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Since 2009 the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has killed 88 Americans in the continental United States alone.  Moreover, injuries are three times this number. In Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and numerous other countries, ISIS has killed, tortured, persecuted and mutilated thousands, especially Christians.

How does our President respond? It is a good time to allow ten thousand Syrians into the US with a highly flawed, semi non-existent vetting system where ISIS has openly told us they will imbed their fighters with the “immigrants.” They have already successfully done so in Europe which has resulted  in several attacks in France, Belgium and Germany. This will only continue. Estimates of the “immigrants” coming into the US are that 60 – 65% of them are young men, the fighting age. Where are the woman and children? (Why there is not a No Fly Zone over Syria to safeguard innocent populations is another missing piece of a coherent strategy).

Another brilliant piece of the Obama Administration strategy in the war on terrorism is releasing the worst of the worst terrorists from GTMO. Why, from Obama’s perspective, is he doing this? Because these terrorists were captured without being read their Miranda Rights and they weren’t given a fair trial. In other words, our President believes our enemy should be afforded the same constitutional rights as US citizens, while they plot and murder US citizens worldwide. Hello, whatever happened to wartime tribunals where evidence dictates a death sentence or lifetime imprisonment as we did in WWII with the Nazis? … And we wonder why we are losing!

To use a military term, all of this is “Backassward,” in other words, BarackAssWards?

The Barack Obama strategy in fighting ISIS and terrorist organizations could NOT be more BarackAssWards, more wrong, more arrogant, and more FUBAR’d up than this. The “JayveeTeam” is kicking his ass every day and Americans are paying the price for his “leading from his behind,” his myopic arrogance and perennial weakness. Let’s not even get started on his deal with Iran and lying to the American public every step of the way to enable the Iranians with a Nuke … And these liberals want to criticize Donald Trump for inquiring about US nuclear strategy? Obama, Clinton and Kerry just armed the Iranians with a Nuke that they WILL use against the West as soon as it is weaponized, and the opportunity creates itself.




Part 1 – Just War, Time to Fight!

The West has failed to wage a war of necessity and is now suffering the consequences. The President of the United States lacks the will and the understanding to rally the nation and rally the West to destroy ISIS and its affiliates of deviants, terrorists and enablers. Elitist left leaning politicians set the conditions for this hoard of jackals to gather in their caliphate and now the hoard is invading Europe and the United States. The floodgates have been opened wide by elitism, ignorance and an unwillingness to put American safety first and foremost.

Today marks a deadly turn in the lack of will to fight a war of necessity in protecting the West and the United States against Muslim jihadist terrorist jackals. These cowards invaded a Catholic Church this morning, forced the Priest to kneel at that alter and then they slit his throat and beheaded him in front of his congregation attending mass. We are at war. God help the people of France; bless Father Jacques Hamel, his family and his congregation. May Father Hamel be with the Lord resting peacefully in His kingdom.

Please spare me with the trite statements that Islam is a religion of peace. It is far from it. It is a religion of violence, hate and intolerance. Look around the globe and take inventory. The trail of destruction is rapidly spreading from the Middle East, thru Asia, into Europe and now the United States.

A formal declaration of war should be established by Congress and signed by the President. While war is terrible, this is a war of necessity to eradicate radical Islam and bring a just end to this barbarism. To allow these atrocities to continue is a failure of leadership and only continues to place innocents in harms way. Going to mass, to work or to a nightclub should NEVER end being victimized by terrorists. Just War theory is a doctrine that justifies the right to go to war when it is morally justified. We have been there for some time. Peace no longer has a chance with these Islamists. To do less than waging war against this evil, is accepting future atrocities where innocents here at home and abroad will continue to be killed, maimed or injured. Weakness, moral relevancy and making excuses for this religion of violence is getting us killed. Must it take another September 11th for the US to do what must be done? Time for these jihadists to meet their influencer, Satan!


Eradicating Evil

by Commander, USN(R)

Let’s get straight to the point. Evil in this world exists like we have never seen it. Let’s start by recognizing that. Let’s not give this evil the name they want – ISIS – let’s call them evil and leave it at that. We are being led by incompetent leaders who see the world through the eyes of a fantasy land. They say things are better, we are making progress, we are going to degrade and destroy. They are foolish. These terror attacks – radical Islamic terror attacks by deranged and evil people – continue to happen and happen more frequently. Let’s call out the enemy for what it is and then do whatever is necessary to defeat it.

Enough of winning hearts and minds, that ship has sailed. Everyone knows that there are peaceful Muslims and we all know many, but that is not the point here. The point is we have to eradicate this ideological threat and recognize that it is radical Islamic ideological threat. If we bury our heads in the sand our world will become even more dangerous. Ronald Reagan had it right in 1986 in bombing the Qadafi and the terror regime in Libya – that we would go with our allies if possible, and alone if necessary. He meant what he said!

Boots on the ground – hell yes!!! Not to do nation building, that has never worked and we have to recognize that. Our objective needs to be clear and only protecting American interests and the interests of those nations that join us and fully commit. Let’s deploy not only the military but every of-age citizen with the means to fight with whatever weapon they can muster. Let’s mobilize our entire military, Air Guard and commercial air asset. Let’s freely climb aboard. Let’s fight. This insanity is pure evil and it must be eradicated. Think of our families, our children and future generations to come. Make the right choice on election day come this November! Time to fight!