The 53rd Endorses Kari Lake


… for Governor of the Grand Canyon state.

by The 53rd Regiment Board of Directors

October 25th, 2022

Trustworthy, authentic, leader, gutsy, strategist, refreshingly honest and America First are but a few of the words that came out of our Boards decision to endorse Kari Lake for Arizona governor.  This is one of the few times we had a 100% endorsement from the board.  The board also acknowledges the profound weakness of her opponent Kaite Hobbs and her inability to have independent thought, while being beholden to special interests and the extremism of the modern democrat. (Katie Hobbs is so weak and unprepared she refuses to debate.)

This board trusts Kari Lake to deliver on her promise to seal the border and declare Arizona is being invaded by cartels, illegals and human traffickers.

This board believes Kari Lake will complete the border wall.

This boards trusts Kari Lake to stop the spread and proliferation of drugs into Arizona, the killing of innocents and especially our children.

This board acknowledges that Kari Lake is the best hope to fix our broken schools, broken election laws and broken trust with Arizona citizens.

This board trusts that Kari Lake will uphold our constitutional rights, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendments, and will not tolerate statist media, Big Tech and the federal bureaucracy to undermine our God given rights.

This board firmly believes that Kari Lake will fight for Arizonians day and night, and when necessary, Ms. Lake will get in the mud pit with the denizens of corrupt swamp dwellers and emerge victorious over their deceit, lies and fake news.

This board admires the toughness in which Kari Lake has dealt with the 2020 election issue, her ability to showcase local and national media corruption, and the fact she never backs down. She fights!

Arizona needs a fighter! Arizona needs a freedom lover! Arizona needs a governor that believes in America, believes in commonsense and believes that we are an exceptional country.

This board believes Kari Lake is a rising star because she came from our ranks of ordinary citizens to fight for America because she knows truth, justice and the American way.

For too long republicans have ceded the narrative to democrats, afraid to speak up on their insanity and afraid to take a stand. Ms. Lake is having none of it and for this this board applauds her!

We firmly believe Kari Lake will be the next governor of Arizona. Get out and vote Arizona!




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