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“Trump stepped into the puddle, picked up the mud and threw it back at her canceling her trip overseas. What we have here is a Muddle (mud + puddle).”

Guardian 6                                                                                      18 January 2019

Americans are largely disgusted at the massive dysfunction of our government. This latest episode of the Pelosi-Schumer government shutdown demonstrates how the majority of elected representatives serve themselves and not the republic. The ancient, entrenched democratic party leadership led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are out of touch with mainstream thought and common sense Americans. Their agenda is centered on power, control and more power, America be dammed.

President Trump has stayed in Washington throughout the holidays and he has canceled several trips ready to negotiate with democratic leadership over funding for the wall and border security. The democrats have vacationed in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and planned a seven day excursion to overseas to “visit the troops.” President Trump canceled Pelosi’s boondoggle to keep her in town to negotiate (the troops wont miss the distraction either!). While on the surface picturing Pelosi & Adam Schiff exiting the shuttle bus when their trip was canceled is priceless, this was more than a tit-for-tat for Pelosi canceling the State of the Union address. President Trump put his foot down telling Pelosi stop playing games with Americans and their government. Compromise!

Border security is a real issue. One statistic alone should make funding border security and key portions of the wall a slam dunk; 300 Americans die weekly due to drug overdoses whereby 90% of drugs are coming across the southern border. That is 15,600 Americans dying a year before we ever get to illegal immigration, human trafficking, MS-13 and terrorists infiltrating across. Failure to address this issue is unforgivable and Trump gets it.

Both Pelosi and Schumer have voted for the wall and border security before, several times. So what is this about? Power, control, resistance and more power. Pelosi & Schumer are willing to let Americans suffer from government dysfunction so they can resist, secure power and undermine the President’s ability to govern. Their conduct is shameful, outrageous and unbecoming a public servant.

The President is right to stand his ground. He has been offering to meet in the middle putting American safety and security first. Reasonable people can compromise. To do less than that is unforgivable after the turmoil Pelosi & Schumer have put the country through. All of this will be remembered in 2020 and the democrats are once again demonstrating their inability to govern responsibly by legislating to the extremes. Although the mainstream media continues to attack and blame Trump for this mess, Americans proved in 2016 they see through all the lies. Democrats should think about that because while they took the House, the Republicans not only maintained the Senate, they added seats. Americans are watching and already regretting giving the democrats back the House.

The childish mud Pelosi threw at President Trump cancelling the State of the Union address landed in a puddle. Trump stepped into the puddle, picked up the mud and threw it back at her canceling her trip overseas. What we have here is a Muddle (mud + puddle). Pelosi still hasn’t learned that President Trump does some of his best work in the mud!

Thanksgiving 2018


by Guardian 6   Dateline 19 November 2018

                Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival beginning with the Pilgrims in 1621. In 1789, with a proclamation by President George Washington, Thanksgiving became a federal holiday but was celebrated on different days throughout the union. It wasn’t until President Lincoln proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving in 1863 as the last Thursday in November that it became a federal holiday celebrated on the same day. This Thanksgiving there is much to give thanks for beyond football games and parades but for a President restoring faith in America and creating opportunity for all.

                Economy. A record number of Americans are working and industries are investing in stateside companies again and employees due to the policies of President Trump. The gross domestic product (GDP) is approaching 4% for 2018, a number thought impossible just a year ago. To put this into perspective, each percentage point adds about 3 million new jobs and $3 trillion in revenue to the economy. These are huge meaningful numbers to be thankful for. There are not only more jobs being created, but Americans have job choices as there are more jobs than employees available. This is driving up wages. Companies are now competing for employees. This is a winning formula for Americans. 

                Justice Kavanaugh! Past administrations would have folded and allowed the deceitful democrats to plant their lies and orchestrate their malicious politics of personal destruction against conservatives with media complicity. Past administrations would have withdrawn the nominee. Not President Trump with able Senators Grassley and Graham calling out the lies and countering with outrage, truth and spine! When your President is strong and fights for justice, he emboldens others to follow suite. This Thanksgiving, we’ll be joining Justice Kavanaugh for several rounds of beer because the 53rd loves beer too! 

                Fair Trade. On the world stage President Trump is standing up to China for manipulating their currency, intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices where they dump their products at low prices to kill American and western industries. Trump’s tariffs target Chinese state sponsored strategies that are destroying America’s economic power, industries and technological advantages through economic espionage. Trump is trying to reverse decades of American economic leadership malaise challenging the Chinese to play fair or suffer the consequences. This is Trump’s America first policy (“I’m a nationalist”), putting Americans and America first. The next issue President Trump should address is Chinese forced partnership in China, again centered on growing Chinese industries at the expense of America.  American industries that do business in China have to be majority owned by a Chinese state enterprise to get access to their market, 50.1% or greater. This is how China has risen to the number two economy in the world. This needs to stop. POTUS is on target and for that the 53rd Regiment is thankful!

Religious Liberty. In America it is shocking to even have to write this but political correctness, the abortion industry and Hollywood regularly mock the faithful and label us. There are Americans afraid to demonstrate their faith in public. Not only is President Trump wishing all of us a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah, but he has shown humility by publicaly asking for prayers from pastors and seeking their counsel. As the President has stated, “America is a nation of believers, and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer.” 

This Thanksgiving there is much to give thanks for beyond football games and parades but for a President restoring faith in America and creating opportunity for all.

Twitter Patriots


America’s sons and daughters of liberty are taking twitter by storm. They are the modern day equivalent of Minute Men or Daughters of Liberty pushing back against the fake news networks, the leftist-socialist propaganda agenda and the 24/7 President Trump resistance movement. While @twitter does their best to shadow ban or limit their messaging, these patriots will not be silenced. These patriots stand proudly with @potus Trump Make America Great Again movement, #MAGA.

The trailblazing duo of @DiamondandSilk were early adopters of President Trump as a pair of his most outspoken and loyal supporters. Their tag team approach of bringing reality to liberals with a little “chit chat” is direct, humorous and on point. 

Bringing national security expertise and street smarts, former secret service agent and NYPD officer @dbongino deals directly and forcefully with liberal lies and fake news on all forums including his podcast. Dan is eloquent, quick witted and a regular on @foxnews burning the midnight oil ready to joist a liberal elite off their horse at a moment’s notice. 

@RealJamesWoods is our favorite Hollywood conservative with his take no prisoners approach to commentary. Quick witted and armed with an MIT education, foolish fake fanciful liberals think they can challenge him or refute his critiques. Wrong! James will quickly undress you with your pants down around your ankles with your shoes tied together.

Brilliant, quick witted and tough, the @hodgetwins don’t mess around! They go deep and swing for the fences. These two “Comedians, Black Conservatives” are all about calling out the loons on the left with humor and wit. Make America Great Again! 

@The_Smirker is our “Common Sense Conservative and Psychiatrist for Joe Scarborough” and takes on all lying Liberal & Never Trumpers for morning coffee and evening beers. He fights and wins! Really have to appreciate the selfless service counseling America’s #1 clown @JoeNBC. 

Big victory coming November 6th! #Redwave coming with Twitter Patriots armed with facts, principles and love of country. @potus just wins and so do the Twitter Patriots! 

Who Do Dems Support – Americans or Coyotes?


by Guardian 6                                          Dateline: The Swamp July 1st, 2018

Failing to secure the border is endangering families and children. American communities are under assault from crime, drugs and gangs. American government agencies such as Immigration Control & Enforcement (ICE) and the Border Patrol are being overrun by an orchestrated campaign by democrats in Congress to not enforce our immigration laws while encouraging open borders, the abolishment of ICE and mass amnesty to anyone who illegally crosses into our country. Who Do Dems Support – Americans or Coyotes?

People in Central American countries are being manipulated by human traffickers, Coyotes (a person who smuggles Latin Americans across the US border, typically for a high fee), drug cartels and profiteers. Innocent people  in poor countries are fleeing economic plight to find better opportunities in America not legally, but illegally. Under these circumstances, the democrats are not only putting the lives of women and children trying to make it to America at great risk by empowering criminal elements, they are failing to enforce our laws endangering their fellow Americans while calling for open borders and the elimination of ICE. Who Do Dems Support – Americans or Coyotes?

Seventeen years removed from the attacks of September 11th, the irresponsible leadership of the Democratic Party (Sen. Schumer, Congresswoman Pelosi and Congresswoman Maxine Waters) are inviting lawlessness through their false narratives about illegal immigration. Once again, the media is partnering with the democrats to help whip up a frenzy, create the false narrative against ICE and covering democratic marches against ICE making this the lead story in the US. All of this is highly irresponsible. We elect fellow citizens to govern and solve problems. Schumer and Waters refuse to work with President Trump and the republicans. They continue to demagogue the issue to score political points and position themselves on the fringe for the 2018 Midterm elections. Who Do Dems Support – Americans or Coyotes?

Who continues to lose? Americans; American communities over burdened with illegals; border towns; citizens who have lost loved ones to illegal immigration gangs such as MS-13; blue collar working Americans marginalized by illegals working for lower wages; and American institutions under assault by elected government officials failing to support them for upholding the laws they passed. Who Do The Democrats Support – Americans or Coyotes? 

Are these Union or Confederate Sabers?


The UVA football helmet as well as other UVA sports team logos have military sabres on them that appear to be from the civil war era.

  1. Are these union or confederate sabres?

2. Will this be the next outcry?

3. Where does this end?

4. Can there be Cavaliers without swords?

5. Would the Virginia state bird or flower be a better symbol than swords?


Glory Days – “BOLO”


The 53rd Regiment News

Dateline: March 1st, 2017

Army troops know the term. No one wanted to BOLO a training event, fail a land navigation course or be associated with some Army training event or exercise that they failed in. No one wanted to be a “BOLO.”

BOLO is a pejorative term meaning failure. It also has some history meaning “Be on the Look Out,” but this is not the meaning in modern day units. In my “glory days,” BOLO was directed at failure or a person who couldn’t get their act together meeting the lowest of standards. One might hear:

  • “Hey Smith, what the hell happened, BOLO again?”
  • “Hey Sir, on the range today we had 29 qualify and 3 BOLO’s”
  • “Jones, what a major BOLO”

I also found a reference stating that BOLO was a term used in WWII for American trained Philippine guerrilla forces that failed to achieve basic marksmanship proficiency with a rifle. They were issued “bolo” knives instead of firearms to preserve ammunition. Hence, they were perhaps the first “BOLOs.”

In basic training, BOLO was a favorite term among Drill Sergeants for recruits among other words or terms that were not very  pleasant. BOLO was actually one of the kinder words one could be called by a Drill Sergeant for failure. This was back in an era before sensitivity training, Consideration of Others Program (COOP) training or before present day college Safe Spaces.

The 53rd Regiment would like to hear from you about your glory days. Be heard!

#MobRule – Pray for Dallas


(Dateline 8 July 2016) The Ferguson Effect in combination with the poor command climate established by this administration and President Barack Obama has created a toxic environment where police officers are under attack by fellow Americans. How did this happen? How far have we fallen? This administration once again focuses on their agenda and not the lives of our citizens.

The Rule of Law is under assault in every corner of America. Those who protect us day-in-and-day-out are under attack and instead of this president having their back, he has questioned and accused police departments of institutional racism from isolated incidents. This week Secretary Clinton was somehow not indicted for breaking numerous laws, coincidence of a Tarmac meeting between the DoJ Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton. The elite are protected and the average citizen would have already been in jail if we did what Clinton did.

Americans are saddened, bewildered and shocked at what is happening to our country. There is no respite  from the liberal-progressive assault on tradional values, respect for law and order and support for those wearing blue.

Pray for our fallen, pray for our country and pray that America finds her way with the silent majority restoring our way of life.

(Dateline April 2016) Arguably the left and the Democratic Party have always excelled at organizing the masses for various causes, some real and many manufactured. During the Obama years, manufactured movements (#MobRule) have been put on hyper drive and the go-to methodology for fabricating issues and enacting policies to control the masses and bring forth more regulation and taxes on businesses. What many people on the left fail to understand, or they are perfectly fine with, is that our government is gradually removing individual freedoms and replacing our freedoms with dictates, oppressive regulations and surveillance instruments to monitor our adherence. Let’s look at a few examples.

The governors of New York and California have recently passed laws to enact a mandatory $15 Minimum Wage law. So much for free market capitalism, supply and demand practices and Adam Smith’s invisible hand. These type laws are not only un-American, they are a reflection of how far a once vibrant US economy has fallen in the last two decades, especially during the Obama years. We are now replacing skilled and manufacturing jobs with $15 dollar fast food restaurant jobs and other entry-level jobs. This is the best the left and Democrats can offer? Think about it, instead of creating the economic conditions for businesses to thrive and prosper through lower regulation and lower taxes, they will inevitably chase employers away with these job-killing policies. These so called “living wage” laws define a lack of understanding in basic economic principles and really serve the Lefts own agenda of manufacturing causes for low information masses to help their own re-election campaigns and make payouts to their special interests.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was another convenient movement for the left and the Democratic Party to manipulate the masses and spew their anti-capitalism message to the low information voters and of course blame American big business, banks and Wall Street for all of America’s woes. When American states and cities led by Democratic Governors and Mayors are imploding with excessive debt, poor services and corruption, America as a whole is left with this carnage while the Demons blame others and assign scapegoats. They fail to ever think about holding themselves accountable for misappropriation of taxpayer funding, poor decision making or failure to maintain and live within a budget. This would be asking too much. Blame the 1%ers, the doers, the job creators; they are to blame for what is wrong with America. It was also very convenient how the Occupy Wall Street Movement coincided with President Obama’s re-election campaign beginning in November 2011. Hmmm. I guess all the 99%er problems must be solved now because Occupy Wall Street is no more and not in the news, they have moved on to the next movement, #BlackLivesMatter. Always a new cause to create, manufacture and give the willing media accomplices something to run with.

It doesn’t matter that the Police Officer that shot Michael Brown in self defense, whom was thoroughly investigated and found innocent by several investigations including the FBI, Department of Justice, and a local trial. What matters is the political and media narrative about Black Lives Matter, as if they do not (insulting by the race baiting crowd!). A false narrative that continues to be embraced today drove the riots initiated by mob rule in Ferguson, Missouri. Fact — the white police officer has been found innocent of any wrong doing against the black youth, Michael Brown who physically attacked him. From this false narrative, we have #BlackLivesMatter. Well, the busloads of protesters now being transported from city to city for various causes to include #BlackLivesMatter, I trust that Democratic Party backers are paying them the new $15 minimum wage standard for various manufactured protests? I would hope so as it is difficult to generate false passion about a plurality of causes. However, they have mastered the art of disruption and fabricating causes for the media circus.

My challenge to #BlackLivesMatter, park your asses in Chicago and demand safety and increased police presence for citizen safety. To date for 2016, 110 blacks have been gunned down and murdered in the city of Chicago alone. This is unacceptable! Stop being political stooges for the Democratic Party and put your energy and time into making a real difference. This is insane and outrageous. Every American deserves to live in a crime free environment where safety and security is paramount. Demand it, protest for it, lead it, and do something about it! #MobRule needs to end!




It is high, it is far, it is outta here! HR # 1 for Bart after 20+ years in MLB!!!

From NY Post

SAN DIEGO — Leave it to the fan who caught the Bartolo Colon home-run ball to put it all in perspective.

“Bartolo is a true athlete,” Jimmy Zurn, 35, told The Post on Saturday night at Petco Park during the Mets’ 6-3 win over the Padres. “Anyone who can crush a plate of nachos and crush a baseball like that has to be an athlete.”

Zurn knows athletes. He is the baseball coach at La Mirada High School in Southern California, and best of all for Colon and the Mets, he is a Mets fan.

When a trade was offered for the baseball, he told officials: “The only thing I want is for the Mets to win a world championship. Win the World Series and I will be happy.’’

Zurn happily gave the ball to those officials, who sent it to the Mets’ clubhouse and Colon as the game was going on — but not before Zurn got some terrific cell phone shots, including his 5-year-old son, Ryan, with the ball.

In that picture, you can see the love of the game.

Jimmy and his wife, Sarah, are heading to the Subway Series later this season, so you know the Mets will work out some kind of deal, a package is on the way. Zurn is a David Wright fan, and after the game, the family met the Mets, including Wright.

The Amazing Bartolo Colon brings out the best in baseball fans, doesn’t he?

At 42, he is a cult hero.

It’s only fitting Colon’s second-inning blast over the fence in the left-field corner landed in the seat of a Mets fan who was at the game with his wife and their sons, Ryan and Ben, 3.

“My parents are from Buffalo,” Zurn said, explaining how he became a Mets fan.

Colon’s shot off a 1-1 fastball from James Shields was a two-run blast and put the Mets ahead 4-0.

Noted Wright: “You never know what you are going to see at a game … tonight we saw it.”

Said Jacob deGrom of the home run: “It was the greatest thing I ever saw.”

I have been lucky enough to be in the ballpark for the Kirk Gibson home run, the Joe Carter home run — two World Series classics — the Aaron Boone home run against the Red Sox and now the Colon home run.

They all were amazing. This was the most surprising.

Colon had gone 246 plate appearances in the majors without a home run. In his 226th career at-bat, he lined a fastball over the fence at Petco Park.

Colon gave up a three-run home run to Jon Jay, but no big deal, that only made his home run the game-winning shot. And so it goes.

Bart knows excitement. It took him 30.6 seconds to round the bases. When he got to the dugout, the Mets players were up the runway, so Colon arrived at a player-less dugout.

He went along with the joke, went to the far end of the dugout, and soon his teammates were jumping for joy. The old guy brings out the kid in everyone. He called the home run the “biggest moment of my career.”

As for getting the ball back, Colon said of the Zurn family, “It is a beautiful thing they did.”

Colon is a baseball gift. As he came off the field with two outs in the seventh, twice Colon paused and turned his head to look into that left-field corner.

Perhaps he wanted to get one more look at the spot where his home run landed, perhaps he was just checking the scoreboard, but the round mound of baseball was walking off with a lead after hitting a home run for the first time in his career.

Yoenis Cespedes, Colon, Wright and Michael Conforto also homered.

“Put them all in the same sentence,” Terry Collins joked of his home-run hitters.

It was quite the night for all Mets fans — one Colon and the Zurn family will never forget.

An Amazing BartBall night.

‘Nuf said … #40 goes deep!!!

This Is On You!


by Echo Zulu 21

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Charles Keating, was recently Killed in Action in Northern Iraq. It’s on you, Commander in Chief. Our forces on the ground are under manned, under resourced and under appreciated by a White House staff of “leaders” who are incapable of making sound tactical and strategic decisions, because they are clouded by politics. An agenda that has failed miserably and puts politics before troop welfare. An agenda that dictated a timed and broadcasted troop withdrawal that created this current state of volatility and derailed a decade of progress within Iraq.

Our service members are deployed on a garbage advisory mission, that has them “advising” an incompetent and corrupt Iraqi Military. A mission that would have taken years to properly execute, but over inflated numbers on their operational effectiveness were reported by agenda driven White House “leaders” that use talking points as principles of war.

Charles Keating is on you, Commander In Chief. You tied the Pentagon’s hands limiting their military options and put US Forces in a situation that was destined for failure; your garbage policies are catastrophically useless to US Forces on the ground. We kicked the enemies  asses in 2007 – 2008 that stabilized the country paying the the price, only for Obama to give it all away in 2011 with his dereliction of duty withdrawing all US Forces. Now, it’s lost and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice … they are on you Mr. Obama. Your failed leadership have endangered US Forces and the United States of America. God help us.