Democrats – Easy to Spot – Trail of Destruction


February 2 2023                     Mountains of Colorado 

Show me an American city with failing infrastructure and I’ll show you  an entrenched democratic party  that has driven the city into the ground  for decades through self enrichment and democratic mayors that pad their pockets.

Show me a broken education system where children can’t read, schools are dilapidated and teachers don’t care  and I’ll show you the Democratic Teachers Union running the show more focused on  themselves than teaching children.

Show me a state that is running big deficits, that has broken the backs of small businesses through tyrannical dictates during the  China Virus period and has a massive homeless problem and I’ll show you a blue state historically governed by democratic governors.

Show me a state with high taxes, where people are moving to the south and west and businesses are relocating out of the state and I’ll show you a democratic led state that has created an anti free market where the economy is imploding.

Show me a city where crime is rising or out of control and there is a defund the police movement, and I’ll show you a broken democratic led city that fails to protect its citizenry and their property.

Show me a community where Antifa and BLM own the streets and I’ll show you a woke democratic broken government where shirking their responsibilities is the norm.

Show me a professional sports league where professional athletes regularly take a knee during the presentation of our great American flag and I’ll show you a piss poor democratic commissioner that caters too haters, losers and selfish ingrates.

Show me a legislature that overspends, treats budgets like a monopoly game and taxes the hell out of their citizens and I’ll show you a democratic clown car filled with incompetents, takers and losers.

Show me a politician that has never had a market economy job and is a millionaire and I’ll show you a democrat that has grifted and profited at the expense of the American taxpayers.

Show me a college professor who teaches their students what to think instead of how to think through critical analysis and reasoning and I’ll show you a woke democratic dope that lacks intellectual curiosity.

Show me a Big Tech CEO that puts policies in place to eliminate free speech and censors people they disagree with and I’ll show you a democratic tyrant intimated by intellectual diversity of thought.

Show me a person that believes there are more than two genders and I’ll show you a democratic science denier that lives outside reality.

Show me a person that truly believes Joe Biden got 81 million votes and I’ll show you a legitimate low information voter with a marginal IQ or a myopic elitist.

Show me a New York Times or Washington Post reader and I’ll show you one of the most leftist lunes that lives in the Atlantic Bubble.

Show me a person that looks down upon the working class or judges people by their appearance and I’ll show you an elitist democrat.

Show me a 4X Vaxed Covid person and I’ll show you a lune wearing a double mask driving down the road in their car alone with a Biden-Harris sticker on it.

Please leave a comment if you have a “show me” correlation as well. Love to hear from you.


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Author: Guardian 6

Guardian 6 is at the ready: 1st General Order "I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved." 2nd General Order "I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner." 3rd General Order "I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief."

15 thoughts on “Democrats – Easy to Spot – Trail of Destruction”

  1. Show me an addled frail but dishonest and corrupt dementia patient, and I’ll show you Joe Hiden. Dope. Excellent read Guardian 6 – one of your best. If Republicans were smart, and they are not, they’d use this column to form a coherent strategy. Instead they let loser Frank Luntz diddle them. Sad.

  2. Show me leftist jerks that bad mouth and endanger the police, incite riots, excuse violence, ignore murder in black communities, and then hypocritically, outrageously, cynically and falsely claim that Jan 6 was the worst day in US history since the civil war – and I’ll show you the Democrat party. A dumpster fire/rat’s nest/satanic cult. BTW – only ignorant, uninformed dopes would believe such a lie – in other words, democrat voters.

  3. Show me a Soros funded leftist schlock artist city attorney that releases dangerous criminals onto the streets, endangers citizens she swore an oath to protect, persecutes and drums up fake cases against political opponents (Greitens), persecutes citizens like the McCloskey’s that were protecting their home using their 2nd amendment rights, and I’ll show you the St Louis DEMOCRAT train wreck known as Kim Gardener, darling of the leftist cabal and national embarrassment. A real slob.

  4. Show me a fat disgusting potato – I’ll show you Brian Stelter.
    Show me an effete elitist POS and I’ll show you Jake Tapper
    Show me Fake News, I’ll show you Jim Acosta
    Show me conniving self righteous scum bag and I’ll show you Jim Comey
    Show me a constipated communist asshat with halitosis and I’ll show you John Brennan
    Show me an overrated Swamp hack/war loser/boob and I’ll show you General Mike Hayden/Stan McCrystal/Admiral William McRaven
    Show me a diaper wearing swamp loving bloated gaseous POS and I’ll show you Bill Kristol.

  5. Show me a group of entitled, ungrateful, anarchist, leftist, communist harpies with questionable hygiene, and I’ll show you The Squad. Democrat Poster Children. Demonic.

  6. Show me a power obsessed Dwarf bureaucrat with a medical degree but hasn’t practiced in decades, changes his mind on everything constantly, makes a-hole pronouncements enabled by Fake News Eunuchs, and I’ll show you Regis’s own Dr Fauci. Another DEMOCRAT train wreck. SAD. And he’s got no arm.

  7. Fantastic piece Guardian. Agree…one of your best! Outstanding commentary Gladiator!

  8. Show me a fugly, pudgy, angry, vengeful RINO obsessed with defending her old man’s failed legacy of bad war strategy and I’ll show you Liz Cheney.

  9. Show me an elitist with a fake cowboy schtick that sold all of us out to China while using unproven, unsound and ultimately failed war strategy, and I’ll show you George W Bush, who now sits cozily with Fake News Eunuchs bad mouthing MAGA, Trump etc and soiling himself and what little reputation he had left. LOSER.

  10. Oh….and BTW… me an 80 year old dinosaur with loose dentures, vodka swizzling, bug-eyed, speech slurring, Botox injected, heavy duty bra wearing for drooping mammalian glands, triple strength bacon-stripped Depends sticking to her hind quarters and I’ll show you the Democrat leadership of the House of Reps! Good thing Pelosi is a praying devout Catholic……yeah right!!!

    1. The Octarian deteriorating before our eyes. Some days a slow moving train wreck. Other days a bullet train to dysfunction. Not good. America deserves better.

  11. Show me a 5’ tall, 400 pounds of mangled mush, wearing a wrinkled, tailored suit, hamburger slamming, dictatorial nasty little twit, Twinkie crushing, Brooklyn Refugee, yellow-toed Birkenstock wearing, Jabba the Hut lookalike and I’ll show you suspenders-wearing Jerry “Nads” Nadler…….a Democrat whose girth has prevented him from seeing his Nads in decades! Good thing he has his Nathan’s Wieners to soothe his many hungers!!!

  12. Show me a broken chair and empty fridge and I’ll show you Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Bette Midler or Rosie. ‘We’re all a little chubby but they’re disgusting!’

  13. Show me Chris Wallace, Chuck Todd and George Stephanopolis Sunday Morning shows and I’ll show you three AssWipes, three FakeNews propagandists and three losers that have serious Daddy issues.

  14. Show me a person that believes abortion is “Health Care” and I’ll show you a twisted, demented, Satan Worshipping, demon that has wandered so far away from American ethics & values that that person may want to consider enslaving themselves to the CCP where he or she may feel right at home! Ask FJB or his son, “Crackhead” for destination City recommendations.

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