Legacy Trumps US Security

Legacy trumps four decades of bi-partisan statesmanship of five consecutive presidents until President Barack Obama. Hubris is dangerous and in this case, it is undermining US foreign policy ignoring precedent and five decades of US policy toward Iran. Cult of personality and a self-assessment of “I know better than my predecessors “is a dangerous course in securing peace and fostering a more peaceful and unified world.

After awarding Iran $150 billion of US dollars that have been held since their 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution ( coming to the table on Barack Obama’s nuclear deal), regardless of the history of holding US hostages for over a year during the Iran Hostage Taking of US Citizens and not changing Iranian sponsored terrorism; and their continued practice of taking hostages to foster their form of Islamic extremism on the world, the Iranian government actions signaling toward the US continues to be belligerent  including the most recent event of mistreating ten US sailors at gun point on their hands and knees for an apparent navigation error.

In regards to the $150 billion dollars we are giving Iran, Secretary of State Kerry said two days ago, “I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists” referring to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. “You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented.” Question to Kerry, why then  are we doing this deal? Terrorists of sorted ilk attacked Fort Hood; Tennessee; New York City; Arkansas; and most recently San Bernardino, CA; but yet you are not concerned about that? What are we passionate about — the Iranians or protecting Americans  at any cost? Is there anything that Iran would do to cause you to recommend that we should not pursue this deal?

Your job Mr. President is to Protect Americans at all costs vs. taking a bow on the world stage for some ill-fated treaty that couldn’t secure enough votes in the US Congress, and once again relies on a President who issues edicts like a King in the form of Executive Orders because he can’t lead and build consensus through the strength of his convictions. Weakness begets weakness. You have failed us through your lack of engagement and serious consideration to the opposition party in the US Senate & House. It is ignorant to think you have it all figured out. We have reached a new low driven by your hubris. Peace through strength is no where to be found!

A few more points to the American public as we embark on President Obama’s Iranian Compromise:

  • Does it bother you that we likely lost over one thousand American lives in Iraq by the hands of Iranians either directly or indirectly through their creation of a most deadly form of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) known as the Explosive Form Projectile (EFP)? These IEDs were manufactured in Iran and shipped to Iraq through their militia network
  • Does it bother you that we likely have tens of thousands of American troops suffering the loss of limb, battle fatigue and mental duress from being victimized from an IED/EFP?
  • Do you know that the Iranians trained southern Iraq Shia  and Shia militia to fight and kill US troops fighting in Iraq from 2003 through the ill-advised Presidential directive to withdraw against the advice and counsel of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US Generals Officers (2011)? I seem to recall that VP Biden stated that the Iraq victory was going to be one of President Barak Obama’s greatest achievements in office. “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive,” something like that. And today,  ISIS in Iraq and Syria represents the ignorance of our President to withdraw prematurely against the advice and consent of his senior military officers to leave a residual force to continue to train, advise and give a backbone to the new Iraq Army. Make sense? Of course it does!!  Except to the one who knows better than all of us — our current President.

When you have a President and a Secretary of State that puts legacy over US Security, we have a problem. When you have a President that chooses to not make his case to the opposition party because of his dogmatic style,  and outright goes around US public engagement, but chooses to makes his case to the “world,” we have something significantly less than an American leader devoted to the best interests of this nation’s people. Some have  questioned what President Obama really represents and his true agenda with this deal. It is this exact circumstance that makes us question his motives even that much more.

… lastly, and some wonder how a candidate named Trump has emerged as a front runner … perhaps because his message is simple, “Make America Great Again.” There are many Americans yearning for optimism, freedom and raising their children to live the American Dream free of terrorism and a terrorist state with nukes !!!



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Author: Guardian 6

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2 thoughts on “Iran”

  1. The Middle East had been ‘managed’ on a set of compromised principles for decades, agreed to by the ‘adult’ nations long ago. It was imperfect but the best we could do. We now have the U.S. creating chaos. You’ve created a thorough inventory of the chosen mistakes of this administration. Hard to believe. The irony in your point about legacy is that history will shine an embarrassing spotlight on all of this.

  2. Conveniently ignored by the Obama’s White House was Iran’s support of Lebanese Hezballah and their attacks and kidnapping of American’s in Lebanon, their involvement in the Khobar Tower bombing and their support of various militias in Iraq and elsewhere which led to the death and maiming of countless scores of Americans.
    This administration has no moral compass and expediency is the way they operate.

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