The Mooning of America


by Deacon Mike … Ruminating

Artwork by Joseph Eder, internationally recognized Artist

Dateline: 11 February 2023

Any red-blooded patriotic American just has to be deeply troubled by the inactions of our illustrious President and his loathsome administration over the past couple of weeks especially as it regards our once great country and the permitted slow passage of “Xi’s Balloons” over the length and width of the USA. What’s up with that? 

Why would a President no matter how weak and incompetent, sworn under oath to protect and defend our country, allow our number one adversary to fly his spy-ship openly in our airspace for hours on end?  

Why would a government that tries to censor so much news from its citizens , allow “Xi’s Balloon” to be televised crossing wistfully across the Northwest, the Great Plains and the Southeast?

Why would any President, even a monstrosity like “Dopey Joe”, wait to give the order to shoot it down until it was over the Atlantic Ocean having completed its spy mission? Was it really because the administration was worried about a debris field showering the residents below? 

When it was over Montana, those residents would have included the deer, the elk, prairie dogs, some wolves and some bison but very few actual human beings! The skies above Montana would have served as a perfect place to mark the target and fire a rocket into Xi’s “billion dollar balloon”!  That Did Not Happen! No order was given to bring it down. Why not?

The answers to each of these questions is troubling at best. Any thinking American, any American with an ounce of wonder, indeed any American with any awareness of right vs. wrong, has to be asking themselves these very same questions. Any American that realizes that the “Mainstream Media” has become nothing more than a government financed propaganda machine realizes that it has been telling our “reporters and broadcast journalists” what to think and how to explain their “Breaking News” to their minions.

As Americans, each of us should take a step back and really think deeply about what is happening in plain sight and put right out in front of us with so little regard to what and how we think about it. “They” must really think that we are “tres stupide” (a little French Lingo there)!

Let’s break down the potential rewards for “Dopey Joe” and Chairman Xi in their very public Quid Pro Quo. Shall we? Chairman Xi comes first as he the most to gain.

  1. Xi’s Balloon loaded up with the best High Tech Cameras that his Uyghur slaves can assemble is able to navigate his “Low Tech” Spy Satellite right over our Montana based ICBM silos. Chairman Xi says that he has no control over his “weather balloons” and that they kind of just float along with the breeze. It is purely coincidental that we had missile silos beneath his balloon and that his cameras and sound equipment took photos and listened in on the military conversations below.
  1. Xi’s Balloon floats toward the Midwest and a number of our top military bases where we house our B2 Bombers and Strategic Air Command. NORAD just happens to be on the flight path of Xi’s Balloon. Purely coincidental that the balloon floated that way. Must have been the Winds of Destiny or perhaps Xi “breaking wind”!
  1. On its path towards the Atlantic Ocean, Xi’s Balloon was able to gather in the cell phone numbers and personal data of millions of unsuspecting Americans. Unfortunately, those citizens with the Tik Tok App downloaded on their iPhones gave up their information unwittingly and in abundance. Chairman Xi commented that things are a little glum back in China right now where Covid has mutated again and millions upon millions are sick with the virus. That being the case….”We all need  good laugh back home and you Americans make funniest Tik Tok videos! Do you blame CCP for watching The Libs of Tik Tok? They are very very clazy! They almost as funny as your President Dopey Joe, NO JOKE!!!”
  1. Chairman Xi was testing his new Uyghur Slave Made Solar Panels! They were used to power the electronic surveillance equipment and antennae used to spy on us! Xi was heard to exclaim: “Oh my! This good stuff! Exerent performance by my new gadgets! Give my Uyghurs extra portion of rice tonight! Cancel all organ transplants for 2 days as reward for derivering top secret information to me. Chairman Xi very very happy!”
  1. As Chairman Xi’s Balloon floated out to our East Coast and it appeared over Myrtle Beach, SC Chairman Xi was excited to look down upon all of the amusement parks that abound in that area. He was downright envious of the beautiful boardwalk. He got very thirsty when he saw the vast array of bars and restaurants. It was just at this moment when Xi heard a very loud explosion. He was heard to exclaim to his aides, “Is Dopey Joe in the room? I not want to get sick on this day, the best day of my life! I am living my best life! Not want to smell terrible pant load of Stinky Dopey Joe!!!”. His aides told Xi that one of our jet fighters had blown his Balloon to bits. Chairman Xi’s response? “That better than smelling Stinky Joe’s arse!” 
  1. Do you believe that the CCP’s Balloon, tattered and laying in pieces on the watersof the Atlantic Ocean and at the bottom of the sea, still had lots of value to our Chinese “betters”? Well it must because they want every last piece of its electronics and balloon skin back in their hands! Remember! The Chinese have 1.4 Billion citizens and slaves to their Communist state that can reassemble it using Super Glue and Gorilla Tape!!! Now what does Dopey Joe get out of his deal with Chairman Xi? Well let’s dive into that, shall we?
  2. It may be logical and indeed expected to ask the FBI to investigate any recent deposits into Stinky Joe’s Bank Accounts. (“Logical and indeed expected” if the FBI was still an agency led by people of high ethics and integrity.) His personal wealth has grown exponentially over his 50 years in politics while collecting government salaries the entire time. (Note: While those salaries and benefits would have provided most of us with a very nice standard of living, there is no way under the sun that any of us could have become multi-millionaires many times over! None of us would have been able to own 3 large, beautiful homes and the now famous Corvette on a Senator’s salary alone. And as Stinky Joe likes to boast, he is often referred to as “Middle Class Joe” ……. by himself one would suppose.) Our first question has to be: How much did Stinky Joe get from Xi and when did he get it?
  3. How much money does it take to satiate an Octogenarian?
  4. Will Stinky Joe be presented with his very own copy of Chairman Xi’s new book?It includes a centerfold photo array of Hunter and Joe “in action” while in China on “business meetings”. The rumored name of the tome? The Book of Biden Decay and Corruption of America Under Chinese Supervision.
  5. Humiliation and Mortification are sure to follow Stinky Joe and his family all the remaining days of their lives, gifted to the Bidens’ by Chairman Xi. Our fellow countrymen realize that the Bidens have turned their innermost hatred on their very own Middle Class Citizenry, our values, our faith in God, our respect for our divinely inspired U.S. Constitution, our love for God and neighbor. As Benedict Arnold betrayed our country for 10,000 pounds and a British military commission, “Stinky Joe” has betrayed our country and its history of principled leadership for his own self-aggrandizement, a wheelbarrow full of cash and gifts and an audience of his fellow Democrat / Commie phonies and our Chinese enemies that only want to steal everything that they can while “Stinky”, “Sleepy”, “Dopey” Joe leaves our doors wide open.

So what is the Numero Uno thing that Joe Biden and his family of grifters, thieves and gypsies has earned for himself and exposed our still great American culture and nation to?

The Answer: Chairman Xi’s Mooning of America!

Xi’s pants are down and he is laughing as he exposes his ample derriere over us every time one of his Balloons flies over us! There is nothing that “Stinky Joe” can do because Chairman Xi has the goods to hang over his head ……. and Xi is doing just that!!!

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Author: Guardian 6

Guardian 6 is at the ready: 1st General Order "I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved." 2nd General Order "I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner." 3rd General Order "I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief."

5 thoughts on “The Mooning of America”

  1. Deacon Mike nailed it. It’s more than a moon, it’s a Spanking moon, from Xi. Sad. Xi has bought and sold the Biden Crime Family and the deep state is covering their asses.

    1. I like that term: “The Spanking Moon”! Crescent Moon, Full Moon, and then once in a Blue Moon comes the Spanking Moon! Black Jack knows his Moons!!! And Xi has a very very large Moon!!!

  2. Xi Jinping should remember “He who wishes to fight must first count the cost.” Sun Tsu

    Xi march in your May Day parade, float your balloons and play war-games but remember you will pay a permanent cost if you invade Taiwan. Your economy will be wrecked, you will suffer a humiliating military loss and say goodbye to western investment. Say goodbye to Wall Street.

    Xi, and remember most, America’s best days are ahead. Very soon America’s woke slumber will end. The Biden days will be gone and new fearless American leaders will emerge. You Sir should hold your powder. Be smart Xi. Don’t be dummy Xi.

  3. Well done Deke! You got it- always, always follow the money. Xi Jinping Pong has Joey by the berries. Both Xi and Joey know it.

    The State of the Balloonion is terrifying.

    1. Nice play on words, Decurion! The State of the Ballonion is indeed terrifying! It’s almost as terrifying as looking up to see Xi’s “egg rolls” hanging out there along with his most rosy fat arse! We all need to be on the lookout! Don’t stand under any passing balloons for one never know when Chairman Xi may need to relieve himself!

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