, speech to the Third Army

Unlike Swampian Woke General Milley who has disgraced his rank and position repeatedly, General Patton knew how to fight. He was no stranger to the concept of scorched earth and likely witnessed it during his heyday.  Used during both offensive and defensive operations, its best described as leaving nothing behind but destruction.   Its not pretty.

Scorched Earth is a term often assigned to the way General William Tecumseh Sherman handled his march to the sea through Georgia.  Proud Georgians haven’t forgotten it and many hate General Sherman to this day because of it.  Used throughout WW2 and in other wars through Vietnam, the practice was banned under the Geneva Convention in 1977, but still pops up in modern times, such as Saddam’s army setting Kuwaiti oil fields ablaze in 1991.  Now: Mauripol, Ukraine with the Russians.  But I digress.

Its time for all Patriots to go full scorched earth on leftists, metaphorically speaking.

Right now our conservative/maga/patriotic/republican army has momentum in a major way.  Victories are breaking out all around us:

  • Successful launches of alternative media platforms such as GETTR, Truth Social, Rumble and dozens of others
  • Meanwhile a major reckoning for Twitter is happening as Elon Musk begins to un-screw it up
  • CNN+ dies a humiliating death and takes Trump Hater Fake News Chris Wallace’s career along with it
  • 2000 Mules is premiering and about to wake up those asleep
  • Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema continue to deficate on the best laid plans of the leftist democrats
  • Joe’s covid plans keep getting blown up from the struck down employer mandate to the recent airline capitulation on masking standards to laughing stock Fauci
  • Disney had it’s leftist sicko Mickey Mouse arse handed to it in its dopey battle with Governor Ron Desantis of FL
  • More governors are starting to or threatening to, send their illegal aliens to both DC and Mr Biden’s home state for safekeeping
  • Suing the feds for their malfeasance by state Attorneys General is becoming more common
  • All indications point to an historic shift in congress in the fall
  • And now, in an unexpected twist that God fearing patriots have been waiting on for decades, it seems the Supreme Court is leaning toward a reversal of the most heinous decision in its history
  • The leftist sack of meat that is President is an ongoing daily embarrassment to everyone around him, and his VP is a nincompoop.  The Speaker of the House is a Vodka soaked senile ninny




By the way, don’t buy the hype that the SCOTUS decision will throw off the big red wave.  Baloney.  Simply stated, this is a leftist boomer issue – the incoming generation is widely known to be more prolife than their parents – across all parties.  Its based on science and empathy.  Hardened leftist boomers have always been the most comfortable with infanticide.  The polling on this issue is not where baby killing wackos like Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton claim.  Its in favor of Life.  LIFE IS WINNING!!!!!  Its way overdue.

So – how do we implement scorched earth?  Digital soldiers, listen up. 

We all know of the RINO tendency to seek attention in the swamp and always apologize for anything and everything that the swamp doesn’t like.  THIS STOPS NOW.  We don’t apologize ever. 

Trump laid the groundwork.  Now we synchronize and accelerate.  His work primarying the weak eunuch RINOS is paying dividends.

Tell the uncomfortable truth about leftists:

  • They have exterminated 60 million black babies
  • They kill babies up through the 9th month of pregnancy and want to do so beyond the womb
  • Leftist Racists glorify extermination of black babies
  • Leftist racists have destroyed the inner cities completely
  • Leftist misogynists have exterminated 30 million women in the womb
  • Leftist sickos think men can have babies and applaud it while wanting women to have abortions
  • Leftist sicko misogynists are destroying women’s sports
  • Leftists are trying to decriminalize pedophilia
  • Leftists destroy small businesses with onerous regulation, taxes and inflation
  • Leftists cooperate with tech giants to destroy privacy and cultivate their sick ideology
  • Leftists hate the constitution and law abiding citizens
  • Leftists have cultivated hate among all races and creeds
  • Leftists hate God and are driven by the demonic
  • Leftists love war and want the United States bogged down in never ending wars; they profit from weaponry sales
  • Leftist leaders are involved in high level corruption, enriching themselves and their children – flagrantly
  • Leftists foment death and destruction
  • Leftists want law abiding citizens to suffer death and destruction
  • Leftists have destroyed educational institutions at all levels
  • Hysterical leftists are sick and must be stopped.
  • Leftist Hollywood must be called out for the sickness they peddle; patriots opt out of their offerings and create new ones
  • Major stars become intimidated to associate with leftist ideologies
  • Leftist Universities are also called out and patriots demand congress deny them funding; willing non-rino congress cuts them off.
  • Leftist asshats have ruined immigration, entire cities and states.
  • Leftists make money in China and in all enemy playgrounds.

These points must be our mantra.  They must be communicated by our digital army in all manner of memes, commercials, social posts and chants at sporting events.  We have momentum.  We cannot back off.  We must accelerate. 

In the end what will scorched earth look like when we are done?

  • Democrat party will cease to exist and be known as the last bastion for racists, thieves and communists
  • New parties born similar to Europe for the remaining left: Greens, Socialists
  • Republicans begin 6-10 decades of dominance by defending American principles and capaitalism
  • DC bureaucracy is decentralized throughout the United States
  • New media options disrupt and terminate the MSM; MSM is left with legacy websites and several minor cable channels.
  • Border is sealed; last several years of illegals are deported immediately; there is no longer a border debate in the US

This is the beginning of the plan, fellow Patriots: routine loud calling out of leftist asshats for what they are.  Start now.  Don’t hold back.  Tell others.  Do it. 




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