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We Can Be Thankful

By @PershingSoldier on Twitter, @BlakjakPershing on GETTR and @BlackJackPershing on Truth 
Missouri Territory                              23 November 2022
“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.” –Ernest Hemingway
Fellow Patriots – while we are being told to fret and to kick each other in the backside by the likes of Paul Ryan and the usual MSM (read: Foxnews) stooges; the reality is that we have MUCH to be thankful for.  Let’s recap.
Despite our inflated expectations and some mistakes, we took the House.  Full Stop!  There will be no more legislated damage from the democrats for 2 years.  So let’s focus and get serious.  Yes – plenty of issues to worry about in terms of priorities, but the agenda of the Stalinists is stalled.
This less intense victory is going to make all of us sharper, less prone to hubris.  We know we have to clean up our RINO problem.   We need to get serious about election fraud.
Trump is running.  IT’S GOOD.  They attack him because he represents all of us.  Read his inaugural address – that’s why they hate him.  He will be motivated to not just drain the swamp – but to blow it up.  Permanently.  As for challengers Pence, Pompeo, Niki Haley and DeSantis – their Trump assigned nicknames have already been selected and it will not be a pleasant experience for them.   The process will sharpen Trump. He will come out ahead.
Pelosi, Cheney, Kinzinger and other general purpose boogers are gone.  Irrelevant.  On the ash heap of history.
Fetterman: installed through election fraud, he will be an ongoing embarrassment to the democrats who seem to have no bottom when it comes to shame and oddities.  Can any conservative win in PA right now?  No.
We are at a reckoning point on election fraud.  We are awake and aware.  Kari Lake is taking point.  It must end here.  At least we know.
Now we all know that ballot harvesting must be met with equal and separate action until republican governors are elected that can clean it up.
Elon.  Twitter.  Fake News Firings.  It is taking time but there is progress.  Twitter is exhibit A right now.  This writer has restarted his account which was shut down after November of 2020.  In addition the removal or humiliation of Fake News stalwarts like Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith; the related low ratings of their networks, downward ratings of Foxnews and the emergence of alternatives like the imperfect but better than Fox Newsmax and many other streaming alternatives – GLORIOUS.  Let’s be thankful.
Also – Google, Amazon, ‘Meta’, Disney and many more woke organizations are struggling.  They are being held to account by shareholders and the public.  Zuckerberg and his freak show are now starting to show cracks.
Republican governors are telling woke Wall St to pound sand on ESG Stalinism.   Money talks.  They will learn.
The Stalinists are pissed about us calling them groomers.  Good.  Let’s do it more.  Firing back at them and doing it harder is something Trump taught us.
Trump was right about everything.  This keeps coming out more and more.  Most recently Hunter’s Laptop – to the great humiliation of Jurassic period Fake News pioneer Leslie Stahl. More and more the American public will realize how right he was from Russia, to North Korea, to Israel, to Iran to oil, to Germany, to Europe, to the economy and yes, CHYNAH.  People are seeing it.  Normal ones anyway.
We are on to Soros, the World Economic Forum weirdos, Klaus Schwab, Pfizer, the globalist cabal, Ukraine money laundering, child trafficking at the border and so much more.  If not for Trump would we know?
So – overall – let’s pause and give thanks that we are in a much better place than we were in just weeks ago.  Lots to do of course, but we can take some solace that the worst is now behind us.


The 53rd Endorses Kari Lake

… for Governor of the Grand Canyon state.

by The 53rd Regiment Board of Directors

October 25th, 2022

Trustworthy, authentic, leader, gutsy, strategist, refreshingly honest and America First are but a few of the words that came out of our Boards decision to endorse Kari Lake for Arizona governor.  This is one of the few times we had a 100% endorsement from the board.  The board also acknowledges the profound weakness of her opponent Kaite Hobbs and her inability to have independent thought, while being beholden to special interests and the extremism of the modern democrat. (Katie Hobbs is so weak and unprepared she refuses to debate.)

This board trusts Kari Lake to deliver on her promise to seal the border and declare Arizona is being invaded by cartels, illegals and human traffickers.

This board believes Kari Lake will complete the border wall.

This boards trusts Kari Lake to stop the spread and proliferation of drugs into Arizona, the killing of innocents and especially our children.

This board acknowledges that Kari Lake is the best hope to fix our broken schools, broken election laws and broken trust with Arizona citizens.

This board trusts that Kari Lake will uphold our constitutional rights, especially our 1st and 2nd Amendments, and will not tolerate statist media, Big Tech and the federal bureaucracy to undermine our God given rights.

This board firmly believes that Kari Lake will fight for Arizonians day and night, and when necessary, Ms. Lake will get in the mud pit with the denizens of corrupt swamp dwellers and emerge victorious over their deceit, lies and fake news.

This board admires the toughness in which Kari Lake has dealt with the 2020 election issue, her ability to showcase local and national media corruption, and the fact she never backs down. She fights!

Arizona needs a fighter! Arizona needs a freedom lover! Arizona needs a governor that believes in America, believes in commonsense and believes that we are an exceptional country.

This board believes Kari Lake is a rising star because she came from our ranks of ordinary citizens to fight for America because she knows truth, justice and the American way.

For too long republicans have ceded the narrative to democrats, afraid to speak up on their insanity and afraid to take a stand. Ms. Lake is having none of it and for this this board applauds her!

We firmly believe Kari Lake will be the next governor of Arizona. Get out and vote Arizona!





Let’s Ensure a Spectacular Implosion

By BlackJack Pershing; @BlackJackPershing on Trust Social, @BlakJakPershing on GETTR, @PershingSoldier on Parler

Dateline October 24, 2022

“The hands of every clock are shears, trimming us away scrap by scrap, and every time piece with a digital readout blinks us towards implosion.” — Dean Koontz

Fellow Patriots we are about to witness the most satisfying downfall of illegitimate Democrat power mongers in a generation.  That is, if we do not screw it up!  So first of all, show up and vote – regardless of how blue your state, region or locality is.  We have the best chance in decades of pulling leftist jerks out of office.

How did we get here?  We got here through the most overt and brutal actions taken by a devoted group of sick leftists ever experienced in a western republic.  Thankfully a majority of Americans are not having it.  (Sadly a large number of leftist mental slaves are fine with it).  Here is a partial list of what is causing the implosion:

The Death Cult

Leftist Dems are out of the closet on death.  They love it.  They have ensured our major cities are all death traps – with glee.  Shootings, car jackings, random stabbings, train platform pushings, convenience store looting, disease spread through defecations on the streets and on and on and on.  PHL, NYC, DC, Detroit, NOLA, STL, LA, SFO, Chicago and so many others.  Are they lost forever?

Fentanyl coming across the border resulting in 200,000 deaths a year.  Addiction of many young people to cannabis now that they have legalized it.

Abortion on demand in blue states, mainly targeted at the black population, who they secretly want to exterminate.  The country has ignored their raving about the end of Roe.  Reasonable people know it’s a savage practice.  This is but one reason African Americans are running from the dems in record numbers.  See ‘Blexit is Real’ on this site.

Turn little kids into transexuals: if they do this early enough they will be unable to have their own children and many will kill themselves.  This is all on purpose.   Already happening.  Leftists are using social media to encourage transsexualism as a social contagion.

Insisting on MRNA ‘vaccines’ being given to little kids – even now – when its become obvious that the sudden unexpected death of young people is a result of these vaccinations – is another product of the death cult leftists.

“I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion — Mark Cuban

Garbage ‘Leaders’


Definitely demented and quite possibly a blank, programmed clone.  Compare him to 10 years ago.  Face lifts?  Botox? Very hard to explain.  He was always stupid and a liar so that’s still there.  Biden created Hunter.  He’s a known and observed pervert.  He assaulted Tara Reid.  He’s been racist on camera dozens of times.  He’s mean.  He’s incontinent.  This is who the Obama/Rice/Klain/Jarret cabal installed to do their leftist bidding.  Programmed mental slaves enabled it.  Election fraud sealed the deal.


Incompetent, can’t speak even with a prompter, unqualified, unprepared, and possibly more inept than Biden.  Democrat standard issue these days.


drunkard, racist on camera, elitist, a thief, arrogant, signs of dementia; mean, spectacular liar, dentures don’t fit.  A mess.

The Squad: unamerican, communist, uncouth, nasty, poor hygiene: democrats.

Schumer: grotesque ass clown, wife may be a dude, likely part of the Epstein Island crowd, should be investigated.  Guantanamo material with Nancy.

Dem Governors, Mayors and District Attorneys: delivering filth and death all over the country.  Had enough?

The entire lockstep Dem house and senate – and notably a collection of RINO’s – who have gone along with the entire program.

Destroyed Economy

They have wrecked it by spending 25% plus of GDP in one year, most of which will never be traced and seen ever again.  If you were exposed to ‘econ 101’ in high school or in college, this should have been clear when they were planning to do it.  Inflation will run rampantly for a long time because of this insanity.  Your income, your retirement and your home values will be sabotaged.  Manchin knew it but ultimately did not have the personal fortitude to fight it.  He will be thrown out of his office for it when his next election comes; Sinema too.  The standard collection of RINO traitors enabled different part of the reckless spending as well.  They will be held to account certainly – more on that in a future column.

No Border

Most Latinos are running from the leftist Stalinist dems.  They know.  They came from poor conditions to be here and build families and make it.  They see it all being destroyed.  The ramifications of zero borders will be felt for decades to come, most notably and not discussed: terrorist cells.   Add that to drugs, death, human trafficking and broken infrastructure and you get a democrat paradise.

BTW – watch for dems to start labeling Latinos as racist white supremacists now that they are abandoning leftist communists and perverts.  Just watch.  It is coming.

Trump was right about the border.  Border states which the dems want to undermine, and all getting redder in the meantime.  In the end, over the next two years, they will complete the wall on their own.  Kari Lake and Greg Abbot will take care of it.

“Maybe it’s time to go back 2,000 years for a spiritual renaissance. If not, our days may be numbered and a terrible implosion is coming. There is no more middle ground. It is one or the other.” — Joel C. Rosenberg

Foreign Policy: They Win, We Lose

Its all documented.  Much of it on video.  Afghanistan pull out the biggest disgrace to our Military in a decades.  Those who presided over it still in their jobs with no shame.  Iran empowered and enabled.  North Korea back to missile launches over Japan.  Saudi Arabia gives Joe the finger overtly.  Joe begs every dictator for more oil while shutting down American industry.  Venezuela and Cuba: empowered.  And of course, Ukraine.  War encouraged personally by Biden, who likely saw it as a way to conceal evidence of his own corrupt involvement in that country.  Putin blamed for all of Joe’s mistakes and screw ups.  Europe not taking ownership – letting Joe take all of it.  Cleaning all of this up will take years – some situations may be irretrievable.

Military Being Ruined:

The top ranks of the General Officer corps are a mess and now completely political appointees.  Without a second Trump term to re-engineer it, Biden has now completed what Obama started.  Why should our military be any different than the FBI to the dems?  Its just another political enforcement wing to them.   The Generals will need to be eventually fired.  Certain departments of the military may need to be shut down, like ‘TRADOC’ and others involved in the purposeful leftist indoctrination of our troops.  The staff of West Point, Annapolis and the other academies may have to be completely turned over.  Much work ahead.  Recruitment is way down and morale is at all time lows.  Eventually our readiness will be in question.

“There is a war up there where time creaks which spans galaxies and eons back and forward to the Big Bang and the Final Implosion — Dan Simmons

Law Enforcement Politicized

Blue cities and states have ruined their police departments and at the federal level, the DOJ and the FBI are forever compromised and ruined.  Thank you leftist Stalinist Dems.  Many hearings and ultimately executive orders lay ahead to find the next way forward without them.  Americans are tired of the circuses they have created.  On top of this, the DC courts are completely compromised with inbred judges and garbage juries.  A decentralization of the Capitol is now urgently needed.

Schools: A Lost Cause

Public schools are now leftist indoctrination centers.  Years from now they will likely begin to disappear as parents will find other options.  This has already started, as each year the number of kids schooled at home increases,  Higher Ed has been in decline for years and a great shake out has begun in which many universities simply will not make it due to their own lack of relevance to parents and students.  The left ruined education in the US. 

Does all of this together sound like an implosion to you?  It does to me.  Good patriots everywhere will participate in the implosion and enjoy the show!!!  Be sure you participate in making sure the designers and implementers of all this chaos are sent home.  Go vote.  Encourage others.  Fight Back!!


“Haven’t you felt it? The loss of autonomy. The sense of being virtualized. The devices you use, the ones you carry everywhere, room to room, minute to minute, inescapably. Do you ever feel unfleshed?
All the coded impulses you depend on to guide you. All the sensors in the room are watching you, listening to you, tracking your habits, measuring your capabilities. All the linked data designed to incorporate you into the megadata. Is there something that makes you uneasy? Do you think about the technovirus, all systems down, global implosion? Or is it more personal? Do you feel steeped in some horrific digital panic that’s everywhere and nowhere?” — Don DeLillo



The Star Wars Bar Scene on Earth

Remember the bar scene from Star Wars: A New Hope movie, produced in 1977? Fast forward to present day and look at the Democratic Party, both incumbents and candidates. Take a close look at the print developed by the @the53rdregiment’s good friend Joseph Eder, a phenomenal artist. What we have here is an Eder Rembrandt showcasing the democratic cast of miscreants, losers and takers.

Dateline September 17th, 2022       Planet Earth

by Guardian 6 

It truly is a freak show, the 2022 Democratic Party, both House and Senate. It’s almost as if the democrats are trying to showcase freaks are us. When you buy votes and source dark money to finance the operation, candidates are less important. Credentials and achievements are passé’ with democrats.  Normal GOP Americans can’t compete when the system is rigged. When they do compete, Big Tech censors them and MSM doesn’t cover them. The democrats have mastered putting lipstick on a pig and fabricating a false narrative that hides their lack of achievement, gross failings and/or anti-American sentiment. Democrats are at their best building dependency so Americans rely on them for food stamps, welfare and  broken schools to keep building the Dependent Class. Add 5 million illegals to the stew and chaos masks the democratic world go round.

Examining “In A Barroom Far Far Away” print, we have Jerry Nadler as the fat little blue alien about to shart in the upper left. Democratic Senate candidate Fetterman from PA is to his front with his hoodie removed, dildo tattoo on his forearm and his wife beater red t-shirt.  One of the scaly Biden clones is seated next to him getting ready to sniff Fetterman. Hillary Clinton is front and center with her dyed hair, horns and yellow pant suite robe plotting for another presidential run. The Border Czar VP Harris is at the Cantina to find new staff since all of her employees quit. AOC is serving more of the Green New Steal drinks waiting for the rest of The Squad to come in to plot defunding the police and undermining Israel while propping up Hamas. Senator Mark Kelly democrat from AZ is next to the gaseous green Chuck Schumer guarding the Dominion Voting Machine algorithms and codes. The alien next to Schumer is thinking, “there is no life on earth.” A haggard Obama is looking at the Biden clone thinking, “how did we get here?” In a Barroom Far Far Away we have an accurate portrayal of the Democratic Party.

Guardian 3 chronicles the history of the Democratic Party while also itemizing their current broken policies. In Satanic Summer @blakjakpershing reviews what the democrats have unleashed on America. And in the Biden Administrations Guiding Principle: Abandonment this publication showcases how Biden gets everything wrong as it relates to foreign policy. We are living a daily version of the Star Wars Bar Scene, dystopia. Freaks, criminals, lawlessness and depravity is the order of the day with democrats running the government.

Obi-Wan provides good watch words for us this November election cycle explaining the Democratic Party for who they are, “If you define yourself by the power to take life (abortion), the desire to dominate (J6 Committee, FBI, DoJ), to possess…then you have nothing.”


American Heist — 2020 Election

“We have put together one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organizations in the history of American politics.”                                                                                                             – Joe Biden

by Matthews Cooper

Dateline August 31st, 2022     Dayton, Ohio

To think this heist was done by campaigning in the basement just makes too much sense. Joe Biden is a gaff machine. If he’s talking there are three potential outcomes with Joe — multiple gaffs, a hidden truth accidentally revealed like quote above or a bold face lie. The amateur political pundit may think these are liabilities. In democratic party circles this is quite the contrary. Joe Biden’s gaffs and lies make him the perfect democrat. It is true that there is
concern with revealing hidden truths like the extensive fraud in the 2020 presidential election but between a complicit media and Big Tech partisans this is manageable. Add in RINOs that can be depended on to not fight for fear of risking their political fortunes and personal financial gain, this is but a minor cleanup operation for team democrat.

For example, take Mitch McConnell and his family fleet of Chinese CCP container ships importing hundreds of thousands of products from China annually and exporting American jobs. Is he in a position to complain about the Big Guy and his 10% kick backs? It’s laughable right? Of course, it is. Mitch occasionally talks tough, but his family is so entrenched in building up China at Americans expense he’s AWOL when it comes to the Chinese military buildup, the trade imbalance, intellectually property theft or China killing Americans through fentanyl being shipped in across the border. Kentucky is an afterthought for Mitch. Mitch and Elaine Chao are a typical swamp power couple that take care of themselves first and foremost, just like Joe & Jill Biden. For Mitch, business is good under Joe.

In the swamp, the democrats and RINOs get it. The biggest threat to their wallets and power was Trump, not Biden. Trump so disrupted their livelihoods of living off the teat of government, that he not only needed to be defeated, but Trump needed to be destroyed. Democrats led the fight on multiple bogus impeachments; wire tapping his campaign; leveraging Big Tech and the FBI to censor Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell; canceling Trump and his allies on social media; and leveraging the Deep State Intel operatives to try and set Trump up. RINOs like Liz Cheney and many others were willing accomplices. Getting Trump became the bipartisan sport for the swamp elites to maintain their status quo.

 “It’s about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all.” – Joe Biden

Well, in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan the manufacturing vote operation and counting apparatus was used under the mask of  COVID to put Joe Biden over the top. It’s laughable to think Joe Biden got 81 million votes. Of course, he didn’t. Campaigning from a basement? What is perhaps less shocking is Trump received 75 million votes, the most by a sitting president in US history, and the democrat fraud machine underestimated how many votes they needed to create. Think about this, the anointed one Obama received 69 million votes in 2008 and ~60 million votes in 2012. And you really believe Joe Biden received 81 million votes in 2020? Really?

There is a reason the five states mentioned above stopped counting votes on Election Day and took several more days, and even a week in some cases like Pennsylvania,  to manufacture the votes they needed to put Biden over the top. Votes needed to be manufactured to exceed Trump’s 75 million votes, which the democrat election fraud machine (DEFM) never contemplated that many votes would be needed for Trump. After all, the Immaculated Obama only received 69 million votes, surely Trump could never get that many.

So Joe was right on both counts. Democrats created the most extensive and inclusive vote fraud machine in US history while ensuring their people counted the votes in the dead of night.

The DEFM doesn’t deserve all the credit, most of it, but not all. We must also credit the dishonesty of mainstream stream media (MSM), Big Tech and Deep State Intelligence Community frauds for attacking basic truths, normalizing deceit and facilitating the Big Lie that election fraud is a hoax. All the evidence points to the contrary. Candidly, I’m just amazed we pulled it off. I think back to Biden’s speeches with on deck circles where maybe you had 30 people attending on a good day, and Trump is filling stadiums rally after rally. 20,000 Americans listening to and loving Trump and 30 people trying to understand Biden, and half of those 30 were campaign staffers. Quite candidly, DEFM leaders were right saying Americans are lazy, stupid and disengaged. We stoled it because we could and we eliminated election norms under the cover of COVID.

I’m proud of my democrat party. We manipulated the system, stoled the election from Trump and created a false narrative that Biden won. The real miracle is that Joe Biden is president and million of Americans believe he won fair and square. This is not only the greatest American heist, it may be the worlds biggest heist — ever!


The 53rd Regiment presents a guest author, Mr. Matthews Cooper, a life long proud democrat who prides himself as being left of Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore.  Matthews wrote this article exclusively for the 53rd Regiment. He is an old friend with very different views from the 53rd.  Please share your feedback with Matthews and the 53rd in the comments section.

Matthews pronouns are He/Him except on Drag Nights where they go by She/Her. 


Stop Bitching and Do Something

By @BlakJakPershing on GETTR and @BlackJackPershing on Truth; similar on other platforms

Dateline    August 24, 2022

Missouri Territory

As reported on this website the Democrats’ Satanic Summer has been unfolding as expected.  Their lunacy and willful bad deeds know no bounds.  They have doubled down on inflation with the now useless Manchin/Sinema duo enabling garbage legislation on climate change.  As this is written the Dementia Patient in Chief is forgiving loans to losers who paid for useless degrees that likely made them even less employable.  They continue to enable our enemies, worsen all world crises, punish the US citizenry while rewarding illegal aliens and criminals.  In some cities traditional liberals are even waking up and fighting progressives.  Not enough and kind of pathetic.

I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning discussing the effects of so called ‘ESG’ – Environment, Sustainability and Governance – as driven by Blackrock and other financial firms, corporate boards, the World Economic Forum, and the Davos Dooferati.  He was also speaking about contents of the new spending package on Climate.  He was raising alarms that we may see a day when firms that purchase gas powered vehicles are denied financing, among other things.  Beck was long on complaints, and from the amount that I listed to, light on solutions.

I read Kurt Schlichter’s latest column yesterday; Kurt has finally come to the conclusion that nice guys like Pence finish last, McConnell is a liability and RINOS generally suck –  and that we need fighters on the right.  This website came to that conclusion 5 years ago.  See ‘Mudpit’, among other articles.  

I am tired of the conservative media just reporting on the lunacy of the left, playing clips of their infantile/imbecilic programs and yet not demanding a call to action.  The same lame talking heads, night after night, lamenting each growing outrage.  And………WHAT???

So Fellow Patriots, to paraphrase Karl Malden in the old American Express Traveler’s Checks Commercial:


For some that reference may be too old.  See it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jSyDUeRoDb0

See that guy’s face as his wallet sinks?  Right now we are that screwed as a nation.  ‘Not a joke folks!’ as a certain dotard likes to say….

Here are some suggestions for willing patriots who are tired and not willing to sit around anymore:

Get involved in your communities.

Join a non-profit board.  You will find they are filled with mostly well intended liberals.  Sound off about effectiveness and doing what is right, not what is woke.

Love your alma mater?  Paying for tuition at a private school and/or university for your children, or maybe already did?  Can’t stand their wokeness even though you still root for their sports teams?  Maybe you should join an advisory board at the institution.  If you have the means get directly involved with the trustees or board of directors. BE HEARD. 

Don’t like something your employer is doing politically?  Tell your boss in a diplomatic way.  If you don’t say anything, then the wokesters get their way.  Good employers listen to their people.   They often do anonymous surveys = put your comments there.  BE HEARD. 

Or – you could just watch conservative media and bitch.  Bad news friends: that doesn’t work.  In fact your progressive adversaries have been motor boating around you for decades.  With glee.  Because you don’t do anything but complain.  They know it.  They count on it.

Be brave and if you don’t run for a school council board seat, show up at their meetings and make their lives miserable if they are doing stupid things.  Conversely, thank them if they are holding the line.

Don’t like something a company did – like Walmart just announcing they will pay for abortion travel for all their ‘associates’?  Tell them.  Tell the local store manager in person and emphatically –  that you believe they are satanic, globalist scumbags and wont come back.  If enough of us do that, it will get to Headquarters.  Tell them on social media and via email and phone calls.  Make woke asshat CEO’s feel pain.

Sound off and get involved – in something – anything – outside of your job and have an influence and a voice.  Put a hard stop in place for progressive morons to navigate.  Make them feel opposed.  Right now they run their mouths unopposed – everywhere. 

I hate to say it, but based on everything we see right now with leftists running ALL major institutions, we deserve what we get if we do not change our ways.  If you live in Pennsylvania – you are in danger of a flat out monster named Fetterman being elected to the senate – are you going to let it happen?

BlackJack said it here: we need to get off of our collective conservative asses, friends.

What will you do.  What WILL you do?!?!?!?’

                                                Karl Malden



Trump Cabinet 2.0: Swampless and Laser Focused  

Dateline August 9, 2022                            Missouri Territory

By @BlackjackPershing on TRUTH; @BlakJakPershing on GETTR

Fellow Patriots, it is time to make solid recommendations to Donald Trump on his initial cabinet picks for what really will be his 3rd elected term, although 2nd served.  Lessons learned from the first go round must be incorporated into this second, Ultra MAGA team.  From the start there can be NO learning curve this time: its on.  Let’s go.

VP: conventional wisdom says it’s DeSantis.  Not so sure as Trump doesn’t work well with other mega-Alpha types.  What we need is a safe experienced back up and someone to protect our flank with wobbly, unsure barely MAGA republicans.  My recommendation is Greg Abbott of Texas.  He has fought the border war, will be freshly re-elected, and manages a serious disability with class and dignity. He is far less boring than Pence and has demonstrated a willingness to piss people off by sending democrat migrants to their own cities.

Chief of Staff: If he’s willing, Mark Meadows.  He was there for the worst of the swamp and gets it, knows the lessons and learned.  One of the band members that needs to come back.

Press Secretary:  Tie between Kayleigh McEnany who was a perfect nemesis to the fake news, and Greg Kelly of Newsmax.  Greg is a warrior and has proven willing to call out fake news whereever he finds it.  He is fearless.  If Kayleigh wants to join the band getting back together – great.  If not, Greg is the guy.

State: If Pompeo doesn’t completely implode in a coming primary challenge to Trump, and is willing, he is also one of the key players that would be part of getting the band back together.  He was smart and got it and kept the wokester State Department under control.  He implemented Trump policy and did not fight it.

Treasury:  this is a fun one to choose.  If he will do it, we recommend Peter Thiel.  He is a genius and will take zero woke crap from anyone and call the right plays.  2nd choice? Larry Kudlow if his health holds up.  He’s a keeper from the 1st administration.

Defense: we will go back to the civilian model for this role, as we have had bad experience with the current lot of Generals.

Attorney General: Ted Cruz seems like the smartest and most fearless republican legal expert available.  He’s the guy.  He will need to disband the FBI and overhaul the DOJ while moving it to middle America.  Hard work ahead.

Interior: Kristi Noem a good choice, hailing from a beautiful state with many protected areas.  The question is whether this is a waste of a good governor.

Homeland Security: The right choice here is Eric Greitens.  He is fearless and also has been burned by swampian Rino’s.  He doesn’t take crap from anyone.  He’s a former Navy Seal.  He gets it.

Agriculture and EPA: consolidated under an unconventional choice here: Ted Nugent.  Ted is a hunter and hunters know more about conservation than most.  Ted is outspoken and anti-woke and will not screw over American farmers and workers.  Ted: “I have self-actualized. Pardon me whilst I adjust my glowing halo.”  Yup.  Ted it is.  We’ll give Ted several experienced non-swamp deputies to help with some of the duties he may not enjoy.  Those selection decisions are pending.

 Labor: we like Elon Musk for this key role.  He runs several companies and a car factory in a non-union environment.  He knows what smarts, hard work and American workers can do when challenged and paid fairly.  He knows woke BS when he sees it, whether from organized labor or the weasels at Twitter.  We also recommend allowing Musk to simultaneously hold the position as Secretary of Commerce as he is a proven multitasker and knows the landscape.

Health/Human Services, Housing/Urban Development: consolidate both and bring back Dr Ben Carson.  Assignment will be to eliminate 40% of both departments and get them out of DC, deployed to Omaha, Nebraska.

Transportation and Energy: both consolidated under former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry

Education: No one; this position and its related department will be retired in Trump’s coming term.  It’s a woke disaster area.

Veterans Affairs: Greitens could do this one too, but we will go with LTC Allen West on this spot.  A wise, experienced veteran.

Ambassador to UN: we need a fearless bad ass here to call out the assembly of buffoons, perverts and morons that we call the UN.  Who might that be?  One Marjorie Taylor Green.  That’s who.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: its time for Trumps’s favorite General, Raisin’ Caine, to get the promotion he so rightfully deserves, for wiping out ISIS.

Those are Blackjack’s opening ideas folks – comment below with yours!



This November Remember …

… what the Democrats did to you the last two years and what they continue to do to you today.

“He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”  Martin Luther King

by Guardian 6                Somewhere Outside the Swamp

Dateline July 27th, 2022

  1. They wrecked the economy
  2.  They made us dependent on foreign sources of oil, natural gas and gasoline doubling prices
  3. They killed the supply chain
  4.  They locked you in your house and built dystopia
  5.  They mandated getting the experimental vaccine regardless of your health condition
  6. They fired you when you declined the vaccine for health or religious purposes
  7. They failed to hold China accountable for COVID-19
  8. They spent billions of taxpayer dollars on COVID tests and masks supplied by China after China enabled the democrats to crash our economy
  9. The stole the 2020 presidential election through mules, fabricated ballots and flipping votes in machines
  10.  They closed schools under educating our children and creating social issues for kids on a broad scale
  11. They put our children in masks for 8 hours a day
  12. They killed small businesses and forced them to close
  13.  They denied alternative medicines to experimental vaccines
  14.  They transferred patients from hospitals to nursing homes causing the massive spread of COVID killing tens of thousands of elderly people
  15. They defunded the police causing massive crime waves in democrat led cities
  16. They allowed BLM and ANTIFA to wreak havoc on American cities killing, rampaging and destroying hundreds of businesses and properties
  17. They corrupted our federal government including FBI, Intelligence Community and Department of Justice
  18.  They opened our borders to massive illegals, drug cartels, human traffickers
  19.  They created a fentanyl crisis killing our adolescents and tens of thousands of men between the ages of 16 – 64
  20. They destroyed the military culture by introducing woke bullshit into the ranks and the new lexicon of diversity, equity and inclusion. War focus is out and destroying the military from within is in creating a recruiting and retention crisis
  21. They created a one sided highly partisan January 6th Committee to get Trump and prevent him from running for president again
  22.  They destroyed the rule of law and created a two-tier justice system where democrats are protected
  23.  They are destroying our history and claiming America is not a good country, let alone exceptional
  24. They tore down statues while claiming justice showing their ignorance
  25. They say America is a racist country and that white rage is the cause of all evil
  26. They support the Great Reset in policy, behind closed doors and lie to America
  27. They attempt to pack the Supreme Court, undermine the Electoral College and eliminate the filibuster
  28. They have destroyed childhood with gender confusion telling society men can have babies and girls can have penises
  29. They have created false pronouns and false genders
  30. They have started wars, introduced food shortages and attacked normalcy and the civil society on a broad scale
  31.  They gaslighted you and canceled you eliminating free speech

This November please remember exactly what the democrats have done to you, your families, your businesses, your community and our country. 


Why Do You Keep Supporting Democrats?

by Guardian 3                  

Dateline: July 20, 2022                Land Down Under

All compassionate and intelligent people vote for Democrats don’t they? Unfortunately the Democrat party image that you and your parents have held and voted for habitually for decades, is based on a series of lies. Today this is clearer than ever as the party has been overtaken by the radical left – a healthy and thriving element that has always had a welcome home there – unknown to you. This note will highlight several facts that you should properly research on your own so you will know the truth for yourself. Please stop outsourcing your critical thinking to the so called “fact checkers” like Snopes and Politifact etc. These sites are funded by far-left political activists who are manipulating you to serve their destructive political agenda. The mainstream media also fits well in that category.

Which political party abolished slavery in the United States (13th Amendment)? Which political party gave former slaves the right of Citizenship (14th Amendment)? Which political party gave African American men the right to vote (15th Amendment)? Which political party gave women the right to vote (19th Amendment)? If you said the Democrat party, you’re wrong. If you think the Democrat party has changed since then, you’re wrong. The Democrat party always were the real racists and sexists, and they remain so today. One only has to take an honest look at the plight of African Americans in long term Democrat run cities like Chicago and Baltimore to know that Democrat politicians have done nothing but abuse the trust of African Americans for decades, and many of us have supported them as they did it.

Here’s a quick summary of the congressional voting record on the above mentioned key amendments –  you can verify this online:
13th 1865: Supported by 100% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats.
14th 1866: Supported by 94% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats.
15th 1869: Supported by 100% of Republicans and 0% of Democrats.
19th 1919: Supported by 94% of Republicans and 47% of Democrats.

Overwhelmingly, all of the above key amendments and state ratifications were led by Republicans. The Democrat party was never the champion of African American or women’s rights. Clever strategy and the abuse of the media over the years has misled us, breeding generations of ‘useful idiots’ that today comprise the Democrat party voter base. Learn to see the ‘double speak’ the Democrat politicians use. Here’s a quick example: every time you hear the term “progress” or “progressive agenda” etc. the good person in you wants to think that they are talking about positive steps… they are actually talking about a plan to make progress toward communism. This is how we are manipulated with double speak.

That leads us to Obama and Hillary who were both disciples of Saul Alinsky, author of the socialist bible – Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s biography is quite interesting and includes a close affiliation with Al Capone and his head assassin in the Chicago mob scene. Hillary based her college thesis on his teachings, and Obama wrote about him in his books. Today in the U.S.A. his methods outlined in Rules for Radicals have become mainstream political strategy as socialist and communist ideas flourish and America slowly but surely destroys itself from within.

We only have one page here, so the following is a highly condensed summary review of the status of America today, as governed by President Joe Biden and Democrat majorities in Congress. If you supported Democrat politicians in the 2020 election, your ignorance is to blame for all of it:

  • Out of control government spending leading to 40-year high inflation of 9.1% (July 2022) p.a. (destroyed value of the US dollar). Democrat Jimmy Carter and strong Democrat congressional majorities presided over the last period of record inflation.
  • Open borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants including the drug cartels, murderers, terrorists, rapists, and human traffickers, to flood across our southern border unchecked. Children are being drugged, raped, and smuggled over the border before being sold to the highest bidder for prostitution, organ harvesting, adrenochrome harvesting, or whatever the highest bidder wants to do with them. Have you seen images of the “rape trees” just south of the border draped in children’s underwear? No, your corrupt media doesn’t show you that. They prefer to tell you lies about border patrol agents using whips. The deadly drug Fentanyl is flooding over the border causing the mass murder of tens of thousands of our children every year.
  • Our military is being destroyed by gross mismanagement (we armed terrorists by leaving billions worth of military equipment behind in Afghanistan, not to mention the 13 deaths and the hundreds of allies left to die at the hands of the Taliban) and woke leftist ideology driving out strong men.
  • Rising violent crime – “defund the Police” – great idea folks. BLM organized crime funded by leftists, burning our cities, stirring up race wars to get out the vote before the election.
  • Pedophile sympathizer justices being appointed to the Supreme Court (KBJ).
  • Mass sexual grooming and gender dysphoria of our children via the “Pride” movement (Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, remember those?) and related insanity such as drag queen story time and the prescription of puberty blockers and “gender affirming surgery” to young children.
  • The teaching of critical race theory (blatantly an agenda to perpetuate racist hate) in our schools and universities, confusing our children who otherwise don’t see race.
  • The FBI and DOJ have been corrupted and now persecute conservatives with impunity, abusing their power to completely tip the scales of justice in favor of the corrupt Democrats.
  • High gas prices and shortages – if you believe the “Putin price hike” line you’re a fool. Sorry. Prices were on the rise well before the Ukraine war caused by Biden’s weakness. Biden campaigned on shutting down Oil & Gas and he is following through on it – you voted for this.

As an aside on the green new deal agenda, communists have been trying to convince us to shrink our lives to save the planet since the 1960’s. They can’t control you if you have energy independence, which is why they want you driving electric cars inconveniently charged by a grid they control (chances are you have a coal powered car if you have an electric car, not exactly green is it? Do you realize that if we all had electric cars the current energy grid does not have the capacity to charge them all?). The earth has been supposed to end a handful of times now based on propaganda global warming (or is it climate change?) predictions. It never does, of course, because the earth is a self-regulating closed system and the paid “scientists” are lying to you. The communists have resorted to mass deployment of weather modification technology to create temporary climate change to make you think you are destroying the planet by simply living your life. What’s the ultimate solution? Stop living! De-population! Will you volunteer? Then stop supporting this nonsense. Lookup “cloud seeding” which is one of the oldest and most innocuous sounding of all weather modification technologies. Much more sophisticated methods are being deployed today.

If anything should cause you to question the trustworthiness of the media and the establishment, it’s the covid plandemic. They lied about the origin of the virus, they lied about transmission, they lied about the risks of infection, they lied about the treatment options, and they lied about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, all while making billions. “Trust the science” means: “Do what we say and don’t ask questions”. Not very democratic. Research the “World Economic Forum Great Reset”, and get the book “Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital”. You’ll be shocked.

Back to the case in point – Democrat politicians are destroying our nation rapidly. Stop supporting them and stop voting for them, and wake up to the real enemy on your doorstep: Democrat sponsored Communism.



The Democrats: Do You See Them for Who They Are Yet?

Pelosi shoves a little girl, the daughter,  of a new GOP Congresswoman being sworn in to Congress while posing for a picture. 53 illegal aliens are found dead in the back of a semi-trailer being transported across the border illegally in Texas. Media is mostly silent. The January 6th committee hearings go prime time for their one- sided affair. Gas prices surge over $5 a gallon but the Keystone pipeline and new drilling permits are not an option. Congress swiftly finds $40 billion dollars to give the Ukrainians. Stock market down 20% in the last six months.

The liberal new world order is a dystopian nightmare and Biden has fast tracked it here in America. Break the economy, turn the military into a leftist institution, use climate change to drive judgment of citizens and empower the government, only follow laws democrats like and empower the Trans agenda to confuse the masses. Biden’s America. Dystopia.

“For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

by Guardian 6                         Dateline 3 July 2022

“This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm,” said White House advisor of National Economic Council, Brian Deese, former China CCP loving Blackstone executive. Did Americans ask for this? No! The Biden Administration is at best an unrepresentative government. The reality is they do not care one bit what you think. This is about destroying the middle class, creating a one party state and absolute power.

US Economy. Biden has delivered the worse US economy since the 1970s. The CPI is 8.6%, this is a conservative estimate by the way, and is a 45 year high. Energy CPI is up 43% overall with gasoline prices having doubled since Biden took office. Used cars are up 42%. Mortgage rates have doubled to 6% crushing young families and taking them out of the housing market. Even for incompetents like Biden and those that surround him, crashing the US economy this hard and this fast is hard to do. The democrats plan to crush the middle class and build dependency, otherwise known as “Build Back Better (BBB).” It is working. BBB is all about taking wealth from the American middle class and growing government dependency while crushing the American dream. Democrats have once again delivered on destruction.

Woke Military. After the Afghanistan debacle, morale in the military could not be any worse. Recruiting numbers reflect it with the US Army missing its mark by 23%. What young man or woman wants to be led by Biden, Austin or Milley? It’s an intentional mess to weaken military readiness while standardizing Critical Race Theory, Anti-Racism and DEI into all the military formations to create a left leaning woke military. Biden & Austin have put in policies that create division and have leaders looking over their shoulders instead of being focused on their war fighting mission.  After all, General Milley wants to know about “white rage.” The Soviets had political officers in their formations. We now have DEI Officers. What’s the damn difference?

Environmental, Social and  Governance (ESG) Credit Score.  Control, power and dictate behavior eradicating freedom. Americans are asleep as the tyrants in the US government and environmental whackos roll out ESG credit scores on companies and citizens to control us. Major banks are rolling out a new platform and their lending practices will be driven by your ESG score. What, you ask, does that mean? What you buy and sell, what charities you support, and your environmental impact are being tracked and translated into a score. Sounds like China CCP? Well, this is here at home in America.  It will affect whether you qualify for a car loan, a home loan, a business loan, or if you are a good credit risk, eventually even applying for a job.  Part of the Great Reset, control the masses. “You will get nothing and like it,” Klaus Schwab told the audience. Did you buy a gun for example, or give to a particular political party candidate, or do you purchase meat? What kind of car do you drive, and how often do you drive it? This is the Democrats plan to manage Americans and dictate the right behaviors.

Rule of Law. Democrats have no respect for the rule of law. Sanctuary cities, wide open borders and city Mayors & Attorney Generals who do not enforce the laws. Catch and release, no bail and defund the police movements. Murders and criminals commit crime after crime and they are put back on the streets. When democrats do not like Supreme Court rulings such as overturning Roe vs Wade, their mob goes to the justices houses to threaten them; they vow to impeach the justices; they vow to pack the Supreme Court. Democrats only respect you believing what they believe. They are tyrants. When things don’t go their way, they orchestrate violence, attempt to change the rules like eliminating the filibuster. Democrats do not believe in the US Constitution. They believe in tyranny and one party state control.

Trans Agenda. Democrats in their push to mainstream the trans agenda and all the perversion that goes with it, are now pushing for a Trans Bill of Rights.  Sexualizing kids in kindergarten through elementary school, pushing trans into the classroom and pornography into children books, Democrats have showcased themselves as morally bankrupt and perverse.

Biden’s America is a deep dark place where people feel helpless, families are struggling and people are left fearing that not only America has lost its way, but that they are not allowed to speak up anymore. I’ll be canceled or worse the FBI will come for me. Serious damage has been done to America with censorship and the First Amendment being put at risk. All of us need to fight back locally, statewide and at the federal level. Our country needs the moral majority to stand up. Patriots, we are all on notice.