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Who’s on the CHYNAH Payroll and Why

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First: who started the entire debate on China?  Who assigned tariffs to China?  Who got them to the bargaining table on trade?  That’s right: Trump.  We all know.
How can I stay silent when my brothers & sisters are getting tortured, gang raped, forced abortions & sterilized every day. People are scared to speak up. Money, Fame & Fear are keeping them blind & silenced.  What would you do if that was your mother or sister?
    – Enes Kanter, Center, Boston Celtics and new US citizen
One man stands alone in the NBA.  Enes Kanter is alone in his unwillingness to kowtow to China and it’s use of money to silence NBA executives, Coaches and players.  Indeed, not just silence, but in the case of willing idiots like Lebron James, create willing advocates for their evil deeds.
“I don’t want to get into …a feud with Daryl Morley, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke, and many could have been harmed not just financially but physically.”
     – So called ‘King James’ on Daryl Morley’s criticism of China’s suppression of Hong Kong
He went on to caution on the ramifications of free speech.  Look it up.  Unreal.  
Group think in the US State department post-Kissinger/Nixon got us to where we are today.
At least at first, the idea was legitimate: open up China to a working relationship with the US as a way to triangulate the Soviets.  Slow steady progress took place and China was not a factor in the latter parts of the Cold War.
But a funny thing happened on the way to our current situation with China.  China creatively decided to use our own capitalist system against us in myriad ways, but the most sinister way was and is appealing to the greed of officials in government, business, sports, you name it – any sector in the US.
The Great Sellout: it began in the 1990’s.
America was overrun by Big Box stores.  Most of us loved it.  Cheap goods.  At first it was the simple stuff like lawn chairs and laundry baskets that got offshored to Chinese manufacturing.  Then it escalated.  Appliances, watches, jewelry, most textiles, clothing, and most other consumer goods with the possible exception of food were offshored to China.  Why?  To increase profits.  Who enabled it?  Both Bush presidents, Clinton and Barack Obama.  Why?  They all had business interests in it, as did their subordinates.  All have profited.
Millions of Americans were thrown out of work.  The democrats offered welfare.  The republicans offered tough love and bootstrap lectures.
“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle”
     – Sun Tzu from ‘The Art of War’
More specifically:
American Higher Education quietly invested in recruiting Chinese students who could pay full tuition with no financial aid.  It would be easier to list the schools that did not bring in large numbers of Chinese students than those that did.  The so-called Ivies are the worst offenders.  FACT: There are very well known schools in the city of Philadelphia that could not host the Dalai Llama a few years ago during a planned visit due to their compromised position with China and heavy load of Chinese students. (the trip was cancelled due to health issues with the Dalai Llama so this story isn’t known)  Today the higher ed business model is heavily dependent on educating huge numbers of Chinese students who hate our system and leave immediately upon graduation.  They are mercenaries and will not be converted to a US mindset, especially in our Stalinist run universities.
The Chinese have flooded our major research institutions with their mercenary students.
Listing politicians influenced by China would end up being an article as thick as a phone book.  We’ll summarize the lowlights:
Diane Feinstein worked long term with a Chinese spy on her staff.  Some would argue she knew and was comfortable.
Pelosi’s husband has business interests all over the world and is know for insider trades made with advance notice of government policy changes.  He’s made millions from China in this way.
Eric Swalwell, notorious flatulence merchant, slept with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang for years.
John Boehner, notorious RINO, cryer, smoking man and the original orange man went to work for a lobbying firm representing Chinese interests immediately upon stepping down as speaker.  Ever wonder why he’s been a Trump critic?  Now you know.
The Clinton, Obama and both Bush administrations: they allowed so called ‘free’ but unfair trade, and hundreds of administration lackeys were in on it and profited from it through board appointments and other forms of payola in which the swamp excels.
The Biden Crime Family: we all know this, because its what they do.  They don’t even hide it.  It’s on camera.  It’s on the record.  From Hunter’s laptop to eye witness accounts to open statements by the Dementia Patient in Chief, we all know we have a family enriched by China at the top of our government, acting as apologists.
“China is going to eat our lunch?  Come on, man! I mean, their not bad folks…they’re not competition for us…”
   – Joe Biden, then former Vice President, May of 2019
Do your own googling and look up Hunter Biden’s dealings with CEFC China Energy, diamond rings, et.  Come on, man, indeed.
The medical and pharmacy sectors are now heavily influenced by China with most of our prescription medications now made in China, and as we have learned, the US government funding dangerous research in Chinese labs.  If this doesn’t cause a collective WTF to happen among normal Americans, what will?  Government, Pharma execs and the medical establishment enabled all of this.
The sports establishment has always liked to wrap itself in the American flag until recently.  As each of the major sports leagues did their own version of Woke in the last several years, each did so with an eye on 1.5+ Billion potential Chinese fans, Chinese venues, Chinese stadiums, Chinese teams.  The NBA has led the way and completely and laughably compromised itself.  Many believe the 2 fans Lebron had exited from a game recently were taunting him about China.  But its not just the NBA.
All of them have an eye on China and have likely already begun expansion talks.  Allowing the US to be disrespected is a part of their plan, which is pleasing to their new Chairman.  Sports industry executives were a compromised lot before China ever came along, exemplified most vividly by the NFL and Goodell, who would never let domestic violence or 3rd degree homicides keep a player out of the game.  It’s a crap industry that plays its fans like idiots and will sell out the US at a moment’s notice.
We all know that China requires all foreign firms to share their IP and allow Chinese ownership stakes in their operations on the mainland.  All major manufacturers have gone along.
We all know that the alternative energy industry has huge stakes in China and we all know that money is the main driver behind climate change fanatics pushing their interests on unwitting consumers.
So, to recap, American patriots are getting screwed not so much by China directly, but by fellow citizens, politicians, business leaders, the petty tyrants in academia, the US State department, the chamber of commerce and many others.
What will we do, fellow patriots?  What will we do?

The Chinese Government engages in forced organ harvesting.

Ethnic & religious groups,
Tibetans,Uyghurs in death camps, Christians,Falun Gong are all targeted
Stop murdering for organs.
It’s a crime against humanity
End forced organ harvesting in China,


     – Enes Kanter
Again, fellow patriots, what will we do?


Dear Xi …

Feel lucky Xi? Apparently so. Xi doesn’t know. His arrogance and tyrannical hand of absolute power corrupts his mind and thinking. Big plans small mind. Xi Jinping plots, plans and reads his own paper clippings. Not good. Not good at all. 

Xi Jinping looks very small as he flies sorties off the coast of Taiwan to intimidate them. Meanwhile, the West yawns.

Xi Jinping looks like a petty tyrant leading a Chinese military parade celebrating China’s 70th anniversary of undermining Chinese democracy.

Xi Jinping looks in the mirror and pats himself on the back celebrating breaking the treaty of Hong Kong’s “high autonomy” with Great Britain and smiles putting his big pants on.

Xi Jinping continues to lie to the world about Coronavirus, the Wuhan Lab and being ground zero for millions of deaths. We all know China is the source and Xi’s policies and poor leadership led to this outbreak. The only question that remains is was this intentional? 

Xi Jinping knows the world is watching as he commits genocide against the Uyghur people. The world is watching and while it may appear to be weak, eventually the western world will reject Xi’s death camps. The NBA is not America Xi. LeBron James is not America Xi. Joe Biden is not America Xi. America is Missouri. America is North Carolina. America is Ohio. America is Virginia. America is Wisconsin. Olympic boycott is coming Jinping.

Xi America knows Trump won. America knows Biden is a fraud and that he was installed like a toilet. America knows that Biden did not get 81M votes. America also knows Trump will soon be back and that he will hold you accountable for your tyrannical rule.

Xi continue to play emperor and enjoy it while it lasts because eventually forces from within will up end you. Your Chinese enemies are already plotting. Democracy is coming, soon, very soon.




We CAN Be Thankful During the Democrat Doomsday

By Blackjack Pershing @Blakjakpershing on GETTR  
     Thanksgiving 2021
Orwell said ‘In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’, we patriots, we Americans, we Christians can paraphrase that by saying ‘In a time of extreme-criminality and ingratitude, being thankful is also a revolutionary act’.
And despite our challenges, which are many in the Bidenite era, we have reasons to be thankful.
Be thankful that we know.  We all know.  For the first time we all know the extent of the malfeasance of the Stalinist Left, the democrats and their willing trained poodles in the media.  We Know.  We all know what they did in 2020.  We are not forgetting either.
Be thankful for the man who continues to call out what others will not, who continues to state the uncomfortable obvious, who continues to point out the mendacity of the RINO’s, who continues to address the fraud from the last election: Donald Trump.
Be thankful that the same man changed the national dialogue on everything, most notably China.  Trump made it clear that China was the issue.  The threat.  The main thing.   The swampian losers didn’t get it.  Still don’t.  Many remain on the China payroll.
Be thankful that the Republican Party has become the place for the worker, the honest woman and man, the deplorables of all races and creeds.  Leave the scumbag elite, the criminal takers, the swamp –  to the democrats.
Be thankful that in Virginia we see the beginning of a turnaround with the election of Youngkin and his team.
Be thankful that reasonable people are paying attention to how bad it is.
Be thankful for ‘Lets Go Brandon’, the perfect response to this garbage Commander in Chief, a diapered dilapidated doofus.  #LGB is everywhere and its glorious.
Be thankful that the tech elites could not control themselves and went too far.  They exposed themselves.  We are fortunate that new platforms are now emerging to compete with these compromised platforms and will take them down competitively by offering options for free speech that do not exist in Zuckerberg/Dorsey/Bezos/Gates/Cook’s twisted world.
To that end be especially thankful for GETTR, thus far the best non-leftist option for social media.
Be thankful for the British media, still willing report the truth, such as the addled US President’s horrid anal explosion while speaking to the Duchess of Cornwall.  “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore!’ According to their source.  Dr Jill knows and we all know.
Be thankful the end of the democrat reign of terror is within sight, if we don’t screw it up.
Be thankful that the level of depravity of the US education system is being exposed and reasonable parents are starting to intervene.  We just may be able to right the ship if we don’t back off.
Be thankful that the installed stooge in the office of the presidency continues to crap himself, literally, on the world stage.  Just ask our leftist Pope who instead of a talk on abortion, had to get a mop and bucket and clean up aisle six after Brandon had a nuclear shart that required a change of bloomers.  For an encore he went to Scotland for public nap and a big aforementioned fart at the Prince’s battle-axe.  All of this proving what we already knew.
Be thankful that the thinking moral backbone of this country is now more aligned and connected than ever – across race and creed – and that we know we are more powerful than the Stalinists when we band together.
Be thankful that we can see with absolute clarity how devious, disgusting and deliberate the elitists are about screwing over hardworking Americans.  No guessing anymore.  They have a greek chorus in Hollywood and a legion of Goebbels’ Spawn in the media.  But we know.  We all know.
Be thankful that the FBI has exposed itself for the corrupt political Brown Shirt operation it is.  Sadly the FBI has corrupt DNA, having been run by a cross dressing lunatic for decades.  J Edgar would be proud of his creation no doubt, but would probably still think Comey is a prick regardless.  With exposure comes reform or a complete shutdown in the next Trump term.
Be thankful that California has started to implode.  It needs a complete meltdown to right itself.  Sadly, liberal nimcompoops will need to be attacked personally by roving bands of maniacs before they change – and maybe not even then.  In the end it may be the Latinos in CA that save the state, as they have faith and family orientation and generally switch to the Republican Party as they achieve success.
Be thankful that the Durham Investigation continues along slowly and methodically.  Just like Michael Meyers in the Halloween movies, he may be slow, but eventually he will catch the low down corrupt hacks who created the fake Russia Hoax.
Be thankful.  Change is coming.
Be thankful that God is Great, Christ is King, the truth always comes out, and that we still live in the greatest country in human history.  All of us must work to bring the ship back on course.
Please share your own thoughts around thankfulness below.
Happy Thanksgiving –


We All Know

by 53rd Editorial Board            November 15, 2021

We all know Trump won the 2020 election. It was not even close.

We all know the Democratic Party cheated in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. We all went to bed that night with President Trump having insurmountable leads in Wisconsin, Georgia,  Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Somehow, without merit and breaking media norms and precedent Foxnews and the fraud Chris Wallace called Arizona early for Biden.

We all know that the DNC and democrats are using mail in ballots and extended voting windows to cheat.

We all know in certain democratic controlled areas dominion voting machine are connected to the internet.

We all know BigTech colluded with the Democratic Party to push favorable Biden news reports and censored Trump on all their platforms only reporting negative news.

We all know the fake news frauds at Fox, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of them colluded to cover up “the laptop from hell” and Hunter Biden’s criminal dealings with China, Russia and hookers among other questionable behaviors.

We all know the Big Guy is Joe Biden and he received 10% kickbacks from Hunter leveraging his positions of government authority for financial gain.

We all know Joe is shot!

We all know Hunter is not an artist.

We all know that the Main Stream Media (#MSM) is very fake and littered with leftists, socialists and statists.

We all know that the #letsgobrandon movement is not only national but it is now an international movement. And we all know what #LGB really stands for. #FJB

We all know that Build Back Better is BS and all about making America a socialist country.

We all know that whatever is woke turns to shit!

We all know that America never leaves its citizens and Allies behind like  Biden did in Afghanistan.

We all know that the Green New Deal is all garbage and about confiscating wealth from America’s middle class to control us.

We all know that the COVID19 mandates are anti-American and about taking away our rights.

We all know that Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer are tyrants and they do not care about what the people think.

We all know that the Democratic Party is compromised of socialists, incompetents and people that no longer believe in the promise of America.

We all know that the Democratic Party uses race to divide us, as a wedge issue and to keep the poor dependent on government programs.

We all know that the Democratic Party and Joe Biden cannot be trusted with our children.

There are many other things we all know. Please share your thoughts of what you know in the comments section below.

Be Heard America! 


Boycott The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic

by Deacon Mike                                                          October 30, 2021

The irony of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) hosting the Winter Olympics in less than 100 days from now should not escape any red-blooded American paying attention to the history of the world, the history of the Asian Pacific Region or even Current Events. From its founding in Athens, Greece (where Democracy was birthed), the Olympics was celebrated as a global event that brought the nations of the world together to celebrate athletic achievement through rigorous competition. The CCP, on the other hand, will use this Winter Olympics to further their false claims and propaganda agenda. Let’s examine just a few major headlines that may come out of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Chinese Athletes Are Superior to Free World Athletes

The CCP will credit the diet and exercise regimen of their athletes for their medal count. Its hard to argue that most World Class Athletes would find it hard to resist the tasty offerings of Fried Bee Pupae, Stinky Tofu, Tuna Eyeball, Sheep Penis, Chicken Testicles, Snake Soup, Roasted Street Bird (Pigeon), Scorpions and Thousand Year Old Eggs! If that doesn’t satisfy your pallet, you might try Chilly Rabbit Head, Chicken Feet or Pig Brain!! Yum Yum!!!

Chinese Society Is Among The Healthiest In The World

The CCP will credit their healthy lifestyle and group exercises as the major factors behind their populations’ longevity; at least since the demise of Mao Tse-tung and the ending of his purge in the mid-1970s which resulted in the deaths of 65,000,000 men, women and children.

The CCP has built an Economic Miracle the Likes of Which The World Has Never Seen

Well, if one doesn’t count the spying, the stealing and the reverse engineering of the Western World’s Patents, the CCP has at least shown an expertise in how to lure away the most successful corporations from their home countries in order to “Build Back Better”. Every First World Country apparently has it’s share of “Joe Bidens, Barack Obamas and Bill Clintons” willing to sell out their homelands for a wallet full of Yuans.

The CCP Is The World’s Leading Authority In Medicine

The CCP has to be a World Leader in Medicine in order to release the Wujan Virus on the rest of the world and not suffer an equivalent loss of life in China as the origin and host country. Their “advanced” medical care protocols call for the lockdown and welding shut of apartment building doors to prevent any of their sick or dying citizens from escaping. (Apparently Dr. Jack Kevorkian (aka “Jack the Dripper”) has taken up residency in China and shares a practice there with Dr. Josef Mengele (aka “The Angel of Death”) where they head up the CCP’s Health Ministry.

The Citizens of China Enjoy Unparalleled Freedoms and Liberty

“Let’s go to the Video Tape!” as Warner Wolf used to say. The Uighurs are reporting that they have the freedom to do exactly as they are told. Currently the Uighurs are “happily” employed in the Nike shoe factories and the computer assembly plants of Apple & Dell. Over 80 US Corporations have set up shop in Xinjiang for cheap labor. The Uighur people are moved all over China wherever the need for slave labor exists. This is hardly the stuff that a country given the Olympic Stage should be engaged in yet here we are. “A good Uighur Slave” can earn $220.00 per month plus a great haircut (Kojak would envy their stylish cuts which leave nothing but some stubble!)

Of equal relevance, perhaps Bob Costas, Al Michaels & Mike Tirico can spread out and cover the making of Olympic Athletes in Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. It would be interesting to learn how an athlete (or any inhabitant) in those locked down Chinese Provinces trains to compete to find dinner for his table, shelter for his family and clean fresh air to breathe.

Here are a Few of the Olympic Events that China & the USA should match up in.  Gold, Silver & Bronze Nude Fauchi Figurines will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Finishes. The Losers get a Bus Ride to the Wuhan Laboratories.

Biathalon: The edge goes to the USA on this event. Word on the street has is that Alec Baldwin & Dick Cheney have been recruited as “crack shots” for the rifle portion of the event.

Figure Skating: The edge goes to the USA once again! Stacy Abrams, Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah, Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifa and Lizzo have teamed up to whoop all comers! With their “full figures” there can be little doubt that their size will scare the pants off the diminutive ones from Jiiinah!

Curling: Could be a surprise victory here for the Americans as Joe Biden has joined the Squad. He was recruited to the team after the coaching staff viewed video of his “blowing” abilities! The coaches are confident that he can use the same skill set on the ice in advancing “the Stone” as he does on women before advancing his hands!

4 Man Bobsled: Rumor has it that an All Star Bobsled Team has been assembled from the ranks of those that have frequented the news over the recent past. The American Bobsled Team will be anchored by Admiral Rachel Levine. Pete Buttigieg will be seated directly in front of the Admiral. Barney’s Frank has come out of retirement to occupy the second position directly behind Anthony’s Wiener. To quote the Admiral, “Nobody loses when everybody wins! Our sled will run hard, very very HARD!!!” We expect to be holding that Golden Fauchi in our hands at the completion of this race!

As we conclude this article, one can only wonder if the 2022 Winter Olympics would have been better staged in the Central Mountains of Taiwan where there is snow that can be enjoyed in freedom outside the control of the Chinese Communist Party.



53rd Regiment Endorses Glenn Youngkin for Virginia Governor

Editorial Board of the 53rd Regiment

October 29, 2021

Endorsing Youngkin is a slam dunk! Nothing says awful like Terry McCauliffe, hence the well deserved nickname of Terry McAwful.

Youngkin is a proven leader and a successful businessman. He gets it and understand the struggles of Virginians and the excessive government overreach by federal, state and local governments as it relates to education, masks and vaccine mandates. McCauliffe is a career Clintonite that associates with the worst of the worst. He is known in Democratic circles as “Mr. Dirty Tricks.” He built the DNC’s strategy that is known the “Politics of Personal Destruction.” When the Clintons needed a bagman, Terry was always close by.

Youngkin is not a politician. Refreshing! He’s a homegrown Virginian  that spent the last 30 years raising his family, practicing his faith, building a business and creating jobs. Youngkin is guided by faith, values, and an unshakeable belief that Virginia should be the best state in the Union. Youngkin believes in America, and will put Virginians first.

McCauliffe, Northam and the Democratic Party have decimated Virginia. The Virginian recovery from the pandemic ranks in the bottom 10 among all states. Our students are behind in school and have had Critical Race Theory and pornography shoved down their throats by Schools Boards and the treacherous National Teachers Union. Violent crime has risen to 20-year highs, and much of government, like the Virginia Employment Commission and Department of Motor Vehicles, is broken. People are voting with their feet and leaving the Commonwealth. Taxes are higher, inflation is soaring and Virginian families are being dumped on by bureaucratic tyrants stealing our freedoms and eliminating parents involvement in their children’s education.

It’s time for bold leadership. Glenn will make sure Virginia has better-paying jobs, the best schools, the safest communities, and a government that works for you. His game plan will create 400,000 or more jobs and make sure every student graduates college or life ready to enter the workforce.

Glenn will cut exploding costs for families and relieve the burdens of inflation and taxes. He will cut regulations to create jobs and make it easier for innovators and entrepreneurs to get small businesses moving again. He will restore our high standards for schools and our students, ban critical race theory, invest in our teachers and schools, and empower parents with real choices.

He will defend – not defund – our law enforcement heroes, end human trafficking, and rescue our failing mental health system. And Glenn will make state government honest, efficient, and modern.

While moving forward on these priorities, Glenn will protect our constitutional rights. All of them including the first and second amendments. The result will be a Commonwealth where businesses can prosper, students can thrive, communities are safe, and people – not politicians – are in charge.

It’s going to take a new kind of leader, not a failed politician looking for a second chance like McCauliffe’s gross failings. When Glenn is Governor, we will get it done together.

McCauliffe set Virginia back a decade. No more! Youngkin will fix Virginia and he is well prepared to get to work.


We’re American’s Damn It!!

By BlakJakPershing on GETTR,      @BlackJackPershing on Gab

Dateline: October 19, 2021   1957 hours

“America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser, this is why America has never, and will never, lose a war.”

General George S. Patton

Hiden Biden and Silly Milley Vanilli have proven the great general wrong in his prediction.  They left Afghanistan in a disgraceful way that the world will long remember and not soon forget.  Team Biden has now put American incompetence under a spot light for our global enemies to view with glee.

We are Americans, damn it and that is not us.  It is not how we do things.  IT IS NOT US.

What is happening now under this insanely incompetent mix of buffoons, miscreants and slobs IS NOT US.

Alejandro Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security, cultivator of a completely open border, destroyer of the Border Patrol, finger wagger to freedom seeking refugees from his own Cuban homeland IS NOT US.  He is a swampian leftist tool of the worst kind.  An insane Cueball, and bumbling contributor to the downfall of our country.

Non-thinking Antony Blinken: the worst possible Sec of State in the history of the Republic.  Makes bad plans, knows they are bad, anticipates they won’t work and does them anyway.  That’s him.  THAT IS NOT US.  That is the work of a career stooge.  A career coward.  A career incompetent.  A Bidenite!

What is a Bidenite?  A sniff accepting, pedo enabling, crackhead’s pop accepting, Stalin embracing, Bad Grandpa Groping, Corn Pop celebrating, IRS Abusing, thieving, contemptible, incompetent stooge.  Yes!  That is a Bidenite!

Psaki?  No thanks.  Give me some Sake, though, please.   Peppermint Patti is the worst Press Secretary of all time.  The sarcastic, scolding enabled harpy that gleefully defends Grandpa Badfinger.  Psaki is NOT US.  She is the Stalinist’s pom pom girl.  But no – she does not represent America.  NO CHANCE.

The imitation First Lady is as much of a Doctor as Rachel Levine is a real lady!  Rachel may qualify as a ‘fat broad’ – heck, Rosy qualifies for that.  But back to Dr Jill, who is very guilty of Elder Abuse.  Washington DC social workers should be getting involved.  It’s a real problem.  But what else can be expected from a rough Philly chick.  Enough said.  Jill is not us.  Americans don’t like fake titles and don’t abuse our elders.  Pound sand, Jill!

Kamala Harris is MIA.  Kamala Harris is a joke.  Kamala Harris is the failing Border Czar.  Kamala Harris has the most irritating laugh on the planet.  Kamala Harris is despised by everyone – even stray dogs.  Kamala Harris is not legit.  Kamala Harris is not one of us.  Americans are not phony posers, incompetent hacks, dopey imposters.  Kamala is NOT US!

“I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.”

President Theodore Roosevelt

Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Cooke, Bezos, Pichai have appointed themselves our digital masters.  We’ve been tolerating it.  Are you ok with this?  Will you continue to surrender your privacy and personal data for entertainment?  Will you continue to put yourself and your families at risk due to these Bidenites (see definition above) harvesting your information to destroy you later?  Do you understand that they are in league with China?  Do you understand you will soon receive a social score determined by their algorithm?  The Silicon Valley digital nerd-bidenites are NOT US.  We are Americans!  We do not steal from our neighbors!  We do not peek in our neighbors’ windows!  We do not enable election fraud!  Reject the digital nerd-bidenites!

Failing senior military officers are not us.  Generals used to win wars.  They insisted on it.  The last time it happened was the first Gulf War in 1991.  Clinton/W Bush/Obama and their enablers in the Swamp and congress wrecked the professional officer corps at the senior levels.  As George Marshall did before WW2, it may be time to remove all officers above O-6 and start over.  (credit to the Newt Gingrich podcast for that idea)  Fat, Woke, thick headed, Stalinist Generals ARE NOT US!!  American Generals win wars!  30 years of GO’s have not.  We don’t want you!!!

Fondly do we hope ~ fervently do we pray ~ that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword as was said three thousand years ago so still it must be said ‘the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.

Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural

America is virtuous and righteous.  As Lincoln pointed out at the time, the barbarism of the Civil War was enough.  The death, the destruction was enough and that God’s divine hand was part of it.  Those that seek to perpetuate the wrongs and make a living off of them must be stopped.  Bidenites live off of racism.  They get paid for encouraging it and then profit off of its misperception and the media seals who advertise it.  Reject the Bidenites!  Americans love their fellow Americans and are the most charitable people on the planet.  Reject the lies of the Bidenites.  We are 160 years on from the end of slavery.  Its OVER.  We are moving on.  Get a life, Stalinists.  We know what you have done with racism.  We know.  We all know.  The Trump Grand Coalition proves how wrong you arseholes are.  Its made up of blacks, whites, gays, Asians, blah blah blah – you name it.  They love Trump because he loves and defends the interests of Americans, not the diseased swamp.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

President Ronald Reagan

Frauds like lying Fauci don’t want us to be free and may in fact be in in cahoots with the ChiComs who have used the capitalist system to undermine us.  Money is being paid to undermine America.  Sometimes overtly like in the NBA which now employs communist propagandists like Popavich and LeBron James.  Sometimes silently but obviously as with China Joe and Hunter.  Sometimes in surprising ways as we are now learning with the Chinese lab and Fauci’s Gain of Function research.  We now have District Attorneys across the large metros of the United States installed and paid for by Soros/China – happy business partners.  Reagan’s warning/ forecast is coming true right in front of our faces.  We are Americans!  We do not take payoffs from Chinese Communists!!!  Fauci/Soros/Popovich/Lebron – you are not us!!!!  No you are not!!!  You are engaged in espionage in plain view.  We do not want you!

I remembered some people who lived across the street from our home as we were being taken away. When I was a teenager, I had many after-dinner conversations with my father about our internment. He told me that after we were taken away, they came to our house and took everything. We were literally stripped clean.

George Takei

Now George cares more about being woke and a gay activist than the real lessons of the history he lived.  George knows deep down that it was the democrats that imprisoned and took away everything his family owned.  He knows.  His life is proof of what they are capable of.  George really knows.  The democrats want to control us.  They want to imprison the uncooperative.  The Bidenites like what the ChiComms are doing to the Uighurs.  They do not talk about it because it’s a warm up.  Its one big happy family.  Crazy Aunt Nancy knows this.  Cryin Chuck knows this.  China Diane Feinstein used to know it before she lost her marbles.  The dems know.  Its their plan.

However.  We are Americans, Damn it.  We do not create concentration camps for our neighbors.  We do not take away belongings and rights of others.  But the Democrats do.  The Bidenites do.  What will you do?  What will you do?





Virginia Ready for Socialism — Vote Terry

by Matthews Cooper

On Assignment in the Common Wealth of Virginia

October 11th, 2021

Nothing says awful like former democratic Governor Terry McCauliffe, a Clinton operative turned politician. Nothing says  home grown Virginian like being born in NY,  mentored by the Clintons and the Democratic machine; and doing business with the Chinese on a failed electric car company and accepting their fundraising gifts during his campaign. Terry is right for Virginia simply because he does what is necessary to win. Facts are not inhibitors nor are they irritants to Terry. Facts are to be dispensed with falsehoods that can be repeated to the point where Terry gains the advantage, like Joe’s Build Back Better. Terry’s brash in your face ability to flip lies in his favor is artful, a trait shared with Joe Biden.

While @the53rdregiment has endorsed GOP candidate Youngkin for Virginia Governor, once again I appreciate the opportunity to present an alternative view to the very sizable 53rd platform audience. Even though I know McCauliffe brings baggage to this race as a once underperforming governor,  nothing says retread like Terry. Just roll his ass out there again so he can claim his first term was successful. After all, look at his legacy, Governor Northam, Mr. Blackface himself mentored by Terry. What a success. Heck, Ralph Northam can even moonwalk when he’s not advocating for abortions post birth. At the end of the day, nobody can defend his woeful policies better than Terry. It is that simple, democrats have no viable bench of governor candidates in Virginia other than Terry.

The one thing that separates Terry from Joe is that Terry can at least coherently string multiple sentences together. Both men have profited greatly from government larges but this is what democrats do when they are at their very best. This has never been about public service for Joe or Terry, oh no, this is about personal profit and power. Control the message, control the purse strings and control who gets paid.

While Youngkin has rightly criticized McCaulife’s record, Terry moves to strengthen his radical base by defending his call to defund the police and telling parents they have no right to tell school boards what they should be teaching their children. Government schools know better than parents what their kids need to learn whether they are inherent racists or inherent victims based on their skin color, not their character. We are 21st century divide and conquer democrats, not Martin Luther King democrats. Ignore the fact that Terry sent all five of his children to private schools choosing what education his kids got. If it wasn’t for double standards Terry would have no standards at all. Doublespeak is one of Terry’s strengths. This author admires it.

Many democrats are worried that Youngkin has closed within 3% points in the polls, while others plot and scam trying to figure out how to maximize the northern Virginia vote where they’re  countless drones and freshly minted illegal migrants. Democrats are very good at math in counting the vote too. Wink, wink.

McCauliffe is proud of his closing argument. The choice is clear and there could not be a greater contrast in the two candidate statements from the last debate:

Republican Youngkin: “I believe parents should be in charge of their kids’ education.”

Democrat McAuliffe: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Government schools, big government solutions, mandatory Critical Race Theory training, socialism, Teachers Union payoffs, and the drumbeat of leftist socialism has turned Virginia deep blue. With Terry, voiceless parents and big government will win the day. I’m Matthews Cooper and Terry McCauliffe is the right progressive socialist for Virginia.



Biden’s America: A Parade of Horribles!

by Guardian 6               Dateline: 21 September 2021

It goes from bad to worse with no end in sight. Once you think it cannot get any worse, it does. The Biden Administration is a complete abject failure orchestrating chaos to cover their failings on a broad scale. Friday dumps of bad news to mask the Biden Administration dereliction of duty is a thing of the past. The parade of horribles is a daily occurrence if not an hourly event. With this team of losers at the helm, it is depressing. Let’s take a look:

  • China & the Wuhanvirus. The democrat party collusion with China is in plain sight. China caused the COVID19 virus but the democrats will not back an investigation or even assign blame directed at the Chinese Communist Party. Instead, they attack the GOP and attempt to shift the blame toward GOP Governors who are pushing back against mandates and keeping schools and businesses closed. Question, how much money have the Chinese been paying off democrats? How is it all the democrats in Congress are millionaires? Eric Swawell slept with a Chinese spy and he is still on the Intel Committee. How does this happen?
  • Open Borders. Biden will not secure the border. Quite the contrary, his Executive Orders and Homeland Security policies have created a massive migrant crisis. Border patrol and state governors and local municipalities are overrun. Drug cartels are fueling this crisis  being given free reign to run drugs and human trafficking rings in the US. Of course there are likely thousands of criminals, rapists and terrorists intermixed with illegal aliens. Biden is not only failing to uphold our laws, his administration has torn down portions of the new wall that was recently built. Children are being abandoned at the border and children are dying in America due to drug overdoses. The Border Czar VP Harris is AWOL. America is being invaded.
  • Afghanistan debacle. This is well chronicled by the 53rd in the Biden policy of Abandonment article. The more we learn about the Biden surrender and the on going torture of innocents within Afghanistan by the Taliban, the more horrendous it becomes. It is hard to fathom an American humiliation of this scale, incompetence off the charts that makes one wonder could this be intentional.
  • American News Media. Beyond fake, it is now a criminal enterprise covering for the crimes of the Biden Administration.  While our border and Afghanistan burn with chaos, and American cities are hit with crime wave after crime wave, our extremely incompetent and democratic party news media servants, focus on defunding the police or the fake insurrection (it was a riot at best), or what ice cream Biden is eating. No one takes the news media serious anymore because they are grotesque liars that orchestrate the news cycle. When you think of people like Chris Wallace, Brian Stelter or Joe Scarborough you think of taglines like democratic operative, potato and shill. Losers all.
  • Big Tech. Truly scary how they have compromised themselves and become enabling to a one party state controlled by Democrats aligned with China selling principles for access to a bigger market and profit. Censorship is ruling the day in policy and practice, and now they are blunt about it. Twitter allows the Taliban but bans President Trump. Youtube censors videos of doctors and nurses that disagree with the CDC. Google buries truth in their search engine and manipulates searches to benefit democrat messaging. Apple censors Apps that enable free speech but allows China to dictate terms and conditions to them to access their market and make their phones. Amazon sells mostly Chinese crap on their platform killing American small businesses.
  • The Pandemic & The Chinavirus. We now know the Chinavirus came out of the Wuhan lab. Democrats continue to obfuscate this fact to include Fauci funding much of the research to include gain of function research that is banned in the US. The 53rd covers this well in Global Strike but the virus is how the Democratic Party weaponized the presidential election and introduced massive fraud on the  American population; closed businesses and schools and continue to instill fear to create a compliant people, mask wearing population. Now the plan is to destroy military readiness by mandating the vaccine on troops. The Biden Administration and DoD know a high percentage of troops will opt out, and be forced out of the military. This is not a second order effect, this is part of the devious plan to continue America’s destruction.

Sadly, there is much more than what is chronicled above.  Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, Antifa, bankrupting American generations with massive debt, the Green New Steal, woke military leadership and the parade of horribles goes on.

The clown in the center of the parade of horribles is Joe Biden with Barack Obama manipulating the strings behind him.  Biden thinks he’s in charge but he is not. Obama gets plausible deniability as Biden destroys American society and our culture of fierce independence, patriotism and an entrepreneurial spirit gets destroyed by people from within that hate our country.  Democrats are compromised and their party has been taken over by socialists, communists and evil. The china virus is the foil they’ve needed to build American dependency and scare millions of Americans into submission. It is way past time to wake up and for patriots to take America back. This tyranny must end. It is past time being on the sidelines. Patriots, America needs you and the world needs America. Stand up, push back in your local communities. Time now!



MAGA 2.0: Bigger, Better, Faster and Permanent  

By BlackJack Pershing: @blakjakpershing on GETTR

Dateline September 14th, 2021


‘The laws should be rigidly enforced which prohibit the immigration of a servile class to compete with American labor, with no intention of acquiring citizenship, and bringing with them and retaining habits and customs repugnant to our civilization.’

‘A cause worth fighting for is worth fighting for to the end.’

 ‘Our citizens have the right to protection from the incompetency of public employees who hold their places solely as the reward of partisan service.’

‘Communism is a hateful thing, and a menace to peace and organized government.’


  • All quotations of Grover Cleveland, who, until 2024, will have been the only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms.  He was a dem, but a good one, and a far right winger by today’s standards.

Fellow Patriots, whether by decertification of the 2020 election results due to fraud, or the overwhelming landslide that will occur in 2024, Donald Trump will be the 47th President of the United States.

Its time to recommend and put forth his agenda for the next term.  He’s got lots of clean up to do.  We know that he can do it.  Joe Biden is and will be a skid mark on the history of the United States.


  • Finish the wall.  Overhaul immigration.  Forever stop illegal immigration by making it impossible through walls, drones, electronic means and aggressive/thorough visa enforcement.
  • Eliminate foreign aid; begin leveraged foreign assistance.  That means to get a dime from us we get something back, to include taking your illegal aliens back.
  • Complete NATO solvency.  We are out if the allies don’t pay their bills.  Enforced in the first 90 Days.
  • Begin ‘Pacific NATO’ to counter Chinese aggression; replicate post WWII model for defending free nations in the Pacific region.  Require the re-arming of Japan.  Japan and Korea to play the roles their economic power requires.  Philippines to step up.  Indonesia too.  Pull in Vietnam as an ally.
  • Implement Chinese Reparations for the China Virus Epidemic.  Offer concessions for honesty and a legitimate answer on how it was started.  Assume it was on purpose to start.  Opening bid is $20 Trillion.  It can go up or down based on their behavior.  Collected via direct payment, debt cancellation, or tariff.
  • Western Hemisphere Alliance: begin to negotiate a communist-free western hemisphere alliance based on our shared western heritage and common security interests in North and South America.  Require participation and funding by all nations.  Begin the isolation and ultimate de-communization of Cuba and Venezuela via internal friendly parties.  Fix Haiti once and for all via dedicated coalition of charitable partners that do not include any US State Department resources, the Clinton Foundation, the Gates Foundation or any other organization associated with human trafficking.
  • North Korea: finish what was started.  Rocket Man is waiting the return of his friend to negotiate a nuke free Korean peninsula.   Get the US troops home.  Agree to guarantee Kim’s safety with an agreement to normalize relations between north and south.  If he stays, fine,  If he exiles in China – fine.  Let’s all move on.  Allow travel and development.  Let them work it out while Pacific NATO grows in strength and power.
  • Restructure the Federal Government/Bureaucracy (De-Swampification):
    • Decommission the Pentagon as an office.  Turn it into a museum or commercial office space.  Move military operational HQ to the midwestern United States.  Ft Riley, KS or Ft Leonard Wood, MO.  The locations will attract those willing to serve and prevent swamp connections and corruption in Washington, D.C.
    • Move all other offices of the federal government out of Washington DC and divide them up among the entire geography of the United States to include Hawaii, Alaska and the territories.  Sell off all offices in the Washington DC area.  Good examples are the DOJ and the FBI.  Move them to different and distant states.  Consider permanent elimination of the corrupt FBI.
    • Close the department of education permanently and send all related assets to the states.
    • Close HUD; send all related assets and activities to the states.
    • Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate agencies, organizations, pet projects, ruthlessly.  Let the swamp feel the reorgs and layoffs we’ve all felt forever.
    • Much like Space Force, develop a scientic branch of the military specifically dedicated to defense against the emergence of bio-weapons, sonic/Havanna effect weapons, chem/nuke, electronic pulse, laser and other weaponry we know that our adversaries are aggressively developing.  Science Force All the Way?  POTUS will name it well.  That I can tell you.

Other items on the domestic front:

  • Begin the permanent de-communization of the United States thorough civics education, strict visa/immigration compliance and aggressive removal of Chinese bribery initiatives
  • In all ways reduce the scope of the federal government to the intent of the constitution.  Truly relegate all to the states that should be.
  • Require honest work; eliminate welfare where it is not needed; replace with retraining credits
  • Get business taxes to 15% to win the global battle for investment and jobs
  • Continue bilateral trade agreements
  • Allow the private sector to find win/win solutions to pollution and clean energy; reward through incentives.  Dump all foreign ‘deals’ that punish our workforce.
  • Institute studies, taskforces, awards that institutionalize true American history.  Re-institute the 1776 project.
  • Fully constitutional Supreme Court
  • Refresh and renew the Republican Party with zero RINO’s; help lead a de-communization of the Democrat party
  • Win back the Black vote for republicans and solidify Latinos as a reliable republican block of voters
  • Finish Enterprise Zones and work with the private industry and states to at long last fix inner cities; make failed democrat leadership of inner cities obvious

Those are my initial thoughts fellow Patriots?  What are yours?  Please leave them in the comments.  I’ll close with a few things you already know:

  • Phuck Joe Biden (clap, clap, clap clap clap!)
  • Trump Won, We all know!
  • Hillary still sucks
  • Barr was a phony and a disappointment
  • The mooch was a D-head
  • Pence lost his nerve
  • Milley for Gitmo
  • They killed Joan Rivers for calling out the obvious.  We all know.
  • W they have something on him. What is it?


BlackJack Pershing