Dateline 8 March 2023

Q&A interview with The 53rd Regiment’s (the53rdregiment.com) good friend, Mr Joseph Eder. You can find several of Joe’s art pieces featured prominently on numerous articles on the 53rd’s website. Joe brings his talents to us from Europe as a proud Austrian.  His masterpieces bring insights on the social, political and cultural times we are living in. The 53rd appreciates artist flare and we are grateful to have him as a contributor to our work. 

1. Your artwork is special, unique. Who’s better, Rembrandt, Vangoe or Eder? 

Rembrandt and van Gogh were great masters, but both of lousy humor. A good cartoon is more than just art, there is also the journalistic, feuilletonistic part, along with hard hitting comedy. Best thing as a cartoonist: You can offend people without having to cut your ear off!!!

2. What is the inspiration for your artwork? Who did you model yourself after?

Well, I draw ´em like I see ´em, but of course there was some inspiration for this style of drawing. First of all there are Europe´s Classic-Comic-Masters like Ibanez(Clever&Smart) or Uderzo(Asterix), but also Amercian stuff like Popeye or Tom and Jerry, who I always loved as a kid, and then we have all the great Street-Art pieces around Europe, still inspiring me, but the most important influence I had as a political cartoonist is the Austrian godfather of dark humor, Manfred Deix(R.I.P).

3. Three dinner guests to enjoy an evening with, who would you pick?

Biden, Zelenskyj and Putin, sitting at an Ukraine-shaped table, and once again it´s me who´s forced to pay them dinner!

4. Joe Biden, the American President, what is the average German sentiment on the street? Old fool or greatest American president ever?

I think even the German Leftists have realized that this guy is a very dangerous mix of corruption and being senile…. In Austria and Switzerland people are more concerned about the growing influence of NATO-Worldwarmongers, trying to lure us into giving up our neutrality. Being neutral means neither wanting to be “liberated“ by the Russians, nor wanting to be “protected“ by NATO. To put and end to the circus, one must not become the circus!!!

5. Would you let Joe Biden watch your children?

In general it´s enough that they have to watch Brandon´s global shitshow every day and besides that, well educated Austrian kids would never accept a foreign president as an authority.

6. Do you prefer Octoberfest or International Women’s Day?

Well, both events seem to have the same problems: being totally sold out to Marketing and Propaganda, so if you want to see a real beerfest, along with true Feminism, better vistit our countryside instead, where traditionally strong women know what they want and people don´t need an orchestrated reason to drink. Besides that, without all that tourism-fuzz, everything tastes better, yes, I meant EVERYTHING!!!

7. American football recently played a game in Germany. Boring or worth a look?

Sorry to say and no offense, I seriously never heard about that, maybe I´m too busy watching wintersports…

8. Russia and Ukraine War, Joe how does this end?

This might sound a bit romantic, but I truly believe, that it is on us, the common people, to put an end to this useless, crazy waste of innocent lives. If our peaceful protest against this war can put enough pressure on the streets, they have to negotiate. It´s us funding these killings and it´s us who can put and end to it….Power to the people!!!

  • 9. Final thoughts for your American friends, any advice on best places in Germany to visit?

    The best places to visit in Germany are the railwaystations, where highspeed trains will bring you to Austria, a country much older than just 150 years, where the food is better(you have to try the pastries) and world´s best coffee is served. People might seem a bit grumpy on the first, but after a bottle of wine, everything´s fine…

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  1. Joseph Eder! Welcome to the 53rd Regiment! You are truly a welcome addition and your art speaks for itself! We look forward to your future pieces in helping us to bring the written word to life.

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