“Trump stepped into the puddle, picked up the mud and threw it back at her canceling her trip overseas. What we have here is a Muddle (mud + puddle).”

Guardian 6                                                                                      18 January 2019

Americans are largely disgusted at the massive dysfunction of our government. This latest episode of the Pelosi-Schumer government shutdown demonstrates how the majority of elected representatives serve themselves and not the republic. The ancient, entrenched democratic party leadership led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are out of touch with mainstream thought and common sense Americans. Their agenda is centered on power, control and more power, America be dammed.

President Trump has stayed in Washington throughout the holidays and he has canceled several trips ready to negotiate with democratic leadership over funding for the wall and border security. The democrats have vacationed in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and planned a seven day excursion to overseas to “visit the troops.” President Trump canceled Pelosi’s boondoggle to keep her in town to negotiate (the troops wont miss the distraction either!). While on the surface picturing Pelosi & Adam Schiff exiting the shuttle bus when their trip was canceled is priceless, this was more than a tit-for-tat for Pelosi canceling the State of the Union address. President Trump put his foot down telling Pelosi stop playing games with Americans and their government. Compromise!

Border security is a real issue. One statistic alone should make funding border security and key portions of the wall a slam dunk; 300 Americans die weekly due to drug overdoses whereby 90% of drugs are coming across the southern border. That is 15,600 Americans dying a year before we ever get to illegal immigration, human trafficking, MS-13 and terrorists infiltrating across. Failure to address this issue is unforgivable and Trump gets it.

Both Pelosi and Schumer have voted for the wall and border security before, several times. So what is this about? Power, control, resistance and more power. Pelosi & Schumer are willing to let Americans suffer from government dysfunction so they can resist, secure power and undermine the President’s ability to govern. Their conduct is shameful, outrageous and unbecoming a public servant.

The President is right to stand his ground. He has been offering to meet in the middle putting American safety and security first. Reasonable people can compromise. To do less than that is unforgivable after the turmoil Pelosi & Schumer have put the country through. All of this will be remembered in 2020 and the democrats are once again demonstrating their inability to govern responsibly by legislating to the extremes. Although the mainstream media continues to attack and blame Trump for this mess, Americans proved in 2016 they see through all the lies. Democrats should think about that because while they took the House, the Republicans not only maintained the Senate, they added seats. Americans are watching and already regretting giving the democrats back the House.

The childish mud Pelosi threw at President Trump cancelling the State of the Union address landed in a puddle. Trump stepped into the puddle, picked up the mud and threw it back at her canceling her trip overseas. What we have here is a Muddle (mud + puddle). Pelosi still hasn’t learned that President Trump does some of his best work in the mud!


Predictions for 2018

The Swamp, December 30th 2017 

#18. One of the aging formerly big three news networks (ABC, CBS or NBC) will fire executives and revamp their failing news operation

#17. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will continue to be abusive to her staff

#16. CNN will continue to be fake news

#15. The NFL will continue to lose ratings doubling down on disrespect to the flag and the national anthem. Roger Goodell will be ousted

#14. The Washington Nationals will lose another divisional round of the playoffs

#13. Morning Joe will continue to be a very bad “news” show

#12. Two more Congressman will resign due to sexual harassment  

#11. President Trump will appoint his second Supreme Court Justice

#10. Baseball will return as America’s favorite past time. The Cincinnati Reds will promote Roofman to the Great American Ballpark and he will be a big hit

#9. The presence of water will be confirmed on Mars. President Trump will announce three new massive spaceships to be commissioned by 2026; USS Reagan, USS Grant and USS Trump

#8. Saudi Arabia will serve as a stabilizing influence in Iraq displacing anti-American Iranians. Iranian citizens will continue to call for democracy throughout the year Iran will be condemn killing innocent civilians.  President Trump will provide moral support forcing the current mullahs and oligarchy to resign

#7. LaSalle Basketball team will make the Sweet 16

#6. The 53rd Regiment will grow 100 fold and become a top 25 website where Americans choose to Be Heard!

#5. 700 miles of the wall will be funded and construction will begin by Independence Day

#4. His own military leadership in a coupe will assassinate Kim Jong-un and China will intervene to maintain a communist government. The US will condemn China and relations will deteriorate. American companies will come home

#3. The Russian collusion investigation will finally end with collusion found between the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the DOJ

#2. The US economy will soar with GDP reaching 4.4% in 2018 and effective unemployment in America will be 0%

#1. America will experience unprecedented winning. The winning will continue on a broad front throughout America. Trump’s election will be validated 








Colon Blow

Dateline July 30th, 2017. In this timeless article, Guardian 6 explains the Trump victory, his appeal and why “deplorable” Americans remain fiercely loyal to the Trump presidency and his bold agenda. After receiving several requests to republish, the 53rd Regiment presents Colon Blow to our loyal subscribers and readers. 

Dateline January 20th, 2017 — Republished again after the 58th Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald John Trump.

The article that follows explains how our 45th President stunned many on the left, shocked some on the right and restored faith to the Forgotten American Class of citizens that are the fabric of this country. The elite class of Americans remains dumbfounded while the majority of us saw this coming ten months ago.  Read and learn. 

 Dateline: February 28th, 2016.  There is something explosive coming to America in November 2016. It is part of President Obama’s legacy, perhaps his greatest legacy achievement. After eight years of President Obama and his failed policies;  six of eight of those years with a Republican Congress that demonstrated a spineless approach to pushing back against liberal, progressive dictates — that churning in America’s stomach is a very real movement, a Bowel Movement unlike anything ever seen in the political landscape. The upheaval is coming. America has a virus that is a mix of political correctness, statist elites controlling our lives through fiats and regulations and excessive taxation that has been killing jobs for decades. The American economy is constipated and all jammed up. There is going to be a massive explosion that no commode can withstand. There is going to be a “Colon Blow” that will reverberate in Washington DC for the ages. The people are going to take their country back.

Donald Trump (DT) will be elected President of the United States, faults and all. The Donald has the message that Americans of all stripes are going to vote for out of shear disgust and frustration of the current system, both President Obama and the so called “mainstream Republicans.” Old & young, black & white, blue collar & white collar, and urban & country are in full rejection mode of what the political class is offering. Insiders and elites will work to try and stop Trump’s momentum through attack adds, last minute dirty tricks and attempts to showcase Trump’s shallow character, which is a very long list. However, none of this is going to matter to a public that is outraged. President Obama’s failure to improve the average Americans’ life in combination with his aloofness and inability to lead domestically or internationally, has Americans beyond disillusionment, Americans are pissed! While democrats and republicans alike have done little to improve economic opportunity and security for Americans, they have taken care of themselves with salary raises, exemptions from laws they pass and all the while they have largely ignored the wishes of the people who elected them.

America is going to take one big enema to the whole system. That enema is Donald J. Trump. The enema is going to be like Trump’s Wall. It’s gonna be BIG! It’s going to be beautiful. Trump’s enema is going to Make America Great Again! The Trump suppository will be heard around the world and unlike traditional candidates, Trump’s unique style of talking (… and Tweeting) sounds like the average guy having a beer playing pool in a bar, is catching fire. Americans are finding his plain, direct and often disparaging speech to be refreshing. No doubt, this is an amazing thing to witness that can only be explained against the backdrop of a two term President that has failed his citizens.

Americans want a leader first and foremost. They want a president who stands up for the country and doesn’t equivocate and apologize. They want a president who is unapologetic and clearly DT fits that bill. Americans want a president who is going to restore American greatness and revitalize the American economy. Americans want a president that will take the fight to terrorists and destroy the bastards. Americans want a president that will secure the border, bring jobs back to the USA and create incentives for companies to stay home instead of chasing them overseas through excessive taxation or uber regulations. “It is about jobs, stupid!”

Americans want real change. Not progressive change that increases taxes, attacks religious freedom, fails to secure our borders, increases regulation and centralizes thoughts and power in Washington DC. No way! Americans are ready to take a suppository to DC,  the whole system and drive it right up the asses of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Congress. Many pundits don’t accept what is happening, can’t fathom it but it is gonna happen. Colon Blow is real, very real. Grab your depends political class, you are about to be shocked and experience the most unimaginable political event in your lifetime. Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

Post script: (October 30th, 2016) This article was right 8 months ago and it is even more accurate today considering the lawlesslessness of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. #NewFBI Investigation; #650,000NewEmails



Dateline: October 19th, 2016 1930 Hours EST

by Patriot 6

One of the greatest things I have taught my sons is to make your decisions after gathering as much information as possible. While that is applicable in all decision making, it has special emphasis this election cycle. However, with the absolute media blackout of the immense amount of information being released by WikiLeaks and the FBI document releases, our ability to gather and, thereby, weigh information to make our decision has been removed. So tell me: Who gets to decide what information ‘We the People’ are allowed to have and what are those people withholding information afraid of?

Our Founders took special care to ensure that we had a free press so that information would not be suppressed. Our Founders were subject to censorship, especially for criticism of the ruling aristocracy, and, realizing how dangerous censorship can be to a free society, placed free speech protections in our Constitution. I submit to you that our vaunted “fourth estate”, the “watchdogs of the ruling class”, have betrayed that trust and are themselves engaging in censorship. These same erudite, elitist media executives/editors, and their minion journalists, are removing our ability to make an informed decision by a lack of informative reporting on the WikiLeaks and FBI document releases, and basically anything critical or damaging of Hillary Clinton, thereby, censoring information. Instead of objectively reporting on all information and allowing us to weigh it as we decide which candidate to vote for, they have skewed the entire decision making process and have decided for us who we should vote for by not reporting on potentially damaging information about on specific candidate.

There are many counter-arguments people make in an attempt to refute this premise. Here are several popular ones: it is not a news organization’s job to report on information that anyone can look up on the internet; the WikiLeaks information was hacked by the Russians and cannot be trusted; journalists do not take sides in political campaigns so as to remain impartial in their reporting; there has been just as much reporting on Hillary Clinton’s scandals; and one of my favorites, Fox News is censoring just as much information on conservatives/Republicans. We can debate and spar over whether the information is being intentionally ignored/suppressed or whether it can be accessed elsewhere, etc. However, that misses the greater point: it is not the journalists’ place to DECIDE what “We the People” should or should be allowed to hear. Their job it to REPORT the information and let “We the People” DECIDE for ourselves if it is relevant and/or how much weight to give it in making our choice of which candidate to support.

Folks let’s try some common sense. Based on the one sided reporting of the “scandals” surrounding our respective candidates, I can safely state that it is patently obvious that the media executives, including those at Fox News, and with the exception of a handful of journalists, do not want Donald Trump to win the election. An article in “”, from October 17, 2016 stated that the three major networks covered the story of Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct allegations for “more than 23 minutes combined on Thursday night.” Compare and contrast that they covered the revelations from the WikiLeaks release during the same time period on Hillary Clinton’s views, and the views of members of her campaign staff, about Catholics, Latinos, Wall Street banks, open borders, etc., for a total “1 minute and 7 seconds combined” coverage. Anyone can look up Donald Trump’s comments on the internet, yet there was 23+ minutes of coverage. Just as much reporting on Clinton’s scandals? Really?

Let’s try the Russian hack and impartiality arguments. Interestingly, the fact that (if true) the Russians did indeed perform the hack, while criminal, does not mean the information isn’t accurate. Allegedly, the same entity hacked the DNC and the information learned about the subversion of Bernie Sanders’ campaign was accurate enough for them to allow the resignation of/firing of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the Chairperson. Amazingly, on the rare occasion that the WikiLeaks information is brought up, the Clinton campaign never disputes the accuracy of the information, they only deflect and criticize the hack. Why is the campaign never questioned by the news media? Could it be that the journalists are protecting and supporting Clinton when they are allegedly impartial? It is difficult to claim impartiality when, according the Center for Public Integrity, journalists from multiple media outlets have donated $382,000 to the Clinton campaign and only $14,000 to the Trump campaign. Additionally, according to WikiLeaks released emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, the Politico chief White House political correspondent, Glen Thrush, cleared an article through Podesta to before publication. Does anyone want to rethink the impartiality argument?

It is obvious that people in the news media made a conscious decision to withhold relevant, important and critical information about a presidential candidate from “We the People”, but for what reason? It is really quite simple: They have DECIDED for US who should be our President and they don’t trust “We the People” to make the “correct” decision as they have determined. They are petrified that if they objectively report on both candidates, people will see Hillary Clinton for what she truly is and make the obvious choice. After all of the non-stop negative coverage of Donald Trump and the withholding/censoring of information, Hillary Clinton is still well below 50% and Donald Trump is ahead, tied or within the margin of error depending on the poll. These same people understand that if anything resembling equal coverage of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous and criminal past is reported, Donald Trump will win by double digits; therefore, THEY DECIDED what is best for “We the People” and there are doing all they can to remove our decision making power.

A free press does not mean that they are free to decide what the people get to know. The members of the corporate news media elites do not get to decide the election. That is the sole right of “We the People.” We have one choice that gives us an opportunity to take our country back and put it in the hands of “We the People.” I ask you to inform yourselves, make your OWN decision and to “BE HEARD” in this election.




Dateline: October 13th, 2016 

by Patriot 6

There may have been more written and said about this election than any in our history. Many of us believe that the stakes have never been higher for determining the direction, and ultimate definition, of what America will be in the future. While there are many extremely important issues on the line, i.e. Supreme Court nominations; terrorism/national security; jobs and the economy; health care, etc., there is one issue that is exponentially more important to determining if America continues to be the “beacon of freedom” and “land of opportunity” that we have always been or if America is to be transformed into a European styled, socialist-lite, shell of what our Founders created. We must use this election to take back our country and government from America’s elitist, ruling class: Career Politicians.

America has NEVER needed or wanted an aristocracy. George Washington refusing a lifetime appointment as President perfectly exemplifies that point. Our Founders rebelled and fought a war for American independence against an oppressive aristocracy. Our Founders created our form of government with the idea that being elected as a representative or a senator was a PART-TIME job. They were to return home at the end of session and rejoin the communities from which they were elected. They were expected to listen to the values, needs and concerns of the citizens they were chosen to represent. More importantly, they were expected to carry those back to Washington, DC and actually STAND UP FOR same citizens and the issues they hold as important. Somewhere in the last 240 years that process has gone terribly awry.

Today we have an elite political class of career politicians that do not listen to, believe that they are smarter than and, thereby, know what’s best for the everyday Americans that elected them. This ruling class, which is composed of BOTH parties, like every other aristocracy, does not fear, or worse, does not respect the common person they “rule.” They routinely betray their core values and those of those they represent in favor of committee chairmanships, donations (re: money), etc. Our “ruling class” sees our Constitution as an antiquated hindrance to America becoming what THEY feel it should be. These people are attempting to remove the most precious freedom that we have in America: the ability for each of us to CHOOSE what is best for US.

In full disclosure, Donald Trump was not my first choice. He is absolutely NOT a perfect candidate, not a “true conservative”, etc. I know all of the adjectives associated with demeaning and criticize him; however, if you agree with most, much or any of what I have stated, there is no other choice. If you understand my point, and are as tired of being maligned, ignored, placated and, frankly, lied to as a “regular” American as I am, you have no other choice. This election is NOT about Donald Trump, it is BIGGER than him. He has become the focal point and standard bearer of the ire of millions of Americans who are fed up being controlled and dictated to by a ruling class that we should never have.

I have purported for over 25 years that the day would come where we are so fed up with career politicians that a candidate would emerge that would truly resonate with Americans of both political parties. I described that person this way: not a member or either party; right of center because as a country we align more towards conservative principles; independently wealthy because they will receive no support from either party; and, most importantly, this person will be perceived truly loving this country and as giving straight, honest answers, like it or hate it, to straight questions. Hillary Clinton is none of, other than wealthy, nor is she perceived to be any of, what I described. She is the epitome of the elite, ruling class career politician who will continue to take America towards where it was never founded to be.

It comes down to this: we have an opportunity to wrest control from these elite, arrogant career politicians, upend the status quo, insert fresh, untainted political blood into our system and take back our government and country from our unwanted political aristocracy. Donald Trump is not without faults; however, in my lifetime he is the closest to the candidate I described. Like him or hate him, he represents, quite possibly, the last opportunity for “regular” Americans to exert control over and take back our government to put America back on the path set by our Founders. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to remove our elitist political aristocracy and take back control of our own destiny.



Voter’s Guide to the 2016 Presidential Primaries

       by: James Reacher

As a loyal 53rd Regiment reader, I suspect you probably live or have official residency in one of many Southern states that will be voting on March 1. Now, as a practicing member of the political class, I urge you to review the websites of the candidates, watch debates and candidate forums, and make an informed decision on whom to support. However, I also know that the hectic lifestyle of the average 53rd Regiment reader does not support this type of political junkie level obsession. With that in mind, please find a proponent and opponent case for each of the remaining candidates. Please note at the outset that my work has led me to develop very strong opinions about all of these candidates, so do not take it personally when I light up your current favorite. I can assure you that I am lighting up my current favorite as well.


Should you be in the incredibly narrow demographic of Democratic primary voter and 53rd Regiment reader, your choices are pretty simple — Secretary Hillary Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

The pro-Clinton case is based on experience. She has been in public service in one form or another since 1983. She has been the First Lady of Arkansas and of the United States as well as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. If you want the Democratic Party to nominate the candidate with the most experience and greatest likelihood of winning, you should vote for her.

The anti-Clinton case for primary voters has two main components. The first component is stylistic. Even in a primary, she seem unwilling to fully embrace the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. She is like the wary parent who will dole out a little freedom, but only in moderation and with close supervision.

The second anti-Clinton case is management. She has proven herself to be an utter failure at management. During President Bill Clinton’s first term, Hillary Clinton led the group that attempt to craft a health care reform measure. What she came up was so unpalatable that it never even got a vote in either the House or the Senate, despite the Democrats controlling both chambers. Republicans had their best mid-term elections in generations running against her efforts.

And, I cannot close out this section without mentioning Benghazi. Others in the 53rd Regiment roster can write with greater knowledge and experience on this issue, but it is my strong belief that she failed to provide adequate oversight or concern for U.S. diplomats in harm’s way and this failure directly led to the deaths of Americans. Her continued unwillingness to acknowledge her role in this tragedy is an enormous black mark on her record as a public official.

Bernie Sanders

There is a saying in politics that there are few joys greater than running a campaign in which you have no chance of winning. This seems counterintuitive until you realize how much fun it would be to be able to promise anything you want, say anything you want, and attack your opponent in any way you wish. Make no mistake, this is the type of campaign that Bernie Sanders is running.

The pro-Sanders case is that he is promising everything a liberal has ever dreamed of — universal healthcare, free college tuition, increased minimum wage, punitive taxes on wealthy people and corporations. He is like an Aaron Sorkin character brought to life.

The anti-Sanders case is also twofold. The first side is strategic. He openly admits that he plans to raise taxes on everyone, even middle class voters, to provide universal healthcare. The Democrats already ran a candidate who promised to raise everyone’s taxes. His name was Walter Mondale and he lost 49 states in 1984.

Beyond this strategic concern, were I a Democratic primary voter, I would be wary of voting for someone who has spent so much of his Congressional and Senate career loudly complaining while getting little to nothing done. The Senate has show horses and work horses. Sanders is unequivocally a show horse. Show horses do not know how to close deals and do not know how to marshal their allies for legislative battles. It feels good to vote for the “ice cream for dinner” candidate, but there is a reason no responsible parent allows a diet like that one.


This is the deepest Republican Presidential candidate field in my lifetime. With two exceptions, I think all of these men are qualified and would do a fine job as President. GOP primary voters are deciding among the very good and not merely affirming the anointed acceptable choice. I think my writing will reveal the two I find unqualified. The pros and cons of the remaining Republican Presidential candidates proceed below in alphabetical order.

Ben Carson

Were some sort of traumatic brain injury to befall me, I want Ben Carson to be my surgeon. He is a brilliant and accomplished man who success in the medical field has literally inspired books and movies. He is a man of impressive faith and his love for his wife is inspiring.

However, the campaign, debates, and candidate forums have made clear that he is completely unprepared for the Presidency. He appears to have little to no knowledge about foreign affairs and has used his time in debates to give non-seneschal answers including reciting the preamble to the Constitution as his closing statement at a recent debate.

On a personal level, I know a few of his former campaign staffers a little bit and the manner in which they were treated was appalling to me. If this is how he runs a campaign, I shudder to think how he would run the Executive Branch and how he would serve as Commander in Chief.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has the most impressive resume of any of the remaining candidates. He attended Ivy League schools for his undergraduate degree and for law school. He was the editor of the law review journal at Harvard and served as a clerk for the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also argued multiple cases before the Supreme Court while serving as the Texas Solicitor General. Cruz was also senior staffer for the 2000 Bush Presidential Campaign.

In politics, the campaign Cruz mounted for the U.S. Senate in 2012 is one of the greatest political upsets ever. Cruz ran against the sitting Lieutenant Governor and was outspent almost 3-to-1. He did line up the impressive support of a myriad of political “outsiders” to help nationalize this campaign.

He immediately parlayed this win into a role as a national conservative leader. First term U.S. Senators often keep their heads down and focus on making gains on minutiae. Cruz instead turned himself into a national leader and conservative talk darling. This is quite the feat for someone who had been working as a lawyer in esoteric corporate law prior to the campaign.

The opponent case for Cruz is simple — by all accounts, he is thoroughly unlikable. This is seen in small ways like his college roommate who routinely tweets out derogatory information about him and the DC lobbyist/staffer/consultant world is filled with “you didn’t hear this from me, but…” stories about how unlikable he is. This is also seen in big ways like the fact that zero of U.S. Senate colleagues have endorsed him and the fact that Nikki Haley met with him in private last week and then decided to endorse Marco Rubio.

Someone who cannot get along with what should be his allies and in fact wears his lack of professional respect as a badge of honor is going to have an awful hard time getting anything done as President. I learned long ago that my political opponents and those who disagree with me believe just as strongly as I do in the merits of their case. To get things done, sometimes you need to acknowledge the merits of your opponent’s view and try to find some middle ground. Cruz seems unwilling or unable to do this.

John Kasich

John Kasich is a proven success as a leader in both Congress and as Governor of Ohio. During his time as a member of the House of Representatives, he rose to Chairman of the House Budget Committee. In that role, he got President Clinton to agree to a balanced federal budget, an achievement not seen since men had been walking on the moon and not duplicated by Congressional leaders of either party since.

As Governor of Ohio, he has led the state through an economic renaissance while also balancing budgets and implementing conservative policies. He won two tough statewide elections in a state that a Republican Presidential candidate has not won since 2004.

As a Presidential candidate, he has campaigned with dignity and compassion — two qualities that have been sorely lacking on both sides of this contest to date.

There are two sides to the opposition argument against Kasich. First, despite his recent conversion to campaigning with kindness, Kasich has a lifetime of having a somewhat volatile temperament. He has belittled his political opponents, including questioning their commitment to Christian values and joking to Ohio lobbyists that they are advised to metaphorically get on the Kasich policy bus lest they be run over by said bus.

The second main argument against Kasich is that he is less conservative than the other candidates left. He stretched Ohio law to the limit to get the state to accept Obamacare provided funds to expand those covered by Medicaid, a federal/state program that provides subsidized health insurance to children and to poor people. Opponents of this maneuver were met with the aforementioned question about their commitment to Christian values when they protested to Kasich about it. Kasich has also taken a much more benign view about how to handle illegal immigrants currently in the country who are working and being otherwise law abiding.

Marco Rubio

I had the good fortune to see Marco Rubio speak to a large, receptive audience in Florida in 2010 and can attest that he is one of the most electrifying, engaging, and impressive speakers that I have ever seen. I am positive that he won a lot of supporters, donors, and volunteers that day.

His 2010 campaign for the U.S. Senator also ranks as one of the most remarkable success stories in American political history. Despite having served in elected office since he was 26 years old and serving as Speaker of the Florida House when he was only 34 years old, Rubio was out of elected office and working as a lawyer and adjunct college professor in 2010.

This story gets lost in our “every day a new battle” political culture, but what Rubio pulled off in that 2010 U.S. Senate Election is awe inspiring. He defeated Charlie Crist, the sitting Governor of Florida in the GOP primary and drove Crist out of the Republican Party, a worthy achievement on its own. In the general election, Rubio then won a tough three-way race with Crist now running as an Independent. It takes a lot of courage to look at a seemingly insurmountable electoral challenge and still try. Rubio had the courage to try in 2010.

In addition to his skills as a campaigner and orator, Rubio made friends and influenced people in the Senate. On immigration reform, he spearheaded an effort on immigration reform that got Congress closer to a solution than they had been since 2005. His Senate record is filled with efforts where he brought together disparate voices and worked with his colleagues to propose solutions. Washington is broken and as President he could fix it.

Like the other candidates, there are two main fronts on why a GOP primary voter should oppose Rubio. First, Jeb Bush tried to brand Rubio as the “GOP Obama” and in many ways the label fits. Like Obama, Rubio is relatively inexperienced at federal politics and despite his impressive rhetoric and bridge building skills, he has very little in actual accomplishments as U.S. Senator. For example, his vaunted bipartisan immigration reform effort fell apart in large part because Rubio walked away when the debate over the bill became heated.

The other half of the “GOP Obama” dig is stylistic. On matter big and small, Rubio always seems to be on the verge of being too cute by half. His town hall answers are often two parts — “here is what I would like to do (what the voter clearly wants to hear)” and “here is what I think could actual be done (a more disappointing compromise solution)”. His reputation is that he is on your side until things get tough and then he starts looking out for himself. On a more personal level, Rubio has been a Catholic, a Mormon, and an evangelical Protestant. He now attends both Catholic and Protestant services while identifying as Catholic. Religion is a deeply personal matter, but I do wring my hands a bit about someone who seems unwilling to choose an option.

Donald Trump

If you have made it this far, thank you. I will confess that I have an objection to Donald Trump as a candidate that is based both on disdain for his policy pronouncements and on disgust for his boorish personal behavior. However, like any political science graduate, I can argue it round or square. Just know that the round argument is not sincere on my part.

The proponent case for Donald Trump also comes from Jeb Bush. Jeb is a lot more successful in this essay than he ever was in the campaign! The Bush folk’s people spent weeks trying to derisively label Trump as a “chaos agent”. This supposed insult is one of the fundamental tenets of Trump’s campaign — he will bring tumultuous change to Washington and the world at large with the singular goal of improving America. To voters drawn to Perot in 1992 and to Buchanan in 1996 and to the Tea Party in 2014, this disdain for Washington and promise of massive change and upheaval to the establishment in Washington is a siren song calling them home. If you think the country is failing and your station is life is declining because of that failure, this promise to restore the American greatness of the past holds enormous appeal. You’re incorruptible and bold leader will single handedly run roughshod over all the vexing obstacles in the way to make America great again.

The two fold opponent case against Trump is both personal and policy based. By any objective standard, Donald Trump is a loathsome human being. His ex-wife, Ivana, listed “cruel and inhuman treatment” as the grounds for their divorce. More recently, he has mocked a disabled reporter, responded to his critics with childish name calling and threats of violence, and implied that Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle was the primary cause of her tough questioning of him. Presidents have to spend vast amounts of time and energy convincing would be opponents to support Presidential policies. Someone who cannot handle the crucible of a Presidential campaign is going to have a difficult time being strong enough and wily enough to outmaneuver his opponents.

On policies, Trump is proposing things that are not possible. Mexico is not going to send payments for the construction of a border fence. Presidents cannot unilaterally impose trade tariffs on imported foreign goods. He needs laws, treaties, and trade agreements to advance these goals. You need two sides willing to negotiate to make deals. I have serious doubts that Mexican leaders will want to meet with someone who characterized their immigrants as violent criminals and that Congressional leaders who have spent the past year being called do nothing losers will be eager to join Trump at the negotiating table.

In addition, during the debates and the candidate forums, Trump has both demonstrated a frightening lack of understanding of even basic federal policies as well as a willingness to change his positions on the fly to better appeal to his audience. For example, until 2012 he was a forceful pro-abortion advocate. Then, when he thought about running for President in 2012, he declared himself pro-life. This year he has urged Congress to fund Planned Parenthood and said recently that Planned Parenthood does “wonderful things having to do with women’s health.”   Someone this thin on policy who also seems to lack a moral core for policy decisions gives me a lot of pause about what they would do as President.

So now we have mercifully come to the end and I hope this has been helpful. Armed with this knowledge, I want to urge you to vote. Your vote does make a difference both cumulatively and individually. All of the states voting between March 1 and March 14 will be awarding delegates on a proportional basis, so even if you candidate does not win your state, they could still win delegates. Also, some of these races have been very close. The Iowa Democratic caucuses actually went to coin flip tiebreakers in several locations.

Your vote matters. Use it!


Candidates for Dummies

by Black Jack Pershing

We have witnessed plenty of change in the last 30 years. We have seen the end of the Greatest Generation’s stewardship of the country, the Boomers’ chaotic attempt to lead the country and the first Gen X’er President, the unlikely Obama. Anyone who falls even slightly to the right has to be feeling similar to me: bewildered, irritated, disgusted, worried.

· Bewildered at the disappearance of our founding principles as a basis civil society and government in the US

· Irritated at the opposite: the emergence of real selfishness and self-indulgence as the basis for the way the country is run

· Disgusted at the disappearance of strong ethical leadership in most large institutions. I’d add the emergence of a ‘screw the little guy’ ethic among business leaders.

· Worried: that it may be too late to turn any of this around. If it is to be turned around – who will lead it articulately, genuinely, ethically, effectively?

· The passing of Judge Scalia inspired this essay. I don’t think I have ever been more worried about the US; the passing of Scalia once again opens the door to even more radicalization of how government is led.
The Candidates:

Clinton: Awful. The longer the primary season goes on, the more she will seem like a bad throwback and reminder of low brow nonsense. Just. Awful. The Democrats should be embarrassed and ashamed and many are. Criminal.

Bernie: he is emblematic of the spoiled brat generation coming into view. He is the ultimate socialist Santa Clause to the griping entitled. We cannot even blame welfare recipients for Bernie. His fans are predominantly young and white. They were never taught history or civics. They are mobile device staring self-obsessed zomboids. Created by dopey over managing Boomers who can’t let them make a decision without therapy sessions and micro-management. And they want free stuff. Free education Bernie? Why – so they can get a Women’s’ Studies or Art History degree and be even more useless? How about tech school and learning a trade so you can at least be useful, you little jerks?

Trump: the ultimate outgrowth of reality TV and all the dummies that hang on ‘what’s on TV tonight?’. He is the hero of the uninvolved dummies of society that watch TV as pastime and have nothing going on socially. He is a product of the entertainment industry – gone rogue. He is the champion of those who are pissed off but don’t know why. They don’t know why because they never read anything and watch CSI Whatever and Celebrity Apprentice. But they’ve been screwed for real and they want to get back at those who did it. Trump is great at calling out the easiest targets, oversimplifying everything and mastering sound bites. He reflects the USA well right now: bellicose, inarticulate, seemingly angry, and kind of a fat slob. I am guessing many trumpians voted for Obama because they felt we needed a black president. These kinds of people are the worst kinds of Americans because they combine being uninformed with being confident about their choices. They are always right until they are not. Many trumpians are independents and smug about it. Of course we all know that the middle of the road is for dead armadillos and yellow stripes. If I have to – I will vote for Trump but it still seems surreal – or – maybe if Lyndon LaRoushe is on the ballot again I will consider that.

Jeb: Bush fatigue is real. The low energy thing is legit – at least when he is talking. He likely could have been more effective than his brother or father but people are staying away from him in droves. Good guy. Has integrity. Just not his time. Too bad for Jeb. I could vote for him. He is not too old, but he seems to represent something that is almost gone – I’d call them caretaker republicans. They usually don’t screw things up but they don’t make anything better.

Carson: Hard to take him seriously given his quiet and almost sleepy persona , but he’s smart, patient, accomplished, and has integrity. If he drops out we will have lost the best example of class in the republican pool. Was great to see a guy like him run. I could vote for him. I wish he had a real chance. He lacks killer instinct.

Rubio: Great on paper. Not so great in reality. Seems like an over eager Cub Scout, or a senior on the high school debate team trying too hard to be glib. His ears are simply too large for him to be president. I could vote for him and if he does break through I hope he grows up fast and can defend himself. Allowing himself to be depantsed by the New Jersey Sumo showed real weakness and lack of preparation. Let’s face it – Senators are too compromised and argue about meaningless nonsense. All of them.

Cruz: certainly a favorite among the conservatives that vote 100% principle or against a long list of ‘must have’ views. The problem with that kind of inventory is that it leaves out likeability, of which, Ted has very little. Ted is the guy everyone hated in high school, who asked if there was homework at the end of class. Ted was also one of the early targets in any gym class dodgeball game; he usually got hit in the crotch or the face and limped off to the side in disgrace. He is the know-it-all we all deal with at work that you pray will just shut up at meetings. He is also unacquainted with pushups, running, or any kind of fitness. Hard for me to support him but I will if he gets the nomination.

Kasich: reasonable. Kind. Positive. Experienced. Great record as a governor. Gets legitimate criticism for enacting parts of Obama-care in his state. He may be another caretaker republican. Currently he’s the only one I can endorse, now that Fiorina is out. He has charisma and persona could counter Hilary’s nastiness with a bemused attitude about all of her fascist views. Kasich strikes me as the only Repub that could make a legitimate claim to be a champion for the little guy.

Regrets: Fiorina is smart as heck but has come across as shrill and mean at times. Has not broken through. Likely lacks requisite charisma to win. May have gone overboard on the Botox.

Black Jack Pershing’s Republican Wish List: Trump’s punishing message to companies that move operations out of the country should be maintained. Border must be sealed regardless of the disposition of the illegals. (too much technical goofy and uninteresting arguments are going on among the candidates about their orthodoxy related to amnesty. Yeah yeah yeah.) Rand Paul’s talk about loss of liberty is legit. Most repubs are ignoring it. ISIS must be eliminated and the US needs a permanent and sizeable base in the Middle East – permanently. BO blew it in Iraq where we could have done this. Regardless of whether you believe in Climate Change – cheap renewable energy must be developed both for conservation and security reasons. A post oil world benefits all of us. The large energy companies should be incented to work on this long term. The size of the US government should be cut by a third through the implementation of simple policies and technology. There are too many ignoramuses in the US. The teaching of American history and civics must be improved. Corporate tax rates must be brought down to at least 20% and permanent laws about what fair taxation consists of should be written. What is fair? Likely no more than 25% of anyone’s income should ever be confiscated by the state. Ever. We need to get it defined and stop arguing about it. On the social side – almost all is lost due to changing norms. Republicans should strategically focus on liberty and individualism. Science will likely prove the true genocide than abortion is and it should decline. Repubs should stay where they are on that issue. All others? Rely on federalism to let the states work the issues out. Let the churches speak out in society on all issues about personal morality – Republican politicians should just focus on limiting the scope and creep of government control. Finally – unless a republican group emerges that can engage the Hispanic population, they will be lost for decades – much as the Irish were in the early 20th century. I am not hopeful about any of this, but I hope I am surprised as the coming year unfolds.
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