Stinky Feet, Bad Breath, Flatulence and Fox News


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Dateline: 12 July 2021          Missouri Territory

“Oh, this isn’t even BO. This is beyond BO. It’s BBO.”

  • George Constanza, Seinfeld

There are certain things we want none of like those mentioned in the above headline.  For Fox News this started on election night, when Martha McStupid and Radical Donut Activist Bret Baier decided to throw in with the leftist controlled media outlets and declare the election over.  Those watching at the time know that Tucker Carlson confronted both of them, live, on the air.  Awkward moment as all semblance of professionalism went out the window.

The implosion of Fox will be remembered as the most spectacular meltdown of an established television channel in history.

This implosion was caused by petulant elitists, frustrated at the evolution of the conservative movement toward the working class of the United States.  Many have observed that the Murdochs were not getting invited to the right cocktail parties, were not being accepted by established leftist media infrastructure – and so had to change direction.  It is now becoming clear that the Murdoch’s called the play.  Thinking conservatives will ensure they are not paying real money to any Murdoch owned entity.  The Murdoch’s are wealthy enough to not care.

Like many successful businesses through the years, Fox News was full of hubris, and decided to pursue a course that, to their loyal viewers, was insane.  There are multitudes of historical corollaries inside and outside of the media world:

  • Ford and the Edsel
  • The Enron collapse, led by Ken Lay, who was trumpeting his business model weeks before the implosion
  • The recent Volkswagen emissions scandal, notably being ignored by most US media
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google are performing a live version of this tragedy of hubris seen so many times before – it will not end well, and has already hit Twitter hard

The viewers of Fox News were dealt a nasty wake up call on election night, and many have left and not returned.  What they have found, since viewing the alternatives, was that Fox News had become a fixture in their lives that they accepted, but like many other things we accept, had become dated, dilapidated and in some ways, festering and nasty.  Much like the old couch in the basement that’s been with the family for years, stained and scarred, that no one pays much attention to, but is actually offensive to guests.  And it smells bad. Like Chris Stirewalt.

When looking at emerging rival Newsmax you see rougher production values, but a hungry team that does not act like it is above the viewer.  You also see regular improvements and upgrades.  Fresher talent.  Better energy. 

Fox News had been on autopilot for years.  Lets inventory the most annoying Fox News calamities.

  • Chris Wallace came out of the closet in the last several years as the biased leftist turd that he is.  Trump broke him by telling him his Dad was better.  As always, Trump was right.  Chris is a petty, one sided punk.  His role in derailing the 2020 presidential debate which he did not moderate is noteworthy.  He is a Biden diaper changer and diddler.
  • Bloated Bret Baier, as noted above, just follows orders.  Its sad that the person who replaced Brit Hume as anchor is such a transparent buffoon.
  • Hannity: useful, but parrot like, and repetitive.  Interrupts others.  Likes his paycheck.  Its over.
  • Laura Ingraham: mean, interrupts guests, belittles poor Raymond Arroyo to the point where he may have a case as a battered spouse.  Brings on annoying leftist dopes.  Hasn’t taken on the network about anything.  Likes her paycheck.  Its over.
  • Juan Williams: unwatchable.  Dishonest.  Sad.
  • Greg Gutfeld, Judge Jeanine, Jessie Waters: they had a window of time to leave Fox News with dignity.  That has now passed.  They all have proven they like their paychecks/contracts better than their own reputations.  They will go down with the network despite any glib protestations to the contrary.  We may also discover that they were really playing all of us, and do not have any core conservative principles.
  • The rest of the Fox cast of secondary characters would be smart to plot their move to alternative outlets.  Its over, whether they know it or not.

Newsmax is offering a high quality alternative.  Reasons to view Fox?  Only one.  The first 15 minutes of Tucker Carlson.  That’s it.  Those clips are always immediately available in a million different places afterward, so viewing it live is not necessary.

I challenge my fellow patriots to hasten the demise of Fox News, and consign it to the ash heap of history along with Liz Cheney, her old man, and Bush World.  It’s over.  Let them know.  We all know.


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3 thoughts on “Stinky Feet, Bad Breath, Flatulence and Fox News”

  1. Like many privately owned and controlled businesses FNC is finding out what happens when the company is in the process of moving from father to sons. The sons start making changes without study, without wisdom and without foresight. “Thinking” second generation business owners do NOT mess with success! In this case, Rupert’s sons wanted to play in the same sandbox as the other wealthy liberals. They were sick of getting sand kicked in their face. Well now! The other dopey libs are allowing the Murdoch boys to play with them. Isn’t that special !!! Wait until the Murdoch’s find out that they were given spots in the sandbox where the sand is filled with cat turds! Maybe then they will get the message: “Fox News is Over!”

  2. Foxnews, broken and haggard. It may be worse than CNN, it’s hard to tell. Their anchors appear to be COVID19 plus 20 lbs; Chris Wallace has Daddy issues and resents Hannity having a better office and not being a son of privilege like him; if their anchors are not selling their stupid books they’re casting off poor analysis as Fake News. While America deserves much better than Joe Biden as president, Fox doesn’t. Fox deserves this old dog face pony soldier fool.

  3. Great points above. FNC ran its course like a bad case of diarrhea. All that’s left now are a few spurts, remnants and dangerously wet toots. The end will be ugly, with a possible brawl over the last Diet Coke in the fridge involving Laura, Hannity and Judge Jeanine. Odds are the judge wins.

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