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Global Strike – Wuhanvirus

by Guardian 6

Dateline:  Bunker Undisclosed Location                      March 14, 2020

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

China has yet to apologize or offer compensation for the virus they have unleashed on the world and their own people. While there is some uncertainty on the origins of this coronavirus strain, it does appear it originates out of a military lab in the city of Wuhan, hence it being referred to as the Wuhanvirus. The question remains open on whether the Chinese were developing this virus as a biological weapon. The Chinese continue to refuse letting global medical experts in to help likely because they have something to hide.

China is now putting out false propaganda blaming the U.S. for the Wuhanvirus while also crediting the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping for containing the virus.  Over 80,000 in China are infected, close to 6,000 deaths worldwide and 150 countries are dealing with the Wuhanvirus Global Strike. This has resulted in the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic. The communist government of China puts out propaganda to their citizens while the threat grows worldwide. 

President Trump has taken extraordinary action in the United States declaring a national emergency which allows the federal government to marshal all necessary resources to counter this biological threat to human life. Congress is now working on a spending bill to secure the resources to fight the pandemic. President Trump has shown tremendous leadership organizing the governments response; embracing private sector support; eliminating travel from China and Europe and adjusting the US response to meet specific needs as they are identified. This is unprecedented pandemic that calls for the United States to lead at home and abroad.

In the US and worldwide schools have been closed, businesses are stopping or reducing operations and supply chains have been dramatically disrupted. NBA, NHL, MLB and March Madness have either been suspended, postponed or canceled. Because of the unpredictability of the Wuhanvirus spreading, social distancing protocols have been implemented to arrest the spread. The health sector is ramping up to deal with this crisis.

While the US media attempts to help the democrats politically by relentless attacking President Trump, he’s focused on the task at hand standing up a Task Force and updating Americans daily. Meanwhile, China the source of the virus, is largely being held unaccountable for this global epidemic by the US media and democrats. This is not a time for politics but a time for the country to unite. China see’s division in the US and they are exploiting it, as they have been doing for decades until Trump arrived.

Trump understands China’s long game and how they have been exploiting the US in trade, currency manipulation and stealing our technology. Now Americans and the West have their eyes wide open as China’s irresponsible behavior has devasted the global economy killing vulnerable citizens on every continent. “The supreme art of war is to subdue your enemies without fighting.” Is China foreshadowing their strategy?


The FDO Playbook is Dead (Soleimani too!)

by Guardian 6                     Dateline: 6 January 2019

President Trump’s bold decisive action to eliminate the world’s #1 terrorist, General Qasem Soleimani, head of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and architect of Iran’s Middle East strategy was killed January 2nd, 2020, in a precision drone strike on the perimeter of Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq. Happy New Year America and Happy New Year to all the world’s victims that have suffered due to this ruthless killer. While Iran’s “supreme leader,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his band of like minded killers consider a reprisal attack, I would counsel the Ayatollah to think twice and sleep on it for the rest of your time on earth.

I’ll be clear, the FDO Playbook is Dead! President Trump gets it. For the last 50 years the US Diplomatic-Military Complex (DMC) telegraphs every move to stalemate, status quo and to limited gain at best. The DMC Flexible Deterrent Option (FDO) playbook is so old it is better placed in the national archives than the Pentagon. Why do we have endless wars absent victory? How about we institutionalize our doctrine in Joint Publications and then we post these publications online to friend and foe alike. Sound like a good idea? Of course not. Who would do this? Did someone leak these documents because that would be extremely poor operational security (OPSEC). The answer is no leak. The Department of Defense posts all US Joint Publications online for all to see, study and if necessary, counter.

Open the attached hyper link, Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Operational Planning. In this Joint Pub, the US lays out our national security approach to operational planning, strategic guidance, interagency planning and coordination, operational design, and the Pub goes on to elaborate in tremendous detail the US approach to deterrence and warfare. Once in JP 5-0, jump to Appendix E and F, Flexible Deterrent Options & Flexible Response Options. Here is the playbook for all to see. Call me old school and paranoid if you must, but this is not smart!

Back to President Trump taking out the killer that was Soleimani. Trump values American lives and American interests first and foremost. An old, dusty, telegraphed playbook is of no use to him. Iran, Syria, Russia and North Korea among other countries are  counting on it as they exploit the US FDO/FRO process and use it to their advantage. While the US national security apparatus follows their process, bad actors exploit it and Soleimani was counting on it as he brazenly landed at BIAP, approximately 10 miles from the US Embassy, where he mistakenly orchestrated  one too many attacks against the US leading to his demise.

President Trump leads. He’s not looking for an OPSEC compromised playbook that leads to stalemate, leaves real bad actors in place and ultimately increases risks on American troops and US interests. As the dishonest MSM whines and failed Obama officials and policy wonks are trotted out to criticize President Trump, he just simply wins by breaking old paradigms, shredding failed policies and keeping Americans safe. The year is young. Enjoy it America because winning is the new normal while Iran and others have been put on notice.


Afghanistan’s Only Hope: The Taliban

Dateline February 19th, 2019

The Live Free or Die State

by Decurion

I ask myself this question: What are our conventional military forces doing each day in Afghanistan? Besides SPECOPS accompanying the Afghan National Army (ANA) on some of their ops, here’s what we’re doing – hopelessly advising ANA and Afghan National Police (ANP) Colonels and General Officers while they continue to rob us blind, building Powerpoint tales to say we’re continuing to make progress, and like good FOB prisoners, doing time.

All those little FOBs we were familiar with that had USMIL based there have collapsed into Kabul or ANA Corps HQ. We’re HESCO’ed in more than ever. The last time I remember seeing an American doing a patrol outside the HESCOs in Kabul was around 2008 or 9!

We know that as long as the current Afghan government, ANA and ANP goons are running the circus, there is no hope for either peace or prosperity- none. They’re just too damn corrupt to focus on their own
country. My hunch is we may find more hope going back to a time reminiscent to the early and mid 90s, a time when we were negotiating with Taliban (in Washington!!) UNOCAL and Argentina to do petro business. The plan was to develop existing fields and explore for more oil and gas, and build a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan. We were so close to a deal but wouldn’t do it because Taliban were not a legitimate government (and they treated their women like crap). These current talks are setting them up to be a legitimate piece of the government. But they would have to moderate their idiotic ways.

Plenty of Afghans will tell you the Taliban were really bad but they kept order and a lid on corruption. Taliban right now are seeing the benefits of running the lapis, emerald and copper mines, and unfortunately, the opium business. Afghanistan also sits on a plethora of rare earth minerals……at least a trillion dollars’ worth of total resources. The opium business will continue regardless of who’s in charge. Right before I left in late 2015, the Afghans resumed the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline project. But the Taliban won’t allow that to proceed unless they can officially become part of the government- the ANA and ANP are unable to keep the construction sites secure.

Taliban have long memories and understand, like back in the 90s, that a pipeline means big money. And having a legitimate piece of the government is all it takes to get back in the game.

There’s a chance that with Taliban officially part of the government acting as an anti-corruption and security hammer, then revenue from petro, precious metals and minerals, and maybe even a return of tourism could bring back some semblance of normalcy.

I’m now thinking the Taliban as a part of the Afghan government is the country’s only hope.


Glory Days – “Lariat Advance”

53rd Regiment News Reports

Dateline March 19th, 2017

Telephone Rings at 0135 hours, somewhere in Germany, circa 1987

 “Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance as of 0130 hours!”

Soldier picks up the phone and responds, “Roger, Lariat Advance as of 0130 hours.”

The Cold War was on. Units and Soldiers in the Federal Republic of Germany maintained a high state of readiness. The United States had approximately 250,000 US military personnel stationed in Germany during the 1980’s. If World War III were to break out, Germany was expected to be ground zero.

The Soldier picking up the phone would grab their Alert Roster and execute their portion of the phone tree passing the command on, “Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance as of 0130 hours. Battalion Commanders called their Company Commanders, Sergeants Major, and Battalion XO and S3; Company Commanders called their Platoon Leaders and First Sergeants; and Staff Officers called their section NCOIC and key leaders. And so the command was passed down the line for troops living on and off post. For troops living in the barracks, CQs (Charge of Quarters) woke Soldiers up with the same command banging on doors and yelling “Lariat Advance” up and down the hallways.

The sound of that German phone going off at 0130 in the morning was like a five alarm fire. It was loud and startling and you felt like it would wake up the whole neighborhood. Soldiers were given a designated period of time to be on post in their go-to-war uniform, secure their weapon & MOPP gear and get their vehicle/M1A1/Bradley PMCS’d, lined up in designated march order and conduct communications check and provide a status report.

“Kilo 3 this is Kilo 2, comms check, over?”

“Kilo 2, Lima Charlie, out.”

“Kilo 3, this is Kilo 2, as of 0300 hours we are at 75% strength.”

“Kilo 2, 75% strength, roger, out.”

 Racing to get on post, troops never knew if the alert was an exercise or the real thing. This was a well-rehearsed battle plan where units would prepare to execute their General Defense Plan. Units and Soldiers were evaluated from start to finish. Sometimes we would roll out to our Local Training Area for days at a time or leaders would conduct a Key Leaders Recon and rehearsal exercise briefing battle plans through a MAPEX.

There was never an ideal time for Lariat Advance. Back in the day you grabbed your gear, hugged and kissed your wife goodbye and said, “See you soon. I love you, I’ll call when I can.”

“Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance, Lariat Advance as of 0130 hours!”




A Good Simple Life

Dateline November 16th, 2016

by Silent Warrior 6

Gone are the days in our country when a former Solider could raise a Family of five on an 80 acre grain and livestock farm, but that’s exactly what Robert (Bob) C. Sullivan did after his service in WWII. Bob was a Soldier, a farmer, a husband, a father, a bus driver for the community school , and my grandfather.

Bob was a common, hardworking, humble man. He never met a stranger and always had a smile on his face. Never in a rush – he always took the time to visit with his neighbors, friends and Family. I’m proud to say that Bob was a member of this Nation’s Greatest Generation, and he provided for his Family in the “Middle” or “Forgotten” rural farming community in the Midwest.

In 1943 Bob left the hills and hollers of Greene County, Indiana answering the Nation’s call to defend the freedom our country enjoys today. He served with honor and courage as an 81mm Mortarman and Infantryman in Company H, 260th Infantry Regiment, 65th Infantry Division. The 65th was heavily involved in combat operations as Allied forces made the final push in Germany toward the end of the war. Bob’s unit spearheaded the attack into Central Europe and Rhineland – successfully defeating German forces. He earned the Combat Infantryman Badge and a Bronze Star for his service before being injured in a Jeep accident on the Autobahn, returning back home in 1946.

Like many Soldiers returning from war, Bob hoped to someday start a Family and live the American dream. Two years later he married and their love endured for 56 years. Their children and grandkids serve as their legacy today.

Bob was an extremely proud father. He placed his Family 1st and always helped out if called upon. He loved his Family, the farm and he loved to driver his school bus. He was a successful farmer and drove the school bus for 45 years. Over 2,000 kids rode Bob’s bus. If you ever had the privilege of riding his bus – I guarantee you received good lessons in discipline and respect. You would be held accountable for your actions but he would earn your respect.

Service in the Army and to our Nation is something unique I shared with my Grandpa Bob. Like many veterans, Grandpa Bob didn’t talk much about the combat he saw, only that he saw “enough (combat)” and further added “I don’t say too much about it, what happened and all that stuff. Some fellows won’t say anything.” Grandpa did share that his outfit joined the front at the Siegfried Line, then crossed the Rhine River into Germany, securing towns while searching house to house. He saw mountains and forest as we went up and down searching. A Jeep accident resulted in Bob being sent back to a hospital in Metz, France and eventually back to Southern Indiana where he lived the American dream- a good simple life.



A Soldier’s Lesson

Dateline November 11th, 2016

by Colonel Zolton Krompecher
Behind newspaper headlines proclaiming the divisiveness of America are obituaries that may surprise readers when they learn of celebrities, artists and athletes who once served in uniform. Lee Marvin, Gene Wilder, Rod Serling, Leonard Nimoy, Bea Arthur, J.D. Salinger, Ernest Hemingway, Joe Lewis, Harriet Tubman, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams wore the uniform. Among living veterans are Ice-T, James Earl Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Morgan Freeman, Drew Carey, Dennis Franz, and Charles Osgood. The realization they served in the military is not so far-fetched. Writers and musicians tell stories through pen and notes while actors assume a character’s role, and military service provides a lifetime of experience. Service also reminds us that Americans share more in common than papers would lead us to believe.

When I hear the word “veteran,” I think of my Grandpa Austin.
No title preceded my grandpa’s name, nor was he a celebrity, just a man from a region of Appalachia that was largely white, protestant, and poor: a place where people scratched out livings on hell’s half acre by farming spits of land, mining coal and doing what it took to put food in bellies. It is where dirt roads and creeks bisect fields and everything is walled off by the hills. When war called, he went because he believed in America…even if he didn’t always agree with the politics.

Private Austin Davis was a member of the Red Ball Express, a unit comprised mainly of black Soldiers who risked their lives providing supplies and medicine to keep the living from joining the dying. Many, no doubt, felt the sting of Jim Crow but still served. Despite faults, they must have recognized America’s potential to change was worth the fight.

I don’t believe my grandpa saw himself as a minority, because Soldiers share in the communion of placing the collective above self. Together they are introduced to barking drill sergeants who turn worlds upside down. Drill Sergeants understand how duress teaches recruits that green is the only color that matters and that long days at the range, forced marches, and waking up in open bays with all of humanity instills compromise when sharing four toilets, six showerheads and eight sinks (not all operable). Unlike college or civilian life, one can’t drop a class or quit when life becomes uncomfortable. Success is found in teamwork.

Friendships are further refined when sharing cups of coffee out of canteen cups during German winters or swapping stories of home and dreams for tomorrow in deserts and jungles, drop zones or ships located far from land. A lot can pass in conversation during a long night’s guard duty. That’s when redemption arrives in the form of lifelong friendships tempered by fire and loneliness.
My grandma gave me the map my grandpa carried with him Europe along with a list of the names and addresses of the men in his platoon.

Life pushed those Soldiers in different directions, but they returned to the farms, factories and classrooms and witnessed the Civil Rights movement and integration of the military and organized sport. Some watched the first black man take the inaugural oath, evidence that America was worth fighting for then and still is today. Soldiers know the value of subsisting on endurance and faith when times get tough. In a wisp, they were gone from each other’s lives in 1945, as if God placed them together to teach them that all men bleed and all our brothers, especially when tomorrow seems a distant dream.
Some veterans advertise service through bumper stickers and apparel. Others are more private, placing dog tags in keepsake boxes or hanging uniforms in attics, but place two veterans from different generations and socio-economic backgrounds in a doctor’s waiting room and listen. Chances are you’ll hear stories of basic training or serving in the same unit (or post) years apart.

We don’t all support the same political party or celebrate the same faith, but veterans understand that selfless service—whether in uniform or otherwise—is the kindling that stokes democracy and gives light in a world sometimes threatened by the darkness of entitlement and ignorance.

My grandpa arrived home from the war and moved to the city where he returned from work every night to a house on the corner. Later he witnessed white flight. Like a good soldier he remained at his post, living out his days as one of the few white families in the neighborhood. I remember him on the front porch swing, waving and talking about the Buckeyes with folks in the neighborhood. I learned more on that front porch than I ever did in any classroom.
I also learned that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers.

Colonel Krompecher remains on active duty and keeps in touch with Soldiers he met thirty years ago while being “introduced” to Drill Sergeant Posey.


Eradicating Evil

by Commander, USN(R)

Let’s get straight to the point. Evil in this world exists like we have never seen it. Let’s start by recognizing that. Let’s not give this evil the name they want – ISIS – let’s call them evil and leave it at that. We are being led by incompetent leaders who see the world through the eyes of a fantasy land. They say things are better, we are making progress, we are going to degrade and destroy. They are foolish. These terror attacks – radical Islamic terror attacks by deranged and evil people – continue to happen and happen more frequently. Let’s call out the enemy for what it is and then do whatever is necessary to defeat it.

Enough of winning hearts and minds, that ship has sailed. Everyone knows that there are peaceful Muslims and we all know many, but that is not the point here. The point is we have to eradicate this ideological threat and recognize that it is radical Islamic ideological threat. If we bury our heads in the sand our world will become even more dangerous. Ronald Reagan had it right in 1986 in bombing the Qadafi and the terror regime in Libya – that we would go with our allies if possible, and alone if necessary. He meant what he said!

Boots on the ground – hell yes!!! Not to do nation building, that has never worked and we have to recognize that. Our objective needs to be clear and only protecting American interests and the interests of those nations that join us and fully commit. Let’s deploy not only the military but every of-age citizen with the means to fight with whatever weapon they can muster. Let’s mobilize our entire military, Air Guard and commercial air asset. Let’s freely climb aboard. Let’s fight. This insanity is pure evil and it must be eradicated. Think of our families, our children and future generations to come. Make the right choice on election day come this November! Time to fight!