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by Guardian 6

Dateline: March 22nd, 2022

The Biden Administration: We’ll tell you what to think and how to think. #Obey!

The keystone pipeline will be shutdown. There will be no permits for oil and natural gas drilling. You will use green energy. High gas prices are good. #Obey!

The Afghanistan pull out was a perfect success. Getting Americans and Afghans killed, leaving thousand of them behind and $87 billion worth of American equipment left in Afghanistan was always part of the plan. #Obey!

The Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell is Russian disinformation. 50 career Intelligence officers including generals and career politicians said so. The media said so. #Obey!

Although all the evidence of the coronavirus 100% points to it originating from Wuhan, China, no it didn’t, #Obey! 

Parents have no say in their children’s education. You will only attend school board meetings to universally support school board decisions. CRT will be taught. Porn books for adolescents  are good to indoctrinate them. Obey! 

Government schools exist to teach kids what to think, not how to think. #Obey! 

Of course Big Tech (YouTube, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Twitter) decides what you are allowed to see, say and what not to say. Of course they will censor you. #Obey! 

The mainstream media makes the news you need to see or read. They know what is important. Listen to CNN, MSNBC, network news and read the NY Times, Washington Post and Politico. #Obey! 

Kneel during the national anthem. Black Lives Matter. Antifa is an idea. #Obey!

January 6th was an insurrection. Insurrectionists deserve no rights. #Obey!

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. #Obey!

Biden received 81 million votes campaigning from the basement. Biden’s crowds  during the campaign were measured in handfuls. Trump’s crowds were measured in the tens of thousands. Biden won the election. #Obey! 

There was no election fraud in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Phoenix. More ballots were received than mailed out. Facebook ballot drop boxes and poll workers stuffed ballots and 2,000 mules did what was necessary to win. There was no fraud. #Obey

There is no inflation. Prices are not high. #Obey!

There is no illegal immigration. Open borders are good. #Obey!

America is a racist country. You’re a inherent racist! You need  bias training. #Obey!


Biden Administration: A Thousand Points of Stupid

by Guardian 6    GETTR: @the53rdregiment 

Dateline: February 22, 2022

March 2012, 7 months before Obama’s re-election campaign:
President Obama
: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

President Medvedev (Russia): “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir (Putin), and I stand with you.”

… and Obama proceeded this conversation by reversing the decision to give the Polish & Czech’s anti-missile technology in 2009. In 2014 Russia invades and annexes Crimea. Obama and Biden threaten/apply sanctions and where is Crimea today? It is part of Russia.

Obama policy: appeasement and accommodation from every angle. A thousand points of stupid creating the New World Disorder. A mega mind like Obama has it all figured out (extra helping of arrogance). A mini mind like Biden is clueless and believes he’s brilliant (an example of a low wit not knowing his limitations).

Fast forward to present day, Russia invades Ukraine. Biden diddles for 18 hours on announcing sanctions, and many of them  were sanctions already in place since 2014. Another point of stupid.  Putin no doubt mocks Biden and Europe will undoubtedly fracture on how to deal with the invasion of Ukraine. After all Germany gets 32% of their oil from Russia.

Biden hasn’t learned a damn thing from 50 years in Washington. Everything he touches is worse off after he gets involved. As SecDef Robert Gates said, ” he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” America “elected” (that is to say if you believe Biden was really elected) the village idiot to run America. Are we really that stupid? The master minds like Obama, Pelosi and their Big Tech and media allies believe so.

Since 2015 the democrats demonized Russia and Putin relentlessly  falsely framing Trump with the Russian Hoax. Durham’s investigation will reveal the truth hopefully soon. However, a news flash to Hillary, Brennan. Clapper, Schiff and all the other frauds, the Russians know what they did and did not do. Putin has a full deck of cards he is holding. One day he will drop a card and it will be personal with love from Moscow on how dishonest many American politicians are. While Putin is evil and not acting in Russia’s best interest,  he is devious and like all dictators, it’s personal with him one day he’ll share US politician’s communications of how they planned and targeted Trump, his campaign and Mike Flynn.

While the democrats are following Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook and emptying the kitchen sink of dysfunction on America — stolen presidential election, COVID mandates, Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism, Woke Madness, Cancel Culture, BIG Tech Censoring, Open Borders, Drug Epidemic, Human trafficking, Defund Police, Abandoning Americans and Allies in Afghanistan and the list goes on. The Biden domestic and foreign policy is Abandonment: Rules for Radicals. We thought Obama’s foreign policy was bad, and it was an absolute wrecking ball! Obama’s mentee Joe Biden is wrecking ball on steroids. It is an absolute Thousand Points of Stupid delivered in heavy doses each day!!! 


God help us!


The Great Unraveling

By BlackJack Pershing, @blakjakpershing on GETTR

Dateline: February 14th, 2022

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light

Luke 8:17

Fellow patriots we were told as children that ‘cheaters never win’.  We’ve watched in disgust as this simple old maxim never applied to the legions of demonic democrats in the last two decades.  However, some green shoots seem to be visible amongst the barren landscape we’ve experienced since November of 2020, and in many ways since Donald Trump declared his candidacy at Trump Tower in ’15.  Let’s dive in.

Recent, salacious, true and so satisfying: The CNN implosion.  Never has such a self-righteous group of nincompoops been so publicly depantsed on a national level.  Overrated Leftist Generissimo of the former serious news network, Zucker, exposed for ‘dipping his pen in company ink’, has been booted.  (To troll-like Zucker we say – wow – how’d you pull that off?  To the sad female exec that diddled him we say ‘WTF were you thinking, honey???) With the booting are revelations of threats and payback from one of the Cuomos – more on that in a minute.   Then we have the pedophile producer.  Aforementioned Cuomo.  “Lubin Toobin” who’s been rehired, etc etc.  None of this has humbled this group of leftist hacks.  They continue unabated.  But soon – new owners will clean house.  They have previewed as much.  CNN is not a going concern in its current state.  Mr Potato Stelter is living on borrowed time.  WHY?  The public understands their malfeasance.  It’s over.  Its unraveling before our eyes. 

The Cuomos – first the governor, accused of scumbag behavior from dozens of women, some of whom it seems had their own agendas.  None the less – the pushy arrogant creep that the Fake News pushed as a presidential candidate, who lectured the entire country on how to handle covid while killing thousands of seniors in his won state, who wrote a book on same, and who was awarded an Emmy by Hollywood sycophants – was forced to resign in disgrace.  WHY?  Because even liberals thought he was a disgusting A hole.  Next: his bother, the CNN star, also revealed for sex harassment and also for conflicts of interest, was booted for CNN.  So incredibly satisfying.  The Cuomos unraveled.

Michael Avenatti – LOL – Brian Potato Stelter’s hero.  Jailed.  And now fond guilty again for defrauding a prostitute.  Tawdry and sad.  Unraveled.  The democrats had to out do Mr Trump’s former sleazy lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen – and boy did they go big.  Again – LOL!!!

The Afghanistan debacle put Dementia Joe on display for all the world to see.  His unraveling is live, every day.  Beyond that, the politicization of the General Officer class of the military is now on full display, along with the long known incompetence of the State Department and Intelligence apparatus.  All three of these groups cried and publicly whined at every move Trump made (Syria), while getting good results.  Under Biden – no public whining, just the worst results in a generation.  Unraveling.

2000 Mules: we await Dinesh D’Souza’s coming documentary on the 2020 election fraud that has new detail on how it was done.  Meanwhile in PA, WI, AZ and GA more and more detail is surfacing about the fraud.  More and more republican state legislators are finding their courage to intervene and question.  No kraken yet – but – Unraveling.

Most polls show that a majority of Americans believe there was fraud in the 2020 election.  Unraveling.

Polling for Biden, Kamala and all things democrat is in free fall as their garbage communist agenda is unveiled.  Americans have massive regret as inflation erodes their savings, retirement and standard of living.  Unraveling.

Biden is a stooge for all to see on the world stage.  Sleeping, farting and crapping himself as he travels the world.  Ask the Pope and the Duchess of Windsor about their experiences.  Unraveling – like a loose diaper!

Trump popularity is at an all time high.  Sometimes hindsight is 2020.  The so called independents in the middle have had a massive wake up call.  Trump rallies with record attendance when there is no real campaign going on?  Unraveling.

Younkin’s decisive win in a purple state like VA – regardless of Trump allyship or not – is big time unraveling.

Regarding VA – all over the country parents are blowing up leftist school boards – formerly quiet refuges of closet communists.  Their little party is over in a major way.  Look at the Long Island Loud Majority in NY – sprang out of no where to blow up leftist domination of education.  Unraveling!

The View: Disgusting Whoopi cancelledRelated, Bette Midler told to kiss the governor’s dog’s ass in West Virginia.  Glorious.  And unraveling!

While the new conservative majority court has delivered several disappointments, the recent defeat of the Biden vax mandates on private businesses are yet another sign that leftist overreach is unraveling.  That’s not how we do it in the US.  Executive orders from Biden?  Unraveling.

The Canadian truckers are a sign that even outside the US, leftist attacks of freedom are unraveling.  Keep an eye on it.  Fidel’s baby boy Trudeau’s grasp on things is not firm.  He will break.  Unraveling.

China’s role in all of this is now better understood than it has been in years – largely thanks to President Trump.  The China Winter Olympics are a major disaster.  Companies and individuals willingly kow towing to China are now being called out.  Chinese malevolence in our institutions is being revealed.  Its buying off of our political leaders is out in the open: Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, Bush, O’Connell, Romney and many others.  Unraveling.

Speaking of Pelosi, the millions she’s made in insider trading are now out in the open and she’s collapsed in her effort to prevent reform of laws applying to congress.  Martha Stewart was jailed for far less.  More to come in this particular unraveling.

The FBI has lost more respect in the last few years than ever can be recovered.  We feel for the hard working agents that do the hardest work of taking down bad criminals and real terrorists.  The leadership of the FBI that agreed to become the house detectives of the democrat party will be revealed in the long run.  Some like McCabe and Comey are obvious – others are hiding with smirks on their faces.  Americans now know that many of the ‘insurrectionists’ of January 6th were paid operatives of the FBI.  We all know.  Unraveling.

Speaking of January 6th, the unselect committee is a complete fraud.  We all know.  What a joke.  No one cares about the committee but we do care about our unfairly and unconstitutionally jailed Americans that have been accused.  Unraveling.

Texas is building its own wall, Arizona is looking at same and multiple Attorneys General are suing the Biden Administration for not securing the border.  Impeachment for same is possible.  Unraveling!

Finally the Durham Investigation: results have been previewed and just as we all knew and the President had stated, the Clinton campaign has committed multiple crimes in spying on the Trump organization and presidency, likely with dozens of surrogates helping and assisting.  Top Obama administration officials are directly involved and have already perjured themselves and lied to congress.  The full conspiracy remains to be UNRAVELED.  But its coming.  Get your popcorn and a comfy seat.

There is more unraveling around the corner: democrat run cities, Soros pawn prosecutors, election fraud in large cities/blue states that’s gone undetected for decades, bribes and payoffs to China obsessed politicians, business leaders and academics all around the country.  Its all coming.  Unraveling.




Urban Dictionary: Biden

Dateline 27 January 2022

What is a “Biden?” There are many definitions in the Urban dictionary of who and what Joe Biden is based on his awful performance as president. Let’s take a look. Feel free to add yours in the comment section below the article.

Biden. Let’s Go Brandon.

Biden. Fxxk Joe Biden.

Biden. A walking pile of manure.

Biden. Un unfleshed toilet.

Biden. A clueless dolt incapable of leadership that has put America last.

Biden. Exhibit A for memory loss.

Biden. Making Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan in terms of presidential job performance.

Biden. China’s Manchurian candidate who took $31M in payoffs.

Biden. A foreign policy debacle personified.

Biden. America’s nightmare.

Biden. A lying PoS!

Biden. Obama’s biggest success and prodigy.

Biden. Trump’s caddy.

Biden. A dumpster fire that will not burn out.

Biden. A pedo.

Biden. A used car salesman.

Biden. I single unit that has all the worst qualities of a politician. A loser.

Biden. An installed president, not elected. Stolen presidency.

Biden. A bad smelling fart resulting in near vomit.

Biden. Where’s Hunter’s Dad.

Biden. He’s shot.

Biden. Anal itch.

There are many more urban meanings for Biden, too many to list. Each day many more are added. You likely have your own urban definition of a Biden. Join in the discussion below and add yours below.





Biden’s America’s – The Great Resignation

by Guardian 6

Dateline: 5 January 2022

Five days into 2022, and another Biden created catastrophe comes into focus. Nearly 5 million Americans have resigned from their jobs over the last 60 days. What has driven these resignations? In a word, Biden.

The Brandon Administration is conducting a full-on assault on Americans, their livelihoods and their families. Brandon Administration mandates to get vaccinated have caused massive disruption to the American way of life.

  • Here we are in a pandemic, and the Biden policy of forcing all healthcare workers to be vaccinated has resulted in thousands of doctors and nurses quitting or being forced out of their jobs
  • Wonder why airline travel has become worse and worse year over year? You guessed it, Brandon forcing pilots and airport staff to be vaccinated driving staff shortages
  • After the Afghanistan debacle, surely Biden would focus on national security and military readiness, right? Nope. The Brandon Administration and the Department of Defense are forcing soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who do not get vaccinated out of the service negatively impacting morale and readiness. With China threatening Taiwan, Russia threatening Ukraine and Iran continuing terror attacks in the Middle East, surely Biden is worried about the United States ability to respond to multiple crisis’s, right? Not at all. Joe doesn’t concern himself with second or third order effects.
  • Doesn’t Joe want to reduce hyperinflation and reduce the number of America’s needing unemployment and/or a food stamp benefits? No. The Brandon Administration does not concern itself with the effect their policies have on American families. As a matter of fact, this is a core tenant of the Democratic Party, build dependency.
  • But what about the majority of Americans being against mandating the vaxx? Joe is not intimidated by polls. Joe’s been doing this for 50 years. He’s president, come on man.
  • Then what about the majority of new WuhanVirus cases inflicting vaccinated people? Surely Joe must see mandating a vaccine that doesn’t stop the virus or preventing the vaxx’d from getting the virus doesn’t make sense, right? Oh, hell no! The Brandon Administration doesn’t care about facts or science. This is about fear, control and power.
  • The border? All the illegals are not getting vaccinated, and Joe is flying them all over the country spreading the virus and dumping illegals in cities near you. Does this make sense to Joe?  It does to the Brandon Administration because these people are future low information voters, democrats.

Incoherence, incompetence and incontinence is what Joe Biden delivers on a daily basis. The daily press conference is a festival of lies, misdirection and deceit. It is shameful how quickly everything in America is being destroyed. It is very hard to be this bad, even for Joe Biden. Sadly, we have three long years left. God help us all!

Let’s Go Brandon!  #massformationpsychosis