Democrats Destroy Everything – 2023 Update


by Blackjack Pershing @PershingSoldier on Twitter, @BlakJakPershing on GETTR, @BlackJackPershing on Truth Social 

Artwork: By our good friend and internationally recognized artist, Mr. Joseph Elder, Making Comics & Art Great Again!

April 4, 2023

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University. – William F. Buckley Jr.

Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. – Barry Goldwater

 We have all known spoilers, malcontents, irritating nerds in our lives: in short those who ruin things.  The kid who reminds the teacher to give homework at the end of class, the dope on the team who causes everyone to have to run extra laps.  The little twit who tells on people.  The 2nd grader who cries and screams ‘no fair!’ over trivial things.  The other kid in 3rd grade who craps his pants and has to be sent home.  Leftists all.  They ruin it for the rest of us.  They are really UnAmerican when you think about it – because they don’t mind their own business and try to inflict pain on others for their own satisfaction.

The list of things ruined by the left is accelerating at a pace no one ever suspected.  Here is my attempt to capture some of them in order to keep a record.

Infrastructure, Airports, Roads, Trains, Anything that Requires Skills: Leftist democrats of demonized merit and excellence and appointed leaders based solely on race, ethnicity and sexuality.  We are now witnessing failure across industries at levels never seen before as the fallout from affirmative action and poor leadership, poor management and zero common sense takes hold.  Screwed up airports, train de-railments, environmental disasters, blackouts, shortages – all of this took very little time to emerge under the negligence of democrat ineptitude.  We are told we have racist overpasses and freeways while the nation sinks into the abyss.  We all know the reasons for all of this.  The question is how much we are willing to take.  
The Military: covered on this website in other places, the sinking of our armed forces into woke BS campgrounds might be the most sinister item on this long list.  We have disaster after disaster in plain sight with the media covering it up.  We have an entire generation of politicized General Officers that will need to be removed.  China watches this with an eager smile.  They helped engineer all of it so why not?  

Baseball: we had hoped they would not surrender, but they did.  Kneelers and worshipers of the communist front organization known as BLM are now part of MLB.  Patriots are walking away.

Football: beginning with Kapernick’s woke baloney after failing as a starting quarterback, their descent into irrelevance continues.  The NFL may not know it but they are finished.  Their halftime shows are akin to the end of the Roman Empire.  Disgusting showcases of depravity.  

Basketball: the NBA is now wholly owned by China.  Lebron is a hulking nitwit, obedient to his Chinese masters.  A disgrace.  Already less entertaining than college hoops and filled with fatheads, the NBA has started it’s end.

Hockey – they went woke in the last several years.
The new XFL – the pre-pandemic XFL was refreshingly anti-woke – just about the game.  The jury is out on the new post pandemic XFL.  We will see if the Rock has the backbone to keep the nonsense at bay.  
Country Music: there was a drag queen act at the latest Country Music Awards.  Merle Haggard where are you?  George Jones what say you?  Johnny Cash really?  DISASTER!!!

Healthcare: while they only succeeded halfway under Obama, and President Trump was unable to undo the damage due to Paul Ryan’s incompetence and John Mc Cain’s malevolence, Leftists will not stop using healthcare as a means of control.  Witness their dwarfian Dr Goebbels knows as Fauci who has undermined medical professionals across the country with conflicting statements, bad guidance and now we hear flat out lies about his gain of function research.  The left loves him and manipulates his self importance.  He has set back trust in ‘Science’ decades.  

Medicine: Pfizer alone has set back the pharma industry decades as well, by collusion with the same democrats that used to hate big companies.  As it turns out they only hate big companies that don’t pay them off.  You know ANYONE that wants a booster these days?  Only the most craven dopey leftist maskholes do.

NASCAR: the Jussie Smollett of Nascar had his 15 minutes.  He’s still not winning.  But he made his skidmark.

History: decades of trashing the US Public School system has resulted in a generation that knows little about the exceptional history of the US, and many likely believe we are evil and bad.  The history departments at most liberal arts colleges are equally as flawed and not helping the situation.  Intellectual rigor and discipline are becoming rare.  The ‘1619; project is bogus, Democrats are the party of slavery and Jim Crowe and we all have a job to do in restoring real history to curriculums everywhere.  

The Founding Fathers: ‘Presentism’ is applying todays standards to historical figures.  We hear from the left that our founding fathers were white male slave owners and as such do not deserve to be honored.  The fact that they all set up a system that would not only outlaw slavery and a million other injustices, but also allow the same mouthy leftists to enjoy standards of living unimagineable decades ago has no effect on these shrieking lunatics.  

Statues: in their haste to erase history, they damage tributes to our most important historical figures.  Its not Antifa or BLM by the way, it’s the Democrats.  Debates about confederate anything are legitimate – but mobs tearing down anything without permission – that’s criminal.  Art takes years to construct and can be destroyed in seconds.  Watch the climate change idiots throw paint at art works in Europe or chain themselves to objects.  This is DE-evolution by indoctrinated ignoramuses.  

News Reporting: well documented and on the list.  Its over.  Fox falling away now.  Will patriots have options? We hope.  We did have success in re-instating Newsmax to Direct TV – a green shoot from the snow in late winter?

Higher Education: as the opening quote suggests, most faculties at US Universities have been leftist indoctrinators since the early 1960’s.  They teach the children of those paying for the experience to hate their parents and the United States.

The Catholic Church: a pope who speaks more about global warming than saving souls says it all.  American Bishops too cowardly to condemn the attacks on the statues of St Louis and St Juniperro Serra.  Pathetic.  AOC called St Damien of the Lepers a white supremacist colonizer.  Gender under attack.  There is some hope – Archbishop Cordelione of San Francisco has restricted Pelosi from communion due to her radical abortion stance.  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, TX is a warrior.  What about the rest?  Where are they?

US Cities: all cities run by democrats for decades are plagued with corruption, poverty, failing schools, failing infrastructure, leftist ideology and lost hope.  Drugs allowed into the states by the federal government are wrecking our cities.  Again – they are UNcivilizing our country.  

The Legal System: we all see what Soros installed DA’s are doing to cities across the country.  setting murderers free and persecuting political enemies.  This is where we are.  Insidious.  What is happening with Trump is already backfiring on these extremists.  We will see what Red State AG’s have in store for the Dems going forward.  Should not have been this way.  

Public Schools: well documented train wreck controlled by the teachers unions.  Corrupt, communist, failing, a mess.  A generation is lost to ignorance.

Black Families: starting with the Great Society programs in the 1960’s, Black Families and Black Culture have been undermined by the democrats; the most heinous feature of their intentional mistreatment of the Black Community is the massive damage of the abortion trade.

Initiative: leftists and democrats hate it

Self Sufficiency: flies in the face of everything leftists are trying to accomplish

Free Speech: the left has now cultivated cancel culture with millions of democrat Karens calling employers and screaming about hate and racism to get fellow Americans fired.

Corporate America: in fear of being cancelled and other actions like boycotts, most US Companies, which run with little investor tolerance for sales variances, live in fear of being called out by the left for anything.  So – they cave and issue statements with leftist approved language each time there is a social issue being pushed by the MSM Propagandists.  Some go futher: M&M’s and Hershey both using sexuality and trans agendas in their advertising, Bud Lite joining in, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream routinely supports anti-police propaganda and whatever the Woke issue of the day is.  Thanks Unilever.  Just a reminder: marketers are the worst people on the planet, in case you didn’t know.  If you are a marketer reading this, my apologies, and I hope you are an exception.  

Men: as the younger generation comes of age we must ask: will what was traditionally called ‘a man’ even exist: by this we mean a male individual with freely formed opinions that exhibits traditionally masculine traits and does related masculine things.  Its up for grabs ladies and gentlemen, because the left knows they must be eliminated for their goals to be realized.

Women: the same as above but different: those lovely creatures who exhibit beauty and femininity, have children, and make most things nicer and better: the left is actively destroying gender roles and wants the nuclear family to disappear.  Women are told to despise men by the leftist prison guards self appointed ascendency – who are always quite repulsive.

Responsibility: they hate that too – they prefer dependent losers who rely on government for all of their needs.  The tent cities on the west coast are emblematic.

Tech Companies: infested with angry self-righteous leftists.  Their skills are one thing, their opinions are another.  Thank God for the Elon Musks and Peter Theils of the world, but there aren’t enough of them.

Hollywood: well documented.  A complete sick disaster from movies, to awards, to blackballing, to communist infiltration, to pedophiles, to hypocrisy – a long sad list.

The Economy: the question must be asked: is the intentional creation of monster inflation, and now the follow on banking crisis, a Democrat/China/Soros conspiracy?

Real Racism: it will forever be harder to spot, since the left has now called anyone with a dissenting opinion from theirs a racist.

Truth: out the window with these Trotskyite zealots.  Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglas now bad?  How did we get here?  Democrats claiming documented and filmed riots are myths.  Clearly demented leaders in roles like Speaker of the House and the Democrat nominee.  J6 an insurrection?  Total BS.  Hard to imagine just a few years ago.

Dignity: out the window with the sad mess we have as President and his cadre of enablers.  His trips, falls, gaffes, bathroom incidents are all well known.  He got 81 Million BALLOTS, not VOTES.  Not a joke folks!!

Law Enforcement Under Attack: who saw this coming 6 months ago.  Let’s give the Stalinist Left credit for opportunism and activating their plans for anarchy and chaos so quickly.  This situation should give all of us pause.  We should be considering what has been organized right beneath our noses and how fast it came about.  Something is not right.  Look for the next round of de-urbanisation to happen in the US if this doesn’t stop sometime very soon.

Social Media: admittedly it was already broken, but what was once a ghetto of narcissists posting what they had for lunch, has turned into mostly liberals screaming about their causes and threatening others.  Its a net negative to society to say the least.

Progress on Race: Abolitionists, John Brown, Frederick Douglas, the Civil War, 600,000 dead, Reconstruction, President Grant, The Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Integration of the Military, President Eisenhower sending troops to Alabama, the Civil Rights Act, MLK, Affirmative Action, Busing, Integration, Charter Schools – on and on – to the left none of it ever happened.  There has been no progress and they will never talk about any of this.  There is only racism and if you do not agree with them – you are evil and racist.

We are just scratching the surface here folks – we’ll revisit this list every so often to update it with the latest things the left has ruined.  Please leave your thoughts below if I have missed anything. 

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  1. Well said Black Jack! That’s a great start to identifying the root causes to our decline. The elimination of the radical left-wing progressives of the democrat party would be a good start. There are still some good Dems out there, but they are scared for their lives! Fear is a great driver and a very effective tool to our destruction.

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