UAP, UFO or … The Truth is Out There … Part I


The 53rd interviewed @Blackjackpershing on the whole UAP phenomena …

Dateline: 27 July 2023        Ozarks, MO

1. What’s going on with these UAPs, is this another government program to control and distract the public from the mess Biden has created?

Many are asserting that this is a diversion or purposeful disinformation.  I take a different view on this matter.  First, it is possible to manage multiple priorities.  Unlike the Dems, we don’t all have to say the same thing at the same time, in unison.  It’s ok.  The misdeeds of Joe and Hunter will be revealed.  It is happening.  Second, this UFO issue has been more urgent is recent years, amplified by compelling video and testimony of credible pilots.  It’s not a made up ‘new thing’.   3rd, this is actually a non-partisan issue, with a high degree of interest by all thinking US citizens.  My final point would be that we as citizens deserved to be informed of what could be a very real ‘existential’ to us an over used term, threat to the US and the planet.

 2. If there is intelligent life visiting Earth, the operative word being the most important word in the English dictionary according to Bobby Knight, “If,” they must think we are idiots with Biden as president. What are these aliens thinking?

It is possible that the Biden presidency is why they are here and/or making their presence known.  Clearly those observing earth from afar would view the US as the best evolution of life, society and technology on this planet.  They would monitor our progress.  The Biden election is an anomaly as we know, for all the wrong reasons.  The question is whether they plan to intervene and help us or put us out of our mystery.

3. Are these Aliens walking among us? If so, is there any way to identify them?

The answer here is a definitive yes.  It really is the only explanation for the likes of Pelosi, Fetterman, John Brennan, Joy Bejar, Michael Jackson and Klaus Schwab.  These individuals are/were wearing biologically adaptive exoskeletons.

Twitter users will note the recent episode of an airline passenger walking off a plane and telling the rest of the passengers that a fellow in a green hoodie was ‘not real’.  The details of that episode remain unexplained.

Most aliens present themselves as democrats because by doing so, they know that the awkwardness, weirdness and general oddity of their persona can easily be explained.  “I’m a trans activist and my pronouns are blah blah blah”.  People walk away.

4. Some people speculate that these UAPs are from China or future humans returning through a time portal. What do you think?

I believe the aliens will avoid Chinah due to its evil nature, and I believe Chinah is incapable of creating new tech.  They are only capable of imitation, and they are quite good at it.  The time portal thing is interesting; there are lots of good stories of the unexplained about potential time travelers.  If it were possible it seems like the meddling of those doing it might spin into to madness.  I suppose that could explain a few things.

5. What do these Aliens want if they are real? Minerals, Human DNA, water, study primitive worlds, what is it?

I do not believe they want anything of a material value, unless it’s some kind of matter we have not yet discovered.  There are only two possibilities, bad and good.

They are here to eliminate us as a threat as we are about to discover many critical technologies.  Quantum computing, CRISPER and other biological breakthroughs, nuclear fusion, etc.  They may be here to take us out.

For the same reasons as  above, they are trying to steer us toward peace, enlightenment and abundance.

6. Have previous US presidents engaged with Aliens? Could there be a secret space treaty with Aliens from another world?

Sadly it’s hard to see any recent president save Trump and maybe Reagan taking the side of the people.  Many might sell outs out for a nice condo and safe passage to Planet Xerkmog 2B.

Part 2 of this interview with @Blackjackpershing will be published this weekend. Stay tuned.

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One thought on “UAP, UFO or … The Truth is Out There … Part I”

  1. I’ve watched several things about human that disappeared in National Park. Many people that have made reports of seeing being that are none human, but something they couldn’t identify.
    I’ve been to area 51 and to the museum that’s in White Sands. It really is something to see guard’s standing at the entrance to something in the side of a mountain. I come to the conclusion there is many things around us that we don’t know about or that we really may not want to know about! Sometimes ignorance maybe bliss.

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