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It’s not Facebook. It’s you.

Dateline March 22, 2018

The Missouri Territory

by Blackjack Pershing

Are we shocked that Facebook sold massive amounts of data to a 3rd party that used it for targeted advertising? No. That’s what they do. If you are upset or offended, you are simply misinformed.

Social media is an exchange. In exchange for a platform that lets you:
· Share pictures
· Share videos
· Broadcast live videos
· Maintain connections – including those with annoying people you never wanted to be connected to
· Share pictures of your lunch or dinner
· Pontificate about topics no one else wants to hear about
· Complain about just about anything

Facebook gets in return:
· Knowledge about where you go
· Knowledge about who your friends are
· Knowledge about your political leanings
· Knowledge about any particular interest you may have that results in a click of any sort

What does FB do with this knowledge or data?
· They monetize it.
· This is their business model

If you assumed differently, you might be a knucklehead. Grow up.

Blackjack Pershing is no fan of uber-douche Zuckerberg, or his lieutenant Miss Lean In Sandberg. They are elitist leftists of the first order. ‘Zuck’ gets credit for creating a useful social platform. He’s been rewarded for that. But he’s no icon to be worshiped. If you think harvesting data from dopey FB users is evil, you might be naïve. This has never been a secret.

Blackjack also uses FB for sharing information and humor and appreciates it as a tool, and is willing to make the above exchange, and accept the risks.

But really people – if you live on FB, you might be a loser. Even more – if you rely on the FB newsfeed for your news, you might be a loser. If you click on any random posting with sensational headlines that you know are BS, you might be a BIG DUMMY.

Smart American Patriots put effort into selecting their sources of information and do not let FB or any other social media site do it for them.

Lazy, silly, spoiled, narcissistic, neurotic dummies over-rely on FB and then get upset when they find out they’ve been had.

Gotta go and post a picture of my sandwich from lunch on FB –

Over and out –


Dummies & Sellouts

Dateline February 23, 2018

The Swamp

Biggest threat to the United States of America is dummies & sellouts. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

Dummies are self interested in their own existence, they just think about enriching themselves fulfilling their leftist agenda. Nancy Pelosi and CNN are good examples of this. They represent fringe opinions and/ or extreme viewpoints that their masters (George Soros, Hollywood, among others) are paying good money for them to mainstream. Their comments and reporting lack depth, understanding and the full appreciation of sacrifice that has made America the greatest country in the land. They resent America being a beacon of liberty to the world and they want the US to “lead from behind.” Pelosi & CNN value collective thought over individual liberty. Pelosi & CNN fail to recognize the serious threat the US is up against. These threats include China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.  The fake, toxic news is a collective, socialistic message where difference of opinion is stiffled and discouraged. They are the modern day Loyalists that sided with the British and were against American Independence. They are the anti-Revolutionaries who would have fought against George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

These Sellouts are the Media and Democrats who have allowed  themselves to be stooges of the Russians in their anti-Trump hatred. These organizations and people include CNN, MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol, NY Times, Washington Post, Empty Barrels in Congress, and the list goes on.

The Fake News continues failing to realize President Trump woke the whole nation up from the false reporting over the last few decades. There is no going back! The sellouts have no where to go. The American public is wide awake!

Lots of winning taking place! America First is a message we have been waiting for. Dems don’t get it! Dummies and Sellouts don’t get it!

2018 — Trump has America winning again and this is what upsets the Democrats. Think about that … Democrats are upset that America is respected again, Americans are keeping more of their hard earned money and the US economy is finally growing again.

Dummies & Sellouts have no message!


Sharknado Invades the Swamp

Dateline: August 8, 2017, 2247PM

As the 115th United States Congress prepared for recess after accomplishing very little during their first eight months in office, off the coast of Maryland and Virginia a major storm is developing. Due to low pressure, low polls and a hurricane of dissatisfaction, it appears a Sharknado is about to be unleashed on the Swamp. Washington DC was last hit by a Sharknado in 2015 and the public is already blaming Congress for this new storm due to their collective failure and their resemblance of a large pool of bait instead of statesmen.

President Trump has already been evacuated to New Jersey where Governor Christie has welcomed him using the Sharknado storm to close NJ beaches again state wide, although they are not under the Sharknado storm threat. The Christie family is once again enjoying exclusive access to NJ beaches while the general public is restricted from using them. In the midst of this storm, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has blamed the Sharknado on President Trump stating on MSNBC Morning Joe, “if Trump had been impeached by now there would be no Sharknado.” Governor Christie shot back from his beach chair, “please, she’s not exactly a meteorologist. Does she reflect the wit of Joe and Mika?”

Meanwhile back in the well of Senate Chambers, Senators Schumer, Sanders and Warren are leading a protest that “shark lives matter.” They are encouraging the population to lay down their chainsaws and guns and engage the sharks in peaceful dialogue offering them fish sticks and setting up kiddie pools for them to swim in. Senator Sanders says many of his shark friends “feel the Bern” and “just want a future they can believe in.”

Furthermore, some of the failed Republicans are considering staying in the Swamp taking their chances in the Sharknado instead of returning to their districts where shark bites are likely to be more intense. After failing to pass any major legislation and the threesome of Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins blocking the overturn of Obamacare, Republicans are on the run from not only the Sharknado but their constituents.

The forecast predicts a Sharknado in the next 48 – 96 hours. Much of the DC Swamp is evacuating. Senator Blumenthal, the Democratic Senator from Connecticut, has volunteered to help the DC National Guard maintain order, leveraging his self-proclaimed combat service in Vietnam to help deal with chaos in the fog of battle. After five deferments from Vietnam and a leadership role in the Toys for Tots program, he is well equipped to lead a convoy of non-essential government employees that need to be evacuated  to ensure their safety and future paydays. Blumenthal quickly volunteered to lead the exodus.

The 53rd Regiment continues to monitor the latest Sharknado forecast but at the moment it is projected to hit the Swamp in two days at 5:15 AM. Stay tuned …