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Dateline    August 24, 2022

Missouri Territory

As reported on this website the Democrats’ Satanic Summer has been unfolding as expected.  Their lunacy and willful bad deeds know no bounds.  They have doubled down on inflation with the now useless Manchin/Sinema duo enabling garbage legislation on climate change.  As this is written the Dementia Patient in Chief is forgiving loans to losers who paid for useless degrees that likely made them even less employable.  They continue to enable our enemies, worsen all world crises, punish the US citizenry while rewarding illegal aliens and criminals.  In some cities traditional liberals are even waking up and fighting progressives.  Not enough and kind of pathetic.

I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning discussing the effects of so called ‘ESG’ – Environment, Sustainability and Governance – as driven by Blackrock and other financial firms, corporate boards, the World Economic Forum, and the Davos Dooferati.  He was also speaking about contents of the new spending package on Climate.  He was raising alarms that we may see a day when firms that purchase gas powered vehicles are denied financing, among other things.  Beck was long on complaints, and from the amount that I listed to, light on solutions.

I read Kurt Schlichter’s latest column yesterday; Kurt has finally come to the conclusion that nice guys like Pence finish last, McConnell is a liability and RINOS generally suck –  and that we need fighters on the right.  This website came to that conclusion 5 years ago.  See ‘Mudpit’, among other articles.  

I am tired of the conservative media just reporting on the lunacy of the left, playing clips of their infantile/imbecilic programs and yet not demanding a call to action.  The same lame talking heads, night after night, lamenting each growing outrage.  And………WHAT???

So Fellow Patriots, to paraphrase Karl Malden in the old American Express Traveler’s Checks Commercial:


For some that reference may be too old.  See it here:

See that guy’s face as his wallet sinks?  Right now we are that screwed as a nation.  ‘Not a joke folks!’ as a certain dotard likes to say….

Here are some suggestions for willing patriots who are tired and not willing to sit around anymore:

Get involved in your communities.

Join a non-profit board.  You will find they are filled with mostly well intended liberals.  Sound off about effectiveness and doing what is right, not what is woke.

Love your alma mater?  Paying for tuition at a private school and/or university for your children, or maybe already did?  Can’t stand their wokeness even though you still root for their sports teams?  Maybe you should join an advisory board at the institution.  If you have the means get directly involved with the trustees or board of directors. BE HEARD. 

Don’t like something your employer is doing politically?  Tell your boss in a diplomatic way.  If you don’t say anything, then the wokesters get their way.  Good employers listen to their people.   They often do anonymous surveys = put your comments there.  BE HEARD. 

Or – you could just watch conservative media and bitch.  Bad news friends: that doesn’t work.  In fact your progressive adversaries have been motor boating around you for decades.  With glee.  Because you don’t do anything but complain.  They know it.  They count on it.

Be brave and if you don’t run for a school council board seat, show up at their meetings and make their lives miserable if they are doing stupid things.  Conversely, thank them if they are holding the line.

Don’t like something a company did – like Walmart just announcing they will pay for abortion travel for all their ‘associates’?  Tell them.  Tell the local store manager in person and emphatically –  that you believe they are satanic, globalist scumbags and wont come back.  If enough of us do that, it will get to Headquarters.  Tell them on social media and via email and phone calls.  Make woke asshat CEO’s feel pain.

Sound off and get involved – in something – anything – outside of your job and have an influence and a voice.  Put a hard stop in place for progressive morons to navigate.  Make them feel opposed.  Right now they run their mouths unopposed – everywhere. 

I hate to say it, but based on everything we see right now with leftists running ALL major institutions, we deserve what we get if we do not change our ways.  If you live in Pennsylvania – you are in danger of a flat out monster named Fetterman being elected to the senate – are you going to let it happen?

BlackJack said it here: we need to get off of our collective conservative asses, friends.

What will you do.  What WILL you do?!?!?!?’

                                                Karl Malden


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