Bidenomics Breaking America


by Guardian 6

Dateline: 26 September 2023

What is Bidenomics? The intentional destruction of the American middle class through high taxes, massive inflation, excessive regulation, curtailment of energy supplies, hyper federal debt and a tripling of interest rates.

Bidenomics makes Jimmy Carter’s 1970s Misery Index look like the good old days. Middle class families and lower income Americans are getting hammered at the grocery store, the gas pump and every category of living expenses. While inflation rages from 10% to 45% in various categories since Biden took office, wages are suppressed. The average family is spending 2X on groceries and fuel weekly compared to two or three years ago. In practical terms:

You go to the grocery store and buy two bags of groceries for $50 just two years ago. Today, those same groceries are $100. Why? Bidenomics!

In 2020, you’d fill up your car with gas it would cost $35 – $40 to put half a tank in. Today, $70 to $90! Bidenomics!

You take your car to be serviced for an oil change. It used to cost you $29. Today? $99! Bidenomics!

You want to take your family of four out to eat like you used to. Maybe the local pizza place or Mexican restaurant. It used to cost you $60 and the children really enjoyed it. Today, you can no longer afford to take your family out. That same simple meal is $105. The small business owner explains to you that the cost of food, rent and pay have all gone up dramatically. You understand because you are living it. Welcome to Bidenomics!

Property taxes are up. Insurance fees are up. Interest rates have soared. Bidenomics!

With school returning, you shop to buy your children a few new shirts, pair of pants, a pair of new shoes. Helps your son or daughter get excited about returning to school. Now you are shopping at the local Thrift Shop hoping to offset some of the cost. Bidenomics!

You find yourself deferring vacations, carrying too much debt on credit card month over month or holding off on a new appliance you really need. That would be Bidenomics!

Sadly, this lying lousy Biden Administration is out there talking up Bidenomics like it is working and good for the American family. Biden and his flunkies must think the average American is dumb as rocks. Like we do not live in the same country. This Biden economy is the worst since the Great Depression. This is Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” creating a broken-down America where less than 1% of the uber rich control society and the rest of us beg for scraps.

Democrats must be thrown out of office in mass if we are to Save America.  We cannot take another four years of Bidenomics!


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Author: Guardian 6

Guardian 6 is at the ready: 1st General Order "I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved." 2nd General Order "I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner." 3rd General Order "I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief."

3 thoughts on “Bidenomics Breaking America”

  1. There is nothing to argue about in this 100% factual essay on the Communist / Democrat takeover of our American economy. We have a morally corrupted & incompetent schmuck pretending to be a most astute economist. Wait until his usual voters find out that he has sold them out by giving their jobs to the mass of humanity that is crossing illegally into our country. One can only hope that it won’t be too late for them to find a new job! Perhaps they’ll be able to find work cleaning up the deficated sidewalks of NYC, Chicago & San Francisco!

  2. Well done G6! Middle class is getting whittled down to nothing by simple logic and math. If the vast majority of illegals are poor (fact) and are flooding into the US by the millions, then the middle class is shrinking faster than ever before. Just like 3rd world countries.

  3. Are you sure we should not call it ‘Bite Me – nomics’ ? Seems like that’s a more accurate moniker for what’s actually happening. This is our country on democrats. Sadly many have not and never will learn. We will have to fight like hell to remove this cancer, if it’s even possible.

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