The Star Wars Bar Scene on Earth


Remember the bar scene from Star Wars: A New Hope movie, produced in 1977? Fast forward to present day and look at the Democratic Party, both incumbents and candidates. Take a close look at the print developed by the @the53rdregiment’s good friend Joseph Eder, a phenomenal artist. What we have here is an Eder Rembrandt showcasing the democratic cast of miscreants, losers and takers.

Dateline September 17th, 2022       Planet Earth

Artwork by Joseph Eder, internationally recognized Artist

by Guardian 6 

It truly is a freak show, the 2022 Democratic Party, both House and Senate. It’s almost as if the democrats are trying to showcase freaks are us. When you buy votes and source dark money to finance the operation, candidates are less important. Credentials and achievements are passé’ with democrats.  Normal GOP Americans can’t compete when the system is rigged. When they do compete, Big Tech censors them and MSM doesn’t cover them. The democrats have mastered putting lipstick on a pig and fabricating a false narrative that hides their lack of achievement, gross failings and/or anti-American sentiment. Democrats are at their best building dependency so Americans rely on them for food stamps, welfare and  broken schools to keep building the Dependent Class. Add 5 million illegals to the stew and chaos masks the democratic world go round.

Examining “In A Barroom Far Far Away” print, we have Jerry Nadler as the fat little blue alien about to shart in the upper left. Democratic Senate candidate Fetterman from PA is to his front with his hoodie removed, dildo tattoo on his forearm and his wife beater red t-shirt.  One of the scaly Biden clones is seated next to him getting ready to sniff Fetterman. Hillary Clinton is front and center with her dyed hair, horns and yellow pant suite robe plotting for another presidential run. The Border Czar VP Harris is at the Cantina to find new staff since all of her employees quit. AOC is serving more of the Green New Steal drinks waiting for the rest of The Squad to come in to plot defunding the police and undermining Israel while propping up Hamas. Senator Mark Kelly democrat from AZ is next to the gaseous green Chuck Schumer guarding the Dominion Voting Machine algorithms and codes. The alien next to Schumer is thinking, “there is no life on earth.” A haggard Obama is looking at the Biden clone thinking, “how did we get here?” In a Barroom Far Far Away we have an accurate portrayal of the Democratic Party.

Guardian 3 chronicles the history of the Democratic Party while also itemizing their current broken policies. In Satanic Summer @blakjakpershing reviews what the democrats have unleashed on America. And in the Biden Administrations Guiding Principle: Abandonment this publication showcases how Biden gets everything wrong as it relates to foreign policy. We are living a daily version of the Star Wars Bar Scene, dystopia. Freaks, criminals, lawlessness and depravity is the order of the day with democrats running the government.

Obi-Wan provides good watch words for us this November election cycle explaining the Democratic Party for who they are, “If you define yourself by the power to take life (abortion), the desire to dominate (J6 Committee, FBI, DoJ), to possess…then you have nothing.”

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Author: Guardian 6

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