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Dateline: February 2nd, 2024 (Groundhog’s Day)

As many of us begin to get serious about assessing the Presidential candidates and other down ticket elected officials, we need to keep current events in perspective. A “Before and After” Comparison becomes a useful tool in contrasting the USA before Joe Biden was inaugurated as our 46th President and after he assumed high office on January 20th, 2021. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on our Open Borders situation and simply ask —“WHY?” or better yet “WTF?”

President Donald J. Trump had done a superb job of shutting off the flow of illegal immigrants, contraband and drugs pouring into the USA during his first four year administration. There was also a promise of further making our Southern Border even more secure, near impenetrable, with the completion of the specially designed Border Wall  and enhanced security measures. Here’s where we ask for the first time: “WTF?”

Within days of his Inauguration, “Scranton Joe” signed an Executive Order discontinuing the construction of our Border Wall and the security enhancements that went with it. Again, “WTF ?”!!!

Shortly thereafter, “The Big Guy” signed another order cancelling President Trump’s very successful “Remain In Mexico” policy. With that, the traffic of illegal immigrants crossing into our country began to build exponentially. The traffic quickly grew out of control to the extent that it began to overwhelm our U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. While thousands claiming asylum crossed the border at various points along the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California borders with Mexico, thousands more chose not to check in with our Customs Border Patrol officers. “FJB “ became responsible for a whole new class of illegal immigrants: The Got-Aways! “The Got-Aways” should alarm every thinking and voting American!

Who are The Got-Aways? Are they Terrorists? Maybe! Are they foreign fighters from distant nations that hate the USA? Perhaps! Are they the rabble, the insane, the murderers, the criminals that our enemies have dumped at our gates to create havoc and to cause mayhem in our streets and neighborhoods? Possibly! Will we be “properly introduced” to our new residents one day soon? COUNT ON IT !!! My best guess is we will meet them on our streets and in our cities this coming summer as a run up to the coming elections. They may well replace the likes of ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, etc. and bring their extreme brand of violence with them; a level rarely seen anywhere except in Israel on October 7th, 2023. Let’s pray that does not happen but it remains a distinct possibility.

One needs to consider what our porous borders have wrought and ask themselves, “WTF?” It wasn’t that way before “FJB” took office! What has “Sundowner Joe” done to us? Here are just a few of the evils that he has brought to our country.

#1. Cartels control our Southern Border. That control has enabled the Cartels to kill tens of thousands of young Americans with toxic fentanyl overdoses and drug cocktails that are smuggled into the country. So many young adults have overdosed on fentanyl or another drug with traces of fentanyl that it is commonplace in some states to find Narcan dispensers in Rest Areas on the Interstate Highway System. Nearly 300,000 Americans have been killed from Fentanyl exposure since “Crooked Joe” took office. Yup, its time! Let’s shout together………”WTF !!!”

#2. Child Sex Trafficking and Sex Trafficking as a whole is akin to Modern Day Slavery and it, too, is controlled by the Cartels. There is very little in this world more evil than sexually abusing children. “Sleepy Joe” threw out the Welcome Mat and the Red Carpet to this evil bunch when he ordered our borders Open For Business. It almost makes one wonder if once again “10% For The Big Guy” is in play. Here again one must ask “WTF?” Does Amtrak Joe know that there is a seat reserved for him on “The Haides Express”? “FJB” would be well advised to remember what Jesus said about those who harm children. “It would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

#3. President Donald J. Trump was correct when he stated: “They’re not giving us their best. That I can tell you!” As a matter of fact, many of the poor souls that are entering our country are suffering from terrible disabilities and debilitating disease. They come in many cases for medical treatment and corrective surgeries paid for by the US Taxpayers. There has been an alarming uptick in Tuberculosis, a disease that had been eradicated in the United States. Leprosy, a disease largely confined to Third World Nations, has now appeared in the USA. Polio, another disease that had been largely eradicated has reappeared here now with the illegal immigrant invasion. We can also see upticks in malaria and Chickenpox. Let’s chant it again! “WTF ?” After all of his postering that he had beaten COVID 19, looks like Emperor Crooked Joe had no clothes when it came to watching our back door and allowing some diseases back into our country that we had not seen in many decades! Indeed ! WTF, Joe!

#4. We need to highlight and emphasize that it has been and largely still is “Young Men of Military Age” that are pouring across the Southern Border. It does not appear that they are here to pick tomatoes…….you know……..”do the work that Americans won’t do”! “WTF?” One might venture a guess that they are here to intimidate the American public when it comes time to vote. Could it be that they are here to start trouble in the streets or at the polling stations? Could it be that they cause such a stir that “FJB” has “no choice” other than to declare Marshall Law and cancel the elections until a time of peace and tranquility is declared?

One can come up with many different scenarios as to why “Crooked Joe” has allowed us to be invaded. And one can come up with many different reasons as to why he has appointed the worst among us to positions of power and influence. Every explanation that one can pose will be labelled a Conspiracy Theory. But! Its Not a Conspiracy if it develops into the Real Deal.

At this point in his life, Joseph Robinette Biden may be an American Idiot. Of this we can be sure. However, Mr. Biden has betrayed our American ideals and American Idiot or not, Joseph Robinette Biden appears to be an American Traitor! Move over, Benedict Arnold ! Make room for your new bunk mate! “FJB !!!”

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  1. Iron Mike tees it up and the goes yard! Biden has disgraced America. He is intentionally not enforcing our laws. Why? Is it China or Russian payoffs to Hunter, and 10% for the big guy? Something is really off. #Compromised

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