Lara Logan: The War Against Humainty

Attention: Reader Discretion Advised. This section contains information that may be distressingly truthful to some readers.


Lara Logan (@laralogan) appeared on yesterday’s X Space (FREEDOM FRIDAY – Campaign To #StopTheWHO) led by Bill Elmore (@BillEllmore) and Dr. Kat Linley (@KLVeritas). Thank you to the organizers for the most legendary and informative X Space gathering ever.

What was supposed to be a short introduction to her experiences in the investigative journalism field turned into a legendary, single-blow, 40-minute delivery about how recent events tie together—with COVID, January 6, the state of independent journalism, the border crisis, child trafficking, global trafficking networks, media bias, technological control, ideological struggle—and why this is the last curtain call for action for every one of us. Her delivery was one of the most impressive flow states of information delivery that I have witnessed. Therefore, I’m sharing the transcript below, with the assumption that since the broadcast was public, so is the data contained herein.

The text below may contain transcription errors, but it is intended to be presented as close to the original raw delivery as possible.

Lara Logan on May 24, 2024.

“Okay, so I’ve been a journalist for more than 35 years. Sixteen years as the chief foreign correspondent and correspondent for 60 Minutes at CBS. I worked at NBC and ABC. They loved me until I reported on Benghazi honestly and went outside of the accepted narrative. And then they came for me, and they haven’t stopped ever since.

But I’ve learned how to really not care. I mean, I’m only human, so it’s not that it has zero effect on me, but honestly, these days it has close to zero effect. What I do is map it out so that I can understand the nature of the threat and where it’s coming from. And I have to say that I agree with Liz, this is a beginning. It’s not an end state. And that’s what I would really urge people to understand.

There are a lot of people out there who say, ‘Well, I don’t like the way things are going, but what can I do about it?’ You know what I mean? Or, ‘I just I’m hoping that if I do everything right, and you know, I didn’t go to the Capitol on January 6, and I didn’t vaccinate my kids or whatever,’ you know, people just think that somehow they can stand on the side. It literally, if you can picture, you’re on the banks of a river, and America is drowning, and you’re just like, ‘Okay, so I see it drowning. But if I stay here, I’m safe, and maybe someone else will come to save it.’

I would say we have a limited window of time. Hope is not a strategy. You’ve got to do more than hope. And Trump is just a life raft. Even if he gets into office, which would be, you know, take something of a miracle given the extent of the fraud and everything that goes along with it. This deal is already underway, obviously. So I would just say that even if he were to get into office, there’s a robust plan to make this country ungovernable in his time, in his tenure, and to prevent him from bringing accountability. And I think the entire thing can be boiled down into three words: accountability, not amnesty.

You know, almost all of it [illegal immigation] is funded through NGOs, either by the United Nations or the US government. You’d be shocked to understand it. I would urge everybody to follow Tara Rodas. She’s a whistleblower within the Inspector General’s office, a lifelong Democrat, married to a man from El Salvador, and speaks fluent Spanish even though she’s like this five-foot, you know, middle-aged blonde mama. And Tara went down and volunteered on the border. She answered the call from the Biden administration to go and help with the border and was just shocked by what she found. But what makes Tara interesting and particularly important is that she’s probably the only whistleblower I’ve ever known in history who has not been fired. And that’s because she was not actually working for the Inspector General’s office when she stumbled across the reality on the border. And she is meticulous because she has a history in the Inspector General’s office. So what she has been documenting is how the government is trafficking children, really for the benefit of the cartels, in the worst multinational criminal operations in the world.

I mean, the most powerful and the wealthiest, right? Because you’ve got, for people who think the Mexican cartels are just, you know, ‘Oh, it’s just the drug cartel in Mexico.’ No, you know, they’re in 54 countries. And cartels are in 48 countries and so on. These are global operations and for reasons that defy any kind of morality, logic, or decency. I just have no words for it. This administration is assisting them in their operations, and I am very passionate about it because I know what the reality looks like.

It’s one thing to discuss it or it’s kind of at arm’s length. But when you talk about 85,000 missing unaccompanied minors that the federal government has no idea where they went and admits that they have no idea where they went, you don’t know how many more there are beyond that. And that’s just in one fiscal year, right? 2022 to 2023. And so when you start to delve into what happens to those missing children, and you do what Tara has done, which is document and literally trace them, or you’ve got an MS-13 gang member who is a known sex trafficker, who is sponsoring kids, who is literally approved as a sponsor by the Biden administration to sponsor unaccompanied minors, who, by the way, are only supposed to be coming to this country to reunite with their families, so they shouldn’t need sponsors. They shouldn’t need to go into foster care in the United States because they’re supposed to have family here. That’s the reason they’re granted an exemption to immigration law in the first place. But most of them are not going to families. And what Tara and her coworkers found was that you’ve got 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 kids going to one person at the same address, as you know, two or three other people sponsors, and there are 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 kids going to each of those sponsors. So you’ve got hundreds of kids going to one apartment in the state of Texas. Well, obviously, that is a trafficking operation.

And I will just tell you from my time in Mexico with Mexican investigators and others, that the average length of time that a child survives when they are trafficked for sex is two years, and death is merciful because technology has enabled the worst people on Earth to find their home and their tribe and unite these people and elevate them and enrich them and empower them. So you will have, I don’t know, 50, 100 pedophiles around the world participating in the mass rape and torture of a three-year-old child and directing how that child has to be tortured. You have entire genres of pornography called hurt core, which is sadistic pornography that is proliferating now, where for example, someone who has a fetish for blood will cut certain veins in the child and then they create what’s called a blood show as they bleed and raise the children to death. And we’re not talking now about the average age of a trafficked child. It has dropped now from children to teenagers to infants, toddlers, to now newborn babies that they do this to.

And so one of the reasons I’m glad you asked about this and forgive me this [X Space] is because I know that this is about COVID. But when you look at these things in isolation, I’m afraid that you don’t see the whole picture. And I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people in this space that connect those dots, and you start to understand that the fentanyl crisis is not in isolation. It’s drug warfare that has been waged since the Opium Wars. The Chinese learned a very harsh lesson in drug warfare from the British. That’s how they lost Taiwan, and they’ve never recovered. So you know, you have the Chinese starting the fentanyl crisis. You’ll often see today people say, ‘Oh, well, the CCP is running the fentanyl in America.’ They’re not. They farmed it out to the Mexican cartels.

So how is that connected to the trafficking? Or when you open the border because you have open border ideologues in the government, you have now opened the border to everyone: transnational criminal enterprises, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, money laundering, everything, right? You’ve opened it to everything. Well, how is that relevant to the WHO(1)? Well, I’ll tell you how, because the policy that the open border ideologues are implementing is the exact policy that was entrenched at the United Nations in the Global Compact on Migration(2), where they made migration a human right. That’s where they removed the word ‘illegal’ from the international lexicon on migration.

What was one of the first things Biden did when he came into office? So you might not notice it, but I noticed it because I know what the Global Compact on Migration says. So when Biden removed the word ‘illegal’ from the language of Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, ICE, immigration enforcement, law enforcement, Health and Human Services, I mean, you name it, he banned it from the lexicon of the federal government. So now you’re no longer allowed to talk about illegal immigrants. Well, why was that? Because they will begin implementing the Global Compact on Migration.

So right now you have everybody kicking and screaming about the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty (3). But you’re already halfway there on migration because this administration has never talked about a crisis at the border because they are implementing the Global Compact, which is a globalist policy that they have placed above sovereignty, above US law, etc. And they now talk only about regular and irregular flows of migration. So, for them, they are now implementing what they already have in the digital realm, which is a world without borders, without laws, because there are very few laws that govern the digital realm.

Anti-trust legislation is not applied to big tech. There’s no digital Bill of Rights. You don’t own your own image there. They’re using that digital world which already dominates so much of our lives and dictates so much of what happens in the real world. Things that we don’t even know whether they’re real or not. Those things are all interconnected. There’s no escaping them. And if you don’t see how they relate to each other, then you miss the bigger picture, which is, of course, the next step from that digital realm is right into digital currency, which is a control system as well as a global pandemic policy, which is an extension of the passport, digital health passport, etc.

So we’re moving into a Marxist-type system of control. But the difference that the world has never ever seen before. The part that I believe people underestimate is that technology will empower and enable that in a manner and on a scale that we have never seen before.

So why does Obama say we shouldn’t have said defund the police? He didn’t say we shouldn’t defund the police; he said we shouldn’t have said it because it put people off. But why do they want to defund the police? Well, because the technology will be the police. You’ll be geo-fenced, you’ll be controlled, there’ll be no private ownership of anything. You will no longer have purchasing power. You won’t even have a digital CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). That’s just a stepping stone to where you’re going. These are control mechanisms just the way that a digital health passport is a control mechanism.

In addition to that, the world’s resources, how this relates to climate is that climate [Climate Change narrative] is needed. How are you going to store all that data? If any of you have ever seen a data center, you need to see it. Look it up online or go find one and go look at it. Because you will start to understand the scale of the data collection in the world, how much water and electricity it takes to keep that stable, how all the backup systems they have to have and all the water that is required, and the security that they have it under. I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the Nevada desert. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s unbelievable. And that’s just what’s out there and that’s visible. And they’re working all the time on reducing the size of metadata so that they can store more and more data because there aren’t enough rare earth minerals currently identified worldwide to power the artificial intelligence future that they envisage for us.

So forgive me if I’m boring you, but this is a war against humanity.

And if you get caught up in Democrat versus Republican, you’re just, honestly, you’re giving them the greatest advantage they could hope for on the battlefield. Because that’s exactly where they want you. They don’t want you to see that we’re really looking at a war against humanity. And a war against humanity is not humanity for humanity’s sake because we’re so important. It’s because we are created in the image of God. And whether you believe in God or don’t believe in God, it doesn’t really matter, because you can’t change what is. The truth is the world did not create itself. You know, that’s just the reality. And so, I know many people recognize the spiritual nature of this war, and I know there are some people perhaps who don’t see that.

But what I would say to you is that when you look at COVID, there are so many things about COVID that are now self-evident. I agree with Liz that nobody who said, you know, the unvaccinated should not be treated in ERs and you know, all of that, all of what they were doing, I don’t think they should be given a free pass because there was ample information for everybody to know and to stand up.

And there’s no question that this is not an end state for them. We’re on a path, if you listen to Yuval Noah Harari, the psychotic Israeli history professor who wrote the book *Sapiens* and *Homo Deus*when he talks about COVID being important because it actually ushered in the era of mass surveillance, surveillance under the skin, and the digital age in which we are the product.

So, and that means, whatever part of us they need, so whether it’s your compliance they need or your body parts, and that’s not unrealistic. Or your manpower, because they have yet to create, they talk all the time about self-sustaining and sustainability, but the only thing on Earth that is self-sustaining, is life, because we didn’t create it. And no matter what they say, everything that they try to replicate in laboratories and all the rest of it, it’s all fake. All of it is fake. It’s not real. And their entire ideology is based on a mass delusion. And I’m just not going to participate.


That’s why they keep saying there’s a climate crisis because they want to preserve the climate, the Earth. They want to preserve it for their digital army, for their army of robots, their AI, and all the rest of it. And by the way, there are the backups in all of those data centers, right? And the cooling systems. So everything has to be cooled 24/7. So they go to the desert because there’s space, but then it’s so hot. So now they’ve got all these constant cooling systems, and they have all the backup systems, you know, and so it’s endless amounts of natural resources. So when they say the Earth is running out of natural resources, it’s not for us. It’s not because of us. Because when God created us, He created the Earth in absolute harmony, in perfect harmony. There’s all the food we could ever need. There’s all the space we could ever need. But what there isn’t, is if you’re going to create another race that outnumbers the human race, and you’re going to create this race out of machines and robots that have to be constantly recreated, right? All this stuff that AI is going to run away from us and be so much more powerful. Turn off the fucking power. Turn off the fucking power, and you know what happens to AI? It dies. Your crypto, your Bitcoin, all that shit that they want you to believe is so much more powerful than you. If it was the most powerful, aliens are smarter, superheroes are stronger, and machines are faster and cleverer and everything else. Then why is it that the Holy Grail for everything and everyone is humanity? Because humanity lives in the image of God, and God is the real enemy of Satan, who rules in this realm.

And it’s obvious, right? They’re not even hiding it anymore, right? They’re out front, in our face, you know, just worshiping Satan, you’re spot on. And there’s two theories behind that, right? And they might both be true. But one is, they’re running out of time because this has been set in stone. Everyone, you know, a lot of people on here know, but 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the Rockefellers, the banking, this did that. I mean, you can go back all the way to the founding of America, even before the Illuminati’s founding, to the lumens before that, to the crown. You can go back in time to all of it. And you can say this has been built over hundreds of years. But what we see now, we have been living in a time of ambiguity increasing in information warfare. That’s what it’s called, right? Where you can’t see the truth. Now we’re in the time of ambiguity decreasing as people are being revealed. And that is happening because within a few months, the people, the good guys, the people on the right team, will have the ability, clarity, and commitment to hold people accountable.

Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen. I am just a journalist. That’s all I am. I’m one person, and one person has taken a beating in accounting for more than a decade, right? So I am not the Oracle or the miracle or the authority on anything. But what I can tell you is we know, we know this is like no election in history. We know this. And so right now, they’re under pressure, obviously, because not all is going their way. People are speaking up. You just had Trump go to the South Bronx, you’ve got black people, I mean, Hispanic people, people of every description, people who were too afraid to say they supported Trump saying, ‘I’m done. I’m done. They’re not doing this anymore. I’m standing up.’

And so one side of this, is there a timeline because they were moving, you know, to implement, look with COVID and all these other things. They were moving to implement their work with it, implemented COVID right then they hadn’t had the threat of Trump’s second term. I don’t know. But it seems that there are two reasons, there are two forces pushing this. One is their timeline, but it feels like their timeline is accelerating. And that’s in part because I spoke to a man, I know a man who infiltrated the global cult, the only one I’ve ever met, who was taught to do this, was 20 years underground training, who has read the ancient texts, who’s been in depopulation meetings, and more than that. And what he said to me was that we have been in a period where the power and the might and the strength of the United States have been very instrumental in building this global order. But we are now in a period of velitization, where they are; with these things, this power the United States has, is no longer helping to build the world global order, and is now an obstacle.

And so it has to be dismantled. But at the same time, I would say to you that you only have to look at JFK and the founding fathers in the Constitution to know that there were provisions made for such a time as this. There were people who foresaw it when they wrote it, you know, to protect this country from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They recognized that there would come a day when this country would be dismantled from within. And they implemented legal constitutional meanings to protect it. And so I would say it goes back to George Washington and the tactics that he used. We are in an undeclared war. This is the thing, it’s an undeclared war and it is, in many ways, the Cold War, and it is a war for the mind where information and propaganda is no longer just a weapon. It is the battlefield itself.


I am trying very hard to launch my platform and get the backing to fight for real journalism because it’s up to us as journalists. I mean, everybody can see the terrible crisis in the media today. And, you know, it’s easy to start a blog in your home and do interviews on your phone, and there’s a place for that. It’s a very, very important part of independent journalism. But at the same time, it should not completely define journalism. I believe we shouldn’t give up on investigative journalism. So one of the things I’m trying to do is to build a press club that will provide accreditation for independent journalists. We have discovered through our research that a disproportionate number of independent journalists are being sued or prosecuted by the Department of Justice for doing their jobs. And that’s in part because they have no ability to really prove that they’re journalists.

For example, you have people like Steve Baker from The Blaze who are being charged, whereas people from foreign news organizations and American news organizations who were right there side by side with him are not being charged. At the press club, we will provide legal advice, not legal services or representation, but legal advice to help guide independent journalists, accreditation to help protect them, and also an annual award ceremony. One of the things I’m trying to do is to create a pathway for young people. I don’t think that you can say to young people, “Your only chance of survival is to lie your way through high school, lie on your papers, and lie through college, and then take a knee.” How can we tell young people that that’s something to aspire to? Otherwise, you tell them, “Okay, be an independent journalist, and you’re going to suffer. You’re going to be attacked constantly. You’re going to have no protection, no award. You’ll never be recognized as a journalist, and you will run the risk of being sued into oblivion by political entities who hide behind their 501(c)(3) status, and whose only reason for existing is to destroy you.” That’s not a future for young people. No one’s coming to save journalism. If the journalists don’t save it, then who’s going to do it?

So I’m working on that, but at the same time, I want to be the living, breathing example of quality journalism to show that it is possible outside of the corporate structure and the legacy traditional media structure. We can’t give up on that, just the way they want you to give up on comedy, you know, just the way The Babylon Bee’s ability to even do satire is questioned. Because, oh no, wait, you know, that’s not the purview of conservatives. And I’m not even, you know, I don’t even define myself as conservative or liberal. I think those are just tools of a much bigger machine that seeks to compartmentalize us so that we can be destroyed that way. I believe in unity and uniting this country, and I truly believe those divisions are distinctions without real significance. And I’m not a good politician. I have never been, and I never will be. That’s not my strength.

I continue to do my reporting. I’m overwhelmed with people who want me to tell their stories, very significant stories. And it’s massively difficult to operate in today’s environment. We have to have attorneys and First Amendment attorneys who are willing to take on and go through every line of every report, and then we have insurance, and it costs an absolute fortune. It makes significant journalism prohibitively expensive. Honestly, every day, I’m fighting for my survival. That’s pretty much what I’m doing, fighting for my survival. My children have been targeted and thrown out of school. I’ve lived this for more than a decade, and it is exhausting. I mean, it really is exhausting. I’m sure other people have been through this and other things, and some have been through worse things. So you know what it’s like. But all I can say is all I know how to do is what I was born to do. This is my purpose. I was born to tell the truth and to tell stories, and I’m good at it. And I am dismayed that so many people in this country when the rubber meets the road, fail to rise to the challenge. I don’t know what they’re hoping for. I think, you know, as Mel Gibson once said, the number one thing that most people fear is public humiliation, but I’ve had plenty. So I don’t care anymore. And that’s pretty much where I am. I don’t care anymore.”


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*** June 4, 2024. Please note Ms. Lara Logan granted permission to the 53rd Regiment to repost this important analysis that brings together troubling events that have linkage. 


Where is W?

America has been torched by Biden, with Obama managing the destruction from behind the scenes, “Fundamental Transformation.” Obama orchestrated Biden’s rise from the ashes of the 2020 democratic primary when it looked like Bernie Sanders was going to win. Biden’s compromise to be installed president was to accept Kamala Harris as VP and serve as Obama’s third term. While this is working out well for Obama it has been a complete disaster for Americans except the billionaire favored class and democrat elite. In other words, just like Barack planned it.

by Guardian 6                             

Dateline: May 28, 2024       

What is really curious is that George W. Bush remains silent. No real interviews, no critiques of current administration and no Op-Ed’s offering his learned experience from eight years of being president. I guess it is too much to ask him to back his party’s candidates, I mean after all the GOP got him elected twice. Perhaps W. is still bitter over Trump beating “Low Energy” badly. Was another Bush entitled to the throne? I mean look at what a third term of Obama has delivered on America, an unmitigated full-blown disaster of more new wars, hyperinflation, high interest rates, US dollar has lost 20% its value, runaway spending, and military readiness destroyed. You would have thought W. could at least find a critique for the way Biden left Afghanistan abandoning our troops, our Allies, and the Afghanistan people. I guess this is beneath George’s new life. He’s got portraits to paint and brush to clear.

Whether W. hates Trump or not he should be putting America First. Staying on the sidelines W. is choosing Biden’s open border policy; destitution for Americans; the rise of our enemies including China, Iran and Russia; loss of America’s superpower stature; a less safe world for future generations of Americans.

Unless W. is a full fledge member of the uniparty and enjoys watching America be destroyed, he should get over any personal animosity with Trump and give his full-throated endorsement. Trump has grown the GOP base to majority party status which now includes the working class, middle class, white collar, blue collar, no collar, blacks and Hispanics in the tens of millions. All Americans are welcome in the Trump GOP whereas the democrats have canceled their way to oblivion attacking Catholics, Christians, Jews, families, prolife, and American patriots. The fringe RINOs that still exist are masquerading democrats.

Mr. Bush, clearly you recognize another term of Joe Biden will cripple America. While your endorsement is not critical for Mr. trump to win, supporting your party nominee and down ballot Republicans is the right thing to do. Time to ignore the Trump haters and get on the right side of history.


Poison Ivies

By BlackJack Pershing, @PershingSoldier on X, @BlakJakPershing on GETTR
May 9, 2024    Missouri Territory
“Measles make you bumpy
And mumps’ll make you lumpy
And chicken pox’ll make you jump and twitch
A common cold’ll fool ya
And whooping cough’ll cool ya
But poison ivy, Lord’ll make you itch!”
The Coasters
Remember when hearing someone went to Harvard, Yale or the other so called Ivy League institutions seemed impressive?  Remember when we all bought into those brands?  Remember how that one kid from your high school got into one of them and it seemed like that person was destined for greatness?  Let’s add to the Ivies the broader group of so called elite institutions that exist around the country such as Stanford, Berkeley, Northwestern, MIT etc.  You know the ones near your own location.  
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  How did we get here where these once revered universities are now considered dangerous no go zones for parents that don’t want their kids turned into leftist zombies?  (Apologies to the Zombie community; they at least want brains, even if just to eat them…)
The DEI Industrial complex certainly is involved here.  They ensured lowered standards for admission to ensure the exploited races (in their view) were included.  Once that started, decline was inevitable.  This active discrimination went to such extremes that the recent SCOTUS ruling in Students for Fair Admissions vs Harvard has resulted in the beginning of the end of Affirmative Action, the case was led by a very able Asian student, tired of the open discrimination against himself and many others.  
The left.  They always go too far, don’t they?  Enough is never enough.  A quote from Sam Gompers, founder of the modern Labor movement comes to mind, when it comes to the goals and desires of our communist/progressive/fascist friends: ‘We want more and when it becomes more, we shall still want more…’. Ruining the best universities in America was more, until it wasn’t.  They can’t stop themselves.  Their unending miserable quest against imagined injustice ruins everything it touches.  
Maybe a foundational issue with the Ivies, is the absolute obnoxious elitism they have always embraced and exemplified.  The reality that they could do whatever they wanted and still be taken seriously, so true for decades, may have led them over a cliff of progressive stupidity, facilitated by group think.  Of course we can do this.  We are in charge.  We know.  Everyone knows we know.  Maybe not.
Three Ivy League presidents all failed an easy test in front of congress a few weeks ago, unable to understand what anti-Semitic hate speech was, how to stop it and how to manage students and faculty engaging in hate filled protests.  Two of them were removed from their leadership positions by Trustees collectively soiling themselves over lost donations.  The situation actually got worse after that, as we all know.  
As Maxine Waters waxes on about supposed white nationalist hate groups ‘up in the hills’ somewhere, we can actually watch the real hate groups live on TV on Ivy League campuses.  Trustees must be made to answer why all of this exploded so quickly and what their role has been in enabling it.  Full price tuition for the children of wealthy Middle Easterners seems a key factor.  
It was the University of Pennsylvania, wasn’t it, that gave us a male swimmer implanted into a female team, same locker room and all, with the team threatened with discipline if they complained.  Yes, it took an Ivy League university to educate the country on the new nature of the sexes especially in sports.  And it took Riley Gaines to finally rise up and say no, I am not having it.  Sick stuff.  
Penn also disgraced itself by being the host and home of the ‘Biden Center’, a Chinese Money Laundering effort unique in its unapologetic brashness.  Antony Blinken ran that fake operation before becoming our Secretary of Stupid.  
In other news we have the men’s basketball team at Dartmouth unionizing recently.  Yes – these spoiled brats of privilege, many on scholarship, playing a game, no less, have engaged in organizing and collective bargaining.  Irony alert.  You’ll never hear it discussed in the open, but unions do in fact hate some of their members, especially high maintenance members that create drama.  We can hope the SEIU, who organized this team, lives to regret it every day, as ‘players’ file grievances over their coaches requirements.  Only at an Ivy could such lunacy prevail.  
So we’ve established that our Poisoned Ivy Institutions foment hate, enroll unqualified students, discriminate, put female athletes in danger and undermine them, facilitate foreign influence peddling, and create unionized college sports.  Parents do these sound like a great places to send junior? 
What are the better options?  They are all around us.  Great regional universities that would treat your kids like individuals that count exist all over the country.  Your kids can be bigger fish in smaller ponds at these overlooked schools.  There are thousands of them.  The cache, prestige and brand strength of the Ivies is over in the US.  Their brands are just as tarnished as Bud Lite.  And just like Bud Lite, they are ill equipped to handle it.  Their incompetence is threaded through all of their operations.  See a university president that seems like an obnoxious obtuse, entitled fat head?  You can be sure the entire organization is the same.  
Take heart though, fellow patriots.  More rot has been exposed and when sunlight and fresh air hit desiccated messes like the Ivies, they can only improve or go away.  Better still is the advance of merit.  Great kids from overlooked schools will get more consideration as hiring managers walk away from the Ivies.  Grit, work ethic, attitude and perseverance beat pomp, elitism and entitlement every time.  Our country in fact was founded on exactly that.  


2024 Biden Campaign Strategy: Goes from Basement to LawFare

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women are created by the — Go — you know — you know the thing.” Joe Biden March 2020

Miscreants, Misfits and Morons are all part of the Biden campaigns approach to a second term. Communists, anti-democratic forces and Hamas antisemitic elements have displaced traditional democrats for the democratic party big tent. The new Biden democratic party resembles Obama’s vision for a fundamentally transformed America that is less free, less white and more dependent on big government. Biden did in four years what Obama only dreamed he could do in eight years. In essence, Biden is the better Obama with less charisma, less intelligence and more ignorance but somehow there are those on the left that view the Biden Administration as a successful presidency. Reality does not interrupt the Biden bubble when it comes to a self-licking ice cream cone, they see what they want to see.

Dateline May 6, 2024                          Dayton, Ohio

By Matthews Cooper

The Biden Administration and their fragmented coalition let’s explore what remains in Biden world.

Gone are the traditional liberal democrats. They are breaking for Trump or Kennedy. However, big Pharma remains ardent Biden supporters as is their mask wearing clientele and the multiple vaccine booster benefactors that still carry their COVID-19 vaccine cards.

Transgenders and Transgender doctors love Biden. Men competing as women in men sports love Joe. Misogynists love Joe and view him as their godfather proudly sniffing and hugging women of all ages and sizes.

Hollywood is fundraising for Joe at a record clip. Late night TV hosts, news media and dying TV networks are all down with Joe. Their ability to ignore his gaffs and fabricate his successes shock the masses and have become laughable but these failing entities cannot help themselves. Fake news and fake Hollywood are very real trying to influence your vote.

Open borders advocates, the World Economic Forum and illegal aliens themselves are all Biden supporters. With the coming collapse of the traditional democratic blue-collar voters as a dependable block, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) see’s illegal aliens as their path forward. Does it matter they are not allowed to vote in US elections? In democratic circles the answer is no because identification requirements are racist, and they should be resisted at all costs so illegals can continue to vote.  Of course, ballot harvesting, ballot generation and organizing the dead vote continue to be major instruments of democratic votes nationally.

Self-appointed elites are another highly dependable democrat voting bloc. Whether they’re billionaires, millionaires or academics they know better than the average America what is best for them and America. Hence, the average American citizen should have their rights and voting privileges curtailed. If they do not see the good fortune Joe Biden has bestowed on the American economy, foreign policy with new wars and abandoning our Allies, then this simply justifies elites making decisions for the country. To save democracy elites recognize that they must first act with tyranny to save it before free and fair elections destroy it. (When you understand this last sentence, you will have mastered the flawed logic in the democrat mind).

Joe’s greatest base is the Lawfare Brigade (LB) of swamp rats that prefer money over merit; deceit over decency; and getting Trump over justice. Joe’s LB is 10K strong and growing with Soros Open Society financial resources. Keeping Trump in the courtroom is job one and stacking one trial after another is the objective. Winning the cases are secondary to hurting Trump’s image and limiting those massive MAGA rallies.

Joe Biden and the DNC are counting on Big Pharma, Transgenders, Hollywood, Open Borders, Elites and the Lawfare Brigade to win the 2024 Presidential Election. Will it be enough to get Biden over the top, what do you say? The Biden Coalition of core voting groups is the new cabal of democrat valued voters. Things have really changed, not for good, but this is the new Democrat Party Coalition.



Man’s Best Friend Deserves Better

By BlackJack Pershing @pershingsoldier on X
Dateline: February 23, 2024   Missouri Country

I train humans not dogs because if the human doesn’t change, the dog doesn’t change. Humans are responsible for the outcome of their dogs.
There is no such thing as a problem breed. However, there is no shortage of ‘problem owners’….
– Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer
You’ll be hearing quite a bit from Ceasar in this essay.
For a guy who sniffs and grabs and paws and has been known for it for many decades, Joe ‘BiteMe’ Biden knows very little about the dogs he claims to love so much.
We are finding out yet again that a dog maintained at the White House by Joe Biden has attacked as many as 20 people or more.  
“I believe in integrity. Dogs have it. Humans are sometimes lacking it.”
― Cesar Millan
When you love dogs you begin to learn there really are no bad dogs, just bad owners.  Dogs are always a reflection of those around them.  Always.  They love humans by instinct and can’t help but be influenced by them.  Many have said that we don’t deserve them and that they are too good for us.  I agree.
Like many when I began hearing about these incidents with the dogs at the White House, I immediately attributed the problem to the owners.
Yes – Joe is a known degenerate and general prick, but there are others that are part of this equation.  Disconnected and enabling Dr Jil and Crack Head Hunter.  
Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking
responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world.”
– Ceasar Milan
Well.  That’s a tough statement by Cesar when you are Joe Biden, who has blamed literally every problem he has created on others.  The examples are well known and ongoing.  Seems like this quote would also apply to Joe’s kids.
Remember Joe describing his ankle injury early on in his administration and telling a fake news reporter that he was trying to grab a dog’s tail?  Just last night Greg Kelly asked the question ‘Aren’t we all taught to not grab a dog’s tail as young children?’  Yes.  We are.  But if you are a sadistic prick, you may opt out of that lesson.
“Denial,they say, stands for “Don’t even notice I am lying.” Human beings are the only animals who are happily lied to by our own minds about what is actually happening around us.”
– Cesar Milan
Well now.  Joe and his many DNC apparatchiks and hacks have turned denial, gaslighting and insane false claims into an art form.  The border?  Trump ruined it!  I need money to close it!  LOL.  Inflation?  Better than its ever been!  Fentanyl?  Ignore it.  Palestine, Ohio?  I helped!!  Israel October attack?  Bibi is an assh-le!  Stolen secret documents?  I did nothing wrong!!   And on and on and on it goes without end.  There is nothing he won’t say.  No low to which he won’t sink.  
“Mother Nature’s ruthless to the weak, but isn’t arbitrary cruel or negative. Mother Nature saves aggression for extreme situations, and instead uses consistent leadership–to help keep things running smoothly. Mother nature doesn’t rule by fear and anger, but by calm strength and assertiveness.”
-Cesar Milan
No one except the shills, hack and propagandists for the DNC believes we have anything resembling calm strength and assertiveness with the Biden Puppet Regime.  What we have is demented, perverted, angry, irrational, silly, emotional, fake and twisted. Calm and assertive?  NO.  The American people are reaping the bad results.  
“My kids are around pit bulls every day. In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, in the ’80s they blamed German Shepherds, in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull.”
Cesar Milan
That’s right Cesar.  We know.  If you love dogs you know and have been around all of these breeds.  I have.  I have experienced wonderful loving Pit Bulls and especially German Shepherds.  They are wonderful animals and definitely take their lead from their owner.  If the owner is open and kind and not a jerk, they treat strangers with some caution but will never attack.  
Why does Joe like German Shepherds?  Why has he singled out this breed to focus his inane behavior on?  What is going on in that empty shell of a head he’s got?  Clearly those running most animal shelters would turn away a known problem owner like this.  
“animals don’t follow unstable pack leaders; only humans promote, follow, and praise instability. Only humans have leaders who can lie and get away with it. Around the world, most of the pack leaders we follow today are not stable. Their followers may not know it, but Mother Nature is far too honest to be fooled by angry, frustrated, jealous, competitive, stubborn, or other negative energy—even if it is masked by a politician’s smile.
– Cesar Milan
We’ll leave this quote to stand on its own.  Cesar knows.  We all know.  
The seemingly smaller things tell us a ton about people.  Hopefully these issues with the Biden dogs will spell out to traditional liberal dog lovers that we’ve got a big problem with the Sniffer in Chief.
“It becomes very obvious, by reading a dog, how stable or unstable his human companion is. Our dogs are our mirrors.”
-Cesar Milan




Carefully Reasoned by Iron Mike___Truth

Dateline: February 2nd, 2024 (Groundhog’s Day)

As many of us begin to get serious about assessing the Presidential candidates and other down ticket elected officials, we need to keep current events in perspective. A “Before and After” Comparison becomes a useful tool in contrasting the USA before Joe Biden was inaugurated as our 46th President and after he assumed high office on January 20th, 2021. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on our Open Borders situation and simply ask —“WHY?” or better yet “WTF?”

President Donald J. Trump had done a superb job of shutting off the flow of illegal immigrants, contraband and drugs pouring into the USA during his first four year administration. There was also a promise of further making our Southern Border even more secure, near impenetrable, with the completion of the specially designed Border Wall  and enhanced security measures. Here’s where we ask for the first time: “WTF?”

Within days of his Inauguration, “Scranton Joe” signed an Executive Order discontinuing the construction of our Border Wall and the security enhancements that went with it. Again, “WTF ?”!!!

Shortly thereafter, “The Big Guy” signed another order cancelling President Trump’s very successful “Remain In Mexico” policy. With that, the traffic of illegal immigrants crossing into our country began to build exponentially. The traffic quickly grew out of control to the extent that it began to overwhelm our U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. While thousands claiming asylum crossed the border at various points along the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California borders with Mexico, thousands more chose not to check in with our Customs Border Patrol officers. “FJB “ became responsible for a whole new class of illegal immigrants: The Got-Aways! “The Got-Aways” should alarm every thinking and voting American!

Who are The Got-Aways? Are they Terrorists? Maybe! Are they foreign fighters from distant nations that hate the USA? Perhaps! Are they the rabble, the insane, the murderers, the criminals that our enemies have dumped at our gates to create havoc and to cause mayhem in our streets and neighborhoods? Possibly! Will we be “properly introduced” to our new residents one day soon? COUNT ON IT !!! My best guess is we will meet them on our streets and in our cities this coming summer as a run up to the coming elections. They may well replace the likes of ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, etc. and bring their extreme brand of violence with them; a level rarely seen anywhere except in Israel on October 7th, 2023. Let’s pray that does not happen but it remains a distinct possibility.

One needs to consider what our porous borders have wrought and ask themselves, “WTF?” It wasn’t that way before “FJB” took office! What has “Sundowner Joe” done to us? Here are just a few of the evils that he has brought to our country.

#1. Cartels control our Southern Border. That control has enabled the Cartels to kill tens of thousands of young Americans with toxic fentanyl overdoses and drug cocktails that are smuggled into the country. So many young adults have overdosed on fentanyl or another drug with traces of fentanyl that it is commonplace in some states to find Narcan dispensers in Rest Areas on the Interstate Highway System. Nearly 300,000 Americans have been killed from Fentanyl exposure since “Crooked Joe” took office. Yup, its time! Let’s shout together………”WTF !!!”

#2. Child Sex Trafficking and Sex Trafficking as a whole is akin to Modern Day Slavery and it, too, is controlled by the Cartels. There is very little in this world more evil than sexually abusing children. “Sleepy Joe” threw out the Welcome Mat and the Red Carpet to this evil bunch when he ordered our borders Open For Business. It almost makes one wonder if once again “10% For The Big Guy” is in play. Here again one must ask “WTF?” Does Amtrak Joe know that there is a seat reserved for him on “The Haides Express”? “FJB” would be well advised to remember what Jesus said about those who harm children. “It would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

#3. President Donald J. Trump was correct when he stated: “They’re not giving us their best. That I can tell you!” As a matter of fact, many of the poor souls that are entering our country are suffering from terrible disabilities and debilitating disease. They come in many cases for medical treatment and corrective surgeries paid for by the US Taxpayers. There has been an alarming uptick in Tuberculosis, a disease that had been eradicated in the United States. Leprosy, a disease largely confined to Third World Nations, has now appeared in the USA. Polio, another disease that had been largely eradicated has reappeared here now with the illegal immigrant invasion. We can also see upticks in malaria and Chickenpox. Let’s chant it again! “WTF ?” After all of his postering that he had beaten COVID 19, looks like Emperor Crooked Joe had no clothes when it came to watching our back door and allowing some diseases back into our country that we had not seen in many decades! Indeed ! WTF, Joe!

#4. We need to highlight and emphasize that it has been and largely still is “Young Men of Military Age” that are pouring across the Southern Border. It does not appear that they are here to pick tomatoes…….you know……..”do the work that Americans won’t do”! “WTF?” One might venture a guess that they are here to intimidate the American public when it comes time to vote. Could it be that they are here to start trouble in the streets or at the polling stations? Could it be that they cause such a stir that “FJB” has “no choice” other than to declare Marshall Law and cancel the elections until a time of peace and tranquility is declared?

One can come up with many different scenarios as to why “Crooked Joe” has allowed us to be invaded. And one can come up with many different reasons as to why he has appointed the worst among us to positions of power and influence. Every explanation that one can pose will be labelled a Conspiracy Theory. But! Its Not a Conspiracy if it develops into the Real Deal.

At this point in his life, Joseph Robinette Biden may be an American Idiot. Of this we can be sure. However, Mr. Biden has betrayed our American ideals and American Idiot or not, Joseph Robinette Biden appears to be an American Traitor! Move over, Benedict Arnold ! Make room for your new bunk mate! “FJB !!!”


WEF & Davos 2024 – Where Tyrants Gather

Davos Switzerland

Dateline: 15 January 2024

Whether planning the next pandemic, famine or crisis to inflict the world with new cause to control the masses you can find many of the worlds billionaires, tyrants, sycophants and self imposed elites in Davos. Klaus Schwab will usher in his diabolical agenda, developed and contrived by the World Economic Form (WEF), that enables them to control western governments and partner with the likes of communist China to control resources, the free flow of information and ultimately freedom of movement.

So what is on the agenda for WEF 2024. Let’s have a look:

  • The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024 says the biggest short-term risk stems from misinformation and disinformation.
  • In the longer term, climate-related threats dominate the top 10 risks global populations will face.
  • Two-thirds of global experts anticipate a multipolar or fragmented order to take shape over the next decade.

Shall we examine?

Misinformation and disinformation. Brilliant, of course in an election year in many western democracies including the United States, control of information flow will be done by discrediting people like Trump, Musk and writ large those dirty, smelly Deplorables. Cancelling or suppressing information is another favorite tactic. Pulling a page from the 2020 election cycle and Tech Tyrants like Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley, Klaus and his WEF Klan can plan their strategies and control measures to prevent Trump being re-elected. However, Elon Musk has gotten in their way. Although the WEF controls corporate media, it is dying. New media like rebranded X and citizen journalists like the 53rd Regiment and Podcasters are serving as modern day Minutemen disrupting WEF falsehoods, warning of their dystopian plans and showcasing their lies. Many countries in Europe are starting to fight back to control their destiny. Klaus is not happy.

The WEF’s old crutch is of course Climate Change. The One Worlders have successfully scared the western world populations into submission. Biden is not only an elite capture of China, he is equally controlled by the masterminds in the WEF. Younger generations have been brained washed since childhood. Klaus Schwab and his Band of Orchestrated Killers (they kill through their policies of deprivation) have successfully reduced farming land, oil energy supplies and are advocating policies to create scarcity on a broad scale. All of this insanity is being driven by the Climate Scare.

Fragmented order, what is the means for this? Besides policies that drive scarcity of fuel, food and deprivation of economic means for people to lead fruitful lives, the WEF is driving illegal migration to western countries to facilitate break down in shared values and create division. Destroy a nations national pride by importing masses of people that do not conform to western societies. Balkanize the West, especially America, to create massive division. Since the Democratic Party has been co-opted by the WEF and China CCP, use them to destroy the United States from within. Leverage standard Marxists tactics of dividing people by race, religion and ideology. Leverage 21st Century tools like DEI, CRT and the Trans Agenda to confuse children. Turn children against their parents and the rule of law. Be relentless. Open borders fuels fragmented order through chaos and consuming government means.

It’s Davos week where miscreants, evil and self described elites plan our demise. America remains their biggest problem. Once America sheds the snake skin of the Democratic Party, Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and the Band of Hate, America’s glory will return. And if I was a betting man, leading the charge will be the WEF’s biggest nightmare, President Donald J. Trump returns in 2025. Save America! 


Recommended Resolutions for Patriots in 2024

By @PershingSoldier and @The53rdregiment as seen on X
Dateline: January 1st, 2024
Happy New Year fellow patriots – leaving a thread of resolutions here. Feel free to add your own in the comments section! You know, I know and we all know – it’s time to get serious and stay on point in 2024. Let’s roll!
1. Encourage the@GOP to rally around Trump. Time to meet the historically corrupt dems on the field of battle and return fire with everything we’ve got under one leader.
2. Talk to your RINO friends. We all have them. Remind them the republic is at stake and worries about style over substance have proven invalid with Trump. Confront them. Hold them to account. He gets results. Outstanding results. One example? The Trump Court just may save our collective asses in the end. Win your independent friends into Trump’s court as well.
3. Don’t give an inch on emotionally unhinged criticism of Trump’s style. It is what it is. If he says he wants the people who are trying to imprison him unjustly to ‘rot in hell’ he has a point. Too damn bad, MSM. Go cry.
4. I will continue@EricMoo91919605 ‘s best practice of giving the ‘racist dem talibans’ on X one response before blocking them. I can’t get bogged down.
5. @SpeakerJohnson pick 2 or 3 things to do and do them. Border close or government shut down? Good. Impeach Mayorkas? Good. Impeach Biden? Good. Those might be enough. If the 18 RINO’s won’t cooperate openly advocate they get primaried. Time get serious and focused.
6.  DifferenceMaker.

it’s time to get serious about engaging the black vote. #BLEXIT is real but must be cultivated. Get advice from@dom_lucre– smaller rallies in the black community are over due. Democrats betrayal is obvious – going and bring black Americans home. Meet them in their communities. Address the urban blight inflicted on them by @democrats.

7. All of us need to adopt the stance of

and stop allowing the MSM to call us racist, white supremacist etc. These f’d up ideas are full embedded in leftist brainwashed heads. It’s time to push back hard. Relentlessly. Don’t take there 💩.

8.@GOP must get serious about fighting lawfare and the only way to do it is to return fire. State attorneys general in red states – it’s up to you.
9. Support fellow digital warriors. Give them likes and follows.
10. @NEWSMAX you need to actually do journalism and go hard like

– investigate.

are the show. Get serious.

is a joke with Eddie Munster aka Paul Ryan calling loser plays. Step up. Do your JOB, Newsmax. We are waiting. Time to pull into the #1 spot.


Every day you should be spotlighting democrat crime, democrat violation of the constitution and democrat hypocrisy. Go to war. Stop cooperating with thugs, criminals and assholes.

12. Governors and Attorney Generals of all red states, especially border states, should be charging all government officials involved in violating the constitution via open borders with crimes. RICO. Collusion. Corruption.
13. Slob, RINO & closet democrat,

time to wrap it up and start your paid gig on

– just get out. You are a nasty, complete and total disgrace.


and conservatives need our own Soros with an unlimited supply of cash to fund freedom and liberty. Only difference would be these efforts are above board. Find the donor(s).

15. To all patriots who work in the #CIA #FBI #SecretService and other agencies who may be thinking of becoming a whistle blower, now is the time to do it. In doing so you will save yourselves, your beloved agencies and America. Step up.
16 To southern red/border state governors. Take the initiative. Find and ship every single ‘migrant’ / illegal alien to blue 💩 hole cities. All of them. 10 million. Divide them among Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, SFO and LA. Do it fast. Planes, trains and automobiles. Let these Stalinists eat the cost and feel the pain.
17. To @GregAbbott_TXyou may be reluctant to start a constitutional crisis but you are already in one. Seal the border yourself. Get ahead of the now useless border patrol. Use whatever combination of barriers and Tx National Guard it takes. Let’s see how the dementia patient in chief responds in front of American patriots.

18. Parents get active in your local schools. Do not accept CRT, DEI and other woke communist crap being shoved down your childrens throats by leftists. Stop the gender ideology dead in its track. Demand a focus on traditional school subjects (English, Math, Reading, History) and give ZERO ground on the crap.

19. Veterans be active calling out the woke agenda destroying our military. Call it out in your local VFW and American Legion. Write letters. There is a reason recruiting is down 25% year over year. Biden & Austin have not only destroyed our capabilities but they’ve destroyed our military culture. Let the GOFO crowd on twitter have it when they attack Trump.
20. Be a proud, bold MAGA. If someone doesn’t like that you want to Make America Great Again that is their problem. You have no more F’s to give. Just smile and drive on. We got work to do.


Bidenomics Breaking America

by Guardian 6

Dateline: 26 September 2023

What is Bidenomics? The intentional destruction of the American middle class through high taxes, massive inflation, excessive regulation, curtailment of energy supplies, hyper federal debt and a tripling of interest rates.

Bidenomics makes Jimmy Carter’s 1970s Misery Index look like the good old days. Middle class families and lower income Americans are getting hammered at the grocery store, the gas pump and every category of living expenses. While inflation rages from 10% to 45% in various categories since Biden took office, wages are suppressed. The average family is spending 2X on groceries and fuel weekly compared to two or three years ago. In practical terms:

You go to the grocery store and buy two bags of groceries for $50 just two years ago. Today, those same groceries are $100. Why? Bidenomics!

In 2020, you’d fill up your car with gas it would cost $35 – $40 to put half a tank in. Today, $70 to $90! Bidenomics!

You take your car to be serviced for an oil change. It used to cost you $29. Today? $99! Bidenomics!

You want to take your family of four out to eat like you used to. Maybe the local pizza place or Mexican restaurant. It used to cost you $60 and the children really enjoyed it. Today, you can no longer afford to take your family out. That same simple meal is $105. The small business owner explains to you that the cost of food, rent and pay have all gone up dramatically. You understand because you are living it. Welcome to Bidenomics!

Property taxes are up. Insurance fees are up. Interest rates have soared. Bidenomics!

With school returning, you shop to buy your children a few new shirts, pair of pants, a pair of new shoes. Helps your son or daughter get excited about returning to school. Now you are shopping at the local Thrift Shop hoping to offset some of the cost. Bidenomics!

You find yourself deferring vacations, carrying too much debt on credit card month over month or holding off on a new appliance you really need. That would be Bidenomics!

Sadly, this lying lousy Biden Administration is out there talking up Bidenomics like it is working and good for the American family. Biden and his flunkies must think the average American is dumb as rocks. Like we do not live in the same country. This Biden economy is the worst since the Great Depression. This is Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” creating a broken-down America where less than 1% of the uber rich control society and the rest of us beg for scraps.

Democrats must be thrown out of office in mass if we are to Save America.  We cannot take another four years of Bidenomics!



UAP, UFO or Q-Anon … The Truth is Out There … Part II

by  The Nordic Alien (now it all makes sense) 

Dateline 29 July 2023     1230 MTN

Please use the comment section under this article to ask Q more questions. He assured us he would answer more questions from this interview. 


UAP, UFO or … The Truth is Out There … Part I

The 53rd interviewed @Blackjackpershing on the whole UAP phenomena …

Dateline: 27 July 2023        Ozarks, MO

1. What’s going on with these UAPs, is this another government program to control and distract the public from the mess Biden has created?

Many are asserting that this is a diversion or purposeful disinformation.  I take a different view on this matter.  First, it is possible to manage multiple priorities.  Unlike the Dems, we don’t all have to say the same thing at the same time, in unison.  It’s ok.  The misdeeds of Joe and Hunter will be revealed.  It is happening.  Second, this UFO issue has been more urgent is recent years, amplified by compelling video and testimony of credible pilots.  It’s not a made up ‘new thing’.   3rd, this is actually a non-partisan issue, with a high degree of interest by all thinking US citizens.  My final point would be that we as citizens deserved to be informed of what could be a very real ‘existential’ to us an over used term, threat to the US and the planet.

 2. If there is intelligent life visiting Earth, the operative word being the most important word in the English dictionary according to Bobby Knight, “If,” they must think we are idiots with Biden as president. What are these aliens thinking?

It is possible that the Biden presidency is why they are here and/or making their presence known.  Clearly those observing earth from afar would view the US as the best evolution of life, society and technology on this planet.  They would monitor our progress.  The Biden election is an anomaly as we know, for all the wrong reasons.  The question is whether they plan to intervene and help us or put us out of our mystery.

3. Are these Aliens walking among us? If so, is there any way to identify them?

The answer here is a definitive yes.  It really is the only explanation for the likes of Pelosi, Fetterman, John Brennan, Joy Bejar, Michael Jackson and Klaus Schwab.  These individuals are/were wearing biologically adaptive exoskeletons.

Twitter users will note the recent episode of an airline passenger walking off a plane and telling the rest of the passengers that a fellow in a green hoodie was ‘not real’.  The details of that episode remain unexplained.

Most aliens present themselves as democrats because by doing so, they know that the awkwardness, weirdness and general oddity of their persona can easily be explained.  “I’m a trans activist and my pronouns are blah blah blah”.  People walk away.

4. Some people speculate that these UAPs are from China or future humans returning through a time portal. What do you think?

I believe the aliens will avoid Chinah due to its evil nature, and I believe Chinah is incapable of creating new tech.  They are only capable of imitation, and they are quite good at it.  The time portal thing is interesting; there are lots of good stories of the unexplained about potential time travelers.  If it were possible it seems like the meddling of those doing it might spin into to madness.  I suppose that could explain a few things.

5. What do these Aliens want if they are real? Minerals, Human DNA, water, study primitive worlds, what is it?

I do not believe they want anything of a material value, unless it’s some kind of matter we have not yet discovered.  There are only two possibilities, bad and good.

They are here to eliminate us as a threat as we are about to discover many critical technologies.  Quantum computing, CRISPER and other biological breakthroughs, nuclear fusion, etc.  They may be here to take us out.

For the same reasons as  above, they are trying to steer us toward peace, enlightenment and abundance.

6. Have previous US presidents engaged with Aliens? Could there be a secret space treaty with Aliens from another world?

Sadly it’s hard to see any recent president save Trump and maybe Reagan taking the side of the people.  Many might sell outs out for a nice condo and safe passage to Planet Xerkmog 2B.

Part 2 of this interview with @Blackjackpershing will be published this weekend. Stay tuned.


Biden: The Case for Impeachment – Now!

by @the53rdregiment Editorial Board

May 21st, 2023

America is adrift. Americans are under assault from our own government. Laws are not upheld. American spirit has been assaulted by internal forces desperate to remove America as the world leader in power and moral authority while democrats work to repurpose our republic into a socialist centralized planned state. Joe Biden stumbles through every speech while antagonizing Americans that believe in traditional patriotic values,  America is an exceptional country and worshipping God is an important part of fabric.

The case for impeachment:

Afghanistan. Biden exercised exceedingly poor judgment not heeding the best advice & counsel from military commanders. He failed to secure American interests abandoning Americans, Allies, sensitive US equipment and ceded Afghanistan to the Taliban, terrorist organizations and China.

US Border. Biden has failed and continues to intentionally not uphold US laws as it relates to immigration, border security and securing the safety of Americans and their property. Biden has ceded the southern border to drug cartels, human trafficking and allowed over ~6 million illegal aliens to invade our country. Biden has allowed China and the drug cartels to kill over 100,000 Americans annually through the fentanyl epidemic that is destroying young Americans through addition and death.

Weaponization of US Government. Biden has weaponized the federal government against American citizens who dare to disagree with his administration. Whistleblowers in the FBI and IRS have been denied their rights as employees and citizens in reporting violations of the law. The Biden Administration has targeted them and taken retribution against them for upholding their oaths of office. The Biden Administration has targeted  parents of children attending school boards meetings objecting to pornographic books; teachers making decisions about children’s sexuality; and objecting to CRT and revisionist history.

Censorship, Media Collusion and Voting manipulation. Biden has instructed his administration to work with social media to object to a free and open press. Meta invested over $400 million dollars into the Biden campaign to work with local democratic governments on ballot harvesting and changing voting laws without legislative approval. The Hunter Biden laptop was suppressed by the Intel Community and FBI through censoring the NY Post in all social media platforms and securing 51 current and former intelligence officials to claim it was Russian Disinformation. The Biden DoJ invaded former President Trump’s home in Mara Largo over classified documents that he had self reported while working with the National Archives to resolve disagreements. Meanwhile Joe Biden had classified documents in his house, at the Biden Penn Center in DC and also at his beach house from his time in the US Senate. Joe Biden’s classified documents are not protected under the Presidential Records Act.

Military Readiness. Biden has destroyed all three service departments through malfeasance, incompetence and social engineering of a Trans focused agenda. Year over year Army recruiting has missed their recruiting number by 20%. An Army of formerly 500K in size is barely able to field a force of 400K soldiers. Brigade Combat Teams are at an all-time low of readiness. Parents fear allowing their children to join the military because of Afghanistan, woke focus and sheer incompetence. The Marine Corps most recently was unable to support a noncombatant evacuation order (NEO) from Sudan due to poor equipment and readiness. Once again, over 70K Americans were left to evacuate on their own.

Communist China (CCP) ISR Balloon. Biden allowed a Chinese Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) balloon to fly across the United States for a week collecting intelligence on our nuclear triad sites, military communications and US reaction to their asymmetrical attack on the US homeland. Biden continues to show US weakness toward China at every turn. Biden has delayed equipping Taiwan with US military equipment they purchased several years ago.

As the Durham Report revealed, US government including the FBI, Intelligence Community and DoJ has been weaponized against Americans that believe in founding principles and interfered in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. Joe Biden and his administration is doing it again in preparation for 2024 working hard to destroy Trump now so he is damaged and unelectable. While the items above outline the case to impeach Joe Biden and several other bad actors in his administration, there is much more. Why both the US House & Senate have not acted continues to frustrate Americans while we watch our country and our institutions be destroyed.


The Replicants Are Coming!  And Some Are Already Here…

by BlackJack Pershing (@PershingSoldier Twitter)
5 April 2023          Published from Undisclosed Location
“But they had work to do; they had to communicate with people, clandestinely. The extremes we would go to to disguise those people was the most interesting, and the most challenging, part of the job.”
Jonna Mendez, CIA Spy Chief
The advanced capabilities of the CIA in the arena of disguise have been an open secret for a long time.  Not only have their own personnel discussed it openly, but movies like the Mission Impossible franchise have used advanced masking as a theme.
We have all seen the memes that address the question of whether Joe Biden is the actual Joe Biden or some kind of replicant created by the shadow government.
It’s time to confront the question legitimately.  The occupant of the White House is NOT the original Joe Biden.  The occupant is a replicant.  Go now and check out the comparisons of current Joe Biden with 5-10 years ago Joe Biden.  You will be shocked.  The nose, the eyes, the ears, the walk – all of it – is different.  More so that can be explained by Botox run amok or dementia.  The only similarity between old Joe and Replicant Joe seems to be low IQ.
What do we mean by ‘replicant.  First what we do NOT mean: we do not mean cloning.  That’s not feasible and even if it was, a Biden clone would be a baby (yes, current Joe is one in terms of intellect).  We do not mean a robot either.  Nothing that far fetched or over the top.
What we do mean is a surgically altered subject, possibly with brain implants, put in place to facilitate doing the bidding of another group.  We mean a subject that volunteered to do this and was willing in order enjoy fame or the benefits of the office, but without the mental capabilities to execute the office without direction.  Is it possible the subject replicant was not a volunteer?  Yes.  That would likely require constant drugging and could explain much about the current Biden’s behavior.  In any case one is a bargain with the devil and the other is the devil’s work.
Use of a replicant would explain the basement campaign strategy, the lack of press conferences, the need for the media to cover up obvious malfunctions:slips, trips, falls, gaffes, incontinence, turning to talk to invisible people.  Use of a replicant prevents any independent thinking from taking place in a coerced relationship.  And Yes ‘Doctor’ Jill is in on this and facilitating.  The constant refrain of ‘I’m Jill Biden’s husband’ was part of the replicant’s conditioning.  There are many mantras that have been repeated via brain implant in order for the replicant to follow its directions.
Use of a replicant would also explain the abandonment of the very few moderate positions the original Biden stuck to in his career.
So why?  Why all of this?
Much like the evil characters in movies like The Boys from Brazil and They Saved Hitler’s Brain, there is a cabal comprised of Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret and other willing idiots that do their bidding, that wants to hold on to the Obama era.  They control the replicant.  They are given assistance by the swamp.
Are there other replicants?  Where are they?
Kamala Harris: she was never as stupid as a senator as she is now.  Go watch the tapes.  It’s likely she’s been altered.  
Pelosi: she really hasn’t made any sense in the last 10 years.  People blame booze and alcoholism.  Maybe the slurring is related to poor replicant function.  Bad drug reactions.  
Gretchen Whitmer, mechanical Governor of Michigan may be a case of a large trans replicant.  Big enough to be a linebacker  for the Detroit Lions, she/they may be an example of another deal made with the devil.  
Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas: being a replicant answers the question of how someone could be so willfully destructive of our border, our laws and constitution.  
Fetterman: easy call and we all know.  His hospital stay was to put the finishing touches on the replicant process.  An earlier mistake had caused a stroke.  
Senators including Leahy, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Duckworth, Durkin, Hirono, Kline, Klobuchar, Melendez, Stabenow, Tester, and  Warren have all done and said things so insanely stupid that the only answer to it is that they are all forms of replicants – some more adjusted than others.  
There are other governors that maybe part of the replicant pool.  Hochul for sure.  Gavin Newsome – almost a robot.  The newly installed non-governor of AZ.  Obese replicant Pritsker of IL.  It is likely that outgoing MD governor Larry Hogan and Infamous Hangry RINO Chris Christie are also obese replicants.    
Are any RINO’s replicants?  It’s hard to look at them and think otherwise.  Romney for sure is, as is Susan Collins.  Mitch McConnell may indeed be getting his replicant adjustment in the hospital due to his alleged fall recently, similar to Fetterman.  
Watch for unscheduled hospital stays.  Those usually are indicators of pending replicant surgery, brain implants and drugging.  
There you have it patriots.  Some may claim this is just a conspiracy theory.  I say the evidence is right in front of us every day.  What say you?


Democrats Destroy Everything – 2023 Update

by Blackjack Pershing @PershingSoldier on Twitter, @BlakJakPershing on GETTR, @BlackJackPershing on Truth Social 

Artwork: By our good friend and internationally recognized artist, Mr. Joseph Elder, Making Comics & Art Great Again!

April 4, 2023

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University. – William F. Buckley Jr.

Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. – Barry Goldwater

 We have all known spoilers, malcontents, irritating nerds in our lives: in short those who ruin things.  The kid who reminds the teacher to give homework at the end of class, the dope on the team who causes everyone to have to run extra laps.  The little twit who tells on people.  The 2nd grader who cries and screams ‘no fair!’ over trivial things.  The other kid in 3rd grade who craps his pants and has to be sent home.  Leftists all.  They ruin it for the rest of us.  They are really UnAmerican when you think about it – because they don’t mind their own business and try to inflict pain on others for their own satisfaction.

The list of things ruined by the left is accelerating at a pace no one ever suspected.  Here is my attempt to capture some of them in order to keep a record.

Infrastructure, Airports, Roads, Trains, Anything that Requires Skills: Leftist democrats of demonized merit and excellence and appointed leaders based solely on race, ethnicity and sexuality.  We are now witnessing failure across industries at levels never seen before as the fallout from affirmative action and poor leadership, poor management and zero common sense takes hold.  Screwed up airports, train de-railments, environmental disasters, blackouts, shortages – all of this took very little time to emerge under the negligence of democrat ineptitude.  We are told we have racist overpasses and freeways while the nation sinks into the abyss.  We all know the reasons for all of this.  The question is how much we are willing to take.  
The Military: covered on this website in other places, the sinking of our armed forces into woke BS campgrounds might be the most sinister item on this long list.  We have disaster after disaster in plain sight with the media covering it up.  We have an entire generation of politicized General Officers that will need to be removed.  China watches this with an eager smile.  They helped engineer all of it so why not?  

Baseball: we had hoped they would not surrender, but they did.  Kneelers and worshipers of the communist front organization known as BLM are now part of MLB.  Patriots are walking away.

Football: beginning with Kapernick’s woke baloney after failing as a starting quarterback, their descent into irrelevance continues.  The NFL may not know it but they are finished.  Their halftime shows are akin to the end of the Roman Empire.  Disgusting showcases of depravity.  

Basketball: the NBA is now wholly owned by China.  Lebron is a hulking nitwit, obedient to his Chinese masters.  A disgrace.  Already less entertaining than college hoops and filled with fatheads, the NBA has started it’s end.

Hockey – they went woke in the last several years.
The new XFL – the pre-pandemic XFL was refreshingly anti-woke – just about the game.  The jury is out on the new post pandemic XFL.  We will see if the Rock has the backbone to keep the nonsense at bay.  
Country Music: there was a drag queen act at the latest Country Music Awards.  Merle Haggard where are you?  George Jones what say you?  Johnny Cash really?  DISASTER!!!

Healthcare: while they only succeeded halfway under Obama, and President Trump was unable to undo the damage due to Paul Ryan’s incompetence and John Mc Cain’s malevolence, Leftists will not stop using healthcare as a means of control.  Witness their dwarfian Dr Goebbels knows as Fauci who has undermined medical professionals across the country with conflicting statements, bad guidance and now we hear flat out lies about his gain of function research.  The left loves him and manipulates his self importance.  He has set back trust in ‘Science’ decades.  

Medicine: Pfizer alone has set back the pharma industry decades as well, by collusion with the same democrats that used to hate big companies.  As it turns out they only hate big companies that don’t pay them off.  You know ANYONE that wants a booster these days?  Only the most craven dopey leftist maskholes do.

NASCAR: the Jussie Smollett of Nascar had his 15 minutes.  He’s still not winning.  But he made his skidmark.

History: decades of trashing the US Public School system has resulted in a generation that knows little about the exceptional history of the US, and many likely believe we are evil and bad.  The history departments at most liberal arts colleges are equally as flawed and not helping the situation.  Intellectual rigor and discipline are becoming rare.  The ‘1619; project is bogus, Democrats are the party of slavery and Jim Crowe and we all have a job to do in restoring real history to curriculums everywhere.  

The Founding Fathers: ‘Presentism’ is applying todays standards to historical figures.  We hear from the left that our founding fathers were white male slave owners and as such do not deserve to be honored.  The fact that they all set up a system that would not only outlaw slavery and a million other injustices, but also allow the same mouthy leftists to enjoy standards of living unimagineable decades ago has no effect on these shrieking lunatics.  

Statues: in their haste to erase history, they damage tributes to our most important historical figures.  Its not Antifa or BLM by the way, it’s the Democrats.  Debates about confederate anything are legitimate – but mobs tearing down anything without permission – that’s criminal.  Art takes years to construct and can be destroyed in seconds.  Watch the climate change idiots throw paint at art works in Europe or chain themselves to objects.  This is DE-evolution by indoctrinated ignoramuses.  

News Reporting: well documented and on the list.  Its over.  Fox falling away now.  Will patriots have options? We hope.  We did have success in re-instating Newsmax to Direct TV – a green shoot from the snow in late winter?

Higher Education: as the opening quote suggests, most faculties at US Universities have been leftist indoctrinators since the early 1960’s.  They teach the children of those paying for the experience to hate their parents and the United States.

The Catholic Church: a pope who speaks more about global warming than saving souls says it all.  American Bishops too cowardly to condemn the attacks on the statues of St Louis and St Juniperro Serra.  Pathetic.  AOC called St Damien of the Lepers a white supremacist colonizer.  Gender under attack.  There is some hope – Archbishop Cordelione of San Francisco has restricted Pelosi from communion due to her radical abortion stance.  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, TX is a warrior.  What about the rest?  Where are they?

US Cities: all cities run by democrats for decades are plagued with corruption, poverty, failing schools, failing infrastructure, leftist ideology and lost hope.  Drugs allowed into the states by the federal government are wrecking our cities.  Again – they are UNcivilizing our country.  

The Legal System: we all see what Soros installed DA’s are doing to cities across the country.  setting murderers free and persecuting political enemies.  This is where we are.  Insidious.  What is happening with Trump is already backfiring on these extremists.  We will see what Red State AG’s have in store for the Dems going forward.  Should not have been this way.  

Public Schools: well documented train wreck controlled by the teachers unions.  Corrupt, communist, failing, a mess.  A generation is lost to ignorance.

Black Families: starting with the Great Society programs in the 1960’s, Black Families and Black Culture have been undermined by the democrats; the most heinous feature of their intentional mistreatment of the Black Community is the massive damage of the abortion trade.

Initiative: leftists and democrats hate it

Self Sufficiency: flies in the face of everything leftists are trying to accomplish

Free Speech: the left has now cultivated cancel culture with millions of democrat Karens calling employers and screaming about hate and racism to get fellow Americans fired.

Corporate America: in fear of being cancelled and other actions like boycotts, most US Companies, which run with little investor tolerance for sales variances, live in fear of being called out by the left for anything.  So – they cave and issue statements with leftist approved language each time there is a social issue being pushed by the MSM Propagandists.  Some go futher: M&M’s and Hershey both using sexuality and trans agendas in their advertising, Bud Lite joining in, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream routinely supports anti-police propaganda and whatever the Woke issue of the day is.  Thanks Unilever.  Just a reminder: marketers are the worst people on the planet, in case you didn’t know.  If you are a marketer reading this, my apologies, and I hope you are an exception.  

Men: as the younger generation comes of age we must ask: will what was traditionally called ‘a man’ even exist: by this we mean a male individual with freely formed opinions that exhibits traditionally masculine traits and does related masculine things.  Its up for grabs ladies and gentlemen, because the left knows they must be eliminated for their goals to be realized.

Women: the same as above but different: those lovely creatures who exhibit beauty and femininity, have children, and make most things nicer and better: the left is actively destroying gender roles and wants the nuclear family to disappear.  Women are told to despise men by the leftist prison guards self appointed ascendency – who are always quite repulsive.

Responsibility: they hate that too – they prefer dependent losers who rely on government for all of their needs.  The tent cities on the west coast are emblematic.

Tech Companies: infested with angry self-righteous leftists.  Their skills are one thing, their opinions are another.  Thank God for the Elon Musks and Peter Theils of the world, but there aren’t enough of them.

Hollywood: well documented.  A complete sick disaster from movies, to awards, to blackballing, to communist infiltration, to pedophiles, to hypocrisy – a long sad list.

The Economy: the question must be asked: is the intentional creation of monster inflation, and now the follow on banking crisis, a Democrat/China/Soros conspiracy?

Real Racism: it will forever be harder to spot, since the left has now called anyone with a dissenting opinion from theirs a racist.

Truth: out the window with these Trotskyite zealots.  Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglas now bad?  How did we get here?  Democrats claiming documented and filmed riots are myths.  Clearly demented leaders in roles like Speaker of the House and the Democrat nominee.  J6 an insurrection?  Total BS.  Hard to imagine just a few years ago.

Dignity: out the window with the sad mess we have as President and his cadre of enablers.  His trips, falls, gaffes, bathroom incidents are all well known.  He got 81 Million BALLOTS, not VOTES.  Not a joke folks!!

Law Enforcement Under Attack: who saw this coming 6 months ago.  Let’s give the Stalinist Left credit for opportunism and activating their plans for anarchy and chaos so quickly.  This situation should give all of us pause.  We should be considering what has been organized right beneath our noses and how fast it came about.  Something is not right.  Look for the next round of de-urbanisation to happen in the US if this doesn’t stop sometime very soon.

Social Media: admittedly it was already broken, but what was once a ghetto of narcissists posting what they had for lunch, has turned into mostly liberals screaming about their causes and threatening others.  Its a net negative to society to say the least.

Progress on Race: Abolitionists, John Brown, Frederick Douglas, the Civil War, 600,000 dead, Reconstruction, President Grant, The Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Integration of the Military, President Eisenhower sending troops to Alabama, the Civil Rights Act, MLK, Affirmative Action, Busing, Integration, Charter Schools – on and on – to the left none of it ever happened.  There has been no progress and they will never talk about any of this.  There is only racism and if you do not agree with them – you are evil and racist.

We are just scratching the surface here folks – we’ll revisit this list every so often to update it with the latest things the left has ruined.  Please leave your thoughts below if I have missed anything. 


Ignorance & Fear Abounds

… Fear of being canceled. Fear of what others think. Fear of Big Government. Fear of being reported. Fear of retribution. Fear into submission. Fear.

This is tyranny, the desired environment created by tyrants.

Dateline: March 19th, 2023     by Guardian 6

If they can shut you up and cause you to not exercise your 1st Amendment rights, they’ve won.

If they can threaten to take away your 2nd Amendment rights, and you let them, they’ve won.

If they can intimidate state and federal judges to not accept cases with legitimate election fraud, they’ve won.

If they can scream racist at you for wanting criminals, murderers and drug traffickers prosecuted, they’ve won.

If they can secure borders of other countries with federal funding, but not our own, they’ve won.

If they can close down businesses by COVID19 lockdowns and fiats, they’ve won.

If they can ignore laws on the books for securing the border and use federal funding to house, feed and transport illegal aliens throughout the United States, they’ve won.

If they can shove “Green Energy” conversion down your throats where the technology and cost efficiency does not make sense, all under the false guise of #ClimateChange, they’ve won.

If they can remove God from every corner of the public square but be good with creating Satan Clubs in elementary schools, they’ve won.

If they can allow the  allow a Chinese Communist Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance collection platform (balloon) to fly across the US for a week to collect on US Military installations and sensitive areas, they’ve won.

If a president and his family can accept tens of millions of dollars for over a decade by Chinese Communists, fund the Biden Center with over $50 million in Chinese Communist money and the FBI and Intelligence Community not investigate and prosecute the Biden’s, they’ve won.

If they can arrest, detain and restrict parents from objecting at school board meetings on pornography,  groomer books and drag queens being brought into elementary and secondary schools, they’ve won.

If the FBI can label traditional Catholics as threats and put them on terror watch lists for their faith, they’ve won.

Ignorance and fear abounds. We got here by not speaking up and tolerating these tyrants for decades. Through fraudulent elections. By timidity. By fear of what others think. America is still America but social media, Fake News outlets, collusion between the Democrats and Main Stream Media, the Great Reset, intentional Balkanization of America and Obama’s cry to “fundamentally transform” America and allowing the leftists to take over our schools and universities. When we choose to fight back and demand to be heard, and honest elections are restored, we will win. Time to organize local, state and federally to restore America to our greatness. America remains an exceptional country that just needs the communist leftist democrats to be destroyed. Not defeated, destroyed!