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  Xi Jinping: “Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood !”


by @IronMike_Truth on GETTR

Dateline: July 7th, 2021      Carolina Country

Has anyone else noticed Xi Jinping’s weight gain since his lifetime reign of power began in 2013? Did his weight begin to escalate with that delicious piece of chocolate cake that President Trump shared with him at Mar-a-Lago? Or was that just a coincidence? Perhaps President Trump secretly allowed Xi a second scoop of ice cream……. a very rare Presidential privilege extended to only those whom the President deeply respects. Nah, that can’t be it! Or just maybe, could it be that President Xi has lost his taste for Chicken Testicles, Snake Soup, Roasted Street Birds & Stinky Tofu by furthering the refinement of his palate to now include delicious Wendy’s Hamburgers, McDonalds Fish Sandwiches, Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin’ Donuts with a Dairy Queen Shake to chase it all down? Oh yes! That’s the ticket!

It would appear that Xi Jinping has been enjoying an awful lot of “comfort food” lately. It is evident that the increasing size of President Xi’s Mao Jacket and Ensemble is about to overtake Comrade Mao’s very own wardrobe. What’s up with that?

Comfort food becomes very desirable to people and leaders under tremendous amounts of stress and strain. Let’s be clear about this. It is not easy to enslave Uyghurs in order to force them into manufacturing Nike sneakers and other Nike gear. It’s also very expensive to clothe them! It has to cost a pretty Yuan to tailor all those prison outfits (Oops! “Nike Uniforms”). Who wouldn’t enjoy a tasty bag of Snickers Bars after a long day of beating Uyghur Nike Employees to keep them in compliance? And talk about the expense of hygiene and hair care? Why those 1950s head-shaving military crew cuts are literally all the rage in the Uyghur community! No hair, No lice! Give Xi Jinping another savory bowl of deliciously seasoned rice!!!

Add to the Nike employees, a long list of other shameful US corporations employing the Chinese to enslave ethnic minorities in China to build their brands. Here are just a few: Levi’s, Timberland, Dickies, Vans, Michael Kors, Costco, Hanes, Kate Spade, LL Bean, Lacoste, North Face, Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret. Most of these corporations are leaders in their fields, at least in earnings power. Shamefully, they are morally bankrupt caring not a lick about the cost to the human community that is under the boot of the dictator who directs these activities. It must take allot of “Little Debbies” and “Ring Dings” to fill the pit in one’s stomach when a man is devoid of human compassion.

We cannot escape the logical conclusion that when a man and indeed an entire corrupt government cares little for its own peoples, experiments in slavery and other debasements of its own peoples can and do take place. The Uyghurs and the Tibetans continue to serve as the best examples of Chinese oppression of its own population as does religious persecution of China’s Christians, however, their own big city populace has also come under great suffering as of late. Has anybody heard of the Wujhan Institute of Virology? Taking a page from Dr. Josef Mengele, somehow & someway a few drops of Xi’s special formula “Bat Shit” hit the streets and apartments and homes of Wujhan. Not only were those folks in Wujhan ruthlessly scooped up and placed into new homes (aka Body Bags), but the surviving people from Wujhan were allowed to travel outside of China to various vacation destinations to infect the populations of other developed nations in order to lay low the economies of China’s economic competitors.

Give Chairman Xi a “Bigly” Steak Dinner with all the trimmings! What a coup! What a Masterplan! Some might suggest that Xi Jinping is “Bat Shit Crazy” or at least “Guano Challenged”. He can fool many if not the majority of those over whom he rules. However, Mr. Xi got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! As a matter of fact he got caught with both hands, his legs and his sizeable ass in the cookie jar! The world now knows that Mr. Xi and his CCP was behind the virus that has killed millions around the world.

No Soup For You, Xi Jinping! You’ve been caught! You will now be recognized as a genocidal maniac. You have earned your Bust and accompanying plaque in history’s “Murderers Row”. You’ll be seated between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin just a stone’s throw away from Mao Zedong. You’ll be seen as a failed leader that could only achieve the results that you were seeking by killing off your competitors in the same manner that large Crime Families like the Italian Mafia operate.

Speaking of Italian, to celebrate your ill-begotten Coronavirus introduction to the world, may we recommend that you go with the Calamari & Bruschetta appetizers, the Tuscan Salad for 10, Chicken Parmesan for 4, a side of lasagna for 4, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes for 4, a dozen Hose Rolls and for dessert? Oh yes, try the Seasonal Cheesecake. You’ll enjoy eating the whole thing!

Oops! Sorry Chairman Xi ! The restaurant is still closed. It seems that you successfully killed off the Chef, the Waiters and the Business! No Soup For You!!!