Trump Cabinet 2.0: Swampless and Laser Focused  


Dateline August 9, 2022                            Missouri Territory

By @BlackjackPershing on TRUTH; @BlakJakPershing on GETTR

Fellow Patriots, it is time to make solid recommendations to Donald Trump on his initial cabinet picks for what really will be his 3rd elected term, although 2nd served.  Lessons learned from the first go round must be incorporated into this second, Ultra MAGA team.  From the start there can be NO learning curve this time: its on.  Let’s go.

VP: conventional wisdom says it’s DeSantis.  Not so sure as Trump doesn’t work well with other mega-Alpha types.  What we need is a safe experienced back up and someone to protect our flank with wobbly, unsure barely MAGA republicans.  My recommendation is Greg Abbott of Texas.  He has fought the border war, will be freshly re-elected, and manages a serious disability with class and dignity. He is far less boring than Pence and has demonstrated a willingness to piss people off by sending democrat migrants to their own cities.

Chief of Staff: If he’s willing, Mark Meadows.  He was there for the worst of the swamp and gets it, knows the lessons and learned.  One of the band members that needs to come back.

Press Secretary:  Tie between Kayleigh McEnany who was a perfect nemesis to the fake news, and Greg Kelly of Newsmax.  Greg is a warrior and has proven willing to call out fake news whereever he finds it.  He is fearless.  If Kayleigh wants to join the band getting back together – great.  If not, Greg is the guy.

State: If Pompeo doesn’t completely implode in a coming primary challenge to Trump, and is willing, he is also one of the key players that would be part of getting the band back together.  He was smart and got it and kept the wokester State Department under control.  He implemented Trump policy and did not fight it.

Treasury:  this is a fun one to choose.  If he will do it, we recommend Peter Thiel.  He is a genius and will take zero woke crap from anyone and call the right plays.  2nd choice? Larry Kudlow if his health holds up.  He’s a keeper from the 1st administration.

Defense: we will go back to the civilian model for this role, as we have had bad experience with the current lot of Generals.

Attorney General: Ted Cruz seems like the smartest and most fearless republican legal expert available.  He’s the guy.  He will need to disband the FBI and overhaul the DOJ while moving it to middle America.  Hard work ahead.

Interior: Kristi Noem a good choice, hailing from a beautiful state with many protected areas.  The question is whether this is a waste of a good governor.

Homeland Security: The right choice here is Eric Greitens.  He is fearless and also has been burned by swampian Rino’s.  He doesn’t take crap from anyone.  He’s a former Navy Seal.  He gets it.

Agriculture and EPA: consolidated under an unconventional choice here: Ted Nugent.  Ted is a hunter and hunters know more about conservation than most.  Ted is outspoken and anti-woke and will not screw over American farmers and workers.  Ted: “I have self-actualized. Pardon me whilst I adjust my glowing halo.”  Yup.  Ted it is.  We’ll give Ted several experienced non-swamp deputies to help with some of the duties he may not enjoy.  Those selection decisions are pending.

 Labor: we like Elon Musk for this key role.  He runs several companies and a car factory in a non-union environment.  He knows what smarts, hard work and American workers can do when challenged and paid fairly.  He knows woke BS when he sees it, whether from organized labor or the weasels at Twitter.  We also recommend allowing Musk to simultaneously hold the position as Secretary of Commerce as he is a proven multitasker and knows the landscape.

Health/Human Services, Housing/Urban Development: consolidate both and bring back Dr Ben Carson.  Assignment will be to eliminate 40% of both departments and get them out of DC, deployed to Omaha, Nebraska.

Transportation and Energy: both consolidated under former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry

Education: No one; this position and its related department will be retired in Trump’s coming term.  It’s a woke disaster area.

Veterans Affairs: Greitens could do this one too, but we will go with LTC Allen West on this spot.  A wise, experienced veteran.

Ambassador to UN: we need a fearless bad ass here to call out the assembly of buffoons, perverts and morons that we call the UN.  Who might that be?  One Marjorie Taylor Green.  That’s who.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: its time for Trumps’s favorite General, Raisin’ Caine, to get the promotion he so rightfully deserves, for wiping out ISIS.

Those are Blackjack’s opening ideas folks – comment below with yours!


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