2020 Democratic Party Platform


by Matthews Cooper

Dateline Dayton, OH                                                                                March 3rd, 2019

As I observe the beginnings of heroic campaigns by Senators Bernie, Kamala, Cory, Elizabeth and many other prominent socialist democrats, I am eager to start working on our 2020 Democratic Socialist Platform. We have so much to offer America if we can just centralize planning and eliminate individual choice. The Chinese & Venezuelan  five year plans are the gold standard we should emulate. Here are the initial tenets of The 2020 Democratic Party Platform.

  1. Living Wage for everyone. $15 in 2020 growing up to $20 by 2030.
  2. Green New Deal. Air travel restricted in 2021 by charging a minimum of $2K per flight. Air travel eliminated in 2024. All gas engine cars must be turned into a processing center for disassembling by July 1st 2022. Each car owner will pay $500 fee to meet federal compliance of Car Elimination Act.
  3. 31 Genders Federally Standardization. Otherwise known as the Baskin Robins gender mandate, equal opportunity laws will now require gender compliance with federal set-asides to fast track compliance.
  4. Open Borders. Everyone is welcome and Americans will help fund this initiative by paying for public school books for the first time in every county and school district. The federal government will decide the books and prices. Current borders will be removed.
  5. Social Monitoring & Scoring (SMS). The FCC will be absorbed in the SMS. The SMS will begin monitoring American communications and scoring each citizen on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being a fully compliant, progressive thinking citizen that can be trusted. Americans will be assigned the following labels: Progressive Hero 90 – 100; Progressive Worker 80 – 89; Progressive But Too Independent 70-79; Watch List 60 – 69; Republican In Name Only 50 – 59;  Tea Party Conservative 1 – 49. Each citizen will be required to use GeoTrack software so their movements can be tracked.
  6. Department of Defense will transition to Internal Defense. The USAF will be eliminated as part of the New Green Deal. The Marine Corps will be eliminated due to their extremism. The Army will be subordinated to state Governors. The Navy will transition to a travel agency for US politicians  needing to be transported to foreign countries for meetings and social gatherings.
  7. Voting Rights. Citizenship will be eliminated as a requirement to vote and each citizen will be allowed to vote up to 5 times based on their SMS score. Only citizens with scores of 80 or better will be allowed to vote. Age requirement will be waved.
  8. Reparations. All African Americans will be given one million dollars each in lumpsum payment. It will not be taxed.
  9. Marijuana Fairness Act. Marijuana will be legalized across the country.
  10. 2nd Amendment Revoked. All guns will be turned in to local police stations no later than 1 September 2021. Hunting Rifle Centers will be established so during hunting season, rifles will be permitted in a lottery system for one week permits in duration.
  11. Medicare For All. Appointments will be rationed along with care by local medical boards. Priority will be assigned based on political connections and need.

It is an exciting time to be a Democratic Socialist. Our time has arrived!

          The 53rd Regiment presents a guest author, Mr. Matthews Cooper, with an early sneak peak at the Democratic Party 2020 platform.  This is Matthews third article written exclusively for the 53rd Regiment. He is an old friend with very different views from the 53rd.  Please share your feedback with Matthews and the 53rd in the comments section. 

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15 thoughts on “2020 Democratic Party Platform”

  1. The 53rd Regiment consistently delivers on conservative perspective balanced with occasional good natured humor. Keep up the good work! Your patriotism is admired and appreciated.

  2. The 12th and “FINAL” Tenet was missing from the 2020 platform: the Post Natal Elimination Act. This important platform builder would allow for all babies born from a botched abortion to be made “comfortable” while waiting for his or her Mother to deliberate with the Surgeon General on what to do. The child in waiting could be wrapped in a blanket or placed in a body bag to expedite matters just in case the deliberations go on longer than expected. This tenet could be expanded in 2022 to include the elimination of senior citizens who are judged no longer useful to society. The next expansion would take place in 2024 to include the extermination of all political opposition.

  3. Matthews sources within the DNC are bullet proof and quite candidly, this platform is about as scary as it gets! These Dems are flat out nuts! This ain’t happening in America!

    1. So glad to find this site! We are with you 100%

      Life, liberty and the pursuit of anyone who tries to take it from us!

  4. PLEASE stop wasting TAX PAYER dollars on this impeachment .
    Trump was elected President PLEASE RESPECT THE OFFICE !!!
    We respected Obama’s office, Clinton ( who embarrassed the whole country).
    It is time to do the peoples work and set TERM LIMITS for ALL congressman/woman

    1. How do you like Trump now? His handling of the pandemic is appalling. Hospitals and medical staff still do not have enough PPE.
      Worst president in USA history ..A liar ,theft bigot.
      Cannot respect this man ever.

      1. Peter is bitter and lacks an appreciation for how the Democrats destroy everything good. Peter is lost but we can hope and pray he gets found.

      2. Larry you would be wise to read Global Strike on this website. Get the facts and come back up for air.

      3. The real blame lays with Democrats Dianne Feinstein , Pelosi and Schumer, who outsourced all of our PIE manufacturing to China. That has allowed China to control the how and when distribution of PPE, not to mention the quantity that is shipped to our country.

      4. Wow Larry, i think you actually and accurately described obama or no ahh clinton or was it carter. Oh well, these three were all pretty bad. One way or another they would be ranked 1, 2 and 3 on “the worst US presidents of all times list”.

  5. Great satire. No Democrat or Socialist with a brain could be serious about this. Trouble is, there are ignorant people who will think it can actually function as policy. Not teaching history in schools has brought us to this state of affairs, sadly. For every action, there is a reaction, in every situation in the world. No one is taught to think forward anymore as to results of their actions. Nothing worth having is ever free, but they are too stupid to understand that.

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