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Afghanistan’s Only Hope: The Taliban

Dateline February 19th, 2019

The Live Free or Die State

by Decurion

I ask myself this question: What are our conventional military forces doing each day in Afghanistan? Besides SPECOPS accompanying the Afghan National Army (ANA) on some of their ops, here’s what we’re doing – hopelessly advising ANA and Afghan National Police (ANP) Colonels and General Officers while they continue to rob us blind, building Powerpoint tales to say we’re continuing to make progress, and like good FOB prisoners, doing time.

All those little FOBs we were familiar with that had USMIL based there have collapsed into Kabul or ANA Corps HQ. We’re HESCO’ed in more than ever. The last time I remember seeing an American doing a patrol outside the HESCOs in Kabul was around 2008 or 9!

We know that as long as the current Afghan government, ANA and ANP goons are running the circus, there is no hope for either peace or prosperity- none. They’re just too damn corrupt to focus on their own
country. My hunch is we may find more hope going back to a time reminiscent to the early and mid 90s, a time when we were negotiating with Taliban (in Washington!!) UNOCAL and Argentina to do petro business. The plan was to develop existing fields and explore for more oil and gas, and build a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan. We were so close to a deal but wouldn’t do it because Taliban were not a legitimate government (and they treated their women like crap). These current talks are setting them up to be a legitimate piece of the government. But they would have to moderate their idiotic ways.

Plenty of Afghans will tell you the Taliban were really bad but they kept order and a lid on corruption. Taliban right now are seeing the benefits of running the lapis, emerald and copper mines, and unfortunately, the opium business. Afghanistan also sits on a plethora of rare earth minerals……at least a trillion dollars’ worth of total resources. The opium business will continue regardless of who’s in charge. Right before I left in late 2015, the Afghans resumed the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline project. But the Taliban won’t allow that to proceed unless they can officially become part of the government- the ANA and ANP are unable to keep the construction sites secure.

Taliban have long memories and understand, like back in the 90s, that a pipeline means big money. And having a legitimate piece of the government is all it takes to get back in the game.

There’s a chance that with Taliban officially part of the government acting as an anti-corruption and security hammer, then revenue from petro, precious metals and minerals, and maybe even a return of tourism could bring back some semblance of normalcy.

I’m now thinking the Taliban as a part of the Afghan government is the country’s only hope.


The Long-Forgotten War

by Guardian 6 

Dateline Labor Day 2018

Labor Day is filled with barbeques, parades, family picnics and one final trip to the lake or shore. While the holiday honors America’s workers it also marks the end of summer and the beginning of school starting in most American communities. While we celebrate a great American holiday the war in Afghanistan will remain nothing more than a back-page headline in a few newspapers while families of loved ones deployed endure the absence of their son, sister, mother or father. For them, the war is very real and close to home this holiday weekend.

Operation Resolute Support (ORS) continues to support the fledging Afghanistan government in their fight against the Taliban with about 14 thousand American troops and some NATO alliance support. Seventeen years into this war it is long overdue to take full measure of what has been accomplished, what is still needed to be done. Do we have the right strategy and is the Afghanistan government committed to bring forth a stable Afghanistan that is something much more than a failed state threatening global security?

We are 17 years into the Long-Forgotten War. While this author does not advocate a date certain for bringing American troops home (just look at what Obama’s irresponsible withdrawal from Iraq brought forth) American forces and their families deserve to know what winning looks like. Besides “fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” what are the conditions for American victory in Afghanistan? I want to emphasize the word “victory.” I trust our political and military leadership are not fighting for a stalemate; that they are fighting for more than not losing; and that they are fighting to win in the strategic national interest of the United States. As a new US commander takes the helm in Afghanistan for ORS it is worth revisiting all these things and for President Trump to remind the American people what it is we are doing in Afghanistan and what it is we are fighting for.

Our troops that are deployed in Afghanistan this Labor Day are fighting for each other; they are fighting to come home to their families; they are fighting for their country and the small part of the mission that has been assigned to their unit. American troops know what their task and purpose is in Afghanistan. The American public does not know what American forces are fighting for this Labor Day and the President should remind all of us. Mr. President, talk to us about Afghanistan and the path forward, our troops and their families deserve it. 


Intervention: Earth

By Blackjack Pershing            Dateline July 14th, 2018

Have you ever seen the A&E show Intervention?  The plot follows an addict of some sort, documents the negative effects on the individual and their loved ones, and then ultimately an ‘interventionist’ conducts a meeting in which the addict is confronted and offered the choice of rehab and redemption or isolation and rejection by the loved ones they have hurt.   Tears, anger, and both good and bad choices follow.

Meet Donald J. Trump, interventionist for planet earth.

He began his therapeutic work in the US; you may remember some of the addicts he attempted to Help:

– Paul Ryan, addicted to swamp gas and pleasing the fake news: poor Paul who loves his humble Janesville roots forgot the working man long ago.  Our Interventionist in Chief had to confront him loudly.  Paul tried rehab but failed and can’t hang.  He is resigning to cash in most likely.

Reince, Steve, the Mooch, Seanie and more, addicted to palace intrigue and in some cases,  leaks: the first wash out class of Trump U played an important role: that being ‘someone had to do it’.   In the end they could not be rehabbed and had to be locked out of the house.  Interestingly all of them have been loyal.  Hmmm.

– Mitch McConnell, addicted to swamp gas: Mitch has made amazing progress after a year of rehab personally coached by POTUS, who also employs Mitch’s wife.  That’s leverage.  Mitch will need constant reinforcement but he’s on a good path.

– Fake News Media, addicted to Fake News Heroin: this is an ongoing very public intervention, notably reinforced by POTUS yesterday morning in England: “you are very fake news” said to CNN.  Sadly very fake news has chosen their heroin over the noble responsibilities of real journalism.

– Chuck, Nancy, Dick and Maxine, addicted to crack stupidity: another ongoing intervention, recently reinforced with POTUS musing publicly about Maxine’s low IQ: ‘I’d say 65, max!’  The subjects are deeply addicted.  We may be beyond hope here.

– Hillary, delusional toxic swamp queen addicted to hate: she who declared much of her fellow citizens deplorable is beyond redemption but POTUS continues her public intervention by reminding his rally goers of her many mistakes and flaws.  Lock her up indeed!

On to the crowd of global addicts!

– NATO, kleptomaniacs: POTUS confronted the kleptomaniacs this week and let them know last year’s intervention would continue.   He lectured them in front of the world and got them to pay up for the protection they had been stealing for decades.  They are now in the first days of rehab.   Will we get regular rent payments or will they continue to spend on taking August off and 32 hour work weeks? ‘We’ll see what happens!’

– Germany and Angela, addicted to ‘we get everything we want for nothing’ cocaine.  The  Germans have solar panels and windmills everywhere subsidized by the billions while they gutted their armed forces after the Cold War.  You might say they were paid for by the United States military.   No more.  Intervention!  Gas pipeline with the Ruskies  and free stuff from the US?  Not anymore.  Time for rehab Angie! Ach!  This one is not unlike food addiction.  Is an Augustus Gloop reference appropriate?

– European Union, addicted to unfettered US Market and having their own market blocked off from competition: these crack heads may get the hardest intervention and ass kicking because they ain’t even polite about what they are doing.  Interventionist DJT is fixing to throw them out of rehab and lock them out of the house too.

– Chinese Kleptomaniacs: they are being offered rehab and they haven’t gotten it yet.   ‘we’ll see what happens!’

– Rocket Man and No Ko, addicted to power in a very small slave state aka Meth-heads: biggest international intervention watched in real time by the planet: complete with mockery, open threats and displays of power that got Rocket Man into rehab.  There will be ups and downs but so far Rocket Man seems to want to get off meth.  ‘We’ll see what happens!’

– Canada, addicted to being Dopes: being on dope is tough.  Just ask Justin who got a global head punch after the G-7.   He doesn’t get it and will get more tough love.

– Mexico, addicted to a parasitic relationship with the US.  The latest 5 year Presidente is a socialist but has showed some pragmatism.  He’s not an addict yet.  ‘We’ll see what happens!’ But he’d be smart to bargain for help raising living standards in MX and getting help with the cartels.  Trump could help divert China business to MX.

– England, addicted to Europe/safety crack: the UK may have been motivated by thousands of years of wars with Europe to join the European Union.  They got burned – again.   POTUS had to go remind them publicly that we are their only friend despite the fact that we had to slap General Cornwallis and his boys many years ago.  Big public intervention with Theresa May.   ‘We’ll see what happens!’

OK.  Enough!  Do you see it?  It’s a massive global intervention folks!  Get off the crack!  You might say that most of the globe is addicted to the past and conventional thinking.  We are very glad an unconventional American billionaire is holding a massive intervention to get the planet on the path to redemption.


Wrecking Ball

Look Back – Two Years Ago — Thank goodness for POTUS 45

May 16th, 2018  Originally published May 14th 2016

The Swamp

The Obama Presidency has been a wrecking ball for world stability and peace. America’s worst fears have come true as it relates to Obama’s foreign policy. The JV team he incorrectly tagged ISIS with is really the National Security Council staff he assembled with the likes of Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes among others not properly schooled or seasoned for their positions. They view the world through their personal prism of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence; the trifecta of personal qualities that place them both in the category of not fit to serve. Politics trumps experience every time with this president. This President is more interested in an adoring, gloating staff instead of a highly experienced national security team of experts. The United States is left with Obama’s Foreign Policy Tour of Disasters which has left the world in shambles.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Tour of Disasters

  • Iran. Iranian Nuclear Agreement Built on Fabricated Lies to the American public. Ultimately, it makes the US less secure and is having rival states pursuing their own nuclear capability (2013 thru present day)
  • Iran. The Iranian Green Movement seeking democracy and secularism was a missed opportunity for the Obama Administration to back the democratic movement that was nationwide. Instead, he backed the hardline Iranian regime by doing nothing while innocents were rounded up and killed. Obama did not even give voice to their cause (2009)
  • Syria. Syrian Civil War and US failure to lead a coalition resulting in empowering ISIS and Russia (2011 thru present day)
  • Iraq. The complete withdrawal of US troops out of Iraq, destabilizing it, serving as a propellant for ISIS to generate (December 2011 thru present day)
  • ISIS. The establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Caliphate (2012 – present day)
  • Persecution. Christian persecution throughout Middle East brought on by ISIS and the US has done nothing to save these innocent lives (2011 thru present day)
  • Libya. Obama – Clinton invasion of Libya, resulting in a failed state and loss of four Americans in Benghazi to include our Ambassador. And who authored the infamous Talking Points about a phony video causing it? Ben Rhodes! (2011 – present day)
  • Yemen. The destabilization of Yemen, a US ally in the war on terror, and now a new proxy war between Sunni, Shiite and ISIS
  • Ukraine. Russian invasion of Ukraine and annexing parts of Ukraine and Crimea (2014 – present day)
  • Spratly Islands. Chinese build up on armed islands upon reefs in the South China Sea to strengthen their position of claiming the Spratly Islands
  • Israel. Throwing longtime ally Israel under the bus at every opportunity while backing the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO over Israel
  • Egypt. Throwing longtime ally Egypt under the bus during the Arab Spring and backing the Muslim Brotherhood over the stable government of Egypt

Back to Iran. Ben Rhodes, in a recent New York Times magazine featured article bragged to NYT reporter David Samuels that he manipulated the public and press through the use of 27 year old reporters parading “legions of arms control experts at think tanks and social media and became sources for the clueless reporters, … like ventriloquist dummies” helping the Obama Administration make their case on ratifying the Iranian Nuke deal. How sick is this? Lying to the American public and manipulating the public to believe this was in the best interest of US national security, and bragging about it. Is this not an impeachable offense? A President that used his staff to lie to us. Disgusting! Wrecking Ball — the Obama way, enabling our enemies and screwing our Allies. Does he feel a commitment to protecting our country? Does he? What rational American president behaves this way? It is clear, the greatest threat to the United States of America is from within, with a president that puts Iranian interests over our own. God help us!




Dateline: October 31st, 2017

The Swamp

(The 53rd Regiment) What if HRC won the 2016 election? Imagine.

Would there be this focus on Russian and Trump collusion? The media would likely turn to a different false narrative to promote the first female president while targeting the next likely Republican candidate to destroy. The media would likely want to do their part to ensure eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency, right?

What about the Russian dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, would there still be the focus to investigate Trump and his associates? While this document has largely been debunked, there would likely be a different political narrative treating the fake dossier as fact. Since the fake dossier served its dishonest purpose, it would likely become a best practice for future campaigns.

How about the Uranium One deal where the Russians, our strategic ideological enemy who tried to steal the US election, was allowed to buy the rights to 20% of US uranium under the Hillary Clinton State Department and Obama Administration. How was this allowed to happen when Russian operatives and spies were being watched by the Mueller FBI and Holder DOJ for this espionage? Somehow, Congress was never informed of Russian involvement as required by law as it is their responsibility to provide oversight of any deal that could have a national security impact? To top all this off, miraculously the Clinton Foundation received donations from proxies acting on behalf of the Russian government to “donate” upwards of $145 million dollars and former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 “tip” for what must have been one hell of a speech in Russia. Do you think the news media would have any interest in covering this story under President Hillary Clinton? It appears between the election, the dossier and the Uranium One deal, the Clinton’s have been dipping at the Russian wishing well one too many times.

A few more questions that would be dropped by the media if HRC won.

  • Did the fake dossier create the circumstances for Trump and his campaign to be wire-tapped? (Remember when the media & HRC mocked Trump for tweeting this?)
  • Did the FBI, DNI Clapper and CIA Brennan conspire or colluded to collect intelligence on Trump and his campaign to help the Clinton campaign? What do they know about the fake dossier?
  • Who approved the surveillance of Americans and the subsequent “unmasking” of their names to the Intelligence Community and media? People should be in jail.
  • Why was the Intelligence Community being used to spy on American citizens? Full stop. What?
  • What was the “Russian Reset” orchestrated by HRC and supported by the Obama Administration really about?

Imagine if Hillary Clinton was President right now? Imagine what the Russians must have on her and those missing 33,000 bleach bit emails and the destroyed hard drives. Imagine the menu of blackmail options the Russians could pick from to keep her from protecting US Allies and interests. Imagine Putin and the Russians continuing to march over Eastern Europe and emboldening rogue regimes like Iran, Syria and North Korea continuing their terror and destabilizing activities. Imagine the threats made by the Russians toward NATO and the resultant fracture of the greatest alliance in history that broke and dismantled the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Can you imagine?




Since 2009 the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has killed 88 Americans in the continental United States alone.  Moreover, injuries are three times this number. In Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and numerous other countries, ISIS has killed, tortured, persecuted and mutilated thousands, especially Christians.

How does our President respond? It is a good time to allow ten thousand Syrians into the US with a highly flawed, semi non-existent vetting system where ISIS has openly told us they will imbed their fighters with the “immigrants.” They have already successfully done so in Europe which has resulted  in several attacks in France, Belgium and Germany. This will only continue. Estimates of the “immigrants” coming into the US are that 60 – 65% of them are young men, the fighting age. Where are the woman and children? (Why there is not a No Fly Zone over Syria to safeguard innocent populations is another missing piece of a coherent strategy).

Another brilliant piece of the Obama Administration strategy in the war on terrorism is releasing the worst of the worst terrorists from GTMO. Why, from Obama’s perspective, is he doing this? Because these terrorists were captured without being read their Miranda Rights and they weren’t given a fair trial. In other words, our President believes our enemy should be afforded the same constitutional rights as US citizens, while they plot and murder US citizens worldwide. Hello, whatever happened to wartime tribunals where evidence dictates a death sentence or lifetime imprisonment as we did in WWII with the Nazis? … And we wonder why we are losing!

To use a military term, all of this is “Backassward,” in other words, BarackAssWards?

The Barack Obama strategy in fighting ISIS and terrorist organizations could NOT be more BarackAssWards, more wrong, more arrogant, and more FUBAR’d up than this. The “JayveeTeam” is kicking his ass every day and Americans are paying the price for his “leading from his behind,” his myopic arrogance and perennial weakness. Let’s not even get started on his deal with Iran and lying to the American public every step of the way to enable the Iranians with a Nuke … And these liberals want to criticize Donald Trump for inquiring about US nuclear strategy? Obama, Clinton and Kerry just armed the Iranians with a Nuke that they WILL use against the West as soon as it is weaponized, and the opportunity creates itself.




So this week we learn that Hillary Clinton discussed “our friend” in her emails over her personal unsecure server she used to conduct State Department business among other inherently governmental activities. “Our friend” was the Iranian nuclear scientist providing the US with information about the Iranian nuclear program to include the progress they were making toward building a bomb. This past week the Iranians executed our friend due to their discovery he was providing the US with Iranian secrets. How might the Iranians found this out? Just “carelessness” as the FBI Director summarized the non-charges against Clinton? Or willful neglect of properly safeguarding US classified information leading to the execution of this poor soul. Clinton is compromised, Comey’s integrity is compromised and the willing media failing to adequately investigate this matter is compromised.

More concerning is the prospect of her winning the Office of President of the United States. What are the contents of the 30 ,000  missing emails and who has them? Russia, China, Iran, etc. and how will they chose to use them? Are they waiting until she is elected President so they can blackmail her and compromise the US position on a variety of strategic interests forcing Clinton to not act on what is best for the United States? These are real concerns that should be looked into by our government and the news media but both have been compromised. Accountability, honesty and integrity have been compromised by the Democratic Party ruling at all costs  including the willing Republican Party Elite that tolerate this behavior without so much as a fight. Instead they sign letters attacking Trump for being flippant and undisciplined. Which is worse?


Problem is not Climate Change but Command Climate!

The real problem we are dealing with in the Unites States is not climate change but command climate! This president poorly leads us. A ruthless enemy is killing Americans here in the US and abroad, while President Obama reacts aimlessly and without passion. Historically, without regard to party, US presidents have reacted forcefully with passion, resolve and determination when America and Americans have been attacked or harmed. Notice how this president under-reacts to these events but is quick to blame republicans, Wall Street and Cops for all the nation’s ills. It is both shocking and troubling and makes one question this president’s motivation on a broad portfolio of issues, let alone his personal inability to name the enemy (Islamic Terrorists) and relentlessly attack them and destroy them.

So, what is command climate? Command climate sets the tone of leadership and a goal of a healthy environment (command climate) and creating a cohesive, team oriented approach to leadership. The key to a positive command climate is credibility of the commander, communication, trust, and confidence. Keeping this in mind, command climate is a state or condition existing from shared feelings and or perceptions among the American people, all aspects of our government (federal, state & local) about their leaders (their President), and about their government’s approach to leading us and governing us. Do you trust this Administration? Have they been telling us the truth?

Sadly, America is more divided then ever. President Obama divided us from the beginning by unilaterally passing the “Affordable Care Act” without a single republican vote. Seven years later, this division has manifested itself whereby the majority of Americans view our government as ineffective, toxic, bloated and untruthful. Scandal after scandal, there is no accountability. A few examples:

* Hillary Clinton breaks the law handling classified information and setting up a private server to avoid public scrutiny, and our FBI Director and DoJ places her above the law finding no crime. Five days prior to this finding Hillary Clinton’s husband meets with Loretta Lynch aboard her private jet to discuss golf and grandchildren. And they insult us expecting us to believe this. Oh by the way, Bill Clinton appointed Loretta Lynch as a federal judge.

* The IRS targets conservative Americans and scrutinizes their businesses and personal taxes. Louis Lerner retires comfortably. No accountability.

* Our government lies about Benghazi and blames the September 2012 attack on the US consulate where four Americans were killed to include the Ambassador on a video. Hillary Clinton personally tells family members of those killed in Libya, “we will find out who made that video and hold them accountable.” Disgusting!

* The DoJ develops a scheme to runs guns into Mexico that results in the loss of life of a DEA Agent by a felon using one of these guns. DoJ Holder stonewalled and lied about Fast & Furious Program to Congress. He has never been held accountable for this illegal program and unauthorized use of federal funds to buy guns and illegally sell them to criminals in Mexico.

The list goes on and on. The US is adrift and has lost her way due to this president’s leadership failure. We don’t have a climate change problem; we have a command climate problem. It is toxic, aimless and feckless. He has weakened us. Keep the faith. This November we will vote on our next Commander–in-Chief and the 53rd Regiment believes the public will vote to Make America Great Again!


Brexit, ISIS and a British Perspective

One of the more instructive British perspectives on the threat Great Britain faces, as well as the West. This short video is well worth the 6 minutes to watch it. Please look in comments section below for the BREXIT Video link. Where is this critical analysis in the press? Where?!