(Trump) US China Reset Has Started … Xi Jinping Awakened Sleeping Giant


By BlackJack Pershing: @PershingSoldier on Twitter, @BlackJackPershing on Truth and @BlakJakPershing on GETTR

Dateline 18 February

     Democracy is liberty – a liberty which does not infringe on the liberty nor encroach on the rights of others; a liberty which maintains strict discipline, and makes law its guarantee and the basis of its exercise. This alone is true liberty; this alone can produce true democracy. –Chiang Kai Shek

     Fellow patriots it was not that long ago that China was not under the yoke of the CCP.  A long civil war that overlapped WW2 was fought in China between nationalists and communists, ultimately won under the brutal and relentless drive of Mao.  Mao, by the way, was a madman on equal scale with Hitler and Stalin – no one discusses it these days – but – that’s fact.  Chiang Kai Shek was the imperfect leader of the resistance back then.  He ultimately fled to Taiwan.  This is part of the reason why Xi wants control of Taiwan so badly.  It’s unfinished business for the CCP.  A bastion of freedom close by that reminds Chinese citizens of their real history.  

So given the recent provocations by the CCP (there are legitimate questions as to how much control Xi actually has), what should we expect from the 2nd term (3rd technically) of Donald J Trump?  In short, look for a massive overhaul and correction.  A few highlights:

Reparations for Covid: China will pay for the destruction it gave the entire world, starting estimates are $20 Trillion.  Likely paid via tariffs but its coming.  

Balloons: payback for the balloons, Hawaii/Guam laser shows and other Chinese surprises?  Likely direct overflights of China using our latest high altitude stealth technology, drones and likely some tech we do not know about.  Space Force will actively demonstrate satellite killing technology.  And watch for us to poke at China – just to see what they will do.  That’s what they just did and have been doing.  It’s time for pay back.  No one knows what it will look like.  

Access to US Universities: Drastically reduced.  No Chinese national will be allowed access to any US STEM programming.  Ivy League institutions who have profited directly from Chinese betrayal will be wickedly upset.  We will allow access to a handful of approved liberal arts colleges that teach liberty/freedom/western civilization in the formerly grand tradition.  We now have approximately 300,000 Chinese students in US colleges.  3 years form now?  We will be down to 30,000.  

Pacific Zone Strategy: the US will develop a robust answer to China with a Pacific version of NATO in which key pillars will be the Philippines, Japan, Australia, South Korea and yes, overtly, Taiwan.  An aggressive mix of Naval, Space and land based forces will be cultivated.  We will ensure their biggest threats remain in their own back yard.  

Peel Off North Korea and Vietnam: what began under Trump in the first term will continue.  The relationship between Trump and the North Korean Dictator will allow us to move NK into the US sphere of influence.  Economic benefit will outweigh NK’s traditional emphasis on being a pariah state.  Many may find this action  unpalatable and it is – but it is more important to isolate China.  Vietnam is already far along in this evolution and is becoming a destination for businesses departing mainland China.  We will continue to develop an alliance with Vietnam.  The US will double the number of troops based on the Korean Peninsula and begin joint exercises in cooperation with North Korea.  

Repatriate US businesses from China: Trump will lead a unified Republican congress in outlawing most manufacturing done in China.  Anything that uses advanced technology in anyway – will not be made in China if it’s destination is the United States.  Tarrifs will apply to everything else from shovels to laundry baskets.  China used our open economy against us – that will be reversed in short order.  

No Chinese Investments in the US: China will be cut off from buying US real estate of any kind and from purchasing US businesses of any kind.  TikTok is done as far as US access goes.  

Begin the End of Uighur Genocide: aggressive work will be done to uncover exactly what is being done on the mainland with this exploited and tortured minority in China. Insist world governing bodies that we fund work on the issue or defund them.  Trump will lead this effort loudly just as he did with the deadbeat NATO members not living up to their obligations for funding.  The horror will be exposed in detail much the way the holocaust was exposed at the end of WW2.  

Unbelt and Unroad: President trump will take great pleasure in developing a strategy to counter Belt and Road.  Ironically the tools are already there.  We just need to use them,  From here on out, no foreign aid will be awarded to any country unless the recipient guarantees there will be no participation in the so called ‘Belt and Road’ Chinese infrastructure initiatives.  We will build on this by further ensuring US trade policies amplify the same.  Want to trade with the US with a minimum of tariffs?  OK.  No Belt and Road in your country.  Otherwise no trade or massive tariffs.  This is coming.  

China Loses Face: perhaps worst of all for Xi, Mr Trump will look for every opportunity to ensure that whatever esteem or good will Mr Xi thinks he’s built up over the last 10 years, is erased.  China, desperate to be taken seriously, will be exposed as the Godless empty vessel it is under CCP leadership.  

US Military Prepares for 22nd Century Warfare: View it as either necessary, if early, or provoked by China, but the US Military knows it must counter China’s malevolent aims.  Countering EMP threats, countering misinformation/disinformation driven by woke China assets in the US, cultivating a healthy and fit population, realigning higher ed with American ideals, controlling our borders, becoming energy independent and an exporter of energy will be part of the strategy.  The basics of having the best weapons on the planet must continue.  

So fellow patriots those are the basic tenets to watch for as President Trump begins the long overdue correction of CCP led China in his coming term.  Watch for it all to begin/happen with lightning speed the day he takes the oath of office.  No Chairman Xi – this is not he beginning of 1000 years of China dominance.  Quite the opposite.  We are at the dawn of a major course correction that helps Chinese citizen reclaim their heritage and freedom.  

What did I miss?  Please comment below.


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