What Would Frank Rizzo do…


by Blackjack Pershing    Dateline June 7th,

2018…about the Eagles, the White House and the NFL

“A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before.”
                                                                        Mayor Frank Rizzo

That quote from Mayor Rizzo, likely the best Mayor in Philadelphia’s long and storied history,  a larger than life tough guy, captures what you might call a ‘woke moment’ these days.  We need more of them.   Sports teams and players are saying and doing stupid things.

President Trump uninvited the few remaining Eagles to the White House after most of the Eagles organization dropped out of the event with late notice.   This prompted diminutive current Philly Mayor Jim Kenney to call President Trump a fragile egomaniac. Trump is many things.  Fragile isn’t one of them. Jim Kenney?  Much more fragile than most.  Egomaniac?  Show me one politician that isn’t.  Kenney went on to call Sarah Sanders a liar, using this moment to earn maximum suck up points with the Liberal Media Complex.   Sad little guy is looking for his moment but he will never be half the man Rizzo was. 

The Eagles: you’ve disappointed many with this nonsense and yes it is your fault, going right up to your smarmy leftist owner.  You brought it on yourselves.

The NFL: it’s going to be over soon. 

President Trump: good call and the right call.

And what would the great Frank Rizzo do and say if he were here? 

Frank may have been the last law and order Democrat.  He had the courage to endorse Richard Nixon during his first mayoral term.   He didn’t suck up like Kenney.  He called it like he saw it. 

What would he see here?  He’d see disgrace and call it out.  The disgrace of the Eagles ownership and leadership.  The disgrace of the NFL allowing disrespect for our anthem for an entire season.  He’d call out all involved as punks and crumbums.  Because that’s exactly what they are.   Spoiled.  Entitled.  Clueless.  Liberal. Out of touch.  Elitist. Takers. And yes, crumbums.   And he might even threaten to take them each on and punch them out one by one.  And he likely could have done it.   

We need more Frank Rizzo’s these days. 

“A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t  been mugged yet.”
                                                                        Mayor Frank Rizzo

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