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Biden’s America’s – The Great Resignation

by Guardian 6

Dateline: 5 January 2022

Five days into 2022, and another Biden created catastrophe comes into focus. Nearly 5 million Americans have resigned from their jobs over the last 60 days. What has driven these resignations? In a word, Biden.

The Brandon Administration is conducting a full-on assault on Americans, their livelihoods and their families. Brandon Administration mandates to get vaccinated have caused massive disruption to the American way of life.

  • Here we are in a pandemic, and the Biden policy of forcing all healthcare workers to be vaccinated has resulted in thousands of doctors and nurses quitting or being forced out of their jobs
  • Wonder why airline travel has become worse and worse year over year? You guessed it, Brandon forcing pilots and airport staff to be vaccinated driving staff shortages
  • After the Afghanistan debacle, surely Biden would focus on national security and military readiness, right? Nope. The Brandon Administration and the Department of Defense are forcing soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who do not get vaccinated out of the service negatively impacting morale and readiness. With China threatening Taiwan, Russia threatening Ukraine and Iran continuing terror attacks in the Middle East, surely Biden is worried about the United States ability to respond to multiple crisis’s, right? Not at all. Joe doesn’t concern himself with second or third order effects.
  • Doesn’t Joe want to reduce hyperinflation and reduce the number of America’s needing unemployment and/or a food stamp benefits? No. The Brandon Administration does not concern itself with the effect their policies have on American families. As a matter of fact, this is a core tenant of the Democratic Party, build dependency.
  • But what about the majority of Americans being against mandating the vaxx? Joe is not intimidated by polls. Joe’s been doing this for 50 years. He’s president, come on man.
  • Then what about the majority of new WuhanVirus cases inflicting vaccinated people? Surely Joe must see mandating a vaccine that doesn’t stop the virus or preventing the vaxx’d from getting the virus doesn’t make sense, right? Oh, hell no! The Brandon Administration doesn’t care about facts or science. This is about fear, control and power.
  • The border? All the illegals are not getting vaccinated, and Joe is flying them all over the country spreading the virus and dumping illegals in cities near you. Does this make sense to Joe?  It does to the Brandon Administration because these people are future low information voters, democrats.

Incoherence, incompetence and incontinence is what Joe Biden delivers on a daily basis. The daily press conference is a festival of lies, misdirection and deceit. It is shameful how quickly everything in America is being destroyed. It is very hard to be this bad, even for Joe Biden. Sadly, we have three long years left. God help us all!

Let’s Go Brandon!  #massformationpsychosis