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The 53rd Regiment Endorses

American leadership in the world has been diminished. Our foreign policy is incoherent. Our enemies don’t fear us; our friends have lost respect for the United States not knowing if we will be there when they need us. Our economy is in shambles where millions of Americans have given up hope finding employment whereby they can provide for their families and live the American dream. Millions more Americans, estimates are as high as 47% of American adults, are receiving some type of government assistance.

Politicians in Washington DC have grown distant from their responsibilities to truly represent the people that elected them. Once elected, they govern with elitism, arrogance and condescension toward the public. Our government regularly manipulates facts, blames others never taking responsibility, make excuses and lies to the American public with impunity. Our government is aligned with the globalist agenda compromising what is in the best interest for Americans.

The 53rd Regiment is endorsing the candidate that supports the following principles:

  1. Protecting innocent life and eliminating public funding for abortions.
  2. Nominating and electing Supreme Court justices that believe in the US Constitution as originally constructed. It is not a document to be manipulated by whim but respected for the pillars of freedom and liberty set forth by our Founders and interpreted in the form of original intent.
  3. The US military should be re-built following the Reagan model “Peace through Strength” with significant investment in manpower, technology and readiness. After 15 years of war and 8 years of feckless presidential leadership, the Military Service Departments must receive the maximum commitment to reinvigorate morale always ensuring our troops have the best equipment, support and financial resources to ensure victory at home and abroad.
  4. All trade deals, current and future, will put American workers first. If NAFTA and other deals continue to disadvantage American workers, they will be renegotiated or canceled.
  5. Secure the border to eliminate illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and gang & terrorist infiltration into US cities and our country.
  6. Seek a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on US Senate seats and US House seats.
  7. Approve the Keystone Pipeline from Canada and establish a 10-year goal to eliminate 100% of Middle East oil imports.
  8. Take the Internet back! It was not Obama’s to give away to another UN commission.
  9. Reclaim America’s leadership role in the world by leading through strength, moral authority and dealing with dictators, ayatollahs and criminals based on past US precedent. Iran will never capture our sailors, citizens or shoot at our ships without severe, often lethal, consequences.
  10. Reduce US Corporate tax rate from second highest in the world at 35 % to 17% in order to bring American factories home, incentivize increased economic investments in the private sector and create an economic renaissance in American cities.

It is for these reasons that the 53rd Regiment and its members endorse Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

 Be Heard!





Dateline: October 13th, 2016 

by Patriot 6

There may have been more written and said about this election than any in our history. Many of us believe that the stakes have never been higher for determining the direction, and ultimate definition, of what America will be in the future. While there are many extremely important issues on the line, i.e. Supreme Court nominations; terrorism/national security; jobs and the economy; health care, etc., there is one issue that is exponentially more important to determining if America continues to be the “beacon of freedom” and “land of opportunity” that we have always been or if America is to be transformed into a European styled, socialist-lite, shell of what our Founders created. We must use this election to take back our country and government from America’s elitist, ruling class: Career Politicians.

America has NEVER needed or wanted an aristocracy. George Washington refusing a lifetime appointment as President perfectly exemplifies that point. Our Founders rebelled and fought a war for American independence against an oppressive aristocracy. Our Founders created our form of government with the idea that being elected as a representative or a senator was a PART-TIME job. They were to return home at the end of session and rejoin the communities from which they were elected. They were expected to listen to the values, needs and concerns of the citizens they were chosen to represent. More importantly, they were expected to carry those back to Washington, DC and actually STAND UP FOR same citizens and the issues they hold as important. Somewhere in the last 240 years that process has gone terribly awry.

Today we have an elite political class of career politicians that do not listen to, believe that they are smarter than and, thereby, know what’s best for the everyday Americans that elected them. This ruling class, which is composed of BOTH parties, like every other aristocracy, does not fear, or worse, does not respect the common person they “rule.” They routinely betray their core values and those of those they represent in favor of committee chairmanships, donations (re: money), etc. Our “ruling class” sees our Constitution as an antiquated hindrance to America becoming what THEY feel it should be. These people are attempting to remove the most precious freedom that we have in America: the ability for each of us to CHOOSE what is best for US.

In full disclosure, Donald Trump was not my first choice. He is absolutely NOT a perfect candidate, not a “true conservative”, etc. I know all of the adjectives associated with demeaning and criticize him; however, if you agree with most, much or any of what I have stated, there is no other choice. If you understand my point, and are as tired of being maligned, ignored, placated and, frankly, lied to as a “regular” American as I am, you have no other choice. This election is NOT about Donald Trump, it is BIGGER than him. He has become the focal point and standard bearer of the ire of millions of Americans who are fed up being controlled and dictated to by a ruling class that we should never have.

I have purported for over 25 years that the day would come where we are so fed up with career politicians that a candidate would emerge that would truly resonate with Americans of both political parties. I described that person this way: not a member or either party; right of center because as a country we align more towards conservative principles; independently wealthy because they will receive no support from either party; and, most importantly, this person will be perceived truly loving this country and as giving straight, honest answers, like it or hate it, to straight questions. Hillary Clinton is none of, other than wealthy, nor is she perceived to be any of, what I described. She is the epitome of the elite, ruling class career politician who will continue to take America towards where it was never founded to be.

It comes down to this: we have an opportunity to wrest control from these elite, arrogant career politicians, upend the status quo, insert fresh, untainted political blood into our system and take back our government and country from our unwanted political aristocracy. Donald Trump is not without faults; however, in my lifetime he is the closest to the candidate I described. Like him or hate him, he represents, quite possibly, the last opportunity for “regular” Americans to exert control over and take back our government to put America back on the path set by our Founders. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to remove our elitist political aristocracy and take back control of our own destiny.



The American Platform

The American Platform

  1. Bring Manufacturing Home. American businesses that have set up foreign manufacturing plants will be incentivized to bring the plant and work home, back to the USA.
    1. Federal training grants for the work force
    2. First three years no taxes, next four years 10% federal tax and federal corporate tax will never exceed 20% plant specific
    3. States will compete for the plant and this in itself will result in lower state taxes
    4. If a company locates their plant in a designated depressed city and commits to public school education technology oriented programs, federal and state taxes are capped at 10% for ten years
  2. Restore our Military. The world is on fire and the USA is under assault from strategic ignorance over the past seven years. The US will restore Peace through Strength and restore US troop levels to mid-1980 levels and invigorate a technology investment to repair military forces, ensure technology superiority and deter threats through an unquestioned will to protect our interests, defeat our enemies and restore US prestige globally.
  3. Make Education Great Again. Eliminate Common Core and restore education to the local level. Incentivize educators and schools based on results. Produce and be rewarded, fail, and be subject to school closings and teachers being relieved of their duties. Restore freedom of speech in schools and allow students to assemble to pray. Offer vouchers for students in school districts that fail them. Introduce education competition to demand better results.
  4. Congressional Equity Laws. If you make a law for the average US citizen, it applies to the Executive Branch, The Judicial Branch and Congress. Zero exceptions! Good enough for us, good enough for you.
  5. Revoke Congressional Pensions. It is a privilege to serve the American people. There will be no pensions. If you don’t like it, don’t run for office. You can invest in a 401K like the rest of us/America. Senators and Congressman will be paid the average wage of the American citizen. You want a higher salary, grow the US economy and increase American salaries.
  6. Healthcare. Simplify it. Incentivize businesses to reduce costs. Establish Catastrophic Care for citizens that experience hardship. Scrap Obamacare and eliminate the cronyism culture where government officials leverage corporate relationships for campaign and personal gain while corrupting healthcare solutions.
  7. Secure the US Border. Secure the border south, north, and the coastlines. Do what it takes. Establish a new Ellis Island along the Mexican border that can process potential immigrants in a timely manner, sort out criminals and reject them and treat all potential immigrants with dignity and respect. But be clear, proximity does not give you an advantage over other immigrants that use the system respectfully and follow US immigration laws. If you are found to violate US immigration laws, you will receive a five-year penalty ban and not be allowed to apply for immigration until after the penalty period is over.
  8. Department of Veterans Affairs. Eliminate it as a Cabinet position. Designate an active duty four-star general officer to command the VA and bring quality medical care and service to veterans. Put a three star general in charge of Veterans Health Agency with a medical service background; a three star general in charge of Veterans Benefits Agency and a two star general in charge of Cemetery Affairs. Have them report directly to the Secretary of Defense. Desinate a Command Sergeants Major as the VA Inspector General.
  9. Taxes. Launch the economy and incentivize Americans to take risk and grow the US economy through creating businesses. Attract foreign entrepreneurs to move and invest in the US. Max the personal tax rate at 25%.
  10. Regulations. Eliminate Obama regulations in one executive order. Congress will legislate future regulations to inhibit job-killing dictates from mega minds. Regulations will be limited to two typed pages in Time Romans 12 font.
  11. Restore Fiscal Sanity. Balance the US budget. Congressional wages will be charged and taxed a penalty for failure to balance the budget and reduce US debt.
  12.  Trade. All US trade deals will benefit American workers, grow the US industrial base and eliminate the financial dealings that benefit US government officials. US officials that benefit financially from selling America out will be prosecuted.