The Replicants Are Coming!  And Some Are Already Here…

by BlackJack Pershing (@PershingSoldier Twitter)
5 April 2023          Published from Undisclosed Location
“But they had work to do; they had to communicate with people, clandestinely. The extremes we would go to to disguise those people was the most interesting, and the most challenging, part of the job.”
Jonna Mendez, CIA Spy Chief
The advanced capabilities of the CIA in the arena of disguise have been an open secret for a long time.  Not only have their own personnel discussed it openly, but movies like the Mission Impossible franchise have used advanced masking as a theme.
We have all seen the memes that address the question of whether Joe Biden is the actual Joe Biden or some kind of replicant created by the shadow government.
It’s time to confront the question legitimately.  The occupant of the White House is NOT the original Joe Biden.  The occupant is a replicant.  Go now and check out the comparisons of current Joe Biden with 5-10 years ago Joe Biden.  You will be shocked.  The nose, the eyes, the ears, the walk – all of it – is different.  More so that can be explained by Botox run amok or dementia.  The only similarity between old Joe and Replicant Joe seems to be low IQ.
What do we mean by ‘replicant.  First what we do NOT mean: we do not mean cloning.  That’s not feasible and even if it was, a Biden clone would be a baby (yes, current Joe is one in terms of intellect).  We do not mean a robot either.  Nothing that far fetched or over the top.
What we do mean is a surgically altered subject, possibly with brain implants, put in place to facilitate doing the bidding of another group.  We mean a subject that volunteered to do this and was willing in order enjoy fame or the benefits of the office, but without the mental capabilities to execute the office without direction.  Is it possible the subject replicant was not a volunteer?  Yes.  That would likely require constant drugging and could explain much about the current Biden’s behavior.  In any case one is a bargain with the devil and the other is the devil’s work.
Use of a replicant would explain the basement campaign strategy, the lack of press conferences, the need for the media to cover up obvious malfunctions:slips, trips, falls, gaffes, incontinence, turning to talk to invisible people.  Use of a replicant prevents any independent thinking from taking place in a coerced relationship.  And Yes ‘Doctor’ Jill is in on this and facilitating.  The constant refrain of ‘I’m Jill Biden’s husband’ was part of the replicant’s conditioning.  There are many mantras that have been repeated via brain implant in order for the replicant to follow its directions.
Use of a replicant would also explain the abandonment of the very few moderate positions the original Biden stuck to in his career.
So why?  Why all of this?
Much like the evil characters in movies like The Boys from Brazil and They Saved Hitler’s Brain, there is a cabal comprised of Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret and other willing idiots that do their bidding, that wants to hold on to the Obama era.  They control the replicant.  They are given assistance by the swamp.
Are there other replicants?  Where are they?
Kamala Harris: she was never as stupid as a senator as she is now.  Go watch the tapes.  It’s likely she’s been altered.  
Pelosi: she really hasn’t made any sense in the last 10 years.  People blame booze and alcoholism.  Maybe the slurring is related to poor replicant function.  Bad drug reactions.  
Gretchen Whitmer, mechanical Governor of Michigan may be a case of a large trans replicant.  Big enough to be a linebacker  for the Detroit Lions, she/they may be an example of another deal made with the devil.  
Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: being a replicant answers the question of how someone could be so willfully destructive of our border, our laws and constitution.  
Fetterman: easy call and we all know.  His hospital stay was to put the finishing touches on the replicant process.  An earlier mistake had caused a stroke.  
Senators including Leahy, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Duckworth, Durkin, Hirono, Kline, Klobuchar, Melendez, Stabenow, Tester, and  Warren have all done and said things so insanely stupid that the only answer to it is that they are all forms of replicants – some more adjusted than others.  
There are other governors that maybe part of the replicant pool.  Hochul for sure.  Gavin Newsome – almost a robot.  The newly installed non-governor of AZ.  Obese replicant Pritsker of IL.  It is likely that outgoing MD governor Larry Hogan and Infamous Hangry RINO Chris Christie are also obese replicants.    
Are any RINO’s replicants?  It’s hard to look at them and think otherwise.  Romney for sure is, as is Susan Collins.  Mitch McConnell may indeed be getting his replicant adjustment in the hospital due to his alleged fall recently, similar to Fetterman.  
Watch for unscheduled hospital stays.  Those usually are indicators of pending replicant surgery, brain implants and drugging.  
There you have it patriots.  Some may claim this is just a conspiracy theory.  I say the evidence is right in front of us every day.  What say you?

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