Poison Ivies

By BlackJack Pershing, @PershingSoldier on X, @BlakJakPershing on GETTR
May 9, 2024    Missouri Territory
“Measles make you bumpy
And mumps’ll make you lumpy
And chicken pox’ll make you jump and twitch
A common cold’ll fool ya
And whooping cough’ll cool ya
But poison ivy, Lord’ll make you itch!”
The Coasters
Remember when hearing someone went to Harvard, Yale or the other so called Ivy League institutions seemed impressive?  Remember when we all bought into those brands?  Remember how that one kid from your high school got into one of them and it seemed like that person was destined for greatness?  Let’s add to the Ivies the broader group of so called elite institutions that exist around the country such as Stanford, Berkeley, Northwestern, MIT etc.  You know the ones near your own location.  
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  How did we get here where these once revered universities are now considered dangerous no go zones for parents that don’t want their kids turned into leftist zombies?  (Apologies to the Zombie community; they at least want brains, even if just to eat them…)
The DEI Industrial complex certainly is involved here.  They ensured lowered standards for admission to ensure the exploited races (in their view) were included.  Once that started, decline was inevitable.  This active discrimination went to such extremes that the recent SCOTUS ruling in Students for Fair Admissions vs Harvard has resulted in the beginning of the end of Affirmative Action, the case was led by a very able Asian student, tired of the open discrimination against himself and many others.  
The left.  They always go too far, don’t they?  Enough is never enough.  A quote from Sam Gompers, founder of the modern Labor movement comes to mind, when it comes to the goals and desires of our communist/progressive/fascist friends: ‘We want more and when it becomes more, we shall still want more…’. Ruining the best universities in America was more, until it wasn’t.  They can’t stop themselves.  Their unending miserable quest against imagined injustice ruins everything it touches.  
Maybe a foundational issue with the Ivies, is the absolute obnoxious elitism they have always embraced and exemplified.  The reality that they could do whatever they wanted and still be taken seriously, so true for decades, may have led them over a cliff of progressive stupidity, facilitated by group think.  Of course we can do this.  We are in charge.  We know.  Everyone knows we know.  Maybe not.
Three Ivy League presidents all failed an easy test in front of congress a few weeks ago, unable to understand what anti-Semitic hate speech was, how to stop it and how to manage students and faculty engaging in hate filled protests.  Two of them were removed from their leadership positions by Trustees collectively soiling themselves over lost donations.  The situation actually got worse after that, as we all know.  
As Maxine Waters waxes on about supposed white nationalist hate groups ‘up in the hills’ somewhere, we can actually watch the real hate groups live on TV on Ivy League campuses.  Trustees must be made to answer why all of this exploded so quickly and what their role has been in enabling it.  Full price tuition for the children of wealthy Middle Easterners seems a key factor.  
It was the University of Pennsylvania, wasn’t it, that gave us a male swimmer implanted into a female team, same locker room and all, with the team threatened with discipline if they complained.  Yes, it took an Ivy League university to educate the country on the new nature of the sexes especially in sports.  And it took Riley Gaines to finally rise up and say no, I am not having it.  Sick stuff.  
Penn also disgraced itself by being the host and home of the ‘Biden Center’, a Chinese Money Laundering effort unique in its unapologetic brashness.  Antony Blinken ran that fake operation before becoming our Secretary of Stupid.  
In other news we have the men’s basketball team at Dartmouth unionizing recently.  Yes – these spoiled brats of privilege, many on scholarship, playing a game, no less, have engaged in organizing and collective bargaining.  Irony alert.  You’ll never hear it discussed in the open, but unions do in fact hate some of their members, especially high maintenance members that create drama.  We can hope the SEIU, who organized this team, lives to regret it every day, as ‘players’ file grievances over their coaches requirements.  Only at an Ivy could such lunacy prevail.  
So we’ve established that our Poisoned Ivy Institutions foment hate, enroll unqualified students, discriminate, put female athletes in danger and undermine them, facilitate foreign influence peddling, and create unionized college sports.  Parents do these sound like a great places to send junior? 
What are the better options?  They are all around us.  Great regional universities that would treat your kids like individuals that count exist all over the country.  Your kids can be bigger fish in smaller ponds at these overlooked schools.  There are thousands of them.  The cache, prestige and brand strength of the Ivies is over in the US.  Their brands are just as tarnished as Bud Lite.  And just like Bud Lite, they are ill equipped to handle it.  Their incompetence is threaded through all of their operations.  See a university president that seems like an obnoxious obtuse, entitled fat head?  You can be sure the entire organization is the same.  
Take heart though, fellow patriots.  More rot has been exposed and when sunlight and fresh air hit desiccated messes like the Ivies, they can only improve or go away.  Better still is the advance of merit.  Great kids from overlooked schools will get more consideration as hiring managers walk away from the Ivies.  Grit, work ethic, attitude and perseverance beat pomp, elitism and entitlement every time.  Our country in fact was founded on exactly that.  

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2 thoughts on “Poison Ivies”

  1. How did the Poison Ivies become Jihadi recruiting centers? Once again everything democrats touch turn to shit. Add the Ivy schools to the list of things democrats have destroyed.

  2. Great article! Great beginning by using the lyrics to Poison Ivy! Let me up the ante here just a little bit citing the lyrics to another great Coasters hit as food for thought on a follow up column.

    Fe Fe Fi Fi Fo Fo Fum
    I smell smoke in the auditorium
    Charlie Brown! He’s a Clown!
    That Charlie Brown! He’s a Clown!
    He’s gonna get caught!
    Just you wait and see!
    Why’s everybody always pickin on me?

    Who’s always writin on the walls?
    Who’s always goofin in the halls?
    Who’s always throwing spitballs?
    Who me? Yes You!

    Feel free to substitute an image of your favorite “Palestinian” protestor, George Soros, Bill Gates or Joe Biden for Charlie Brown! They’re all in this thing together as they bring down one American institution for another!

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