Thanksgiving 2018

by Guardian 6   Dateline 19 November 2018

                Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival beginning with the Pilgrims in 1621. In 1789, with a proclamation by President George Washington, Thanksgiving became a federal holiday but was celebrated on different days throughout the union. It wasn’t until President Lincoln proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving in 1863 as the last Thursday in November that it became a federal holiday celebrated on the same day. This Thanksgiving there is much to give thanks for beyond football games and parades but for a President restoring faith in America and creating opportunity for all.

                Economy. A record number of Americans are working and industries are investing in stateside companies again and employees due to the policies of President Trump. The gross domestic product (GDP) is approaching 4% for 2018, a number thought impossible just a year ago. To put this into perspective, each percentage point adds about 3 million new jobs and $3 trillion in revenue to the economy. These are huge meaningful numbers to be thankful for. There are not only more jobs being created, but Americans have job choices as there are more jobs than employees available. This is driving up wages. Companies are now competing for employees. This is a winning formula for Americans. 

                Justice Kavanaugh! Past administrations would have folded and allowed the deceitful democrats to plant their lies and orchestrate their malicious politics of personal destruction against conservatives with media complicity. Past administrations would have withdrawn the nominee. Not President Trump with able Senators Grassley and Graham calling out the lies and countering with outrage, truth and spine! When your President is strong and fights for justice, he emboldens others to follow suite. This Thanksgiving, we’ll be joining Justice Kavanaugh for several rounds of beer because the 53rd loves beer too! 

                Fair Trade. On the world stage President Trump is standing up to China for manipulating their currency, intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices where they dump their products at low prices to kill American and western industries. Trump’s tariffs target Chinese state sponsored strategies that are destroying America’s economic power, industries and technological advantages through economic espionage. Trump is trying to reverse decades of American economic leadership malaise challenging the Chinese to play fair or suffer the consequences. This is Trump’s America first policy (“I’m a nationalist”), putting Americans and America first. The next issue President Trump should address is Chinese forced partnership in China, again centered on growing Chinese industries at the expense of America.  American industries that do business in China have to be majority owned by a Chinese state enterprise to get access to their market, 50.1% or greater. This is how China has risen to the number two economy in the world. This needs to stop. POTUS is on target and for that the 53rd Regiment is thankful!

Religious Liberty. In America it is shocking to even have to write this but political correctness, the abortion industry and Hollywood regularly mock the faithful and label us. There are Americans afraid to demonstrate their faith in public. Not only is President Trump wishing all of us a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah, but he has shown humility by publicaly asking for prayers from pastors and seeking their counsel. As the President has stated, “America is a nation of believers, and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer.” 

This Thanksgiving there is much to give thanks for beyond football games and parades but for a President restoring faith in America and creating opportunity for all.

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