Biden: The Case for Impeachment – Now!


by @the53rdregiment Editorial Board

May 21st, 2023

America is adrift. Americans are under assault from our own government. Laws are not upheld. American spirit has been assaulted by internal forces desperate to remove America as the world leader in power and moral authority while democrats work to repurpose our republic into a socialist centralized planned state. Joe Biden stumbles through every speech while antagonizing Americans that believe in traditional patriotic values,  America is an exceptional country and worshipping God is an important part of fabric.

The case for impeachment:

Afghanistan. Biden exercised exceedingly poor judgment not heeding the best advice & counsel from military commanders. He failed to secure American interests abandoning Americans, Allies, sensitive US equipment and ceded Afghanistan to the Taliban, terrorist organizations and China.

US Border. Biden has failed and continues to intentionally not uphold US laws as it relates to immigration, border security and securing the safety of Americans and their property. Biden has ceded the southern border to drug cartels, human trafficking and allowed over ~6 million illegal aliens to invade our country. Biden has allowed China and the drug cartels to kill over 100,000 Americans annually through the fentanyl epidemic that is destroying young Americans through addition and death.

Weaponization of US Government. Biden has weaponized the federal government against American citizens who dare to disagree with his administration. Whistleblowers in the FBI and IRS have been denied their rights as employees and citizens in reporting violations of the law. The Biden Administration has targeted them and taken retribution against them for upholding their oaths of office. The Biden Administration has targeted  parents of children attending school boards meetings objecting to pornographic books; teachers making decisions about children’s sexuality; and objecting to CRT and revisionist history.

Censorship, Media Collusion and Voting manipulation. Biden has instructed his administration to work with social media to object to a free and open press. Meta invested over $400 million dollars into the Biden campaign to work with local democratic governments on ballot harvesting and changing voting laws without legislative approval. The Hunter Biden laptop was suppressed by the Intel Community and FBI through censoring the NY Post in all social media platforms and securing 51 current and former intelligence officials to claim it was Russian Disinformation. The Biden DoJ invaded former President Trump’s home in Mara Largo over classified documents that he had self reported while working with the National Archives to resolve disagreements. Meanwhile Joe Biden had classified documents in his house, at the Biden Penn Center in DC and also at his beach house from his time in the US Senate. Joe Biden’s classified documents are not protected under the Presidential Records Act.

Military Readiness. Biden has destroyed all three service departments through malfeasance, incompetence and social engineering of a Trans focused agenda. Year over year Army recruiting has missed their recruiting number by 20%. An Army of formerly 500K in size is barely able to field a force of 400K soldiers. Brigade Combat Teams are at an all-time low of readiness. Parents fear allowing their children to join the military because of Afghanistan, woke focus and sheer incompetence. The Marine Corps most recently was unable to support a noncombatant evacuation order (NEO) from Sudan due to poor equipment and readiness. Once again, over 70K Americans were left to evacuate on their own.

Communist China (CCP) ISR Balloon. Biden allowed a Chinese Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) balloon to fly across the United States for a week collecting intelligence on our nuclear triad sites, military communications and US reaction to their asymmetrical attack on the US homeland. Biden continues to show US weakness toward China at every turn. Biden has delayed equipping Taiwan with US military equipment they purchased several years ago.

As the Durham Report revealed, US government including the FBI, Intelligence Community and DoJ has been weaponized against Americans that believe in founding principles and interfered in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. Joe Biden and his administration is doing it again in preparation for 2024 working hard to destroy Trump now so he is damaged and unelectable. While the items above outline the case to impeach Joe Biden and several other bad actors in his administration, there is much more. Why both the US House & Senate have not acted continues to frustrate Americans while we watch our country and our institutions be destroyed.

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