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Xi’s Ukrainian Diversion

By BlackJack Pershing  @BlakjakPershing on GETTR 
Dateline 24 January 2022     1800 hours
While the world watches #SleepyJoe fumble everything that Russia throws at him and assumes the unfolding Ukrainian debacle is all about Putin overpowering Joe and Feckless Europe in 3 level chess, its not hard to step back and see China’s malevolent hand in the mix.
‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting…’
‘In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.’
                                               Sun Tsu, From the Art of War
China has great interest in the distraction of the United States.  Already saddled with the worst Commander in Chief in history, loading up the US with an unwanted war with its traditional Cold War adversary would be quite advantageous for China.
Whether Russia is pursuing its present course with or without Chinese consent is an open question, but we do know both have been cooperating more of late and both have much to gain with a weak, aimless, self hating United States.
Smart money says that China is encouraging the Russians behind the scenes.
What is Ukraine to China?  Simple a pawn.
Did you know that Ukraine has been pursuing being part of the so called ‘Belt and Road’ initiative that Beijing is pushing all over the planet?  If there is a war, one could argue that China gets to build out even more wrecked infrastructure and benefits from leveraging loans and assistance to Ukraine.
Ukraine knows that Biden can’t be trusted.  He’s screwed them before by withholding aid, demanding resignations of key officials and saddling them with his crackhead son as an advisor.  Could that have driven them to China?
Also – China has been selling weapons to Ukraine for a number of years.  Diabolical?  They benefit from both the war and from reconstruction.  How nice.
And while the US is distracted with war, we continue to lose on trade, on self imposed energy scarcity and our best technology being siphoned from US businesses with operations in China.   Willing idiots in US corporations are corrupted easily with cash.  Witness the NBA.
The big prize for China as we get bogged down in a protracted Ukrainian conflict?  Taiwan.  That reason alone makes it highly likely that Russian and China already have an agreement.  After Taiwan?
Who is at the chess table with Russia?  Biden and Blinken.  And the Euro-dummies.
Feeling good?
Stakes are at an all time high.
Good time for Iran to make a move?
We sure could use some mean tweets right about now.


Biden’s America’s – The Great Resignation

by Guardian 6

Dateline: 5 January 2022

Five days into 2022, and another Biden created catastrophe comes into focus. Nearly 5 million Americans have resigned from their jobs over the last 60 days. What has driven these resignations? In a word, Biden.

The Brandon Administration is conducting a full-on assault on Americans, their livelihoods and their families. Brandon Administration mandates to get vaccinated have caused massive disruption to the American way of life.

  • Here we are in a pandemic, and the Biden policy of forcing all healthcare workers to be vaccinated has resulted in thousands of doctors and nurses quitting or being forced out of their jobs
  • Wonder why airline travel has become worse and worse year over year? You guessed it, Brandon forcing pilots and airport staff to be vaccinated driving staff shortages
  • After the Afghanistan debacle, surely Biden would focus on national security and military readiness, right? Nope. The Brandon Administration and the Department of Defense are forcing soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who do not get vaccinated out of the service negatively impacting morale and readiness. With China threatening Taiwan, Russia threatening Ukraine and Iran continuing terror attacks in the Middle East, surely Biden is worried about the United States ability to respond to multiple crisis’s, right? Not at all. Joe doesn’t concern himself with second or third order effects.
  • Doesn’t Joe want to reduce hyperinflation and reduce the number of America’s needing unemployment and/or a food stamp benefits? No. The Brandon Administration does not concern itself with the effect their policies have on American families. As a matter of fact, this is a core tenant of the Democratic Party, build dependency.
  • But what about the majority of Americans being against mandating the vaxx? Joe is not intimidated by polls. Joe’s been doing this for 50 years. He’s president, come on man.
  • Then what about the majority of new WuhanVirus cases inflicting vaccinated people? Surely Joe must see mandating a vaccine that doesn’t stop the virus or preventing the vaxx’d from getting the virus doesn’t make sense, right? Oh, hell no! The Brandon Administration doesn’t care about facts or science. This is about fear, control and power.
  • The border? All the illegals are not getting vaccinated, and Joe is flying them all over the country spreading the virus and dumping illegals in cities near you. Does this make sense to Joe?  It does to the Brandon Administration because these people are future low information voters, democrats.

Incoherence, incompetence and incontinence is what Joe Biden delivers on a daily basis. The daily press conference is a festival of lies, misdirection and deceit. It is shameful how quickly everything in America is being destroyed. It is very hard to be this bad, even for Joe Biden. Sadly, we have three long years left. God help us all!

Let’s Go Brandon!  #massformationpsychosis 


New Year’s Resolutions for MAGA Patriots and Deplorables

By Blackjack Pershing, @Blakjakpershing on GETTR
Dateline: 1 January 2022

It’s 2022 and a time of renewal.  MAGA World has lots to do, lots on its plate and the new year is a great time to set forth resolutions that will guarantee our success.  Here are my recommendations for all patriots who operate in freedom of thought, conscience and spirit.

  • We commit that ‘we all know’ Trump won, the swing state vote was rigged and stolen, Biden never got 80+ million votes, and we do not intend to ever stop talking about it.
  • We will sound off.  We will be present and BE HEARD as digital soldiers and fight the battle we are in, and not be distracted by RINO’s who tell us to move on.  We will improve our intensity and our effectiveness.
  • We commit that ‘January 6th’ is a false construct put forth by the angry Stalinists in the democrat party and their party press – the MSM.  We do not buy it and will not put up with it.
  • We assert that pandemic is over, the omicron variant is the last we are willing to engage in any way, and that we will not let the Stalinist Left use the China Virus to control the next election.
  • We will challenge useless mandates, lockdowns and idiotic restrictions that the Stalinist Left is driving.
  • We assert that we will not forget that it was CHINA that unleashed the virus on the world, whether on purpose or by accident, and that we will demand reparations to the economic damage it did to us.
  • As my friends on the Grace Force podcast often assert, we will develop ourselves physically to be prepared for the spiritual and mental battles ahead.  In essence we all know the forces of the Stalinist left are demonic.  One look at the horrific visages of Pelosi, The View cast, and any democrat leader confirms it.  Stay healthy, in shape and alert to fight the demonic left.  Improve your mental and physical fitness.
  • We will fight hard in all elections in ‘22, local, state and national.  We will eliminate the Liz Cheneys from the Republican Party and ensure it is a MAGA party.  It is truly time to ‘throw the bums out’.
  • We will sound off on the ongoing embarrassment that is the Biden administration.  We will rise up to stop their insane policies.
  • When the time comes for China Joe to step down in dementia fog and/or scandal/embarrassment, we will count on reputable organizations to petition for the reinstatement of President Trump.  The easiest mechanism for this to happen goes like this: Joe resigns, Kamala assumes the presidency but then due to the nature of her own pending criminal charges, nominates Donald Trump as VP, the senate approves him, and then Kamala promptly resigns to avoid impeachment and imprisonment.  We will work for this outcome.
  • We will reject Critical Race theory, we will reject rewriting history, we will reject Stalinist Left thinking.
  • We will get Trump’s Garden of Heroes reactivated.
  • We will not buy any products from China
  • We will publicly challenge companies and organizations that cooperate with China
  • We will publicly challenge individual buffoons that cooperate with China, like Ray Dalio and Lebron James.
  • We will celebrate heroes who stand up to China like Enes Kanter Freedom
  • In summary, 2022 is when we see visible results in turning the tide on the demonic forces of the left, those that come from inside our country and those that come from outside it too.
  • Did I miss a resolution?  Please leave yours in the comments.


Psychic MAGA Predictions for 2022

Dateline December 29, 2021
53rd Regiment Special Edition
Fellow Patriots if you are of a certain age you may remember the psychic Jean Dixon who would, around this time of year, issue bold predictions for the year ahead.  These would be published in sometimes less than reputable publications like the National Enquirer.  We at the 53rd Regiment have put our best minds together, notably Guardian 6, Blackjack Pershing and Iron Mike, to bring you the best most accurate psychic predictions for 2022.  Take these to the bank, friends.
Here we go.
Joe Biden will soil himself and others.  Again.  Those getting hit by Joe’s consistently explosive and leaky diaper contents will include Emmanuel Macron (Sacre Bleu!) Boris Johnson (Tut Tut!!) and a second round of effluent for Pope (Poop) Francis (Holy Sh-t!!). Most staffers in the White House will be sprayed, as well as the entire State Department.
Chinah Joe will resign in disgrace by October in a desperate attempt to salvage the November elections.
New President Kamala Harris will send Valerie Jarrett to the Senate for confirmation as VP.  Lame Duck Dem Senate will approve Jarrett.  The Squad will celebrate with an annual bath.
Chuck Schumer will make a day long speech in the well of the senate about his erection.
George W Bush will paint a nude of Hunter.
Hunter will paint a nude of George W Bush and sell it for $600K to a Chinese donor in a NYC gallery.
Hunter challenges George W to a nude paint off.  Hunter suffers a stroke while painting a nude of Liz Cheney.
Big news for Chris Wallace.  In addition to finally announcing he is transitioning, not just to CNN but his gender, his efforts at streaming (see Joe’s prediction above) will not be successful.  His new job will last roughly 90 days after nonexistent ratings and being backstabbed by human potato Stelter.
Speaking of the human potato, he will sue both Don Lemon and CNN for sexual battery after being felt up one time too many by Randy DonnieBoy.  Chris Wallace will attempt to join in unsuccessfully.
Whoopi Goldberg will achieve her goal of weighing 500 lbs by July.
New Biden puppy Commander will achieve  better house training than Chinah Joe.
President Xi decides to send the Chinese navy into Taiwan.  Chinese navy sunk before it gets halfway there.  All this while Chinah Joe plays with his toy submarine in the Camp David bathroom.  Unexpected surprise?  Japan did it.
Speaking of China, the Chinese Winter Olympics will fail under a cloud of Covid, Uyghur  genocide, and global disgust.  No one will attend.
Speaker Pelosi will acknowledge her well known drinking problem and say its no problem, and order a round of vodkas for everyone.
Mayor Pete will open an alternative ‘Gay Whitehouse’ on a set near the one Chinah Joe uses for his fake press conferences.   Only gays will be allowed on set.  The supply chain will continue to be a disaster.
In a surprise to all, John Brennan and James Clapper will elope to the Bahamas and make their mutual love known to all.  Disgraced General and former Head Spook Michael Hayden officiates wedding, the Mooch acts as midget ring bearer and Frank Luntz is Brides Maid to Clapper, while Comey is Best Man to Brennan. Gender neutral Groomsman and Bridesmaids included Gen. Stanley McCrystal, Adm Bill McRaven, Dr. Rachel Levine,  John Kirby, and Mad Dog (Gen. Jim Mattis).
China Joe implements mandatory Mandarin language training at all US elementary schools, including pre-K.
Post stroke recovery, Hunter paints a nude Chairman Xi.  Hunter presents painting to Xi in diplomatic fiasco related to certain facets of Xi being accurately represented.
In a major Oval Office address, Chinah Joe announces his butt’s been wiped.
Jenn Psaki caught in affair with Jim Acosta and Morning Schmoe.  Chinah Joe will invoke Pope Francis and say ‘who am I to judge?’
Kamala Harris finally visits the southern border, but heads to Tijuana and participates in what is commonly called a ‘Donkey Show’.
The US Navy requires all Sailors to be gay.  General Miley, in a supporting speech says ‘We are now all gay – all of us – very gay!’
The Secretary of Defense also declares ‘America has always been very gay and our Armed Services will reflect that!’
In related news, military recruiters will struggle to find enough gays to serve.
Governor Gavin Newsome will announce that California is now a communist state.  New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Oregon will follow.
Hillary will continue to not be president, but even more loudly.
The loser FBI agents who attempted to kidnap Michigan Governor ‘Big Gretch’ Witmer will reassemble and make another attempt, this time successfully.  No one will pay ransom.
Half wits Kinsinger,  Schiff and Swalwell will be discovered as active agents for China and Russia.
The Squad will start bathing weekly, instead of monthly, in an attempt to win more votes.
George Soros will be discovered to have been dead since 2002, but inhabited by alien entities – mostly cockroaches.
Having become the poster boy for the coming democrat implosion, Terry McAuliffe aka Mc- AWFUL will take the logical next step and become a Fox News contributor.  He’s just about a big enough loser to qualify.
Bill Clinton will divorce Hillary and marry the African American former prostitute who is the father of his son.
An affair between Mayor Pete and Floppy Mike will be revealed.
Jeffery Epstein will be found alive in hiding at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Gavin Newsome, Rachel Levine, Antony Blinken, Alejandro Majorcas, Bette Midler, Joy Bejar and Roger Goodell will all be revealed as space aliens.
Please leave your own predictions in the comments section below.  Bring on 2022!!!!
Let’s go Brandon!!!!
The staff of the 53rd Regiment


Christmas 2021: Stocking Stuffers for Leftists, Elitists, Losers and Louses

By BlackJack Pershing, @Blakjakpershing on GETTR

Dateline: 21 December 2021

Merry Christmas to all patriots and readers of these fine articles on the 53rd Regiment.   It’s a pleasure to be a regular contributor!

It is time once again to do our Christmas Shopping for the weak, the lame, those with poor self-esteem, those with halitosis and incontinence.  Yes, in other words, the leftists that populate our existence.   As in years past, we will pick out a few modest stocking stuffers for these poor souls.  I don’t know about y’all, but when I was coming up, sometimes mom would put a few small things in our stockings to compliment the larger haul of gifts under the tree.  We’ll do that for our sad sack doofus friends on the left.

For Madam Speaker Pelosi we’re going to go with a nice pint bottle of discount vodka, let’s go with Smirnoff.  We believe the best gifts are practical – and we know this one will be put to use immediately.  She’ll need another one pretty quick so maybe we’ll go with 2….maybe 3.  Um.  10 it is.

For Liz Cheney we are going to go with a simple form that will assist her in changing her party affiliation to democrat.  Let’s face it – its over for Liz, for her old man, for Bushworld.  OVER.  A certain bigly president woke us all up to the decades of failures and mediocrity delivered to us by Liz and her ilk.  Maybe we’ll throw in some GasX tablets for Liz.  Her Jan 6 Committee mates have been complaining….

For Chairman Xi we are going to go with a nice newly funded concentration camp for his political prisoners, which is a growing population.  He’ll be so happy.  Chinah Lebron and the NBA have agreed to pitch in.  Since we can’t fit this one in a stocking we’ll throw in a bean burrito from Taco Bell, which we hear the Chairman is partial to.

For China Mitch McConnell we’re going with a jawline exerciser and double chin reducer for obvious reasons, but we’ll also throw in some chapstick which he needs after schmooching Cryin Chuck’s arse more than Kroger’s own, Mrs Mitch, Elaine Chao.

For Hillary we are going with a gift certificate to get a liposuction on her growing derriere.  It’s not her fault – there’s just nothing to do but sit around when your full time job is not being president.

For AOC and the rest of the Squad – its hard to shop for these gals, and really, Senator Manchin has given them the greatest of gifts, a prize package of ‘NO’ shoved up their collective keisters.  But they could probably use some Kleenex, so we’ll get them those small packages of Kleenex they can keep in their expensive purses.

For Bette Midler we’ll get her a good laxative to help her clear her toxic addled mind.

For Jake Tapper we’re going with a nice gift certificate for a defense attorney.  He’s going to need it as more and more of his colleagues are exposed as pedophiles…..he’s involved.

For General Milley a command referral to the base medical department to be put on a managed diet and PT program indefinitely, followed by an other than honorable discharge for dereliction of duty.

For Antony Blinken a beanie with a propeller on top to make him stand out more, in a sea of losers and incompetents.

For the Lincoln Project Crew, Frank Luntz, Kevin McCarthy, Mitt Delicto Romney, LyndseyG, Kinsinger, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Barrack Hussein and Floppy Mike we will provide a season pass to the bath house of their choice.  That’ll keep ‘em busy and out of public affairs.

For ‘Doctor’ Jill we’ll go with rubber gloves and wet wipes, lots of them.  In addition to being First Lady, being the special assistant to POTUS on Poo Poo is a tough job, requiring quick action at a moments notice, 24/7.  High stress dookie clean up.  Jill deserves our compassion and respect for taking on this tough ‘duty’.

For Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Martha McCallum: each gets a paper bag to wear over their head in perpetuity for ruining Fox News, helping to throw the election and claiming to be ‘news’ people, when we all know they are democrat shillls.

For Fox News: free classes in ‘how to do this’ from Newsmax, lead instructor Greg Kelly.  Yes – likely a waste of time, but we’re being hopeful in the Christmas season.

For Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, we will provide them with nose plugs and wet wipes they so desperately need after spending quality time with China Joe over the summer.  Said of the POTUS’ flatulence? ‘It was long and loud and impossible to ignore!’  We all know.

For George Soros we’ll see if Hillary’s butt liposuction guy can do something for those horrific eye bags on old George; it’ll be hard to undo what 90 years of being evil has done to that mug of his.

For George W we’ll provide him a ‘secure undisclosed location’ to hide in – to hide from – his shame and infamy – for equating Trump supporters with terrorists.  This guy has really descended into the democrat septic tank and made it his home.

For Bob Woodward we will deliver a large tanker truck full of Lysol disinfectant to spray at him all in one go.  It may not work, as he really is the most noxious creature in the swamp.

For Stacy Abrahams, there really is only one thing to make her happy, and that’s a free pass to Waffle House.  Our apologies to which ever one she goes to.  Have the bathroom cleaning crew on standby for a big cleanup after Godzilla does her bidness.

For Whoopi Goldberg, we are way past any real attempt to get the weight under control so we’re going to throw gas on the fire and send over a large rack of ribs, plenty of BBQ sauce and her favorite sides.  Why be so nice to her?  Because while she’s devouring all of it, she will STFU if only for a short time.

The Joys: Reid and Bejar: to you both we send tickets to the O’Reilly and Trump speaking tour.  You’ll either be converted or go insane – both options acceptable.

For CNN we have a big stocking stuffer: a prison bus to assist with transporting your staff to where they need to be.

For Don Lemon: hand sanitizer and lots of it.  We all know why.

For Kamala and Mayor Pete, both of whom should be helping Dr Jill with diaper duty, more rubber gloves and wipes.  They can pitch in while they are waiting for the inevitable.  Coin toss to settle the big question when it comes.

For the Biden Crime Family we offer front row seats at their upcoming congressional hearings once the Republicans re-take the House.

For all patriots I send good thoughts for a very Merry Christmas despite the current challenges.  Laughing helps!   We will prevail and America will recover.  God Bless all of you.





Chinah Joe Kissing Santa Chairman Xi

Unattributed by #LGB


I saw Chinah Joe kissing Chairman Xi

Underneath the mistletoe last night

He didn’t see Hunter creep

Down the stairs to take a leak

He thought he was back up in the Lincoln Bedroom

Licking Lyndsey Graham’s feet


Then I saw Chinah Joe tickle Chairman Xi

Underneath his double chin, so blubbery and saggy

Oh what a laugh it would have been

If Dr Jill had only seen

Chinah Joe sharing fortune cookies with Chairman Xi last night!


Then I saw Chairman Xi changing Chinah Joe’s Diaper

Right beside the East Room Christmas tree last night

Chinah Joe just didn’t see

Jen Psaki and Merrick Garland take a peek

Or hear that crazy Rachel Levine yelling ‘EEEEEEK!!


Oh what a laugh it would have been

If Floppy Mike and Barrack Hussein

Had seen Hunter, Dr Jill, Chairman Xi, Chinah Joe

Frank Luntz, Senator Lyndsey, Chuck Schumer and Drunk Nancy

In the White House jacuzzi under the mistletoe last night!!!!!!!



‘Twas the Night Before MAGA Christmas

By BlackJack Pershing,  @blakjakpershing in GETTR
Dateline Christmas 2021
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Whitehouse
Not a creature was working, but Hunter was molesting a mouse
Leftist hacks camped out by the chimney with care
Screaming Never say ‘Christmas!! No no don’t you dare!!!’
The freak show cabinet were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of transgendered athletes danced in their heads
Kamala in her kerchief and Mayor Pete in his cap
Argued over who would take over when Chinah Joe finally took a dirt nap
When out on the south lawn there arose such a clatter
Doctor Jill abandoned diaper duty to see what was the matter
Over to the windows the Whitehouse staff flew in a flash
Faster than the dems making the economy crash
When what to their wondering eyes did appear
But a bigly raised up MAGA Fourwheeler, and a crew of deplorables carrying beer
With a magnificent commander so amazing and stupendous
All knew in a moment it must be the Stable Genious
More rapid than Space Force, his supporters they came
And he joked and he heckled and called the by name
Now Marjorie!  Now Roger Stone! Now Senator Ted and Governor Ron!
On Greg Kelly! On Steve Bannon! On Mark Meadows and Junior Don!!
To the top of the Capitol, to the top of my Great Big Wall!
Now dash away dash away dash away all!
To the top of the whitehouse the MAGA truck flew
With a truckload of greatness and 45 too
And then in a twinkling they heard on the roof
Kamala was cackling as Build Back Better went ‘POOF!’
Dem heads were exploding and turning round and round
When down the chimney the greatest POTUS came with a bound
He was dressed in a power suit, from his head to his foot
And he was covered in winning, because on that he wrote the book
A sack of America First policies he flung on his back
And he looked like the best POTUS ever as he opened his pack
He got real busy, went straight to his work
Don’t wake up Sleepy Joe, he said, the perverted demented jerk!
He unpacked great policies, executive orders, & judges, with style and pomp
And a very big drill to finally drain the swamp
With wink and laying a finger aside of his nose
Giving a thumbs up, through the chimney he rose
He sprang to the MAGA truck with that dragon energy, & gave the deplorables a whistle
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle
We heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
‘Let’s get these losers out of the White House!! Sleepy Joe bites!!!!


Biden Christmas – A Disgrace in a Pear Tree

On the first day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
A 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the second day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the third day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the fourth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the fifth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the sixth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the seventh day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the eighth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Eight highly ineffective and grossly incompetent Cabinet Secretaries
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the ninth day of christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Nine Antifa scumbags with Squad endorsements for HS teachers
Eight highly ineffective and grossly incompetent Cabinet Secretaries
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the tenth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Ten percent for the Big Guy!
Nine Antifa scumbags with Squad endorsements for HS teachers
Eight highly ineffective and grossly incompetent Cabinet Secretaries
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the eleventh day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Eleven more videos of Hunter with drugs and prostitues
Ten percent for the Big Guy!
Nine Antifa scumbags with Squad endorsements for HS teachers
Eight highly ineffective and grossly incompetent Cabinet Secretaries
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

On the twelfth day of Christmas
Joe Biden sent to me
Twelve  more Democratic Congressman compromised with China
Eleven more videos of Hunter with drugs and prostitues
Ten percent for the Big Guy!
Nine Antifa scumbags with Squad endorsements for HS teachers
Eight highly ineffective and grossly incompetent Cabinet Secretaries
Seven percent roaring inflation (7%!)
The foreign policy failure of all time  — the Afghanistan Withdrawal
Five contempt charges over Chuck Schumer’s January 6th Erection
Four Hunter Biden paintings
Three million illegal immigrants
Two federal vaccine mandates
And a 50% increase in gasoline prices!

Merry F’ing Christmas America from a disgraced, installed like a toilet, Joe Biden White House. 


Who’s on the CHYNAH Payroll and Why

By BlackJack Pershing, @BlakjakPershing on GETTR
First: who started the entire debate on China?  Who assigned tariffs to China?  Who got them to the bargaining table on trade?  That’s right: Trump.  We all know.
How can I stay silent when my brothers & sisters are getting tortured, gang raped, forced abortions & sterilized every day. People are scared to speak up. Money, Fame & Fear are keeping them blind & silenced.  What would you do if that was your mother or sister?
    – Enes Kanter, Center, Boston Celtics and new US citizen
One man stands alone in the NBA.  Enes Kanter is alone in his unwillingness to kowtow to China and it’s use of money to silence NBA executives, Coaches and players.  Indeed, not just silence, but in the case of willing idiots like Lebron James, create willing advocates for their evil deeds.
“I don’t want to get into …a feud with Daryl Morley, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke, and many could have been harmed not just financially but physically.”
     – So called ‘King James’ on Daryl Morley’s criticism of China’s suppression of Hong Kong
He went on to caution on the ramifications of free speech.  Look it up.  Unreal.  
Group think in the US State department post-Kissinger/Nixon got us to where we are today.
At least at first, the idea was legitimate: open up China to a working relationship with the US as a way to triangulate the Soviets.  Slow steady progress took place and China was not a factor in the latter parts of the Cold War.
But a funny thing happened on the way to our current situation with China.  China creatively decided to use our own capitalist system against us in myriad ways, but the most sinister way was and is appealing to the greed of officials in government, business, sports, you name it – any sector in the US.
The Great Sellout: it began in the 1990’s.
America was overrun by Big Box stores.  Most of us loved it.  Cheap goods.  At first it was the simple stuff like lawn chairs and laundry baskets that got offshored to Chinese manufacturing.  Then it escalated.  Appliances, watches, jewelry, most textiles, clothing, and most other consumer goods with the possible exception of food were offshored to China.  Why?  To increase profits.  Who enabled it?  Both Bush presidents, Clinton and Barack Obama.  Why?  They all had business interests in it, as did their subordinates.  All have profited.
Millions of Americans were thrown out of work.  The democrats offered welfare.  The republicans offered tough love and bootstrap lectures.
“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle”
     – Sun Tzu from ‘The Art of War’
More specifically:
American Higher Education quietly invested in recruiting Chinese students who could pay full tuition with no financial aid.  It would be easier to list the schools that did not bring in large numbers of Chinese students than those that did.  The so-called Ivies are the worst offenders.  FACT: There are very well known schools in the city of Philadelphia that could not host the Dalai Llama a few years ago during a planned visit due to their compromised position with China and heavy load of Chinese students. (the trip was cancelled due to health issues with the Dalai Llama so this story isn’t known)  Today the higher ed business model is heavily dependent on educating huge numbers of Chinese students who hate our system and leave immediately upon graduation.  They are mercenaries and will not be converted to a US mindset, especially in our Stalinist run universities.
The Chinese have flooded our major research institutions with their mercenary students.
Listing politicians influenced by China would end up being an article as thick as a phone book.  We’ll summarize the lowlights:
Diane Feinstein worked long term with a Chinese spy on her staff.  Some would argue she knew and was comfortable.
Pelosi’s husband has business interests all over the world and is know for insider trades made with advance notice of government policy changes.  He’s made millions from China in this way.
Eric Swalwell, notorious flatulence merchant, slept with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang for years.
John Boehner, notorious RINO, cryer, smoking man and the original orange man went to work for a lobbying firm representing Chinese interests immediately upon stepping down as speaker.  Ever wonder why he’s been a Trump critic?  Now you know.
The Clinton, Obama and both Bush administrations: they allowed so called ‘free’ but unfair trade, and hundreds of administration lackeys were in on it and profited from it through board appointments and other forms of payola in which the swamp excels.
The Biden Crime Family: we all know this, because its what they do.  They don’t even hide it.  It’s on camera.  It’s on the record.  From Hunter’s laptop to eye witness accounts to open statements by the Dementia Patient in Chief, we all know we have a family enriched by China at the top of our government, acting as apologists.
“China is going to eat our lunch?  Come on, man! I mean, their not bad folks…they’re not competition for us…”
   – Joe Biden, then former Vice President, May of 2019
Do your own googling and look up Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC China Energy, diamond rings, et.  Come on, man, indeed.
The medical and pharmacy sectors are now heavily influenced by China with most of our prescription medications now made in China, and as we have learned, the US government funding dangerous research in Chinese labs.  If this doesn’t cause a collective WTF to happen among normal Americans, what will?  Government, Pharma execs and the medical establishment enabled all of this.
The sports establishment has always liked to wrap itself in the American flag until recently.  As each of the major sports leagues did their own version of Woke in the last several years, each did so with an eye on 1.5+ Billion potential Chinese fans, Chinese venues, Chinese stadiums, Chinese teams.  The NBA has led the way and completely and laughably compromised itself.  Many believe the 2 fans Lebron had exited from a game recently were taunting him about China.  But its not just the NBA.
All of them have an eye on China and have likely already begun expansion talks.  Allowing the US to be disrespected is a part of their plan, which is pleasing to their new Chairman.  Sports industry executives were a compromised lot before China ever came along, exemplified most vividly by the NFL and Goodell, who would never let domestic violence or 3rd degree homicides keep a player out of the game.  It’s a crap industry that plays its fans like idiots and will sell out the US at a moment’s notice.
We all know that China requires all foreign firms to share their IP and allow Chinese ownership stakes in their operations on the mainland.  All major manufacturers have gone along.
We all know that the alternative energy industry has huge stakes in China and we all know that money is the main driver behind climate change fanatics pushing their interests on unwitting consumers.
So, to recap, American patriots are getting screwed not so much by China directly, but by fellow citizens, politicians, business leaders, the petty tyrants in academia, the US State department, the chamber of commerce and many others.
What will we do, fellow patriots?  What will we do?

The Chinese Government engages in forced organ harvesting.

Ethnic & religious groups,
Tibetans,Uyghurs in death camps, Christians,Falun Gong are all targeted
Stop murdering for organs.
It’s a crime against humanity
End forced organ harvesting in China,


     – Enes Kanter
Again, fellow patriots, what will we do?


Dear Xi …

Feel lucky Xi? Apparently so. Xi doesn’t know. His arrogance and tyrannical hand of absolute power corrupts his mind and thinking. Big plans small mind. Xi Jinping plots, plans and reads his own paper clippings. Not good. Not good at all. 

Xi Jinping looks very small as he flies sorties off the coast of Taiwan to intimidate them. Meanwhile, the West yawns.

Xi Jinping looks like a petty tyrant leading a Chinese military parade celebrating China’s 70th anniversary of undermining Chinese democracy.

Xi Jinping looks in the mirror and pats himself on the back celebrating breaking the treaty of Hong Kong’s “high autonomy” with Great Britain and smiles putting his big pants on.

Xi Jinping continues to lie to the world about Coronavirus, the Wuhan Lab and being ground zero for millions of deaths. We all know China is the source and Xi’s policies and poor leadership led to this outbreak. The only question that remains is was this intentional? 

Xi Jinping knows the world is watching as he commits genocide against the Uyghur people. The world is watching and while it may appear to be weak, eventually the western world will reject Xi’s death camps. The NBA is not America Xi. LeBron James is not America Xi. Joe Biden is not America Xi. America is Missouri. America is North Carolina. America is Ohio. America is Virginia. America is Wisconsin. Olympic boycott is coming Jinping.

Xi America knows Trump won. America knows Biden is a fraud and that he was installed like a toilet. America knows that Biden did not get 81M votes. America also knows Trump will soon be back and that he will hold you accountable for your tyrannical rule.

Xi continue to play emperor and enjoy it while it lasts because eventually forces from within will up end you. Your Chinese enemies are already plotting. Democracy is coming, soon, very soon.