David’s Slingshot To The CCP’s Goliath


Taiwan To Serve As The Slingshot That Destroys The Chinese Communist Party!

Dateline: 20 February 2023

by Going Deep with Deacon Mike From “The High Plains of New Mexico”

Xi Jinping and his CCP ruling elites should continuously evaluate, reevaluate and evaluate some more before they take another step towards war with Taiwan and its Western allies. Taiwan is “The Little Engine That Could”! It has built its economy on the Western Principles of Freedom, Transparency, Accountability and Free Market Governance. “The Republic of China” (aka Taiwan) is the polar opposite to the CCP’s governance of Mainland Communist China where freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly simply do not exist.

As we have recently witnessed, the people of Communist China resent the hell out of the lockdown tactics of their ruling elites and the overbearing harshness and cruelty of their overlords. This natural yearning by the Chinese people to toss off the yoke of repression and governance by fear & intimidation can and should be used by Taiwan to defeat those who would wipe away the impressive track record of economic success in Taiwan. Taiwan serves as a faithful and reliable trade partner to its Western allies and friendly neighbors. Their reliability needs to valued and honored. It stands in stark contrast to the CCP’s cruel rule of mainland China.

If the CCP continues to move towards war with Taiwan, there are several other factors that they will need to consider. We are sure that the CCP must be thinking about them. Here’s a partial list of ”Food for Thought” that we recommend gratis to our own most threatening adversary and Taiwan’s Number One Public Enemy!

1.)  The Chinese Communist Party’s Chairman Xi Jinping and his Advisors vastly underestimate the tenacity of a Free People when threatened by the hostile takeover of a murderous regime. The Taiwanese will inflict grave damage upon those who would enslave them. Xi will be humiliated and forced to vacate his lofty position.

2.)  China has absolutely NO experience in combined warfare when leveraging their joint capabilities. Neither does Taiwan but guess who does? Well, that would be the USA, our Western European Allies, Australia, The Philippines, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. That which Taiwan lacks will be supplemented and greatly enhanced by its neighbors and friends.

3.)  The CCP will need to ask itself many times over and over again: “How do we feed 1.4 Billion starving Chinese countrymen?” Surely the CCP understands that once kinetic warfare begins, the CCP will lose access to its most lucrative global markets. The trade that the CCP has come to expect to fund their malevolent efforts all around the world comes to a screeching halt. “Sorry Charry! No Ticky, No Laundry!”

4.)  When the CCP begins seizing American businesses in China being run by “woke” leftist American CEOs too entrenched and stupid to leave beforehand, Communist China will pay a most severe price as it loses all access to Wall Street and sees it’s own American based factories, farms and properties confiscated and sold off. The profits from those sales could be donated to charitable foundations dedicated to the rebuilding of damaged Taiwanese properties.

5.)  The CCP’s raw materials supply lines will be completely sealed off from ever reaching the Chinese mainland. All that money spent to build their “Belt and Road Initiative” to steal from poorer nations will come to naught as their belts lose their buckles and their roads are bombed into potholes.

6.)  The CCP “thinks” they have done enough spying and subterfuge to know and understand American Warfighting Capabilities. They think that they have paid off enough corrupt American politicians to advance their knowledge of American weapons advancement. In reality, they have no idea of what will hit them and how hard they will be hit if they step into the arena.

7.)  The CCP believing that they have the goods on the Biden Crime Family may elect to jump early before a new American hardline President is elected in 2024. This would only add to their self-inflicted pain as they not only shoot themselves in both feet but also their groin and their head! The reelection of one Donald J. Trump with all of his new tariffs and promised Covid Penalties would be cemented in stone assuring the CCP’s China a journey backwards in time of 100 years or more. Reopen the Opium Dens!

8.)  China’s many American Collaborators in Congress will be identified by the newly formed China Committee and jailed for lengthy terms as American Traitors. The CCP will lose any influence that it once had in the USA and the suffering that follows in the CCP’s China will surely lead to the removal of Chairman Xi and the collapse of its inhumane regime. State Trials are assured. As in the case of the Nuremburg Trials, crimes against humanity (ie. the Genocide of the Uyghyr Muslims) will result in capital punishment and public hangings.

9.)  There are rumors circulating of the re-formation of Pappy Boyington’s original “Baa Baa Black Sheep” Unit and “Doolittle’s Raiders” both of which made their respective marks on military history during WW II. In addition, there has been discussion of a new Tuskagee Airmen “Red Tails” Unit. Rumors abound that the new units will all be equipped with American stealth technology. The resurrected units will be staged in special operations centers and able to strike under the radar and without warning, true game changers!

10.)One last point, Taiwan does not need to win an outright military victory to be viewed as a Gold Medal Winner in any battle with its Big Bully Evil Brother, the CCP! Taiwan already has and will continue to have the deep respect of the civilized world while the CCP circles the old bowl and joins the many other historical & dictatorial murderous regimes of the past. It truly is sad that such ambitious and industrious people are controlled by the CCP and fail at learning life’s lessons!

The number one life lesson that China’s CCP may want to study and embrace is the Golden Rule! “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”And if the CCP needs it stated more clearly? “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.”

We welcome your comments and additional input! We at the 53rd Regiment emphasize: BE HEARD!!!

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  1. Deacon Mike Nails it again. Empower Xi’s new clothes exposed! We must look away! Chubby Nude Xi on display to the entire world! Not good! Velly velly bad!!

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