Urban Dictionary: Biden

Dateline 27 January 2022

What is a “Biden?” There are many definitions in the Urban dictionary of who and what Joe Biden is based on his awful performance as president. Let’s take a look. Feel free to add yours in the comment section below the article.

Biden. Let’s Go Brandon.

Biden. Fxxk Joe Biden.

Biden. A walking pile of manure.

Biden. Un unfleshed toilet.

Biden. A clueless dolt incapable of leadership that has put America last.

Biden. Exhibit A for memory loss.

Biden. Making Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan in terms of presidential job performance.

Biden. China’s Manchurian candidate who took $31M in payoffs.

Biden. A foreign policy debacle personified.

Biden. America’s nightmare.

Biden. A lying PoS!

Biden. Obama’s biggest success and prodigy.

Biden. Trump’s caddy.

Biden. A dumpster fire that will not burn out.

Biden. A pedo.

Biden. A used car salesman.

Biden. I single unit that has all the worst qualities of a politician. A loser.

Biden. An installed president, not elected. Stolen presidency.

Biden. A bad smelling fart resulting in near vomit.

Biden. Where’s Hunter’s Dad.

Biden. He’s shot.

Biden. Anal itch.

There are many more urban meanings for Biden, too many to list. Each day many more are added. You likely have your own urban definition of a Biden. Join in the discussion below and add yours below.




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One thought on “Urban Dictionary: Biden”

  1. Yes indeedy do! You did forget one or two that should be a chart toppers:
    Biden…….Chairman Xi’s butt-boy!
    Biden: Vladimir Putin’s butt-boy!
    Biden: Ayatollahs’ butt-boy!
    Biden: Rocketman’s butt-boy!
    Biden: Butt-Boy to the World!!!

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