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The 53rd Endorses Gillespie for Governor

Dateline November 6th, 2017

The Swamp

After careful consideration to include an examination of both candidates records, the 53rd Regiment endorses Ed Gillespie for Governor of Virginia. After four years of a stagnant McAuliffe economy where Virginians have endured economic decline and stagnation, it’s time to get Virginia growing again with Gillespie’s economic reforms that include tax cuts for middle class families, regulation reform, education focused on a strong STEM curriculum, improved roads, and being strong on public safety countering the growing gang problem. Gillespie’s vision for Virginia to create jobs, raise take-home pay and help people lift themselves up is right for Virginia.

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam  lacks vision, has not thought through detailed economic plans and would represent four more years of Terry McAuliffe’s failed economy. Democratic nominee for governor Ralph Northam continues to stand behind the add that The Washington Post’s editorial board called “vile” and “despicable,” inferring that all people who drive pick-up trucks and are conservative minded are racists. Virginia is much better than this hateful message by Northam and his surrogates.

Ed Gillespie is right for all Virginians and his 21 plans offer hope and prosperity. It is time for all of Virginia to start winning again! It is time to Make Virginia Great Again! #MVGA!!! It is time for Ed Gillespie. 






Dateline: October 31st, 2017

The Swamp

(The 53rd Regiment) What if HRC won the 2016 election? Imagine.

Would there be this focus on Russian and Trump collusion? The media would likely turn to a different false narrative to promote the first female president while targeting the next likely Republican candidate to destroy. The media would likely want to do their part to ensure eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency, right?

What about the Russian dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, would there still be the focus to investigate Trump and his associates? While this document has largely been debunked, there would likely be a different political narrative treating the fake dossier as fact. Since the fake dossier served its dishonest purpose, it would likely become a best practice for future campaigns.

How about the Uranium One deal where the Russians, our strategic ideological enemy who tried to steal the US election, was allowed to buy the rights to 20% of US uranium under the Hillary Clinton State Department and Obama Administration. How was this allowed to happen when Russian operatives and spies were being watched by the Mueller FBI and Holder DOJ for this espionage? Somehow, Congress was never informed of Russian involvement as required by law as it is their responsibility to provide oversight of any deal that could have a national security impact? To top all this off, miraculously the Clinton Foundation received donations from proxies acting on behalf of the Russian government to “donate” upwards of $145 million dollars and former President Bill Clinton received a $500,000 “tip” for what must have been one hell of a speech in Russia. Do you think the news media would have any interest in covering this story under President Hillary Clinton? It appears between the election, the dossier and the Uranium One deal, the Clinton’s have been dipping at the Russian wishing well one too many times.

A few more questions that would be dropped by the media if HRC won.

  • Did the fake dossier create the circumstances for Trump and his campaign to be wire-tapped? (Remember when the media & HRC mocked Trump for tweeting this?)
  • Did the FBI, DNI Clapper and CIA Brennan conspire or colluded to collect intelligence on Trump and his campaign to help the Clinton campaign? What do they know about the fake dossier?
  • Who approved the surveillance of Americans and the subsequent “unmasking” of their names to the Intelligence Community and media? People should be in jail.
  • Why was the Intelligence Community being used to spy on American citizens? Full stop. What?
  • What was the “Russian Reset” orchestrated by HRC and supported by the Obama Administration really about?

Imagine if Hillary Clinton was President right now? Imagine what the Russians must have on her and those missing 33,000 bleach bit emails and the destroyed hard drives. Imagine the menu of blackmail options the Russians could pick from to keep her from protecting US Allies and interests. Imagine Putin and the Russians continuing to march over Eastern Europe and emboldening rogue regimes like Iran, Syria and North Korea continuing their terror and destabilizing activities. Imagine the threats made by the Russians toward NATO and the resultant fracture of the greatest alliance in history that broke and dismantled the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Can you imagine?



What if President Trump Stopped Tweeting?

by Eagle 21

President Trump, a suggestion, if you could stop tweeting for just a little bit and get out-of-the-way of the liberals hypocrisy and their self-destruction.

I have this theory that if President Trump stops tweeting and avoiding missteps creating controversial issues for a week or two, then the media, the left will eventually destroy themselves. If Donald stops giving the media other things to talk about, they will be forced into talking about Harvey Weinstein and his ties to the Clinton’s, the cover ups the Obama administration made (Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious), all that crazy Uranium deal stuff,  the Democrats favorite Hollywood liberal, Harvey Weinstein, is a sexual predator. Think about it, the media is able to avert all these topics that don’t fit their talking points, their narrative because they twist President Trump’s tweets.

The media continues to “resist” President Trump not respecting the American voter.  If President Trump gives the media nothing to report via tweets, maybe they’ll start reporting real stories (probably not). Maybe they’ll report the links of the democratic party to their top three funding source, Harvey Weinstein.

Regarding the Obama and Clinton scandal with Russia concerning Uranium One; haven’t heard of it? Read the Hill online journal,  Presidents Clinton and Obama let Russia control 20 percent of our Uranium now. (

Imagine if President Trump was doing his job quietly and ignoring criticism, ignoring fake news and all that crap. Imagine if they had to do real reporting? Well, they’d likely be incompetent at that too. They simply cannot resist bashing the President, being the elites that they are.

When it all comes down to it, the media needs ratings, so they have chosen to create fake news because they hate Trump.

Should Trump stop tweeting? We might miss it.


While They Kneel …

Dateline October 9th, 2017

While a fraction of NFL players continue choosing to kneel as a protest to racial injustice and cases of police brutality during the singing of the national anthem, a majority of Americans find their actions repugnant, misguided or ill-timed. Many of these same “kneelers” have life experiences dramatically different from ordinary Americans who show the proper respect and courtesy to the national anthem and presentation of the flag. It is not lost on most Americans that the “kneelers” are living a privileged life playing a game earning millions of dollars every year. As a matter of fact the average salary for an NFL player is $2.1 million a year. The average American household income in 2016 was $55,775. This disparity is quite eye-opening, perhaps players should consider this fact.

Many of the kneeling players talk about using “their platform” to highlight this issue that Colin Kaepernick began (so much for putting the team first). But what they fail to realize or simply don’t care (at this point likely the latter), they are alienating their paying customers. People go to football games or watch football games on TV to … wait, wait, wait … to watch football! People don’t want players polluting the game with their various political causes or personal agendas. They want to be entertained and distracted from the challenges in their life by simply watching a game, un-politicized.  Players have a right to support causes and make statements as they see fit but the reality is they should be respectful of their fan base and not divide them through a lack of professional decorum during the national anthem or presentation of the national colors.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to lead. One would expect a much better performance from an executive making over $34 million annually. The NFL Executive Committee has failed to lead. Team ownership has failed to lead. The NFL brand is badly damaged. Locker rooms housing elite privileged millionaire athletes in their 20’s are running and ruining the league because the NFL is not enforcing its own rule requiring players to stand and show respect to the national anthem and flag. Fan viewership and attendance is down. Fan bases are burning team jerseys, turning off their TVs and reclaiming their Sundays. The mighty NFL has been sacked by their fan base ultimately because their fan base loves America and it appears the NFL does not.


Puzzle Girl


Dateline August 12, 2017, Virginia Beach, VA

She finds a nondescript puzzle in the beach house. In a corner of the family room facing the beach she quietly sits down and empties the box. She begins to piece together over one thousand pieces of the puzzle. Intermittently throughout the day she returns to the puzzle methodically identifying piece after piece placing it where it belongs. While many a person would ignore the beach house puzzle, the Puzzle Girl is attracted to this cerebral challenge. Why? What is she thinking while she builds the puzzle? It remains a mystery.


After days of puzzle building, she is nearly done. Just blue sky pieces remain. The Arena Farm puzzle seems out-of-place for a beach puzzle with pictures of a pumpkin patch, a barn and a pond. Only 24 hours left at the beach house and under 50 pieces yet to be placed.


The real question to be answered is after completion does Puzzle Girl leave the puzzle intact for the next beach house occupant or does she take it apart? A real dilemma. Time will tell. What should she do? What would you do?



Sharknado Invades the Swamp

Dateline: August 8, 2017, 2247PM

As the 115th United States Congress prepared for recess after accomplishing very little during their first eight months in office, off the coast of Maryland and Virginia a major storm is developing. Due to low pressure, low polls and a hurricane of dissatisfaction, it appears a Sharknado is about to be unleashed on the Swamp. Washington DC was last hit by a Sharknado in 2015 and the public is already blaming Congress for this new storm due to their collective failure and their resemblance of a large pool of bait instead of statesmen.

President Trump has already been evacuated to New Jersey where Governor Christie has welcomed him using the Sharknado storm to close NJ beaches again state wide, although they are not under the Sharknado storm threat. The Christie family is once again enjoying exclusive access to NJ beaches while the general public is restricted from using them. In the midst of this storm, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has blamed the Sharknado on President Trump stating on MSNBC Morning Joe, “if Trump had been impeached by now there would be no Sharknado.” Governor Christie shot back from his beach chair, “please, she’s not exactly a meteorologist. Does she reflect the wit of Joe and Mika?”

Meanwhile back in the well of Senate Chambers, Senators Schumer, Sanders and Warren are leading a protest that “shark lives matter.” They are encouraging the population to lay down their chainsaws and guns and engage the sharks in peaceful dialogue offering them fish sticks and setting up kiddie pools for them to swim in. Senator Sanders says many of his shark friends “feel the Bern” and “just want a future they can believe in.”

Furthermore, some of the failed Republicans are considering staying in the Swamp taking their chances in the Sharknado instead of returning to their districts where shark bites are likely to be more intense. After failing to pass any major legislation and the threesome of Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins blocking the overturn of Obamacare, Republicans are on the run from not only the Sharknado but their constituents.

The forecast predicts a Sharknado in the next 48 – 96 hours. Much of the DC Swamp is evacuating. Senator Blumenthal, the Democratic Senator from Connecticut, has volunteered to help the DC National Guard maintain order, leveraging his self-proclaimed combat service in Vietnam to help deal with chaos in the fog of battle. After five deferments from Vietnam and a leadership role in the Toys for Tots program, he is well equipped to lead a convoy of non-essential government employees that need to be evacuated  to ensure their safety and future paydays. Blumenthal quickly volunteered to lead the exodus.

The 53rd Regiment continues to monitor the latest Sharknado forecast but at the moment it is projected to hit the Swamp in two days at 5:15 AM. Stay tuned …



Top Ten List: Why they Leak

Dateline: August 4th, 2218 hours, 2017

Since the election and inauguration of President Trump, leaking classified and sensitive information has been occurring at unprecedented levels. This week actual transcripts of the President’s conversations with Mexico and Australian Presidents were leaked and published by the Washington Post. Forget about the news media using discretion and better judgment refraining from publishing these conversations containing sensitive information. Quite the contrary, it is an opportunity for the “mainstream news media” and the self appointed ruling class to continue their assault against the Trump presidency.

So after extensive research and consultation, the 53rd Regiment has identified the Top Ten list of why government and intelligence officials are leaking classified and sensitive information.

#10. Loyalty and protecting American classified information is passé.

#9. Many of the leakers called home to Mom and asked for permission while waiting in line at Starbucks to get their first latte of the day.

#8. Leakers have fascist tendencies and believe in a supreme leader versus freedom and elected representatives.

#7. Non-disclosure statements and laws are for the average American, the little people. Leakers know better then us. The non-disclosure statement they signed is just paper.

#6. Leakers are scumbags, cowards and they got trophies too just like real winners.

#5. They are actively colluding with our enemies by sharing national policy and state secrets using the American media as their cover.

#4. The Democratic Party Resistance movement; they choose to obstruct, obfuscate and bring forth false narratives instead of respecting the will of the American people and the laws of the land.

#3. President Obama holdovers, leftovers and appointees that fundamentally disagree with President Trump policies, initiatives and his agenda work each day  to sandbag Trump and the United States of America.

#2. Pure hatred for President Trump.

#1. Lack of respect and disregard for the 62,984, 825 Americans that voted for President Trump



The Great Wall of Censorship (China) and her Sponsors

Dateline August 1st, 2017

As far as Apple & Amazon are concerned freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may apply to the United States but in China they’ll do whatever it takes to follow state orders and retain their right to do business; individual freedom be damned. Do not confuse Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos with Patrick Henry. Their rallying cry is far from “give me liberty, or give me death!”

Apple & Amazon are complying with the Chinese communist government in supporting their censorship policies by removing applications and cloud services that provide access to the free world that isn’t first screened by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. Beijing Sinnet Technology, a Chinese government business, is warning users and companies that their websites will be shut down and users will be prosecuted for illegal software and unapproved state content.

As Chinese power, markets and middle class grow, America’s giant corporations bow down to Chinese state pressure undermining their inherit American values acquiescing the freedoms and opportunities which helped make them great companies. They have competed on the world stage and won but in China, they compromise their corporate and American principles. In the end, Apple & Amazon will both lose their strategic advantage and moral compass for short-term market access and financial gain.

Mr. Cook and Mr. Bezos, perhaps you are not the industry beacons we thought you were. Technology without values is just technology.