Where is W?


America has been torched by Biden, with Obama managing the destruction from behind the scenes, “Fundamental Transformation.” Obama orchestrated Biden’s rise from the ashes of the 2020 democratic primary when it looked like Bernie Sanders was going to win. Biden’s compromise to be installed president was to accept Kamala Harris as VP and serve as Obama’s third term. While this is working out well for Obama it has been a complete disaster for Americans except the billionaire favored class and democrat elite. In other words, just like Barack planned it.

by Guardian 6                             

Dateline: May 28, 2024       

What is really curious is that George W. Bush remains silent. No real interviews, no critiques of current administration and no Op-Ed’s offering his learned experience from eight years of being president. I guess it is too much to ask him to back his party’s candidates, I mean after all the GOP got him elected twice. Perhaps W. is still bitter over Trump beating “Low Energy” badly. Was another Bush entitled to the throne? I mean look at what a third term of Obama has delivered on America, an unmitigated full-blown disaster of more new wars, hyperinflation, high interest rates, US dollar has lost 20% its value, runaway spending, and military readiness destroyed. You would have thought W. could at least find a critique for the way Biden left Afghanistan abandoning our troops, our Allies, and the Afghanistan people. I guess this is beneath George’s new life. He’s got portraits to paint and brush to clear.

Whether W. hates Trump or not he should be putting America First. Staying on the sidelines W. is choosing Biden’s open border policy; destitution for Americans; the rise of our enemies including China, Iran and Russia; loss of America’s superpower stature; a less safe world for future generations of Americans.

Unless W. is a full fledge member of the uniparty and enjoys watching America be destroyed, he should get over any personal animosity with Trump and give his full-throated endorsement. Trump has grown the GOP base to majority party status which now includes the working class, middle class, white collar, blue collar, no collar, blacks and Hispanics in the tens of millions. All Americans are welcome in the Trump GOP whereas the democrats have canceled their way to oblivion attacking Catholics, Christians, Jews, families, prolife, and American patriots. The fringe RINOs that still exist are masquerading democrats.

Mr. Bush, clearly you recognize another term of Joe Biden will cripple America. While your endorsement is not critical for Mr. trump to win, supporting your party nominee and down ballot Republicans is the right thing to do. Time to ignore the Trump haters and get on the right side of history.

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