Recommended Resolutions for Patriots in 2024

By @PershingSoldier and @The53rdregiment as seen on X
Dateline: January 1st, 2024
Happy New Year fellow patriots – leaving a thread of resolutions here. Feel free to add your own in the comments section! You know, I know and we all know – it’s time to get serious and stay on point in 2024. Let’s roll!
1. Encourage the@GOP to rally around Trump. Time to meet the historically corrupt dems on the field of battle and return fire with everything we’ve got under one leader.
2. Talk to your RINO friends. We all have them. Remind them the republic is at stake and worries about style over substance have proven invalid with Trump. Confront them. Hold them to account. He gets results. Outstanding results. One example? The Trump Court just may save our collective asses in the end. Win your independent friends into Trump’s court as well.
3. Don’t give an inch on emotionally unhinged criticism of Trump’s style. It is what it is. If he says he wants the people who are trying to imprison him unjustly to ‘rot in hell’ he has a point. Too damn bad, MSM. Go cry.
4. I will continue@EricMoo91919605 ‘s best practice of giving the ‘racist dem talibans’ on X one response before blocking them. I can’t get bogged down.
5. @SpeakerJohnson pick 2 or 3 things to do and do them. Border close or government shut down? Good. Impeach Mayorkas? Good. Impeach Biden? Good. Those might be enough. If the 18 RINO’s won’t cooperate openly advocate they get primaried. Time get serious and focused.
6.  DifferenceMaker.

it’s time to get serious about engaging the black vote. #BLEXIT is real but must be cultivated. Get advice from@dom_lucre– smaller rallies in the black community are over due. Democrats betrayal is obvious – going and bring black Americans home. Meet them in their communities. Address the urban blight inflicted on them by @democrats.

7. All of us need to adopt the stance of

and stop allowing the MSM to call us racist, white supremacist etc. These f’d up ideas are full embedded in leftist brainwashed heads. It’s time to push back hard. Relentlessly. Don’t take there 💩.

8.@GOP must get serious about fighting lawfare and the only way to do it is to return fire. State attorneys general in red states – it’s up to you.
9. Support fellow digital warriors. Give them likes and follows.
10. @NEWSMAX you need to actually do journalism and go hard like

– investigate.

are the show. Get serious.

is a joke with Eddie Munster aka Paul Ryan calling loser plays. Step up. Do your JOB, Newsmax. We are waiting. Time to pull into the #1 spot.


Every day you should be spotlighting democrat crime, democrat violation of the constitution and democrat hypocrisy. Go to war. Stop cooperating with thugs, criminals and assholes.

12. Governors and Attorney Generals of all red states, especially border states, should be charging all government officials involved in violating the constitution via open borders with crimes. RICO. Collusion. Corruption.
13. Slob, RINO & closet democrat,

time to wrap it up and start your paid gig on

– just get out. You are a nasty, complete and total disgrace.


and conservatives need our own Soros with an unlimited supply of cash to fund freedom and liberty. Only difference would be these efforts are above board. Find the donor(s).

15. To all patriots who work in the #CIA #FBI #SecretService and other agencies who may be thinking of becoming a whistle blower, now is the time to do it. In doing so you will save yourselves, your beloved agencies and America. Step up.
16 To southern red/border state governors. Take the initiative. Find and ship every single ‘migrant’ / illegal alien to blue 💩 hole cities. All of them. 10 million. Divide them among Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, SFO and LA. Do it fast. Planes, trains and automobiles. Let these Stalinists eat the cost and feel the pain.
17. To @GregAbbott_TXyou may be reluctant to start a constitutional crisis but you are already in one. Seal the border yourself. Get ahead of the now useless border patrol. Use whatever combination of barriers and Tx National Guard it takes. Let’s see how the dementia patient in chief responds in front of American patriots.

18. Parents get active in your local schools. Do not accept CRT, DEI and other woke communist crap being shoved down your childrens throats by leftists. Stop the gender ideology dead in its track. Demand a focus on traditional school subjects (English, Math, Reading, History) and give ZERO ground on the crap.

19. Veterans be active calling out the woke agenda destroying our military. Call it out in your local VFW and American Legion. Write letters. There is a reason recruiting is down 25% year over year. Biden & Austin have not only destroyed our capabilities but they’ve destroyed our military culture. Let the GOFO crowd on twitter have it when they attack Trump.
20. Be a proud, bold MAGA. If someone doesn’t like that you want to Make America Great Again that is their problem. You have no more F’s to give. Just smile and drive on. We got work to do.

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