2024 Biden Campaign Strategy: Goes from Basement to LawFare


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women are created by the — Go — you know — you know the thing.” Joe Biden March 2020

Miscreants, Misfits and Morons are all part of the Biden campaigns approach to a second term. Communists, anti-democratic forces and Hamas antisemitic elements have displaced traditional democrats for the democratic party big tent. The new Biden democratic party resembles Obama’s vision for a fundamentally transformed America that is less free, less white and more dependent on big government. Biden did in four years what Obama only dreamed he could do in eight years. In essence, Biden is the better Obama with less charisma, less intelligence and more ignorance but somehow there are those on the left that view the Biden Administration as a successful presidency. Reality does not interrupt the Biden bubble when it comes to a self-licking ice cream cone, they see what they want to see.

Dateline May 6, 2024                          Dayton, Ohio

By Matthews Cooper

The Biden Administration and their fragmented coalition let’s explore what remains in Biden world.

Gone are the traditional liberal democrats. They are breaking for Trump or Kennedy. However, big Pharma remains ardent Biden supporters as is their mask wearing clientele and the multiple vaccine booster benefactors that still carry their COVID-19 vaccine cards.

Transgenders and Transgender doctors love Biden. Men competing as women in men sports love Joe. Misogynists love Joe and view him as their godfather proudly sniffing and hugging women of all ages and sizes.

Hollywood is fundraising for Joe at a record clip. Late night TV hosts, news media and dying TV networks are all down with Joe. Their ability to ignore his gaffs and fabricate his successes shock the masses and have become laughable but these failing entities cannot help themselves. Fake news and fake Hollywood are very real trying to influence your vote.

Open borders advocates, the World Economic Forum and illegal aliens themselves are all Biden supporters. With the coming collapse of the traditional democratic blue-collar voters as a dependable block, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) see’s illegal aliens as their path forward. Does it matter they are not allowed to vote in US elections? In democratic circles the answer is no because identification requirements are racist, and they should be resisted at all costs so illegals can continue to vote.  Of course, ballot harvesting, ballot generation and organizing the dead vote continue to be major instruments of democratic votes nationally.

Self-appointed elites are another highly dependable democrat voting bloc. Whether they’re billionaires, millionaires or academics they know better than the average America what is best for them and America. Hence, the average American citizen should have their rights and voting privileges curtailed. If they do not see the good fortune Joe Biden has bestowed on the American economy, foreign policy with new wars and abandoning our Allies, then this simply justifies elites making decisions for the country. To save democracy elites recognize that they must first act with tyranny to save it before free and fair elections destroy it. (When you understand this last sentence, you will have mastered the flawed logic in the democrat mind).

Joe’s greatest base is the Lawfare Brigade (LB) of swamp rats that prefer money over merit; deceit over decency; and getting Trump over justice. Joe’s LB is 10K strong and growing with Soros Open Society financial resources. Keeping Trump in the courtroom is job one and stacking one trial after another is the objective. Winning the cases are secondary to hurting Trump’s image and limiting those massive MAGA rallies.

Joe Biden and the DNC are counting on Big Pharma, Transgenders, Hollywood, Open Borders, Elites and the Lawfare Brigade to win the 2024 Presidential Election. Will it be enough to get Biden over the top, what do you say? The Biden Coalition of core voting groups is the new cabal of democrat valued voters. Things have really changed, not for good, but this is the new Democrat Party Coalition.


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