About Us

The 53rd Regiment is a community of interest established to give voice to God loving Americans, Patriots and Veterans to offer their love of country, experiences, stories, their insights and their informed opinions in establishing a more perfect union in these United States. To push back against those who fail to recognize this nation’s unique founding and the sacrifice of previous generations of Americans. To recognize all the blessings bestowed on the USA through the Lord, our Framers brilliance in forming this union, and to give voice in upholding  our traditions and our way of life.  The 53rd Regiment stands unwavering  for traditional values, federalism and the qualities that are unique to the American character and make us exceptional and a beacon of truth, justice and liberty in a troubled world. The magnetic force of American exceptionalism is that clarion call  and model society that offers this world its best chance at  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The 53rd Regiment Banner: The American Eagle flies above the statue of liberty and the American landscape soaring high to protect, preserve and guard against those who wish us harm.

The 53rd Regiment Motto: Be Heard!

The author of this site is one of 20 million veterans  blessed  with a loving family, a positive spirit and an appreciation for serving the less fortunate and simply standing up for what is right. After 30 years of military service, the author began this site as his next mission, outlined in the purpose statement below.

The Purpose of The 53rd Regiment is to give voice to the average Joe or Jane, and to provide  a forum where they can take their message to the American people directly and “Be Heard!” There are no credentialed media here. This is a platform for We The People.

An invitation. We invite our readers to participate and “Be Heard!” Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Please comment after reading an article and give us your opinion. If you would like to be a guest author, please contact us. This is your forum. Be Heard!

… keeping faith with patriots and those who have sacrificed in defense of these 50 states and US territories …