A Simple Prayer

Dateline:   1536 hours, January 15th, 2017

Seven Springs Resort, PA

During the homily in today’s  mass, our priest reflected on a simple prayer during his homily where he was telling the story of presiding over the funeral of a fellow Franciscan Friar this week. The prayer is as follows:

“Lord take me when you are ready and make me ready when you take me.”

This proved to be a very simple nice reflection. This writer has work to do.




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Author: Guardian 6

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3 thoughts on “A Simple Prayer”

  1. Good Prayer ! Nice reminder to all of us that we “have work to do”. Lord, Take Me When You Are Ready and Make Me Ready When You Take Me.” Amen, Amen, & Amen !

  2. This is just about perfect. My elderly parents are dealing with numerous health issues and this prayer is both comforting and compelling.

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