Twitter Rock Star: Meet Svit – American Patriot


Dateline: 10 March 2023

Q&A Interview with Миротворец: Царь Svyatoslav Великий @Kremlins16

This is a special featured article with Svit, @kremlin16, a Twitter persona that brings his intellect, good humor and conservative values to the fight for freedom and freedom of speech against the left. Informed by history and his family suffering under the yoke of communism, Svit fight the good fight (debate) battling the ignorant, the leftist politician and the lies of democrats. Enjoy the read.!

1. Svit, during the dark days of pre Elon Musk purchase of Twitter, how did you survive the masking of accounts, cancel culture and the viscous left? Initially, I deleted my account, as I noticed other Twitter users were doing-so. However, the deletion, did not come easily, I struggled with it, but I could see weekly, often daily, my account was targeted and my followers dropped, as did the people I followed did – deleted it. Spooky! As a Tech, it was easy to see, or realize I was being targeted, while not “pin-pointed” personally, possibly I was caught in a “rule” that dastardly algorithm we always hear about. I suggest it was a rule-based tool, searching for phrases , created by programmers targeting conservative users. These rules, or algorithms, unlike the potato, or turnip, or bunny, they do not breed, human hands create them. Do not believe Obama!
2. Tell us about yourself. Russian or Ukrainian? Family background? Communism your family endured? Are you seeing an installation of progressive/communist policies to destroy our freedom?
I consider myself Russian, in the same sense an American from various states calls themselves American, i.e., Texan, Californian, etc. However, I do indeed come from people in various provinces of the Ukraine and Balkans. I am not from the Grand Duchy of Moscow. So, I am Ukrainian. See the irony? Unlike some Ukrainians that play in this 19th century Balkanization, I could see the stirring of war years ago, even when this so-called break occurred, I always wince when people bring up this imaginary Kievan Rus as their starting point for the break away. Its nonsense, foolish, and of course the European Union, that Von Renthe creation exploits it to the full – Guy Verhofstadt anyone? Not one of our good ancestors would understand this term Ukrainia in the modern sense, the nobles, the Grand Princes, and Emperors who ruled us never asked the simple peasant their opinions, and the likely answer “that’s for the Tsar to decide, not me”. My point, several people are guilty in this Ukrainian quagmire, and these guilty people now crow, and pimp for war with an innocence that shocks me…. My background, I did not have the greatest upbringings until a relative stepped in, and from there, my life was much better, but a new hammer came with it. This lady my aunt, struck fear into any nonsense, or bad grade I ever received. Her constant reminder that I was her parents’ grandson was the beginning of punishment. The fist that smacked my mug though, was always covered with velvet! I owe her everything, the wonderful woman, and her husband. He came recently before he died, telling me how proud she was of me, nothing was more awarding than this. As to more, I grew up hearing terrible stories of socialism, I had very old relatives around, so the constant stories were horrid. I mention one always, the worst, of a relative being stuffed in a barrel, nails jammed in, and rolled down a hill. Certainly, socialism at its most caring efficiency, it teaches the audience, the onlookers to obey!
3. Electric Ronald, statesman or clown? Complete clown. Unbelievable this clown has aged there 50 years. This says something about the voter, sadly!
4. I see in social meeting “engagements” with leftist tyrants you are 246 – 0 in fights. What is the key to victory? I read Saul Alinsky, and I never answer these trolls for the most part. I like to toy with them, be absurd, drag them into a hole, throw out facts, distortions, and let them get caught, then hammer them. Strangely, many of these leftists admit they are racist, bigots and tools. Almost all of them block me, I believe 1 or 2 have not. I know for the most part I accuse them of nonsense, but I really do believe, some, honestly, work for politicians. Some have followed me to other platforms, and I am 100% certain 3 were actual politicians.
5. You would appear to have a Band of Brothers that have your back on Twitter. How did this group of patriots organize? Who are they? Honestly, that’s the funny part! I used to get on twitter to just tell people what I am up to. I go to clubs, hang out always in various places, record shops, eat at various places. I never speak of politics to my friends – ever. I defended a person on Twitter with a similar background (though famous), and these trolls came at me. Well, I deleted the account, and then came back at these same trolls under a new account, and from there I started meeting various Twitter users with the same sense of humor, and similar background. I think from there, I started adding people, to the chats, as I find them funny, these people, these leftists, they are morons. We need a laugh, life is good, not some horrid vile place controlled by animals like Schiff.
6. Who tells bigger lies, Schiff or Swalwell? Best nicknames for them? One appears to be a watermelon and the other a Bunny. Though I would say Schiff is the biggest lair, he is intelligent, and calculates his dirty business. Schiff’s nicknames, like watermelon, I think pencil neck is best. Swalwell, lets be honest. How did this tool pass the bar exam? He really is a low intelligent public servant. My thoughts, he would suffer without Nancy’s benevolence. I struggled with all his nicknames, finally Bunny came up. Absurd! Totally! Absurd like Swalwell. Bunny is the best, it annoys this loser.


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