Breaking News: @the53rdregiment Endorses Donald J Trump


by Black Jack Pershing (find on Twitter or Parler  @PershingSoldier )

Dateline 161620 August 2020              Missouri Territory

“Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Embrace that label — being an outsider is fine — because it’s the outsiders who change the world and who make a real and lasting difference.”

 – – Donald J. Trump 2017

I am honored to have been invited by the 53rd Regiment to write the official endorsement for this valuable website for the re-election of Donald J. Trump in 2020.  Let’s jump right in with an evaluation of the the vitals:
  • Trump Record on Conservatism: for many of us this has been the best and greatest surprise: a man from NYC who supported both major parties financially over the years as a business strategy, and was on the record with many non-conservative views, has turned out to be the most conservative president in our history, to include Reagan.  Specifics to follow. 
  • Trump Record on Life: two conservative judges are seated on the SCOTUS, so the most important actions were taken.  BUT – his record of consistently taking on this issue in the most fearless manner from the debates with infanticidal Hillary through his willingness to show up personally to the March for Life is unprecedented.  In the most poignant moment of all, President Trump invited Robin Schneider and her daughter Ellie, now 2 years old, who was born prematurely after just 21 weeks of gestation at the weight of 14 ounces, to the State of the Union Address as his guests.  This boldly highlighted the obvious point of our medical advances and understanding of when life begins.  
  • Trump Record on Taxes: lowering the business tax from 35% to 21% is the most significant economic policy change for the US since WW2.  We became competitive overnight and attracted new manufacturing sites from foreign companies immediately – many still under construction now.  This, literally, was the ‘magic wand’ that Obama spoke about so dismissively and unimaginatively.  This action, really the only thing Paul Ryan managed to get done before his swampian exit, does not get enough press and discussion.  The other parts of that tax package are relatively minor in impact.  The business tax cut was/is a game changer.  
  • Trump Record on Economics: building on the tax change, Trump is an admitted cheerleader for the US economy.  The tax cut, combined with massive regulatory cuts have driven more stock market records in his first term than ever before; the immediate market rise upon his election was an early indicator.  As with many things, he regularly challenges the Fed on its practices and pushes for actions that help all Americans build their retirement accounts, among other things.  His record on unemployment both before and after the pandemic lockdown is clear: before, he shattered all records for all groups in question; after, he’s insisted on opening back up despite the Stalinist Left’s attempt to keep people out of work.  The V shaped recovery is in process.  Finally, fair trade deals have been enacted with both the retirement & replacement of NAFTA and the first part of a more comprehensive deal with China.  These were done with plenty of criticism form the RINOS in his own party, who hated the tariffs and threats thereof it took to get the deals done.  
  • Trump Record on Handling the China Virus: through the dense MSM Fog, patriots can see the facts and the truth.  Trump cancelled travel to China and was called a racist and Xenophobe by the Left, while Vodka Nancy was giving personal walking tours of China Town in San Fran Cesspool.  Europe and the UK were next.  Mike Pence’s handling of the crisis team was outstanding.  All issues called out by the media were addressed quickly.  Ventilators, PPE, emergency hospital sites, etc.  If not for the northeastern US states, and their inept Leftist leaders, the US infection statistics would be best in the world.  Testing?  No one is talking about it now since we have the best availability in the world.  Operation Warp Speed will deliver vaccines soon.  Trump gave lessons on Federalism to the shrieking  left along the way, and also instructed everyone all over the world on how to partner with industry, and showed what our great American companies are capable of.  Everything else is just conversation.  And as our President has said of the virus itself, “it comes from CHY-NAH”.
  •  Trump Record on Peace: this topic deserves a laundry list and we should begin by noting that this is an area where doom was predicted by the Stalinist Left:
    • Would anyone have predicted that the President would have had 2 in person meetings with the dictator of North Korea, forged a working relationship, actually crossed the border at the DMZ on foot and secured the remains of a number of our fallen soldiers in the Korean War?  Whatever unfinished business remains, his achievements here are undeniable.  
    • Moved our embassy in Israel to Jeruselem after the failed promises of his predecessors
    • Made NATO stronger after calling out our allies for their failed committments for funding
    • Placed missiles back in Poland after a weak Obama administration took them out and has now committed to moving troops there at new bases.
    • As promised in his campaign he eliminated ISIS – they have been removed, disrupted, dispersed, and killed
    • Stopped Iran Deal, sanctioned and weakened Iran, pariah of the middle east
    • Called out China for any number of mis-deeds
    •  Smaller matters like the bombing of Syrian forces and taking out of senior ranking terrorists have set the tone for our adversaries to understand they are not dealing with a weak man
    • Finally – the Israel/UAE peace deal is setting the tone for more to follow.  Winning! 
  • Trump Record on Draining the Swamp: while we can all agree that we have a long way to go, he’s off to a decent start – here’s another laundry list:
    • in his own administration many of the early departures were due to swamp thinking and swamp behaviors – leaks, insubordination, etc – swamp draining had to begin in the White House
    • Many swampian republicans have had their careers ended in one way or another: Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, John Kasich to name a few.  Others like Mitt Romney are pending.  In their place a new generation of leaders that are focused on their constituents is rising.
    • Corrupt military officials are also being exposed, especially at the General Officer level.  Partisan cranks like Stan McChrystal, William McRaven, and Michael Hayden betray their professionalism by their constant sniping at the Commander in Chief.  Swamp dwellers all. I suspect a new generation of leaders is emerging inside the newly energized and modernized military that will outclass all of them, who, when you think about it, never solved the Iraq or Afghan wars and then complained when the president tried different strategies.  
    • The fake collusion story – if it has any benefit at all, has drawn out into the public a multitude of unsavory misfits and bad intentions: the corrupt FBI agents, corrupt intelligence community, slimy election tactics used by the democrats, insanely bad characters like Nadler, Schiff, Maxine Waters, the inept Mueller himself, nitwits like LTC Vindman and the other buffoons that tried to make hay of the Ukrainian teleconference.  Americans can now see for themselves the grotesque collection of minstrels and incompetents in the Swamp.  A second term with Donald Trump will allow for needed and lasting reform that will keep the swamp draining going. 
  • Trump Record on Humor and Entertainment:  Here is just one tweet to get us started:
  • is a low class slob who came to my office looking for consulting work and I had zero interest. Now he picks anti-Trump panels!

    While it is well established that his humor is not for everyone, it has been pointed out by the 53rd Regiment’s Lead Writer before, for many of us, President Trump’s tweets are like presents we awaken to on Christmas morning – but they happen every day!  We will not see another President this entertaining in our lifetimes, if ever.  The President is bigger than life, a billionaire from Queens NY – steeped in everything that was ever great and amazing about NYC – and he brings that to work with him every day.  The tweets, the press conference ass chewing of nitwit reporters, the many classic lines at his rallies.  And the nicknames.  The nicknames. For some of us, who have watched the likes of Dan Rather and Sam Donaldson in our youth, poking at President Reagan and those before him, this president has been amazingly satisfying.  For those that love liberty but hate the rude, brash NYC vibe of POTUS, I say ‘hold your nose and vote for freedom’.  For those Stalinist left, I say plainly, ‘Go home to Mommy and the Wall just got 10 feet taller!’


  • Lightning Round of Other Trump Accomplishments:
    • Space Force – All the Way!
    • Patriotism defended: the flag, the anthem, the military, the troops, Mt Rushmore, our monuments, our parades – all of these vigorously defended and celebrated by an unashamed patriot.
    • Veterans Administration overhauled, bad employees fired
    • Drug Price model disrupted
    • Right to Try legislation
    • NASA told to hurry up and get wins on the board, partnerships accelerated
    • African American outreach and sensible solutions like assisting HBCU’s and Opportunity Zones
    • Fake News called out, defined and identified
    • The wall – 290 miles and counting as of this writing
    • Extreme vetting and banning terrorist states from flying into the US
    • Clear and strong support for law enforcement
    • AG Barr: Bad Ass
    • Kayleigh McEnany & Sarah Huckabee- Sanders; both bad asses
    • Mike Pompeo: outstanding
So fellow Patriots, as we see the Democrat party truly revealing their malevolent intent for the country (well documented on this site), with their minions destroying cities and threatening citizens, our endorsement for President Trump’s second term is LOUD, FORCEFUL and UNEQUIVOCAL!!! 
Join the 53rd Regiment readers and contributors in working for a Trump 2nd Term.  Join us as we watch America get greater and stay greater and lock in our gains in liberty, freedom, patriotism, opportunity and justice.  Vote Trump-Pence and vote red on November 3rd!

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  1. Brilliant ! What took the 53rd so long to endorse? I was getting worried that you were thinking about a “Sleepy Joe & Hoe” endorsement ! Nonetheless,?good things are worth waiting for ! Try to be a little quicker in future DJT terms ……. 2024, 2028 & 2032 !!! The reasoning behind the 53rd’s endorsement Is Spot-On! Glad that Black Jack was hired by your Editorial Board to summarize your endorsement !

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