Interview: Blackjack Pershing – American Patriot


Dateline: March 13th, 2023      Missouri 

This is a special featured article with@Blackjackpershing, a featured author, scholar and @Twitter persona that brings his intellect, good humor and conservative values to the fight for freedom and the American way of life. Fearless, bold and provocative Blackjack tells it how it is, how it should be and when necessary holds the leftist politician and the lies of democrats to account. Enjoy the read and getting to know Blackjack!

1. Blackjack, millions of readers across the globe have enjoyed your essays and commentary now for nearly a decade. What do you credit for your keen insight and analysis, and ability to breakdown issues so the average reader can quickly comprehend?

First off thanks for the opportunity to do this chat and to share it with members of 53rd Nation!  This website is a difference maker for patriots who want to ‘BE HEARD’.  I’m proud to be part of this team.  We cover a myriad of topics from politics to UFO’s – it’s rewarding and entertaining.

I do my best and if there is credit to be given it’s to my parents – a dad who was proudly trained in Latin, Logic, Philosophy and many other disciplines and a highly intelligent, well read mother with great sense of humor.

I write when I am moved to, instead of trying to keep a schedule, so when I do put something out there, it’s usually something I have been thinking about for some time.

2. Why do you go by Blackjack Pershing? Is there a linkage to your time in the Army?

John J Pershing is an under appreciated General historically speaking – his rank, ‘General of the Armies’ was the equivalent of 6 stars and hasn’t been awarded to anyone since.  He was from my state, Missouri, and his time in the army bridged from the late 19th into the 20th century.  He laid the ground work for the modern military in organizationally and strategically as he prepared the military to fight WW1.  He was an advisor to presidents until his passing.

I served proudly in the US Army in a weapons system named for him; the painting by George Finley on my twitter banner is the Pershing II Missile system.

3. What formed you as a person?

The parents mentioned above made sure I got a Catholic foundation – in faith and education.  I won’t name the schools I attended here but I was fortunate to go to several great Catholic institutions that reinforced and enlightened my character and beliefs.

It is sad that the Catholic Intellectual Tradition is not offered to more people who could benefit.  Statistically we know that those exposed to it are more successful in life, have longer more stable marriages and personal lives, and tend to give more to charity.

I’d be remiss in not mentioning my time in the Army as being critical to my own formation – in terms of leadership development, character development, physical fitness and a thousand other things – the Army is a huge part of who I am – I realize it more the older I get.

 4. Many of your writings take on the issues of the day. Politics, sports, American culture and business. More and more in American society these areas of interest overlap. How do you assess the political landscape? Is American culture being eroded and if so, how and why?

The leftists who have corrupted the democrat party are the root cause of most societal ills.  Are there bad conservatives too?  Sure.  However, for clarity, you could say that not all democrats are extreme leftists, but most extreme leftist are democrats.

I do see an overall convergence of institutional decay across most sectors of society – as you mention, sports, law enforcement, politics, government agencies, etc.

Where does it come from?  We have covered it here in 53rd quite well.  Leftists ruin everything like locusts.  They’ve infiltrated all levels of education with political and sexual indoctrination and perversion.  That leads to a generation like Gen Z which is neurotic, beset by many forms of mental illness, weak physically and addicted to their phones.  This was done strategically and patiently.

Conservatives need to take accountability for the situation, as they allowed it.  It happened under their noses.

5. Joe Biden, is he bubble wrapped by the media? Is it plausible that he really did get 81 million votes to Trump’s 75 million? Why has our electoral process become elongated? Is there an intersection here?

I believe Biden is not Biden.  Go look at the videos from 8 years ago.  He was a chucklehead back then, but that’s about the only similarity.  Eyes, nose, ears – all different.  He may be some sort of replicant that was created to do the bidding of the DNC and Soros.  He may indeed be the real Joe with any number of surgeries that have altered his appearance – but is incredibly impaired mentally and controlled by a small cabal – with ‘Dr’ Jill’s ongoing compliance.  He may be drugged and purposely impaired.

The constant trips to Delaware are telling.  I believe maintenance is performed on the replicant on these weekends.

Joe got 81 Million ballots – not votes.  We all know how it was done, and enabled by the media, federal and state bureaucracies.   Ballot harvesting and creation is real.  Pennsylvania is the ultimate example that remains unfixed.  Does anyone really believe Fetterman was really elected?  Yes, leftists are that insane, but many just can’t or are unwilling to believe it.

 6. The Media, first rate or corrupt? Who has it right? Where are the bad actors?

Mark Levin has covered this best – they have always been corrupt going back to the ‘party press’ in the US a century ago.  Newspapers around the US were named for the political parties overtly.  They tried to professionalize to some degree after WW2 but let’s face it – they were finks back then too.  We all knew.  One big difference was that up until very recently, most networks would cover real news and issues regardless of which side they were on.  Think back to Clinton’s impeachment or Biden’s lies in his earlier presidential attempts.  Leftist news outlets reported all of it.  We now have a completely corrupt leftist press in the US.  Fox News is not much better and was in on the 2020 election fraud.  Newsmax is tolerable.  OAN ok but not widely available.  Sites like The 53rd Regiment will eventually replace traditional news outlets.  Citizens and Patriots trust each other more than manipulators and posers at the networks.

7. China. Many of your intellectual writings take on the Chinese Communists and their American collaborators. How do you assess the Chinese threat and what actions must the US take?

Unlike the Cold War in which we were at a stand off with a distinct and entrenched communist enemy, with China we are much more entangled with a more sinister foe.  Think about it.  We source massive amounts of consumer goods from an emerging enemy.  We are educating their youth who go back home afterward and work against us.  None of this makes any sense.  We have allowed them to infiltrate our institutions and work against us.  Our largest corporations are completely in bed with and compromised by China.  Ditto on that for our largest universities.

Consider any of the woke leftist absurd ideas – from gender ideology to ESG to Climate Change to Covid – China CCP’s prints are all over these ideas and efforts.  They are trying to rot us from within.  They have been successful.  We have a serious need for internal reform, let alone the need to compete and win in any number of technology based problem areas.  Meanwhile, the installed leadership of the US continues to retreat and signal weakness.

8. Do you buy the whole argument that the US leadership role is being passed by China? There is nothing the US can do?

I don’t buy it.  I don’t accept it.  The current fiasco could be turned around in a week with the right leadership at the presidential level.  Trump had them managed and compliant – quickly.  You can read his likely China agenda on this site.  In the end freedom wins.  The ability of the USA to leapfrog and CCP achievement remains, despite the democrats constant attempts to undermine the country.

9. COVID19, should China be held accountable? Why hasn’t Biden confronted China on the Virus?

Biden is compromised.  China has a multitude of video tapes of Joe and his son doing horrific things.  Aside from that, Joe has been paid off.  That information was on the laptop from hell.  WE ALL KNOW.

With regard to COVID – Trump has it right.  Their bill is $20 trillion for starters for what they did to us and the rest of the world.  Further, an entire generation of students from grade school to college have been permanently damaged by the idiotic lockdowns caused by the China Virus and weak, primarily democrat, leadership.  The root cause was China.

10. What has happened to the US Army, the Department of Defense and the American warrior spirit? What is the state of military leadership in our Armed Forces?

Another outrageous situation.  There is a crop of general officers, some retired, some still in the service, who lost 2 wars with zero accountability.  You might argue that Iraq was not lost, but I’d say it wasn’t won either.  Regardless, these arrogant slobs mouth off on all sorts of matters – political and woke – but check their tongues on their own malfeasance – like the disastrous pull out from Afghanistan.  Some of these train wrecks are also borderline obese.  Honestly our general officer corps is starting to remind me of the groups of ancient Soviet generals you’d see overlooking the May Day parades in Moscow, or the groups of toady generals you see with Kim Jong Un – with loads of medals on their uniforms, that signify nothing.  They suck up to get along.

 11. Woke-ism, ESG, Transgenderism and DEI – are these the tools Obama implemented to radically transform America while he lives a palatial life in Hawaii, DC and Martha’s Vineyard?

That smug and unaccomplished punk is the author of many of our worst ills.   Lots of baby boomers voted for him believing we needed a black president.  They enabled all of it. We need a president that loves America and takes his oath of office seriously regardless of color. By the way, the Floppy Mike thing is real.

12. Some believe Joe Biden is simply Obama’s front man. That Obama’s grand bargain with Biden was to be installed president, he will take all direction from “the puppet masters.” What do you believe?

I believe there is an Obama, Rice, Klain, Jarrett cabal.  Keep your eyes on Valerie Jarrett.  She is the most sinister Obama operative.  Note how fast Roseanne Barr was fired for making a joke about her – it was still early in the woke period but she was canned and cancelled immediately.  That was a Jarrett demand.  That group is in direct control of the replicant.  They make the calls while Dr Jill changes the diapers.

13. Who wins 2024 if it is Trump vs. Biden again?

With actual votes, Trump wins his third term.  With ballots its anybody’s guess.  Of the 5 worst states for voter fraud, Pennsylvania is worse off than 2020, Arizona is also worse off.  Michigan is the same.  Wisconsin has done some reform.  Georgia has made reforms.  Trump can’t win AZ or PA for obvious reasons.

Republicans have to come back at democrats with the same level of acumen the democrats have developed for using the legal system against their enemies.  If they don’t they will be sidelined for decades to come.

14. Why is corporate America jumping on the woke, ESG and DEI train? Can it be stopped?

It’s leftist bullying at its core, but there are several other elements.  The incoming generation, indoctrinated in their education, demand their employers take public positions on issues that have nothing to do with their business.  They are shrill little punks and many executives cave to them out of concerns for retaining talent.  Further, the PR and marketing functions in particular are staffed with left leaning woke dopes.  That goes across all industries.  If you want to experience group think – go hang out with Marketers or PR Hacks for a day.  Willing idiots and dopes.
Recently candy makers Mars and Hershey both learned hard lessons by letting their marketing idiots engage on transgender BS.  In the end maybe losses and poor performance will make them learn.  Leftist don’t learn however so it’s a tough situation.

15. As we close out this interview let’s end on a positive note. What gives you hope about America’s future that our better days are ahead of us?

I am an optimist despite the fact that we are in strange times.  A number of things about the United States will endure.  Most of the people are not woke.  Most of the people do not trust the media.  Most of the people love and worship God.  We still have the most innovation happening in our midst than any other place on the planet.  We still are the one place people from around the world want to come to in order to have a fair chance at making it.  We are still the best last hope for liberty on the planet.  The constitution endures.  The bill of rights endures despite obvious democrat hatred for it.  All of you can BE HEARD via places like The 53rd Regiment.   We will be fine, but we are going to have to go to work.

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  1. “The Floppy Mike thing is real”! Yup! Black Jack knows! Oh Hell ! We all know!!! Recently there was live video feed of Will Smith slapping “Floppy Mike’s, well……errrh……”floppy”! Ever the stalwart professional, I believe that Black Jack located that obscure video footage through covert sources! Way to go, BJ! The world needs to be exposed to what is happening in the Obamas’ nether regions!!! Bad Stuff! Very, Very Bad !!!

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