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The Democratic Mob

by Guardian 6                                           Dateline 24 June 2020

Tyranny is marching in America. Thought police are on full display. While nearly all Americans have been outraged by the brutal killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, while three other officers appeared to watch, elements of the left have lit the country on fire and shutdown any form of dialogue or discussion. Why?

The Democrats have unleashed such violence and vitriol that  Americans now fear free expression. The rule of law is under assault where innocents have been violently attacked for thinking differently or offering a different opinion. This is part of the Democrats plan, it has actually been happening for decades through PC movements and indoctrination of children in schools and universities. The riots, the statues being destroyed, “autonomous zones”  and mobs attacking people is to help create an atmosphere of chaos as the next attempt to undermine Trump.

After failing to oust Trump through ObamaGate which used national intelligence community resources to target a presidential campaign; the Russian Hoax; the Ukranian Witch Hunt; and even conspiring to shutdown the economy through the WuhanVirus, the Democrats unleashed the worst of the organized mob on America by seizing on the death of a black American by a police officer. While the Trump Administration has offered positive change through an Executive Order and Senator Tim Scott has brought forth a thoughtful bill that includes improved policing and training in his Senate Bill, the old white democratic vanguard of corruption ( Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin and other obstructionists) have once again blocked any form of progress.

Let’s be clear, the Mob is not just downtown in our inner cities, the bigger Mob is in the halls of Congress. The party of slavery,  the party of the Confederacy, the party of Jim Crow laws and the party of segregation, today the democratic party is the Mob. From Sanctuary Cities, to Occupy Wall Street, to Antifa, to elements of BLM and “Autonomous Zones,” their democratic puppet masters sow division and discord. Their enablers are a corrupt main stream media (MSM) that remains unaccountable; corporate America which is scared to say the wrong thing for fear of being canceled; and elites including Hollywood, Universities and General Officers that somehow got woke and lost their oath to the US Constitution. The message? You are either with the Mob or you are a racist that the Mob will destroy.  If you’re lucky the Mob let’s you live another day. If you’re unlucky the Mob will physically attack you for your thoughts, for your white privilege or some other objectionable trait they find fault with.

Intolerance has been redefined. It is the Democratic Mob. While I worry about the Mob in the street the 53rd Regiment worries more about the Democratic Mob in Congress destroying our republic from within.


Covid-19 Virus Tracker

Dateline Daily Tracker by The 53rd Regiment Editorial Board

( @the53rdregiment on Twitter)

27 May 2020. American society remains under “masked” conditions, whether needed or not. COVID-19 is proving not to be much more dangerous than the flu. Democrats in Congress and state governors are now using the WuhanVirus to continue to keep the economy lock downed, destroy voting in person and introducing massive fraud through mailing in ballots. The last three years have been nothing short of power games by democrats to destroy President Trump at all costs, country be damned. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and many others are complete frauds and their actions are destroying the fabric of America. Meanwhile, China positions itself to become the dominant economic power after unleashing the WuhanVirus consistent with the China 2025 Plan. China is also seizing full control of Hong Kong violating the terms of the treaty with Great Britain. A new Cold War is underway, and has been for a while. However, China will be quickly off balance once President Trump makes his move. Watch closely.

16 May 2020. The madness continues. Speaker Pelosi and Democrats passed a $3 trillion dollar bill in the House yesterday under the cover of support to Americans but it is a wish list of leftwing causes and interests. It is dead on arrival when it arrives in the US Senate. $3T, these people are insane bankrupting the next generation of Americans. Meanwhile, democratic governors continue to extend Stay at Home Orders unilaterally (MI, CA, NJ, NY, PA) further tanking the US economy hurting Americans so clueless Biden has a chance vs President Trump (Biden has zero chance BTW). #WuhanVirus cases are subsiding in the US. Overall 1.4M cases in the US with over 85K deaths. However, people with pre-existing conditions are rolled up in these numbers and most of the people that have died are over 70.

3 May 2020. Some states are starting to open back up loosening restrictions on businesses and people getting together, long overdue. The Wuhanvirus has now resulted in over one million Americans infected and over 66K deaths. China continues to lie and attempt deception to the rest of the world. President Trump is stating they will be held accountable. We’ll see but the question remains, why? China has a goal of becoming the dominant world economic power by 2025. Was releasing this virus on the free world part of their strategy?

27 April 2020. This is the only thing that makes sense about the free world putting their economies into a death spiral to saves millions of lives, Chinese #BioWeapon. Worth the read.

23 April 2020. The Wuhan Red Death virus continues to plague the country and the world. There is much more to this epidemic that ultimately will become public. The world and countries do not shutdown for a variant of a flu virus. The truth will set us free. China needs to be held to account and they have demonstrated once again they are not a responsible world actor, quite the contrary. They are communists, is this really surprising? They have been lying and cheating their way to prosperity for decades. President Trump, no more platitudes about your friendship with President Xi. He has proven himself to be a criminal on the world stage. The US has nearly 900K cases of the Wuhanvirus and nearly 48K Americans have died.

18 April 2020. Pressure building to reopen the economy. The COVID-19 Task Force and Trump Administration has developed a phased rollout to get us going again. Some states led by Democratic Governors (MI, VA, MN) are resisting allowing businesses to reopen May 1st. Citizens are getting pissed, rightly so. Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed by the US Intel Community that the Wuhanvirus came from a Chinese Biological Lab in Wuhan, not a “wet market.” Question remains whether release was planned or happened due to poor control measures inside the Lab.

15 April 2020. If you were a sophisticated enemy of the United States and the Western World, a pandemic that destroyed industries, devastated economies and scared citizens to accept authoritarian rule would be a way to initiate combat without ever firing a shot. The pandemic distracts governments and causes them to focus internally while redistributing military force to domestic needs. Is this what China has really orchestrated with the Wuhanvirus? China’s first shot fired is a virus killing innocents, jobs and freedom. Democracy is on the run. China has been positioning for this moment for 30 years. America gave China our factories, our intellectual rigor sharing knowledge & research from our university system and we have been rewarded with spite and a rampant disease. China has crossed the rubicon and America’s strategic moment has arrived.

10 April 2020. It is Good Friday. As a family we attended Holy Thursday mass last night online. America on lockdown continues  to avoid the Chinavirus spreading. Over 427K people in the US have the virus and 14.7K Americans have died. The epicenter continues to be NYC but it does appear to be slowing there. CDC issued a No Sail order to the cruise industry yesterday. Huge parts of the economy have been shuttered. Over 17 million Americans have applied for unemployment checks since this started some 25 days ago. One forecast has unemployment spiking to over 20% before this is over. Schools, professional sports and any event that results in large gatherings continue to be canceled.


3 April 2020. Getting agitated. This house quarantine shit is getting old. We cannot let the American economy be destroyed by China or Democrats who wish ill upon Trump and his administration so they get political advantage. Shame on them making political hay out of this. THIS IS NOT PATRIOTIC, NOT AMERICAN. China needs to be held to account. This biological agent they likely lost control of is supercharged to kill. The Western world needs to wake-up and Europe needs a serious case of balls because they are wimps. Time for America to get back to work and be smart about socializing, working and not spreading the virus. We have never shutdown our lives like this. Let’s get back to work. Let’s publicly call out China. Let’s bring our factories and our jobs back home. This is a strategic moment. Let’s win. Let’s seize the day. Let’s kick some ask and take names. Let’s fight!

1 April 2019. US death toll has now exceeded 4K Americans, over 1K in the last 24 hours. This is sad and unexpected. NYC remains the epicenter but we are not expected to peak until ~Easter Sunday. Country remains in the lockdown mode. Many of us remain suspicious of the origins. This has spread way too fast, way too far and way too quickly for nature. China is lying their ass off. USG likely knows much more but holding back until this bio-like-weapon is arrested. Stay plugged in to the 53rd Regiment. Working sources, problem set now. Do yourself a favor, ignore #MSM, especially CNN and MSNBC, highly corrupted sources of the news. Journalistic integrity below zero.

29 March 2019. Attended virtual mass again today. This time I watched online live. Last week it was a recording. Social distancing and selective self-quarantining is to avoid spreading the virus. NYC continues to be the hardest hit, which makes sense based on population density.  President Trump meeting with corporate CEO to push them on logistics support and manufacturing of masks and respirators. Corporate America is rallying to support the needs of American people in this health crisis.

28 March 2020. Death toll in the US has now exceeded 2K, sadly. New York City and the tri-state area is struggling the most with increased cases, over crowded hospitals and some equipment shortages such as respirators. GM and Ford automotive companies are now partnering with healthcare companies to make respirators, not quick enough based on the need. There are now over 121K cases on the coronavirus in the US and over 650K cases in the world. Social distancing has undoubtedly helped but the virus is still spreading. China is likely under reporting their coronavirus case load and fatalities. Probably 3 – 5 times higher. Keep praying.


24 March 2020. While President Trump guides the nation through this unprecedented crisis, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer play politics incorporating social engineering, Green New Deal and other anti-democratic socialist initiatives into the Coronavirus Bill designed to provide economic security to Americans and US companies. It is absolutely disgraceful and once again the Democratic party demonstrates they are not fit to lead; no answers, no solutions, just politics.

21 March 2020. First day of spring under semi-self quarantine conditions. Working from home, no gym, limited shopping trips focused on necessities. Today marks day 6 of 15 where it is recommended that people stay inside and avoid groups exceeding 10 people. Mass is also canceled in in most diocese throughout the country. President has authorized the FDA to explore using  chloroquine to treat Covid-19 coronavirus. It has shown some promise in clinical trials. Chloroquine is commonly used to prevent malaria. The Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to fuel anti-Trump hatred creating a false narrative, scaring the American public and using this pandemic to weaken the President’s prospects for re-election. Alternative media sources like the @the53rdregiment are proving to be invaluable in covering the news that matters.

19 March 2020. While Americans are suffering with fear of coronavirus; loss of wages and employment; and savings and college funds being wiped out, the Democrats have established a “war room” to attack President Trump. Far from being a unifying, calm , responsible party,  Zac Petkanas, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Chase, a former research associate for the presidential campaign of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, have joined forces to attack Trump. Patrick Devlin, former Communications Director for Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., will serve as an adviser to the war room to orchestrate fake news. Democrats continue to drive Trump hate and division across the country. Democrats once again lead with division. Democrats =no answers, no solutions, not fit to serve.

18 March 2020. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. This is no time for politics and partisanship. We are all Americans, act like it! Get behind President Trump Democrats. Focus on saving American lives and helping Americans who have lost their jobs. Help those in need. Pray. We need spiritual guidance and the Lord’s help.


A New Normal

by Eagle 1

(Perspective from an iGen young American patriot)

America finds itself in arguably one of its more chaotic and troubling time periods since its existence. Recently, the COVID-19 virus is sweeping through the nation and toppling the once strong economy with it, while politicians cannot seem to agree on things as simple as a relief bill to help American citizens. On a grander scale, the past few years have reeked of consistent turmoil that some claim threatens American democracy as we know it. Americans seem to be clashing over things more than ever, while those elected to lead them have acted more like children fighting over a shiny, new action figure. Rather than solving problems, we seem to be insistent on creating more. And there’s a plethora of reasons for that, many which I couldn’t name or think of, which is in itself a problem. As a younger observer of the tire fire that our society has become, I sometimes ask myself, has America always been this way? Have we as a people always been so divided? 

Growing up, I read and heard about the way Americans came together through the tragic events on September 11, 2001. And it has always seemed that for a short time after 9/11, unity prevailed over disunity, compassion prevailed over cruelty, and hope prevailed over despair. Now our country faces another magnificent tragedy, and it seems to be quite the opposite. Divisiveness has swallowed camaraderie, misery has overtaken reassurance, and gloom has crushed exuberance. We the people have gotten in our own way.

The generic hope is that someday, we can return to the “normal.” I pray we never do. What we considered normal just a few months ago was far from it. It was constant fighting, constant criticizing, constant rooting for the failure of others. That is not the “normal” I want to return to. That’s why I hope we, as a country, can use recent circumstances as an opportunity to change the way we conduct ourselves. Let’s create a new, improved “normal.” A normal that cheers for the success of our country rather than party, a normal that applauds bipartisan accomplishments, a normal that doesn’t “cancel” people for a minor mistake they made in their past. A normal that sees people and politicians tie their allegiance to their beliefs rather than their party, a normal that sees people stick together in the best of times and the worst of times despite conflicting beliefs, and a normal that sees people resolve their differences through comprehensive discussion. 

My dad always preached the saying, “the true test of a man’s character is not how he responds when things are going well, but how he responds when things are not going well.” This can be applied to our country and those who inhabit it. After September 2001, we passed that test. Now, we are failing it. 

Let’s seize this opportunity to show that our character is full of perseverance and strength. 



“Economic Intercourse” Come On, Man

by Matthews Cooper

Dateline Dayton, OH                                                                May 4, 2020 

Former Vice President Joe Biden is absolutely right, “we need more economic intercourse.” A brilliant insight from our slow footed, confused, Democratic Party leader. Come on man, Joe is right and he  has been in DC for so long, he doesn’t know if he’s in the US Senate, the current VP or the Democratic presidential nominee. His lack of mental agility and confusion is exactly what we need in the White House. Lobbyists, PACs, AOC, George Soros and China will be able to take full advantage of Joe and fulfill our progressive agenda.

Former CIA Director Robert Gates gave this evaluation about Joe Biden,  “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Clearly this has not scared away informed democratic voters. Quite to the contrary, the average democratic voter is counting on Joe to get everything wrong. My democratic colleagues love dysfunction, chaos and failure. We pride ourselves on being a Doomsday Machine. Look at democratic led states and cities, they’re a mess. Exactly. As democrats we are not offering independence and prosperity, our main offering is dependency. As democrats we offer unemployment, food stamps and low end equality. Attack the rich, remove opportunity and kill prosperity. Joe Biden will deliver killing opportunity and prosperity for all.

Joe Biden hasn’t had an original thought in decades. He has plagiarized Bernie Sanders and AOCs platform, and candidly it is welcomed. The Biden Platform is plagiarized and glorious:

  1. Living Wage for everyone. $15 in 2020 growing up to $20 by 2050.
  2. Green New Deal. Air travel eliminated in 2024. All gas engine cars must be turned into a processing center for disassembling by July 1st 2022 as part of  the Car Elimination Act.
  3. 31 Genders Federally Standardization. Otherwise known as the Baskin Robins gender mandate, equal opportunity laws will now require gender compliance with federal set-asides to fast track more gender confusion.
  4. Open Borders. Everyone is welcome and Americans will pay for illegal aliens  by paying $3K per student for public school.
  5. Social Monitoring & Scoring (SMS). The FCC will be absorbed in the SMS. The SMS will begin monitoring American communications and scoring each citizen on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being a fully compliant, progressive thinking citizen that can be trusted. Americans will be assigned the following labels: Progressive Hero 90 – 100; Progressive Worker 80 – 89; Progressive But Too Independent 70-79; Watch List 60 – 69; Republican In Name Only 50 – 59;  Deplorable 1 – 49. Each citizen will be required to use GeoTrack software so their movements can be monitored.
  6. Department of Defense will transition to Internal Defense.
  7. Voting Rights. Citizenship will be eliminated as a requirement to vote and each citizen can vote up to ten times.
  8. Reparations. All African Americans will be given one million dollars  in lumpsum payments. It will not be taxed.
  9. Marijuana Fairness Act. Marijuana will be legalized across the country.
  10. 2nd Amendment Revoked. All guns will be turned in to local police stations no later than 1 September 2021. Hunting Rifle Centers will be established so during hunting season, rifles will be permitted in a lottery system for one week permits in duration.
  11. Medicare For All. Appointments will be rationed by local medical boards based on SMS scoring.

It is an exciting time to be a Joe Biden supporter. Our time has arrived!

          The 53rd Regiment presents a guest author, Mr. Matthews Cooper. This is Matthews fourth article written exclusively for the 53rd Regiment. He is an old friend with very different views from the 53rd.  Please share your feedback with Matthews and the 53rd in the comments section. 


Jesus’ Seven Last Words to Us

On the hill at Calvary, from his crucifixion to the moment of his death, Jesus spoke seven different times. These “Seven Last Words,” as they are called, are rich in meaning for us. Here are a few points for meditation on Jesus’ suffering and death as we contemplate the various sufferings we experience in our own lives.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:24)

Jesus, as he is being crucified, forgives those who rejected him, sentenced him, tortured him and carried out his execution.

Do I love even my enemies and bless my persecutors as Jesus instructed me?

Do I pray that God will forgive those who reject me and hurt me?

Am I able truly to forgive them within my heart?

“Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

Hanging on the cross, one of the thieves crucified with Jesus admits his guilt for his crime and recognizes Jesus’ innocence. He asks Jesus to remember him when he enters his Kingdom. Jesus promises him Paradise.

Do I understand eternal life as the ultimate goal of my earthly life?

Do I know that Christ is the one who shows us the way to eternal life, and so follow him and strive to keep his commandments through the teachings of his Church?

Do I confess my sinfulness in the sacrament of penance, when it is available, so that he might absolve me of my sins? When penance is not available, do I regularly make an Act of Contrition?

“Woman, behold your son … Behold, your mother.” (John 19:26-27)

Seeing his mother and the apostle John at the foot of his cross, Jesus entrusts them to each other. Symbolically, he makes her our Blessed Mother, the mother of the Church.

Do I turn to Mary, the mother of God, in prayer and see her as a model of virtue and obedience to God’s will?

Do I understand that baptism, which makes me a child of God, unites me to all the faithful as one family of God?

Do I strive to be a truly “faithful disciple” as modeled by the apostle John, “the one Jesus loved”?

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46, Mark 15:34)

Jesus, feeling every bit of human pain and suffering, cries out his sense of abandonment.

Have I ever felt abandoned, as though God was absent or not hearing my prayers?

Do I know in my heart, even in these times, that God is indeed with me and sustaining me through my suffering?

As Jesus does on the cross, do I continue to turn to God during these trials of my life?

“I thirst.” (John 19:28)

As his final moments approach, Jesus asks for something to drink.

Jesus’ thirst was another sign of his human need. Do I see Jesus in those around me who suffer hunger, thirst, homeless, sickness or other deprivations?

Do I “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” as Jesus described in the Beatitudes?

Do I perform works of mercy for those who suffer physically or spiritually?

“It is finished.” (John 19:30)

With his earthly mission accomplished, having sacrificed his very self for the sins of humanity, Jesus acknowledges the end is near.

Do I stay focused on my true vocation — as a child of God and in the state of life to which God called me?

Do I practice careful and humble discernment throughout my life so that I stay true to the sacred purpose that God has for my life?

What unfinished business do I have ahead of me that I must accomplish as a faithful disciple of Christ before my time on earth comes to an end?

“Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit!” (Luke 23:46)

With his last breath, Jesus places himself completely in the hands of his loving Father.

Do I keep myself in a state of grace, so that I am always prepared for the possibility of death?

Do I avail myself of the sacraments of the Church and maintain a committed life of daily prayer so that I am ready to meet God?

If I were to die today, right now, am I ready to commend my spirit to the hands of our heavenly Father?

by Knights of Columbus 


Doomsday for the DNC: American Apocalypse

by Blackjack Pershing 

Missouri Territory                      Dateline:    081930 April 2020     

“Men go and come, but earth abides.” – Ecclesiastes 1:4

Our friends the Democrats have moved into a post-apocalyptic behavior pattern that is reminiscent of science fiction.  Like the many species that over-populate and disappear (including humans) in the book Earth Abides, they are past their apex and have begun their descent.  If you prefer another metaphor, they may be more like the zombie cult, ‘The Family’ in the movie Omega Man (see it if you haven’t), fervently anti-technology, nocturnal, sickly, scary and slowly dying: yes – just like the Democrats.  Like the many wicked people at the time of the flood, who mocked Noah, the Pelosis, Schumers, Schiffs, Nadlers and AOC’s of the world are clueless of their approaching end.

The pandemic has now exposed many of the schemes of the leftists, the Stalinists and the Democrats for what they are: illogical and destructive.  Examples:

Open Borders: this debate is over, folks.  Here we have the most stark, vivid demonstration of what open borders get for us.  Disease.  We forget that Ellis Island was actually a screening point to prevent infectious disease from entering the American mainland in previous centuries.  Many were sadly rejected and sent home to protect Americans.  Even the so called ‘educated suburban females’ that allegedly will reject our president due to his mean tweets are now having their eyes opened to what DNC treachery at our southern border delivers.  TRUMP delivers: The Wall.  Less Human Trafficking.  Less Suffering. Less drugs. Logic.


Socialized Medicine: this debate is over.  RE: the pandemic, the proper equipment, ability to respond, ability to manage, ability to command different therapies, ability to cooperate directly with industry – all of this is being revealed as sub-par in the countries with government run health care.  Germany stands along in Europe in terms of managing effective results, although some point to lack of testing inflating its numbers.  Logical Americans will not support downgrading the healthcare system as the DNC demands.  Not with the increasing threat of Bio-terror or Bat Sandwich related viruses.


Green New Deal: now laughable.  All it takes is a sobering moment of danger to help people drop their most ridiculous fantasies and focus on their survival.  Elimination of cars, planes, oil, and all related activities (meaning everything) will now take a rightful back seat to security of the borders, the air, the water, the food supply, the energy supply and our way of life.  If there is a silver lining to the pandemic – it is the elimination of the pipe dreams and crack pipe fantasies of the DNC doperatti.


Men are Women and Women are Men: no one cares about this insanity now.   While we have compassion for those enduring gender confusion, we do not ever endorse biological men crashing female bathrooms or sports.  You’ll remember that this was a favorite topic during the early Dem debates.  Remember that?  A combination of shrill yapping, pompous preaching, abortion worshipping, and yes, gender whatevering.  Insanity.  Sickness.  Given our recent wakeup call including many deaths related to the pandemic, there is little time or patience left in the mind of most reasonable Americans for the fake problems brought to us by the DNC.  We are moving on.


Cities run by Democrats: this 20th century practice is close to finished. The cities run by the democrats are all demonstrating similar issues: lack of solvency, poor services, high crime, cyclical poverty, under investment in poor communities, corrupt city politicians, poor schools, hostility toward charter schools, mushrooming homelessness, undermined police forces, lousy district attorneys,  Simply put, they are all microcosms for the Auto-destruct mode that DNC Leadership installs.  People are waking up.  The #Blexit movement is a sign that things are about to change.  Trump will smartly engage the inner cities as we come out of the pandemic and ask the voters why they have kept voting for people who have destroyed their communities.  Trump and the republicans will lead the rebirth of urban America.


So what else do our friends in the Democrat party have to sell us? Unrestricted abortion and infanticide? Free college? Forgiving college loans? Hollow leaders who practice blackface while calling others racist?  All of these things, manifestations of envy, greed, unchecked lust and overall, our dark side as humans, are going out of fashion as we regroup post pandemic.


The season for the Democrat party, it seems, is just about over.


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
A time of war, and a time of peace.


Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8


Global Strike – Wuhanvirus

by Guardian 6

Dateline:  Bunker Undisclosed Location                      March 14, 2020

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

China has yet to apologize or offer compensation for the virus they have unleashed on the world and their own people. While there is some uncertainty on the origins of this coronavirus strain, it does appear it originates out of a military lab in the city of Wuhan, hence it being referred to as the Wuhanvirus. The question remains open on whether the Chinese were developing this virus as a biological weapon. The Chinese continue to refuse letting global medical experts in to help likely because they have something to hide.

China is now putting out false propaganda blaming the U.S. for the Wuhanvirus while also crediting the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping for containing the virus.  Over 80,000 in China are infected, close to 6,000 deaths worldwide and 150 countries are dealing with the Wuhanvirus Global Strike. This has resulted in the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic. The communist government of China puts out propaganda to their citizens while the threat grows worldwide. 

President Trump has taken extraordinary action in the United States declaring a national emergency which allows the federal government to marshal all necessary resources to counter this biological threat to human life. Congress is now working on a spending bill to secure the resources to fight the pandemic. President Trump has shown tremendous leadership organizing the governments response; embracing private sector support; eliminating travel from China and Europe and adjusting the US response to meet specific needs as they are identified. This is unprecedented pandemic that calls for the United States to lead at home and abroad.

In the US and worldwide schools have been closed, businesses are stopping or reducing operations and supply chains have been dramatically disrupted. NBA, NHL, MLB and March Madness have either been suspended, postponed or canceled. Because of the unpredictability of the Wuhanvirus spreading, social distancing protocols have been implemented to arrest the spread. The health sector is ramping up to deal with this crisis.

While the US media attempts to help the democrats politically by relentless attacking President Trump, he’s focused on the task at hand standing up a Task Force and updating Americans daily. Meanwhile, China the source of the virus, is largely being held unaccountable for this global epidemic by the US media and democrats. This is not a time for politics but a time for the country to unite. China see’s division in the US and they are exploiting it, as they have been doing for decades until Trump arrived.

Trump understands China’s long game and how they have been exploiting the US in trade, currency manipulation and stealing our technology. Now Americans and the West have their eyes wide open as China’s irresponsible behavior has devasted the global economy killing vulnerable citizens on every continent. “The supreme art of war is to subdue your enemies without fighting.” Is China foreshadowing their strategy?


Bernie or Mayor Pete -CommuCrats Future is Now

by Matthews Cooper

Dateline Dayton, OH                                                       February 17, 2020

Let’s not hide it anymore. Bernie is a communist and Mayor Pete is a socialist. They are the new Democratic Party and we should be proud.  A little rebranding is in order. We are now the CommuCrat Party (CP), combining the best of progressive democrats, Lenin communists and statist socialists.  The 2020 Democratic Party Platform should reflect this and our delegates at the Milwaukee Convention should vote on the name change. No more hidden agenda’s and no more hiding who we really are to the American people. We are CP’s and we are CommuCrats and we are proud.

As Bernie says, healthcare is a “human right.” Birth is not a human right because we need less humans to give the Green New Deal a chance. I propose at age seven healthcare becomes a human right if a child makes it that far. At age seven government single payer healthcare is guaranteed. Between birth and age seven, healthcare is dependent on state resources and children aptitude test scores. We should also consider ending healthcare support beyond the age of 75 except for government officials since they deserve preferential treatment. Mayor Bloomberg is right to propose age limits for healthcare. These CommuCrat ideas should be part of our CP platform.

America will become a sanctuary country once Bernie or Pete is elected. Finally, right? No borders, no skills, no immigrant interviews, no papers, no problem. Bernie or Pete absolutely get this. ICE will be disbanded day one of a Bernie presidency. Thank goodness.

Soccer will become America’s game. It will be mandated. The NFL will be outlawed, Curling will be encouraged as a High School sport replacing hockey and NBA teams will become state owned enterprises. Private ownership will be eliminated in all sectors of the economy.

Billionaires will be outlawed. They will transfer their wealth to the Billionaire Wealth Transfer Czar appointed by the President. Bernie or Pete will decide how best to use this money for personal or public benefit. Elites know best how to spend other peoples money and this is a core principle of the new CommuCrat Party.

We areCommuCrats now; louder, prouder and bolder than Biden’s America. While Biden’s Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine and his son benefiting from him being Vice President is admirable, he’s no Bernie. Joe is a CommuCrat lite at best. His time has passed.

The former Democratic Party is now the new CommuCrat Party and we belong to Bernie & Pete. We are proud CommuCrats!


The 53rd Regiment presents a guest author, Mr. Matthews Cooper, with an sneak peak at the Democratic Party 2020 platform.  This is Matthews fourth article written exclusively for the 53rd Regiment. He is an old friend with very different views from the 53rd Regiment.  Please share your feedback with Matthews and the 53rd in the comments section. This radical wants to Be Heard. He deserves your unfiltered feedback. 


The East Fishkill, NY UFO Incident

Dateline: New York’s Hudson Valley / Early Summer, 1987
Reported By: “Speakin’ Deacon”

It was a spectacular early summer evening, dry and cool. We had just completed play on the softball fields of Armonk, NY in the shadows of IBM’s World Headquarters, where ourTelephonics Team had managed to lose yet another close game. Affectionately nicknamed
“The One Ton Infield” due to the girth of our 1st & 3 rd Basemen, the team’s custom, was to celebrate wins (and losses) with a cold case of Coors Silver Bullets immediately following each game. After the usual array of our heroic play stories and dirty jokes had run their
course for another week, we packed up our equipment (and our empties) and we headed for home.

My trek home could usually be completed in 45 minutes to one hour depending on traffic. Many of us worked in an around the suburbs of New York City, but because of the prohibitively high cost of living there, we lived further north in Dutchess County, NY nestled in the cozy environs of the Hudson Valley. Life was simple, less congested and less sophisticated in Dutchess County than were the lives of our neighbors to the south in Westchester County. The air that we breathed was clean and fresh and on this night’s trek home, perfectly clear.

As I came upon the intersection of Interstate 84 with the Taconic State Parkway, a set of bright lights just above the Taconic Mountains to the south of me, caught my eye. The odd
thing about this sight was that these lights seemed to be just floating above the mountains. Whatever the object, it was in no apparent rush to get to wherever it was going. I slowed down to keep an eye on the object(s) now that it had captured my attention.

As I proceeded along the southern border of Dutchess County on Interstate 84, I thought about what I was watching and thought about all the possibilities. Could it be several helicopters, small planes perhaps, or something new and different being tested out of
Stewart Air Force Base on the other side of the Hudson River ? Only time would tell, so out of curiosity, I pulled my car off to the shoulder of the Interstate to wait for whatever it was to float over me.

It so happened that the spot where I so fortunately chose to pull over was directly in front of IBM’s East Fishkill Facilities. IBM had been manufacturing microprocessors there for awhile and they had a major presence in that part of Dutchess County. Had I continued
to drive a little further down I-84, I could have pulled on to the shoulder of the highway in front of Downstate Correctional Institute, home to such famous murderers as Robert Chambers, the Preppy Murderer. Had I stopped there and looked across the Interstate, I might have seen the object(s) floating over Mattewan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, home to such famous misanthropes as Robert Garrow, a serial killer who murdered
4 people that were camping in the Adirondack Mountains. He would escape from Mattewan after feigning paralysis and be found in the woods a short distance from the prison and filled with lead when the police came upon him. Mattewan also hosted Lizzie Halliday, a
serial killer who murdered 4 including one of the nurses at Mattewan. Other notables included Valerie Solanas who attempted to murder Andy Warhol, and George Meteskey, New York City’s “Mad Bomber”.

I waited outside my car just watching the lights. I could see that the object was headed in my general direction floating slowly towards the IBM facility. The lights got larger as it proceeded towards me but I could not tell it there was a single object or 3 objects (as there were 3 lights) until it drifted directly over me. It was then that I realized that this craft was a single craft. The three lights were positioned in a triangular shape on the bottom of the craft. The reason that I can state with certainty that this was a single craft is because though it was a perfectly clear starlit night, one could look straight up
from beneath the craft and not see the stars or anything else through the bottom of the vehicle.

The craft seemed to just pause there for a few minutes with me underneath it seemingly not paying me any attention at all. The craft was perfectly silent. There was no noise being made from any sort of propulsion system. It was truly an amazing thing to witness. I did
not feel any sort of fear just more of a sense of wonder as I pondered what this was. Was this a new American made product that was being tested? After all, Ronaldus Magnus was our President and he had been threatening to develop “Star Wars” technology to bring about the end of the Cold War with the Soviets. Or could it be that I was witnessing something from Deep Space carrying a team of Aliens that Sigourney Weaver’s character “Ripley” should be engaging?

I did not understand at that time what the future could bring. Here we are 33 years later with numerous sightings and various types of UFOs being followed and in some cases being pursued and engaged by the Russians and Chinese with devastating consequences for those pilots. Can it be a coincidental that Donaldus Magnus has prevailed upon Congress for the funds to create Space Force? 


Blexit is Real: A Reflection for Martin Luther King Day

Dateline: January 20, 2020          The Missouri Territory
by Blackjack Pershing

‘You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can – prepare, pray and achieve – to make it happen.’

—  Ben Carson

It is estimated that between 1820 and 1920 as much as 50% of the population of Ireland emigrated to the United States. To this day one can visit abandoned villages in Ireland, many of them vacated during and after the great potato famine. While today we speak of ‘Brexit’ as the Brits finally get their act together and give themselves breathing room from the continent, we should remember the Irish may have been the first to really depart Europe in a major way. They had enough.

Today, on Martin Luther King Day, let’s reflect on what’s come to be known as ‘Blexit’: the mass exodus of many African Americans from the Democrat party.

The first sign of Blexit: we woke to the election of Donald Trump in November of ’16 to a viral video of Henry Davis, a black Trump supporter from inner city St Louis, laughing joyfully at the Hillary Clinton loss, and the related tears being shed by her devotees. See it here:

We’ve had wonderful black conservative leaders/thinkers/writers from Frederick Douglas through Thomas Sowell. What makes the current era so interesting is the sheer number of every day black citizens that are coming to the conclusion that its time to #WalkAway from the Democrat Plantation. Its a plantation built on grievance and ‘loser-think’ as Scott Adams might say.

African Americans from all walks of life are embracing #Blexit and thinking for themselves.

Kanye West: super star rapper walks off the plantation, grabs a MAGA Hat and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Terrence Williams becomes a viral social media star by mocking liberal hypocrisy and lunacy.

Candace Owens brings an amazing scholarly and personal approach to writing and speaking as a pundit. She’s strong as hell and independent.

Actor Isaiah Washington has done what most Hollywood conservatives will not: he has left the democrats behind and is establishing his own brand of conservatism. Men like Isaiah risk their livelihoods for the truth and living a life of principle.

What a time we live in!

In 2016 President Trump challenged the black community with “What have you got to lose?” The MSM in their full voiced insane opposition to Trump dismissed the man as a racist. We now see the lowest black unemployment in history as Trump began the policy of fighting for jobs with smart tax policy and de-regulation. We see his support now picking up in the black community according to most polls. We may see something unprecedented in 2020 as people from all walks of life enter the privacy of the voting booth.

And by the way, who delivered prison reform, an initiative so dear to the black community? President Trump, convincing reluctant republicans to go along with him.

Democrats have destroyed value, cheapened life and wrecked most of our large urban cores in the United States. We all deserve better, but Black Americans in particular deserve much better. Like the Irish of so many decades ago, they have endured enough. Its time to walk away from the mess that the modern democrat party offers to include: excusing blackface, exterminating black babies, creating and cultivating dependency, selling socialism, driving away employers with hostile policies, offering not hope, but hate.

Offering prayers for all of our brothers and sisters in the black communities across the US today, Martin Luther King Day, 2020. Blexit is bringing his dream closer to reality than ever.