Ignorance & Fear Abounds

… Fear of being canceled. Fear of what others think. Fear of Big Government. Fear of being reported. Fear of retribution. Fear into submission. Fear.

This is tyranny, the desired environment created by tyrants.

Dateline: March 19th, 2023     by Guardian 6

If they can shut you up and cause you to not exercise your 1st Amendment rights, they’ve won.

If they can threaten to take away your 2nd Amendment rights, and you let them, they’ve won.

If they can intimidate state and federal judges to not accept cases with legitimate election fraud, they’ve won.

If they can scream racist at you for wanting criminals, murderers and drug traffickers prosecuted, they’ve won.

If they can secure borders of other countries with federal funding, but not our own, they’ve won.

If they can close down businesses by COVID19 lockdowns and fiats, they’ve won.

If they can ignore laws on the books for securing the border and use federal funding to house, feed and transport illegal aliens throughout the United States, they’ve won.

If they can shove “Green Energy” conversion down your throats where the technology and cost efficiency does not make sense, all under the false guise of #ClimateChange, they’ve won.

If they can remove God from every corner of the public square but be good with creating Satan Clubs in elementary schools, they’ve won.

If they can allow the  allow a Chinese Communist Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance collection platform (balloon) to fly across the US for a week to collect on US Military installations and sensitive areas, they’ve won.

If a president and his family can accept tens of millions of dollars for over a decade by Chinese Communists, fund the Biden Center with over $50 million in Chinese Communist money and the FBI and Intelligence Community not investigate and prosecute the Biden’s, they’ve won.

If they can arrest, detain and restrict parents from objecting at school board meetings on pornography,  groomer books and drag queens being brought into elementary and secondary schools, they’ve won.

If the FBI can label traditional Catholics as threats and put them on terror watch lists for their faith, they’ve won.

Ignorance and fear abounds. We got here by not speaking up and tolerating these tyrants for decades. Through fraudulent elections. By timidity. By fear of what others think. America is still America but social media, Fake News outlets, collusion between the Democrats and Main Stream Media, the Great Reset, intentional Balkanization of America and Obama’s cry to “fundamentally transform” America and allowing the leftists to take over our schools and universities. When we choose to fight back and demand to be heard, and honest elections are restored, we will win. Time to organize local, state and federally to restore America to our greatness. America remains an exceptional country that just needs the communist leftist democrats to be destroyed. Not defeated, destroyed! 




Interview: Blackjack Pershing – American Patriot

Dateline: March 13th, 2023      Missouri 

This is a special featured article with@Blackjackpershing, a featured author, scholar and @Twitter persona that brings his intellect, good humor and conservative values to the fight for freedom and the American way of life. Fearless, bold and provocative Blackjack tells it how it is, how it should be and when necessary holds the leftist politician and the lies of democrats to account. Enjoy the read and getting to know Blackjack!

1. Blackjack, millions of readers across the globe have enjoyed your essays and commentary now for nearly a decade. What do you credit for your keen insight and analysis, and ability to breakdown issues so the average reader can quickly comprehend?

First off thanks for the opportunity to do this chat and to share it with members of 53rd Nation!  This website is a difference maker for patriots who want to ‘BE HEARD’.  I’m proud to be part of this team.  We cover a myriad of topics from politics to UFO’s – it’s rewarding and entertaining.

I do my best and if there is credit to be given it’s to my parents – a dad who was proudly trained in Latin, Logic, Philosophy and many other disciplines and a highly intelligent, well read mother with great sense of humor.

I write when I am moved to, instead of trying to keep a schedule, so when I do put something out there, it’s usually something I have been thinking about for some time.

2. Why do you go by Blackjack Pershing? Is there a linkage to your time in the Army?

John J Pershing is an under appreciated General historically speaking – his rank, ‘General of the Armies’ was the equivalent of 6 stars and hasn’t been awarded to anyone since.  He was from my state, Missouri, and his time in the army bridged from the late 19th into the 20th century.  He laid the ground work for the modern military in organizationally and strategically as he prepared the military to fight WW1.  He was an advisor to presidents until his passing.

I served proudly in the US Army in a weapons system named for him; the painting by George Finley on my twitter banner is the Pershing II Missile system.

3. What formed you as a person?

The parents mentioned above made sure I got a Catholic foundation – in faith and education.  I won’t name the schools I attended here but I was fortunate to go to several great Catholic institutions that reinforced and enlightened my character and beliefs.

It is sad that the Catholic Intellectual Tradition is not offered to more people who could benefit.  Statistically we know that those exposed to it are more successful in life, have longer more stable marriages and personal lives, and tend to give more to charity.

I’d be remiss in not mentioning my time in the Army as being critical to my own formation – in terms of leadership development, character development, physical fitness and a thousand other things – the Army is a huge part of who I am – I realize it more the older I get.

 4. Many of your writings take on the issues of the day. Politics, sports, American culture and business. More and more in American society these areas of interest overlap. How do you assess the political landscape? Is American culture being eroded and if so, how and why?

The leftists who have corrupted the democrat party are the root cause of most societal ills.  Are there bad conservatives too?  Sure.  However, for clarity, you could say that not all democrats are extreme leftists, but most extreme leftist are democrats.

I do see an overall convergence of institutional decay across most sectors of society – as you mention, sports, law enforcement, politics, government agencies, etc.

Where does it come from?  We have covered it here in 53rd quite well.  Leftists ruin everything like locusts.  They’ve infiltrated all levels of education with political and sexual indoctrination and perversion.  That leads to a generation like Gen Z which is neurotic, beset by many forms of mental illness, weak physically and addicted to their phones.  This was done strategically and patiently.

Conservatives need to take accountability for the situation, as they allowed it.  It happened under their noses.

5. Joe Biden, is he bubble wrapped by the media? Is it plausible that he really did get 81 million votes to Trump’s 75 million? Why has our electoral process become elongated? Is there an intersection here?

I believe Biden is not Biden.  Go look at the videos from 8 years ago.  He was a chucklehead back then, but that’s about the only similarity.  Eyes, nose, ears – all different.  He may be some sort of replicant that was created to do the bidding of the DNC and Soros.  He may indeed be the real Joe with any number of surgeries that have altered his appearance – but is incredibly impaired mentally and controlled by a small cabal – with ‘Dr’ Jill’s ongoing compliance.  He may be drugged and purposely impaired.

The constant trips to Delaware are telling.  I believe maintenance is performed on the replicant on these weekends.

Joe got 81 Million ballots – not votes.  We all know how it was done, and enabled by the media, federal and state bureaucracies.   Ballot harvesting and creation is real.  Pennsylvania is the ultimate example that remains unfixed.  Does anyone really believe Fetterman was really elected?  Yes, leftists are that insane, but many just can’t or are unwilling to believe it.

 6. The Media, first rate or corrupt? Who has it right? Where are the bad actors?

Mark Levin has covered this best – they have always been corrupt going back to the ‘party press’ in the US a century ago.  Newspapers around the US were named for the political parties overtly.  They tried to professionalize to some degree after WW2 but let’s face it – they were finks back then too.  We all knew.  One big difference was that up until very recently, most networks would cover real news and issues regardless of which side they were on.  Think back to Clinton’s impeachment or Biden’s lies in his earlier presidential attempts.  Leftist news outlets reported all of it.  We now have a completely corrupt leftist press in the US.  Fox News is not much better and was in on the 2020 election fraud.  Newsmax is tolerable.  OAN ok but not widely available.  Sites like The 53rd Regiment will eventually replace traditional news outlets.  Citizens and Patriots trust each other more than manipulators and posers at the networks.

7. China. Many of your intellectual writings take on the Chinese Communists and their American collaborators. How do you assess the Chinese threat and what actions must the US take?

Unlike the Cold War in which we were at a stand off with a distinct and entrenched communist enemy, with China we are much more entangled with a more sinister foe.  Think about it.  We source massive amounts of consumer goods from an emerging enemy.  We are educating their youth who go back home afterward and work against us.  None of this makes any sense.  We have allowed them to infiltrate our institutions and work against us.  Our largest corporations are completely in bed with and compromised by China.  Ditto on that for our largest universities.

Consider any of the woke leftist absurd ideas – from gender ideology to ESG to Climate Change to Covid – China CCP’s prints are all over these ideas and efforts.  They are trying to rot us from within.  They have been successful.  We have a serious need for internal reform, let alone the need to compete and win in any number of technology based problem areas.  Meanwhile, the installed leadership of the US continues to retreat and signal weakness.

8. Do you buy the whole argument that the US leadership role is being passed by China? There is nothing the US can do?

I don’t buy it.  I don’t accept it.  The current fiasco could be turned around in a week with the right leadership at the presidential level.  Trump had them managed and compliant – quickly.  You can read his likely China agenda on this site.  In the end freedom wins.  The ability of the USA to leapfrog and CCP achievement remains, despite the democrats constant attempts to undermine the country.

9. COVID19, should China be held accountable? Why hasn’t Biden confronted China on the Virus?

Biden is compromised.  China has a multitude of video tapes of Joe and his son doing horrific things.  Aside from that, Joe has been paid off.  That information was on the laptop from hell.  WE ALL KNOW.

With regard to COVID – Trump has it right.  Their bill is $20 trillion for starters for what they did to us and the rest of the world.  Further, an entire generation of students from grade school to college have been permanently damaged by the idiotic lockdowns caused by the China Virus and weak, primarily democrat, leadership.  The root cause was China.

10. What has happened to the US Army, the Department of Defense and the American warrior spirit? What is the state of military leadership in our Armed Forces?

Another outrageous situation.  There is a crop of general officers, some retired, some still in the service, who lost 2 wars with zero accountability.  You might argue that Iraq was not lost, but I’d say it wasn’t won either.  Regardless, these arrogant slobs mouth off on all sorts of matters – political and woke – but check their tongues on their own malfeasance – like the disastrous pull out from Afghanistan.  Some of these train wrecks are also borderline obese.  Honestly our general officer corps is starting to remind me of the groups of ancient Soviet generals you’d see overlooking the May Day parades in Moscow, or the groups of toady generals you see with Kim Jong Un – with loads of medals on their uniforms, that signify nothing.  They suck up to get along.

 11. Woke-ism, ESG, Transgenderism and DEI – are these the tools Obama implemented to radically transform America while he lives a palatial life in Hawaii, DC and Martha’s Vineyard?

That smug and unaccomplished punk is the author of many of our worst ills.   Lots of baby boomers voted for him believing we needed a black president.  They enabled all of it. We need a president that loves America and takes his oath of office seriously regardless of color. By the way, the Floppy Mike thing is real.

12. Some believe Joe Biden is simply Obama’s front man. That Obama’s grand bargain with Biden was to be installed president, he will take all direction from “the puppet masters.” What do you believe?

I believe there is an Obama, Rice, Klain, Jarrett cabal.  Keep your eyes on Valerie Jarrett.  She is the most sinister Obama operative.  Note how fast Roseanne Barr was fired for making a joke about her – it was still early in the woke period but she was canned and cancelled immediately.  That was a Jarrett demand.  That group is in direct control of the replicant.  They make the calls while Dr Jill changes the diapers.

13. Who wins 2024 if it is Trump vs. Biden again?

With actual votes, Trump wins his third term.  With ballots its anybody’s guess.  Of the 5 worst states for voter fraud, Pennsylvania is worse off than 2020, Arizona is also worse off.  Michigan is the same.  Wisconsin has done some reform.  Georgia has made reforms.  Trump can’t win AZ or PA for obvious reasons.

Republicans have to come back at democrats with the same level of acumen the democrats have developed for using the legal system against their enemies.  If they don’t they will be sidelined for decades to come.

14. Why is corporate America jumping on the woke, ESG and DEI train? Can it be stopped?

It’s leftist bullying at its core, but there are several other elements.  The incoming generation, indoctrinated in their education, demand their employers take public positions on issues that have nothing to do with their business.  They are shrill little punks and many executives cave to them out of concerns for retaining talent.  Further, the PR and marketing functions in particular are staffed with left leaning woke dopes.  That goes across all industries.  If you want to experience group think – go hang out with Marketers or PR Hacks for a day.  Willing idiots and dopes.
Recently candy makers Mars and Hershey both learned hard lessons by letting their marketing idiots engage on transgender BS.  In the end maybe losses and poor performance will make them learn.  Leftist don’t learn however so it’s a tough situation.

15. As we close out this interview let’s end on a positive note. What gives you hope about America’s future that our better days are ahead of us?

I am an optimist despite the fact that we are in strange times.  A number of things about the United States will endure.  Most of the people are not woke.  Most of the people do not trust the media.  Most of the people love and worship God.  We still have the most innovation happening in our midst than any other place on the planet.  We still are the one place people from around the world want to come to in order to have a fair chance at making it.  We are still the best last hope for liberty on the planet.  The constitution endures.  The bill of rights endures despite obvious democrat hatred for it.  All of you can BE HEARD via places like The 53rd Regiment.   We will be fine, but we are going to have to go to work.


Twitter Rock Star: Meet Svit – American Patriot

Dateline: 10 March 2023

Q&A Interview with Миротворец: Царь Svyatoslav Великий @Kremlins16

This is a special featured article with Svit, @kremlin16, a Twitter persona that brings his intellect, good humor and conservative values to the fight for freedom and freedom of speech against the left. Informed by history and his family suffering under the yoke of communism, Svit fight the good fight (debate) battling the ignorant, the leftist politician and the lies of democrats. Enjoy the read.!

1. Svit, during the dark days of pre Elon Musk purchase of Twitter, how did you survive the masking of accounts, cancel culture and the viscous left? Initially, I deleted my account, as I noticed other Twitter users were doing-so. However, the deletion, did not come easily, I struggled with it, but I could see weekly, often daily, my account was targeted and my followers dropped, as did the people I followed did – deleted it. Spooky! As a Tech, it was easy to see, or realize I was being targeted, while not “pin-pointed” personally, possibly I was caught in a “rule” that dastardly algorithm we always hear about. I suggest it was a rule-based tool, searching for phrases , created by programmers targeting conservative users. These rules, or algorithms, unlike the potato, or turnip, or bunny, they do not breed, human hands create them. Do not believe Obama!
2. Tell us about yourself. Russian or Ukrainian? Family background? Communism your family endured? Are you seeing an installation of progressive/communist policies to destroy our freedom?
I consider myself Russian, in the same sense an American from various states calls themselves American, i.e., Texan, Californian, etc. However, I do indeed come from people in various provinces of the Ukraine and Balkans. I am not from the Grand Duchy of Moscow. So, I am Ukrainian. See the irony? Unlike some Ukrainians that play in this 19th century Balkanization, I could see the stirring of war years ago, even when this so-called break occurred, I always wince when people bring up this imaginary Kievan Rus as their starting point for the break away. Its nonsense, foolish, and of course the European Union, that Von Renthe creation exploits it to the full – Guy Verhofstadt anyone? Not one of our good ancestors would understand this term Ukrainia in the modern sense, the nobles, the Grand Princes, and Emperors who ruled us never asked the simple peasant their opinions, and the likely answer “that’s for the Tsar to decide, not me”. My point, several people are guilty in this Ukrainian quagmire, and these guilty people now crow, and pimp for war with an innocence that shocks me…. My background, I did not have the greatest upbringings until a relative stepped in, and from there, my life was much better, but a new hammer came with it. This lady my aunt, struck fear into any nonsense, or bad grade I ever received. Her constant reminder that I was her parents’ grandson was the beginning of punishment. The fist that smacked my mug though, was always covered with velvet! I owe her everything, the wonderful woman, and her husband. He came recently before he died, telling me how proud she was of me, nothing was more awarding than this. As to more, I grew up hearing terrible stories of socialism, I had very old relatives around, so the constant stories were horrid. I mention one always, the worst, of a relative being stuffed in a barrel, nails jammed in, and rolled down a hill. Certainly, socialism at its most caring efficiency, it teaches the audience, the onlookers to obey!
3. Electric Ronald, statesman or clown? Complete clown. Unbelievable this clown has aged there 50 years. This says something about the voter, sadly!
4. I see in social meeting “engagements” with leftist tyrants you are 246 – 0 in fights. What is the key to victory? I read Saul Alinsky, and I never answer these trolls for the most part. I like to toy with them, be absurd, drag them into a hole, throw out facts, distortions, and let them get caught, then hammer them. Strangely, many of these leftists admit they are racist, bigots and tools. Almost all of them block me, I believe 1 or 2 have not. I know for the most part I accuse them of nonsense, but I really do believe, some, honestly, work for politicians. Some have followed me to other platforms, and I am 100% certain 3 were actual politicians.
5. You would appear to have a Band of Brothers that have your back on Twitter. How did this group of patriots organize? Who are they? Honestly, that’s the funny part! I used to get on twitter to just tell people what I am up to. I go to clubs, hang out always in various places, record shops, eat at various places. I never speak of politics to my friends – ever. I defended a person on Twitter with a similar background (though famous), and these trolls came at me. Well, I deleted the account, and then came back at these same trolls under a new account, and from there I started meeting various Twitter users with the same sense of humor, and similar background. I think from there, I started adding people, to the chats, as I find them funny, these people, these leftists, they are morons. We need a laugh, life is good, not some horrid vile place controlled by animals like Schiff.
6. Who tells bigger lies, Schiff or Swalwell? Best nicknames for them? One appears to be a watermelon and the other a Bunny. Though I would say Schiff is the biggest lair, he is intelligent, and calculates his dirty business. Schiff’s nicknames, like watermelon, I think pencil neck is best. Swalwell, lets be honest. How did this tool pass the bar exam? He really is a low intelligent public servant. My thoughts, he would suffer without Nancy’s benevolence. I struggled with all his nicknames, finally Bunny came up. Absurd! Totally! Absurd like Swalwell. Bunny is the best, it annoys this loser.




Dateline 8 March 2023

Q&A interview with The 53rd Regiment’s (the53rdregiment.com) good friend, Mr Joseph Eder. You can find several of Joe’s art pieces featured prominently on numerous articles on the 53rd’s website. Joe brings his talents to us from Europe as a proud Austrian.  His masterpieces bring insights on the social, political and cultural times we are living in. The 53rd appreciates artist flare and we are grateful to have him as a contributor to our work. 

1. Your artwork is special, unique. Who’s better, Rembrandt, Vangoe or Eder? 

Rembrandt and van Gogh were great masters, but both of lousy humor. A good cartoon is more than just art, there is also the journalistic, feuilletonistic part, along with hard hitting comedy. Best thing as a cartoonist: You can offend people without having to cut your ear off!!!

2. What is the inspiration for your artwork? Who did you model yourself after?

Well, I draw ´em like I see ´em, but of course there was some inspiration for this style of drawing. First of all there are Europe´s Classic-Comic-Masters like Ibanez(Clever&Smart) or Uderzo(Asterix), but also Amercian stuff like Popeye or Tom and Jerry, who I always loved as a kid, and then we have all the great Street-Art pieces around Europe, still inspiring me, but the most important influence I had as a political cartoonist is the Austrian godfather of dark humor, Manfred Deix(R.I.P).

3. Three dinner guests to enjoy an evening with, who would you pick?

Biden, Zelenskyj and Putin, sitting at an Ukraine-shaped table, and once again it´s me who´s forced to pay them dinner!

4. Joe Biden, the American President, what is the average German sentiment on the street? Old fool or greatest American president ever?

I think even the German Leftists have realized that this guy is a very dangerous mix of corruption and being senile…. In Austria and Switzerland people are more concerned about the growing influence of NATO-Worldwarmongers, trying to lure us into giving up our neutrality. Being neutral means neither wanting to be “liberated“ by the Russians, nor wanting to be “protected“ by NATO. To put and end to the circus, one must not become the circus!!!

5. Would you let Joe Biden watch your children?

In general it´s enough that they have to watch Brandon´s global shitshow every day and besides that, well educated Austrian kids would never accept a foreign president as an authority.

6. Do you prefer Octoberfest or International Women’s Day?

Well, both events seem to have the same problems: being totally sold out to Marketing and Propaganda, so if you want to see a real beerfest, along with true Feminism, better vistit our countryside instead, where traditionally strong women know what they want and people don´t need an orchestrated reason to drink. Besides that, without all that tourism-fuzz, everything tastes better, yes, I meant EVERYTHING!!!

7. American football recently played a game in Germany. Boring or worth a look?

Sorry to say and no offense, I seriously never heard about that, maybe I´m too busy watching wintersports…

8. Russia and Ukraine War, Joe how does this end?

This might sound a bit romantic, but I truly believe, that it is on us, the common people, to put an end to this useless, crazy waste of innocent lives. If our peaceful protest against this war can put enough pressure on the streets, they have to negotiate. It´s us funding these killings and it´s us who can put and end to it….Power to the people!!!

  • 9. Final thoughts for your American friends, any advice on best places in Germany to visit?

    The best places to visit in Germany are the railwaystations, where highspeed trains will bring you to Austria, a country much older than just 150 years, where the food is better(you have to try the pastries) and world´s best coffee is served. People might seem a bit grumpy on the first, but after a bottle of wine, everything´s fine…


Parade of Horribles in Joe Biden’s America

by Guardian 6               Dateline: 24 February 2023 (Updated)

     Originally Published: 21 September 2021

Artwork by Joseph Eder, Internationally recognized Artist

It goes from bad to worse with no end in sight. Once you think it cannot get any worse, it does. The Biden Administration is a complete abject failure orchestrating chaos to cover their failings on a broad scale. Friday dumps of bad news to mask the Biden Administration dereliction of duty is a thing of the past. The parade of horribles is a daily occurrence if not an hourly event. With this team of losers at the helm, it is depressing. Let’s take a look:

  • Biden’s Proxy War, Russian – Ukranian Conflict. Biden created the conflict by demonstrating extreme weakness with his Afghanistan surrender to the Taliban and his inability to confront China on their Uyghur Genocide and their COVID19 virus that killed millions of Americans and hundreds of millions worldwide. Biden does nothing. Putin measured the man and like 2014 with Obama, he saw a weak, feeble, compromised president with a 50 year record of failure. Hence, Putin invaded Ukraine. Today we watch Biden send over $113 billion to Ukraine with no strategy, no accountability and no plan to end Putin’s aggression.
  • China & the Wuhanvirus. The democrat party collusion with China is in plain sight. China caused the COVID19 virus but the democrats will not back an investigation or even assign blame directed at the Chinese Communist Party. Instead, they attack the GOP and attempt to shift the blame toward GOP Governors who are pushing back against mandates and keeping schools and businesses closed. Question, how much money have the Chinese been paying off democrats? How is it all the democrats in Congress are millionaires? Eric Swawell slept with a Chinese spy and he is still on the Intel Committee. How does this happen?
  • Open Borders. Biden will not secure the border. Quite the contrary, his Executive Orders and Homeland Security policies have created a massive migrant crisis. Border patrol and state governors and local municipalities are overrun. Drug cartels are fueling this crisis  being given free reign to run drugs and human trafficking rings in the US. Of course there are likely thousands of criminals, rapists and terrorists intermixed with illegal aliens. Biden is not only failing to uphold our laws, his administration has torn down portions of the new wall that was recently built. Children are being abandoned at the border and children are dying in America due to drug overdoses. The Border Czar VP Harris is AWOL. America is being invaded.
  • Afghanistan debacle. This is well chronicled by the 53rd in the Biden policy of Abandonment article. The more we learn about the Biden surrender and the on going torture of innocents within Afghanistan by the Taliban, the more horrendous it becomes. It is hard to fathom an American humiliation of this scale, incompetence off the charts that makes one wonder could this be intentional.
  • American News Media. Beyond fake, it is now a criminal enterprise covering for the crimes of the Biden Administration.  While our border and Afghanistan burn with chaos, and American cities are hit with crime wave after crime wave, our extremely incompetent and democratic party news media servants, focus on defunding the police or the fake insurrection (it was a riot at best), or what ice cream Biden is eating. No one takes the news media serious anymore because they are grotesque liars that orchestrate the news cycle. When you think of people like Chris Wallace, Brian Stelter or Joe Scarborough you think of taglines like democratic operative, potato and shill. Losers all.
  • Big Tech. Truly scary how they have compromised themselves and become enabling to a one party state controlled by Democrats aligned with China selling principles for access to a bigger market and profit. Censorship is ruling the day in policy and practice, and now they are blunt about it. Twitter allows the Taliban but bans President Trump. Youtube censors videos of doctors and nurses that disagree with the CDC. Google buries truth in their search engine and manipulates searches to benefit democrat messaging. Apple censors Apps that enable free speech but allows China to dictate terms and conditions to them to access their market and make their phones. Amazon sells mostly Chinese crap on their platform killing American small businesses.
  • The Pandemic & The Chinavirus. We now know the Chinavirus came out of the Wuhan lab. Democrats continue to obfuscate this fact to include Fauci funding much of the research to include gain of function research that is banned in the US. The 53rd covers this well in Global Strike but the virus is how the Democratic Party weaponized the presidential election and introduced massive fraud on the  American population; closed businesses and schools and continue to instill fear to create a compliant people, mask wearing population. Now the plan is to destroy military readiness by mandating the vaccine on troops. The Biden Administration and DoD know a high percentage of troops will opt out, and be forced out of the military. This is not a second order effect, this is part of the devious plan to continue America’s destruction.

Sadly, there is much more than what is chronicled above.  Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, Antifa, bankrupting American generations with massive debt, the Green New Steal, woke military leadership and the parade of horribles goes on.

The clown in the center of the parade of horribles is Joe Biden with Barack Obama manipulating the strings behind him.  Biden thinks he’s in charge but he is not. Obama gets plausible deniability as Biden destroys American society and our culture of fierce independence, patriotism and an entrepreneurial spirit gets destroyed by people from within that hate our country.  Democrats are compromised and their party has been taken over by socialists, communists and evil. The china virus is the foil they’ve needed to build American dependency and scare millions of Americans into submission. It is way past time to wake up and for patriots to take America back. This tyranny must end. It is past time being on the sidelines. Patriots, America needs you and the world needs America. Stand up, push back in your local communities. Time now!



David’s Slingshot To The CCP’s Goliath

Taiwan To Serve As The Slingshot That Destroys The Chinese Communist Party!

Dateline: 20 February 2023

by Going Deep with Deacon Mike From “The High Plains of New Mexico”

Xi Jinping and his CCP ruling elites should continuously evaluate, reevaluate and evaluate some more before they take another step towards war with Taiwan and its Western allies. Taiwan is “The Little Engine That Could”! It has built its economy on the Western Principles of Freedom, Transparency, Accountability and Free Market Governance. “The Republic of China” (aka Taiwan) is the polar opposite to the CCP’s governance of Mainland Communist China where freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly simply do not exist.

As we have recently witnessed, the people of Communist China resent the hell out of the lockdown tactics of their ruling elites and the overbearing harshness and cruelty of their overlords. This natural yearning by the Chinese people to toss off the yoke of repression and governance by fear & intimidation can and should be used by Taiwan to defeat those who would wipe away the impressive track record of economic success in Taiwan. Taiwan serves as a faithful and reliable trade partner to its Western allies and friendly neighbors. Their reliability needs to valued and honored. It stands in stark contrast to the CCP’s cruel rule of mainland China.

If the CCP continues to move towards war with Taiwan, there are several other factors that they will need to consider. We are sure that the CCP must be thinking about them. Here’s a partial list of ”Food for Thought” that we recommend gratis to our own most threatening adversary and Taiwan’s Number One Public Enemy!

1.)  The Chinese Communist Party’s Chairman Xi Jinping and his Advisors vastly underestimate the tenacity of a Free People when threatened by the hostile takeover of a murderous regime. The Taiwanese will inflict grave damage upon those who would enslave them. Xi will be humiliated and forced to vacate his lofty position.

2.)  China has absolutely NO experience in combined warfare when leveraging their joint capabilities. Neither does Taiwan but guess who does? Well, that would be the USA, our Western European Allies, Australia, The Philippines, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. That which Taiwan lacks will be supplemented and greatly enhanced by its neighbors and friends.

3.)  The CCP will need to ask itself many times over and over again: “How do we feed 1.4 Billion starving Chinese countrymen?” Surely the CCP understands that once kinetic warfare begins, the CCP will lose access to its most lucrative global markets. The trade that the CCP has come to expect to fund their malevolent efforts all around the world comes to a screeching halt. “Sorry Charry! No Ticky, No Laundry!”

4.)  When the CCP begins seizing American businesses in China being run by “woke” leftist American CEOs too entrenched and stupid to leave beforehand, Communist China will pay a most severe price as it loses all access to Wall Street and sees it’s own American based factories, farms and properties confiscated and sold off. The profits from those sales could be donated to charitable foundations dedicated to the rebuilding of damaged Taiwanese properties.

5.)  The CCP’s raw materials supply lines will be completely sealed off from ever reaching the Chinese mainland. All that money spent to build their “Belt and Road Initiative” to steal from poorer nations will come to naught as their belts lose their buckles and their roads are bombed into potholes.

6.)  The CCP “thinks” they have done enough spying and subterfuge to know and understand American Warfighting Capabilities. They think that they have paid off enough corrupt American politicians to advance their knowledge of American weapons advancement. In reality, they have no idea of what will hit them and how hard they will be hit if they step into the arena.

7.)  The CCP believing that they have the goods on the Biden Crime Family may elect to jump early before a new American hardline President is elected in 2024. This would only add to their self-inflicted pain as they not only shoot themselves in both feet but also their groin and their head! The reelection of one Donald J. Trump with all of his new tariffs and promised Covid Penalties would be cemented in stone assuring the CCP’s China a journey backwards in time of 100 years or more. Reopen the Opium Dens!

8.)  China’s many American Collaborators in Congress will be identified by the newly formed China Committee and jailed for lengthy terms as American Traitors. The CCP will lose any influence that it once had in the USA and the suffering that follows in the CCP’s China will surely lead to the removal of Chairman Xi and the collapse of its inhumane regime. State Trials are assured. As in the case of the Nuremburg Trials, crimes against humanity (ie. the Genocide of the Uyghyr Muslims) will result in capital punishment and public hangings.

9.)  There are rumors circulating of the re-formation of Pappy Boyington’s original “Baa Baa Black Sheep” Unit and “Doolittle’s Raiders” both of which made their respective marks on military history during WW II. In addition, there has been discussion of a new Tuskagee Airmen “Red Tails” Unit. Rumors abound that the new units will all be equipped with American stealth technology. The resurrected units will be staged in special operations centers and able to strike under the radar and without warning, true game changers!

10.)One last point, Taiwan does not need to win an outright military victory to be viewed as a Gold Medal Winner in any battle with its Big Bully Evil Brother, the CCP! Taiwan already has and will continue to have the deep respect of the civilized world while the CCP circles the old bowl and joins the many other historical & dictatorial murderous regimes of the past. It truly is sad that such ambitious and industrious people are controlled by the CCP and fail at learning life’s lessons!

The number one life lesson that China’s CCP may want to study and embrace is the Golden Rule! “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”And if the CCP needs it stated more clearly? “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.”

We welcome your comments and additional input! We at the 53rd Regiment emphasize: BE HEARD!!!


(Trump) US China Reset Has Started … Xi Jinping Awakened Sleeping Giant

By BlackJack Pershing: @PershingSoldier on Twitter, @BlackJackPershing on Truth and @BlakJakPershing on GETTR

Dateline 18 February

     Democracy is liberty – a liberty which does not infringe on the liberty nor encroach on the rights of others; a liberty which maintains strict discipline, and makes law its guarantee and the basis of its exercise. This alone is true liberty; this alone can produce true democracy. –Chiang Kai Shek

     Fellow patriots it was not that long ago that China was not under the yoke of the CCP.  A long civil war that overlapped WW2 was fought in China between nationalists and communists, ultimately won under the brutal and relentless drive of Mao.  Mao, by the way, was a madman on equal scale with Hitler and Stalin – no one discusses it these days – but – that’s fact.  Chiang Kai Shek was the imperfect leader of the resistance back then.  He ultimately fled to Taiwan.  This is part of the reason why Xi wants control of Taiwan so badly.  It’s unfinished business for the CCP.  A bastion of freedom close by that reminds Chinese citizens of their real history.  

So given the recent provocations by the CCP (there are legitimate questions as to how much control Xi actually has), what should we expect from the 2nd term (3rd technically) of Donald J Trump?  In short, look for a massive overhaul and correction.  A few highlights:

Reparations for Covid: China will pay for the destruction it gave the entire world, starting estimates are $20 Trillion.  Likely paid via tariffs but its coming.  

Balloons: payback for the balloons, Hawaii/Guam laser shows and other Chinese surprises?  Likely direct overflights of China using our latest high altitude stealth technology, drones and likely some tech we do not know about.  Space Force will actively demonstrate satellite killing technology.  And watch for us to poke at China – just to see what they will do.  That’s what they just did and have been doing.  It’s time for pay back.  No one knows what it will look like.  

Access to US Universities: Drastically reduced.  No Chinese national will be allowed access to any US STEM programming.  Ivy League institutions who have profited directly from Chinese betrayal will be wickedly upset.  We will allow access to a handful of approved liberal arts colleges that teach liberty/freedom/western civilization in the formerly grand tradition.  We now have approximately 300,000 Chinese students in US colleges.  3 years form now?  We will be down to 30,000.  

Pacific Zone Strategy: the US will develop a robust answer to China with a Pacific version of NATO in which key pillars will be the Philippines, Japan, Australia, South Korea and yes, overtly, Taiwan.  An aggressive mix of Naval, Space and land based forces will be cultivated.  We will ensure their biggest threats remain in their own back yard.  

Peel Off North Korea and Vietnam: what began under Trump in the first term will continue.  The relationship between Trump and the North Korean Dictator will allow us to move NK into the US sphere of influence.  Economic benefit will outweigh NK’s traditional emphasis on being a pariah state.  Many may find this action  unpalatable and it is – but it is more important to isolate China.  Vietnam is already far along in this evolution and is becoming a destination for businesses departing mainland China.  We will continue to develop an alliance with Vietnam.  The US will double the number of troops based on the Korean Peninsula and begin joint exercises in cooperation with North Korea.  

Repatriate US businesses from China: Trump will lead a unified Republican congress in outlawing most manufacturing done in China.  Anything that uses advanced technology in anyway – will not be made in China if it’s destination is the United States.  Tarrifs will apply to everything else from shovels to laundry baskets.  China used our open economy against us – that will be reversed in short order.  

No Chinese Investments in the US: China will be cut off from buying US real estate of any kind and from purchasing US businesses of any kind.  TikTok is done as far as US access goes.  

Begin the End of Uighur Genocide: aggressive work will be done to uncover exactly what is being done on the mainland with this exploited and tortured minority in China. Insist world governing bodies that we fund work on the issue or defund them.  Trump will lead this effort loudly just as he did with the deadbeat NATO members not living up to their obligations for funding.  The horror will be exposed in detail much the way the holocaust was exposed at the end of WW2.  

Unbelt and Unroad: President trump will take great pleasure in developing a strategy to counter Belt and Road.  Ironically the tools are already there.  We just need to use them,  From here on out, no foreign aid will be awarded to any country unless the recipient guarantees there will be no participation in the so called ‘Belt and Road’ Chinese infrastructure initiatives.  We will build on this by further ensuring US trade policies amplify the same.  Want to trade with the US with a minimum of tariffs?  OK.  No Belt and Road in your country.  Otherwise no trade or massive tariffs.  This is coming.  

China Loses Face: perhaps worst of all for Xi, Mr Trump will look for every opportunity to ensure that whatever esteem or good will Mr Xi thinks he’s built up over the last 10 years, is erased.  China, desperate to be taken seriously, will be exposed as the Godless empty vessel it is under CCP leadership.  

US Military Prepares for 22nd Century Warfare: View it as either necessary, if early, or provoked by China, but the US Military knows it must counter China’s malevolent aims.  Countering EMP threats, countering misinformation/disinformation driven by woke China assets in the US, cultivating a healthy and fit population, realigning higher ed with American ideals, controlling our borders, becoming energy independent and an exporter of energy will be part of the strategy.  The basics of having the best weapons on the planet must continue.  

So fellow patriots those are the basic tenets to watch for as President Trump begins the long overdue correction of CCP led China in his coming term.  Watch for it all to begin/happen with lightning speed the day he takes the oath of office.  No Chairman Xi – this is not he beginning of 1000 years of China dominance.  Quite the opposite.  We are at the dawn of a major course correction that helps Chinese citizen reclaim their heritage and freedom.  

What did I miss?  Please comment below.



Communist China’s American Robber Baron’s

Profits at any cost. Sellout American workers for a better deal in China. Trade sensitive technologies for a better deal in China. Exchange American intellectual property, manufacturing expertise and American ownership for a better deal in China. Compromise the American supply chain for a better deal in China. Hollow out US infrastructure and manufacturing prowess for a better deal in China. Sell American farmland for increased pennies on the acre by the Chinese. Sell American cattle ranches for increased dollars on the head. Avoid regulations and taxes for a better deal in China.

Robber Baron: a person who has become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices.

by Guardian 6

Dateline: 15 February 2023          Colorado

Communist China’s Robber Baron’s:

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink. Using American 401K investment dollars Larry builds up China and the communist regime. “He calls democracy ‘messy.’ Props up the Chinese Communist Party.  “Praises [Chinese President] Xi and his regime, known for violent oppression.” As China cracks down domestically ruling its people with an iron fist and imprisoning one million Uyghurs in forced labor camps, Fink see’s opportunity for investment growth creating financial vehicles to help prop up the regime.

National Basketball Association. Lebron James is the face of the NBA in China. While “King James” rails in support of Black Lives Matter and often criticizes police officers here in the States, he’s silent about the imprisoned Uyghurs. The NBA has been silent on China’s human rights violations, including its treatment of Uyghur Muslims, with human rights organizations decrying this genocide but with NBA owners and the league investing over $10 billion in China, money trumps genocide. Billionaire Hedge Fund and part owner of the San Francisco Warriors, Chamath Palihapitiya had this to say, “Nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs, OK? You bring it up because you really care, and I think it’s nice that you care, the rest of us don’t care.” Not much more than a PR clean up job for the Warriors and NBA. He said the quiet part out loud. It’s about the money.

Nike. “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China,” CEO John Donahoe told Wall Street analysts last week in response to a question about competition from Chinese companies during a call about fourth-quarter earnings, “We’ve always taken a long-term view. We’ve been in China for over 40 years,” Donahoe said, expressing his optimism that the brand will continue to grow quickly in the world’s most populous country. I guess the Uyghurs that are suffering today is a problem Nike and Donahue ignore under their “long-term view,” whatever that means. I’ll translate, Nike operates in communist China for the money.

Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Hedge Funds & China. Dalio is another communist enabler preaching there is a New World Order (NWO) coming with China replacing the United States. Dalio owns many Chinese companies through his investments and licks the Chinese ice cream cone often on MSNBC Business network singing communist China’s praises. Eating Chinese ice cream is a passion he shares with Biden. It wasn’t too long ago where Dalio compared China’s human rights abuses to a “strict parent.” Yeah, what’s a little enslavement in ethnic camps for Uyghurs, or organ harvesting, or locking hundreds of thousands of people in their apartments during COVID to stop the spread resulting in mass suicides and starvation. Yup, this is the kind of place Ray Dalio prefers to do business over America.

Apple and Tim Cook, CEO. Nothing like a $275 billion dollar payoff to Apple’s overlord, the communist Chinese government and Xi Jinping. In exchange for Tim Cook’s Apple investing in China CCP’s high technology sector and funding Chinese suppliers for Apple products in the communist parties 2016 five-year plan, Tim secured his communist minders “necessary support and assistance.” What else did Tim Apple give up?  Technology transfers include a deal with China’s largest wind turbine maker, Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology; made plans to move iCloud operations to China in 2017; launched a $300 million investment fund for clean energy in China in 2018;  opened 11 more retail stores in mainland China; and brought Chinese manufacturer Luxshare into I-Phone 13 production.  Tim Apple (Cook) appears to be a China First man too like the other Robber Barons.

These are only five of the companies and individuals that are selling out American national security and jobs. Amazon, Google, General Motors, Ford, Pfizer, General Electric, Smithfield Foods, Coke, McDonalds and the list goes on. There are hundreds of American companies supporting the buildup of communist China at America’s expense.

It is all about the profits with these Robber Barons. It’s not about what is best for America’s national security, nor American workers, nor America’s cities and industrial base. Nah, these masterminds, companies and organizations put America and its people last.


The Mooning of America

by Deacon Mike … Ruminating

Artwork by Joseph Eder, internationally recognized Artist

Dateline: 11 February 2023

Any red-blooded patriotic American just has to be deeply troubled by the inactions of our illustrious President and his loathsome administration over the past couple of weeks especially as it regards our once great country and the permitted slow passage of “Xi’s Balloons” over the length and width of the USA. What’s up with that? 

Why would a President no matter how weak and incompetent, sworn under oath to protect and defend our country, allow our number one adversary to fly his spy-ship openly in our airspace for hours on end?  

Why would a government that tries to censor so much news from its citizens , allow “Xi’s Balloon” to be televised crossing wistfully across the Northwest, the Great Plains and the Southeast?

Why would any President, even a monstrosity like “Dopey Joe”, wait to give the order to shoot it down until it was over the Atlantic Ocean having completed its spy mission? Was it really because the administration was worried about a debris field showering the residents below? 

When it was over Montana, those residents would have included the deer, the elk, prairie dogs, some wolves and some bison but very few actual human beings! The skies above Montana would have served as a perfect place to mark the target and fire a rocket into Xi’s “billion dollar balloon”!  That Did Not Happen! No order was given to bring it down. Why not?

The answers to each of these questions is troubling at best. Any thinking American, any American with an ounce of wonder, indeed any American with any awareness of right vs. wrong, has to be asking themselves these very same questions. Any American that realizes that the “Mainstream Media” has become nothing more than a government financed propaganda machine realizes that it has been telling our “reporters and broadcast journalists” what to think and how to explain their “Breaking News” to their minions.

As Americans, each of us should take a step back and really think deeply about what is happening in plain sight and put right out in front of us with so little regard to what and how we think about it. “They” must really think that we are “tres stupide” (a little French Lingo there)!

Let’s break down the potential rewards for “Dopey Joe” and Chairman Xi in their very public Quid Pro Quo. Shall we? Chairman Xi comes first as he the most to gain.

  1. Xi’s Balloon loaded up with the best High Tech Cameras that his Uyghur slaves can assemble is able to navigate his “Low Tech” Spy Satellite right over our Montana based ICBM silos. Chairman Xi says that he has no control over his “weather balloons” and that they kind of just float along with the breeze. It is purely coincidental that we had missile silos beneath his balloon and that his cameras and sound equipment took photos and listened in on the military conversations below.
  1. Xi’s Balloon floats toward the Midwest and a number of our top military bases where we house our B2 Bombers and Strategic Air Command. NORAD just happens to be on the flight path of Xi’s Balloon. Purely coincidental that the balloon floated that way. Must have been the Winds of Destiny or perhaps Xi “breaking wind”!
  1. On its path towards the Atlantic Ocean, Xi’s Balloon was able to gather in the cell phone numbers and personal data of millions of unsuspecting Americans. Unfortunately, those citizens with the Tik Tok App downloaded on their iPhones gave up their information unwittingly and in abundance. Chairman Xi commented that things are a little glum back in China right now where Covid has mutated again and millions upon millions are sick with the virus. That being the case….”We all need  good laugh back home and you Americans make funniest Tik Tok videos! Do you blame CCP for watching The Libs of Tik Tok? They are very very clazy! They almost as funny as your President Dopey Joe, NO JOKE!!!”
  1. Chairman Xi was testing his new Uyghur Slave Made Solar Panels! They were used to power the electronic surveillance equipment and antennae used to spy on us! Xi was heard to exclaim: “Oh my! This good stuff! Exerent performance by my new gadgets! Give my Uyghurs extra portion of rice tonight! Cancel all organ transplants for 2 days as reward for derivering top secret information to me. Chairman Xi very very happy!”
  1. As Chairman Xi’s Balloon floated out to our East Coast and it appeared over Myrtle Beach, SC Chairman Xi was excited to look down upon all of the amusement parks that abound in that area. He was downright envious of the beautiful boardwalk. He got very thirsty when he saw the vast array of bars and restaurants. It was just at this moment when Xi heard a very loud explosion. He was heard to exclaim to his aides, “Is Dopey Joe in the room? I not want to get sick on this day, the best day of my life! I am living my best life! Not want to smell terrible pant load of Stinky Dopey Joe!!!”. His aides told Xi that one of our jet fighters had blown his Balloon to bits. Chairman Xi’s response? “That better than smelling Stinky Joe’s arse!” 
  1. Do you believe that the CCP’s Balloon, tattered and laying in pieces on the watersof the Atlantic Ocean and at the bottom of the sea, still had lots of value to our Chinese “betters”? Well it must because they want every last piece of its electronics and balloon skin back in their hands! Remember! The Chinese have 1.4 Billion citizens and slaves to their Communist state that can reassemble it using Super Glue and Gorilla Tape!!! Now what does Dopey Joe get out of his deal with Chairman Xi? Well let’s dive into that, shall we?
  2. It may be logical and indeed expected to ask the FBI to investigate any recent deposits into Stinky Joe’s Bank Accounts. (“Logical and indeed expected” if the FBI was still an agency led by people of high ethics and integrity.) His personal wealth has grown exponentially over his 50 years in politics while collecting government salaries the entire time. (Note: While those salaries and benefits would have provided most of us with a very nice standard of living, there is no way under the sun that any of us could have become multi-millionaires many times over! None of us would have been able to own 3 large, beautiful homes and the now famous Corvette on a Senator’s salary alone. And as Stinky Joe likes to boast, he is often referred to as “Middle Class Joe” ……. by himself one would suppose.) Our first question has to be: How much did Stinky Joe get from Xi and when did he get it?
  3. How much money does it take to satiate an Octogenarian?
  4. Will Stinky Joe be presented with his very own copy of Chairman Xi’s new book?It includes a centerfold photo array of Hunter and Joe “in action” while in China on “business meetings”. The rumored name of the tome? The Book of Biden Decay and Corruption of America Under Chinese Supervision.
  5. Humiliation and Mortification are sure to follow Stinky Joe and his family all the remaining days of their lives, gifted to the Bidens’ by Chairman Xi. Our fellow countrymen realize that the Bidens have turned their innermost hatred on their very own Middle Class Citizenry, our values, our faith in God, our respect for our divinely inspired U.S. Constitution, our love for God and neighbor. As Benedict Arnold betrayed our country for 10,000 pounds and a British military commission, “Stinky Joe” has betrayed our country and its history of principled leadership for his own self-aggrandizement, a wheelbarrow full of cash and gifts and an audience of his fellow Democrat / Commie phonies and our Chinese enemies that only want to steal everything that they can while “Stinky”, “Sleepy”, “Dopey” Joe leaves our doors wide open.

So what is the Numero Uno thing that Joe Biden and his family of grifters, thieves and gypsies has earned for himself and exposed our still great American culture and nation to?

The Answer: Chairman Xi’s Mooning of America!

Xi’s pants are down and he is laughing as he exposes his ample derriere over us every time one of his Balloons flies over us! There is nothing that “Stinky Joe” can do because Chairman Xi has the goods to hang over his head ……. and Xi is doing just that!!!


Democrats – Easy to Spot – Trail of Destruction

February 2 2023                     Mountains of Colorado 

Show me an American city with failing infrastructure and I’ll show you  an entrenched democratic party  that has driven the city into the ground  for decades through self enrichment and democratic mayors that pad their pockets.

Show me a broken education system where children can’t read, schools are dilapidated and teachers don’t care  and I’ll show you the Democratic Teachers Union running the show more focused on  themselves than teaching children.

Show me a state that is running big deficits, that has broken the backs of small businesses through tyrannical dictates during the  China Virus period and has a massive homeless problem and I’ll show you a blue state historically governed by democratic governors.

Show me a state with high taxes, where people are moving to the south and west and businesses are relocating out of the state and I’ll show you a democratic led state that has created an anti free market where the economy is imploding.

Show me a city where crime is rising or out of control and there is a defund the police movement, and I’ll show you a broken democratic led city that fails to protect its citizenry and their property.

Show me a community where Antifa and BLM own the streets and I’ll show you a woke democratic broken government where shirking their responsibilities is the norm.

Show me a professional sports league where professional athletes regularly take a knee during the presentation of our great American flag and I’ll show you a piss poor democratic commissioner that caters too haters, losers and selfish ingrates.

Show me a legislature that overspends, treats budgets like a monopoly game and taxes the hell out of their citizens and I’ll show you a democratic clown car filled with incompetents, takers and losers.

Show me a politician that has never had a market economy job and is a millionaire and I’ll show you a democrat that has grifted and profited at the expense of the American taxpayers.

Show me a college professor who teaches their students what to think instead of how to think through critical analysis and reasoning and I’ll show you a woke democratic dope that lacks intellectual curiosity.

Show me a Big Tech CEO that puts policies in place to eliminate free speech and censors people they disagree with and I’ll show you a democratic tyrant intimated by intellectual diversity of thought.

Show me a person that believes there are more than two genders and I’ll show you a democratic science denier that lives outside reality.

Show me a person that truly believes Joe Biden got 81 million votes and I’ll show you a legitimate low information voter with a marginal IQ or a myopic elitist.

Show me a New York Times or Washington Post reader and I’ll show you one of the most leftist lunes that lives in the Atlantic Bubble.

Show me a person that looks down upon the working class or judges people by their appearance and I’ll show you an elitist democrat.

Show me a 4X Vaxed Covid person and I’ll show you a lune wearing a double mask driving down the road in their car alone with a Biden-Harris sticker on it.

Please leave a comment if you have a “show me” correlation as well. Love to hear from you.


Be Heard!