#SchumerShutdown – Update

The Swamp, Dateline January 22nd, 2018

Senator Schumer has parked the Clown Car on the democratic side of the Senate parking garage and he has graciously de-linked DACA from a continuing resolution to fund the federal government. So, in other words, we are where President Trump was three days ago. We  have a miracle only hours ago, a bill passed to keep the government open. The #SchumerShutdown nightmare is over.

With key advisors like Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who needs friends?! Wow, the Clown Car occupants are scattering like roaches hit by light in the middle of the night. They have moved under the appliances known as CNN and MSNBC to provide cover and fake news!

Original article below published January 19th, 2018

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), 800 thousand of them whom arrived illegally, are being prioritized by Democrats over the rights of 320 million tax paying American citizens . Even though the current illegal DACA arrangement implemented by an illegal Executive Order by former President Obama is not due to expire until March 5th, 2018, the Democrats (#SchumerShutdown) are NOT willing to pass a continuous resolution to fund the government.

Couple questions:

  1. Is this a cover-up and a distraction to the cover-up of the phony dossier and Democratic Party collusion with a British Spy and phony dossier?
  2. So the Dems are prioritzing illegals “rights” over the tax paying rights of citizens of the United States?
  3. The Dems are willing to let the military and their families go without pay while we are at war? By the way, Congress still gets paid in a government shutdown. Isn’t that interesting. Different rules for the ruling elite.
  4. Was the #shithole fake news episode really about the set-up to DACA? Of course it was! But the fake news will not report this.


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