Democrats: Un-Representative Government


… It’s what democrats do. Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, the Squad, the lot of them; it’s about them. It’s never about you the American people that elected them (Biden was installed, like a toilet, with massive election fraud). Democrats are not interested in what you want or what you voted for. It’s all about their fiats, dictates and what they desire as the ruling class. Democrats do not represent American voters, they represent themselves.

by Guardian 6

Dateline: March 9, 2022

Fuel prices. With the war raging in Ukraine through a Russian invasion, it would be logical for Biden to reverse his decision and open the Keystone pipeline that he shut down Day One of his administration in January 2021. Fuel has increased from a $1.99 under Trump to a national average of $4.35 fifteen months into the Biden Installation. Instead, Biden continues to import Russian Oil for the first two weeks into the war, all the while threatening sanctions, and lining Putin’s pockets with cash, and then he turns to the dictatorships of Venezuela and Iran for increased fuel production, which will result in increased terrorism funding. Americans want the Keystone pipeline opened to receive fuel from Canada which would produce nearly 900 million barrels daily and drop the price dramatically.  Democrats and Biden don’t care what Americans want they can pay more. The Green Fascists cheer lead by Sandy Cortez and the Squad, are shoving “green” energy up Americans ass. These low wit masterminds are running America into decline. This is their plan to build more dependency on the government. Nothing is coincidental with democrats.

America Last. Democrats are intentionally forcing America’s decline to elevate China. They’ve been doing it for decades along with select RINO’s like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and others. While they get rich selling America out, America’s factories, jobs, and means of production have all been shipped to China weakening America’s economy by baking dependency on foreign supply chains, again mostly Communist China. The Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street and Big Tech are all in on it. The communists have full access to America’s capital markets, institutions and government leaders. President Trump disrupted these arrangements, but we all know how he was treated for fighting the Deep State and ruling class. Our Un-representative government is more interested in following the World Economic Forum (WEF) and that mega pervert Klaus Schwab than the people that elected them. Klaus and the master minds at the WEF believe China is better suited to lead the world because their people follow orders and are more compliant than the unpredictable Americans. It is time for America to acquiesce the world stage.

Open Borders. Rush Limbaugh use to refer to those affiliated with democrats as low information voters (LIV).  The professorial utopian class and LIVs make up the Democratic Party. Trump woke a lot of LIVs up and more Americans have been paying attention to the radical democrats. Hence, besides the WEF instructing Biden to open America’s borders to create chaos and mayhem, the democrats need tons more LIVs. Since democrats believe in killing babies through birth, they need imports of voters in the millions. And of course, we can’t have voter ID because then the new “voters” won’t be able to vote since they’re not US citizens. Drugs, human trafficking and gang violence is acceptable in the democratic mind, and it is the cost of doing business. Fentanyl killed over 42,600 Americans last year, many of them teenagers. Again, in the democratic mind, it’s about power and control; it is never about the children. Never!

It’s Never Been About the Kids. If you’re a democrat because you believe they do what is best for children, and you still believe this crap after the mandates, masks and fear driven shutdown, you an abject idiot! It has never been about the kids. It’s about power and control always with democrats. Pre-K, in school breakfast, after school programs, etc., it’s all about controlling your kids, indoctrinating them and building dependency through government schools. The Teachers Union has moved on from delivering lousy educations, now they are indoctrinating your kids through critical race theory, transgenderism and perverted sex education classes staring in kindergarten. Oh, and how dare you try to take ownership of your children’s education and share your opinion at School Board meetings. In Biden’s America, this will get the FBI treating you like a domestic terrorist.

Democrats, unrepresentative government. It’s what they do and have always done. From slavery to stealing elections and starting wars, America is at its worse led by tyrant democrats.

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Author: Guardian 6

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